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"The combat is fun and the five playable characters are diverse, but the platforming elements really muck up the game-play."

I was never a big Power Rangers fan, and the only reason I ever partially watched the show was because it came after Conan: The Adventurer. Anyhow, a couple of the dozen or so games created from the series and its spin-offs were beat 'em ups. As you may have come to discover, I have an obsession for that genre and can't resist playing anything that fits the bill. Onto the review..

Graphics 6/10

For the popularity of the source material and the year of its release, the visuals here are barely above average. Most of the enemies are identical and are only distinguishable from their vitality and occasional choice of weapon. On a positive note, the environments are usually layered with several scrolling backgrounds - giving it more depth. There are also a bit of destructible objects to mess around with, allowing you to knock enemies upon or against and destroy. The times when your character is without their costume looks rather nice, and each of them are given separate body animations and fighting styles. Overall, the graphics are acceptable but left much room for improvement.

Sound 6/10

Aside from the show's theme song, nothing musical presented in the game was memorable. The battle noise was decent, and grew harder-hitting as you morphed from your normal looking self into the ranger costume. I give the game credit for making all the weapons sound different. This category is again slightly above average.

Control 10/10

The controls preserved even during the annoying platforming segments the game grew increasingly riddled with. The method of mapping the special moves was nice, allowing you to keep your thumb poised over the normal attacks. There wasn't any lag or issues with how the controls were set up. This category shines with perfection.

Game-play 6/10

The combat in this game is reminiscent of Kung Fu or The Ninja Warriors. There is one movement plane and enemies flood in from either side without warning. There more moves given to your characters than the average beat 'em up, including a unique secondary weapon attack. Some of the characters seem a bit stronger than others, and several have long or short reach for their attacks. The beat 'em up aspects of this game are decent, but that is not all there is to this. Eventually you will come across annoying platform jumps and swimming sections that are nearly devoid of enemies and simply sap your life-bar away. Often, I was complete this aggravating sections only to arrive at the level bosses half-dead. The bosses themselves are ok, although the progressively become harder and cheaper as the game goes on. Several of them change in appearance, and alter their attack styles as you begin to whittle their energy down. I wish the entire game was traditional side-scrolling brawler action, because all the hopping about and climbing chiseled away at my patience and the overall mood of the game.

Replay value 6/10

Since a lot of people grew up watching this, nostalgia will factor into many many times you can go back to the game. There's also a large cast of character who function differently. A versus mode would have been nice though, as several beat 'em ups older than this one bothered to include one. Overall, this area of the review is decent but not great.

Overall 6/10

If the graphics were a bit better and the lousy platforming stages removed, this game easily could have gotten a 7/10 or even 8/10 score. Unless you are a hardcore Power Ranger or beat 'em up fan, I'd get the sequel instead. Almost everything in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie is superior to what this game has to offer. Overall - worth playing once or twice but don't spend over $5 for a copy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/23/07

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