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"Straight fom the dark ages of gaming"

Fine, I’ll be the first one to admit it. When I was young, I was obsessed with the Power Rangers. In fact, I was beyond obsessed. So when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out for the SNES, I bought it right away without hesitation, or even bother looking at any screen shots. That proved to be a huge mistake. After playing it through once, I never bothered to play it again. Although the gameplay was decent, everything around it did not fare so well. I much rather prefer the lame television show.

The story of the game is exactly same as the one seen on TV (it doesn’t matter which episode, they all have the same general idea). Rita has this obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in brutally murdering the Power Rangers and destroying the world. She sends wave after wave of “putty patrollers” and other nasty monsters to deal with the Power Rangers. In fact, that is the entire story to the game. The Power Rangers just aimlessly go in one direction and beats up all the putties. That’s the entire story. In my opinion, this game has one of the most pathetic stories in all video game history.

All five characters from the television show are playable. Well, the five from the classic series (Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy). The game is a sidescroller. The characters can move from side to side, jump (and perform all kinds of jumps too), attack, and all kinds of other moves. There are seven levels in the game, the last two are quite interesting because they are in a fighting game format (a poor fighting game, but a fighting game none-the-less). In the first half of the level, the characters are in their human form. They just make it through, beating up as many bad guys as you possibly can. After you make it far enough, your character will morph into the mighty Power Ranger (sarcasm all over the place here). When your character is a power ranger, more moves are available including more kinds of jump (which includes a neat backward flip to evade enemy attacks). Also, two types of standing attacks are now available. Also, a special move called a “dino bomb” will be available. This move will clear off, or damage all enemies on the screen. Each level ends with a boss fight. All of the bosses are bad guys from the show. Bad guys such as Bones and Eye Guy are included (I am having a tough time remembering the names because I haven’t watched the show for a long time). But the huge downside to the boss fights (and I am rather disappointed about this), is that you don’t get to fight Rita at the end of the game. Because of that, the ending is rather indeterminate, meaning that no real ending is arrived upon. This game just feels like a whole waste of time.

The best part about this game is the controls. There is no button mashing whatsoever. All of the necessary buttons are well spaced out. Another huge downside to this game is the challenge. I guarantee that you will finish this game on your first time (if not second) time through. There is no adjustable difficulty level, which really brings the challenge ranking down. The hardest level is the second level because it has quite a bit of obstacles and tough enemies. Because the second level is the hardest, you can imagine that the scaling difficulty is extremely awkward. The learning curve is almost not even necessary since this game is so freakishly easy. In fact, you don’t even need the instruction manual to master the game after half way through the first level.

The graphics are simple, and not overly that impressive. The characters in the game looks almost nothing like their television counterparts. The only character that looks like the TV counterpart is Rita. The backgrounds, although there is nothing wrong with them, are amazingly simple. The game does not utilize the power of the SNES to its full potential. The color is of a poor mix. And a lot of the characters are seen blurred. Their motions are occasionally jerky. The audio is the most annoying aspect of the game. The worst thing about is that the tunes are beyond horrible, but some of them get stuck in your head easily. There is nothing worse than having a bad tune stuck in your head. The sounds are all terrible, since they don’t really sound like what they are supposed to. And there are no sounds from the TV show, which I find somewhat disappointing. Not even a character saying, “cool” or something. The game would be no different if your TV was on mute.

The fun factor is quite high for the first couple of minutes. Then it goes steeply downhill after that. This game is very repetitive, which significantly reduces the fun factor. Only the secret multiplier rounds are even remotely close to fun, and that assuming you have someone to play with. And there is only 3 secret multiplier games! All of them are one on one fighting (same as levels 6 and 7). The replay value is non existent. Even though there are 5 characters to play as, the challenge is no different. No part of the game is different. There aren’t even any very minor changes to the game. It is exactly the same every time through, no matter which character you use.

Overall, this game is terrible, a sad excuse for a game. I would not recommend you to even rent this game, unless you are a die-hard Power Ranger fan. And even if you are, you should reconsider before buying, or even renting this game.

Fun Factor:3
Replay Value:1

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/09/00, Updated 08/09/00

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