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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a Fighter game developed and released by Bandai. Like all movie\TV licensed games this was made fast and under low budget in order to make a few bucks by taking advantage of the TV series popularity. After this brief introduction I must confess something… I HATE POWER RANGERS!!! Strangely though I liked the game, confused? Read on…

Story: N/A

All stuff in the game are taken from the TV episodes I'm sure but there's no story whatsoever in the game. It's all about beating grunts…

Graphics: 7/10

Nothing you haven't seen before in the graphics section. Simple backgrounds, special effects and main character design, (that look like a bunch of nerds instead of a superhero group), that have good animation, although a bit strange sometimes. The worst thing is the enemy variety. There is only one grunt, (I don't remember his name from the series), and 2-3 different colored variations of him that are a bit stronger and make some extra moves and that's the only enemy in the whole game!!!

Sound: 7/10

Sound effects have the usual 2D fighting games quality, nothing special but serve their purpose. The music themes are similar to the catchy main theme of the Power Rangers but nowhere near as good.

Gameplay: 5/10

The game is a typical side-scrolling 2D fighter just like any other. Your only objective is to kill a bunch of simple grunts until you meet each stage's boss. Before each stage you select one of the five Rangers and start the game. You roam through the stage killing bad guys in your normal form and after a while you get a glimpse of the boss and morph into a Power Ranger. When in Power Ranger form characters have some minor differences, for example the Blue Ranger has a continuous strong attack while the Pink Ranger has a ranged attack the does half the normal damage. Also all Power Rangers can throw a bomb that can destroy all enemies in the screen. One very bad thing is that even in their second form all characters have only a few moves something that greatly decreases the game's quality.

Apart from the simple enemies of the game that are very easy to defeat, the game has some Platform elements, for example all stages have some parts where you have to avoid traps while fighting enemies. These parts are quite entertaining and make the game less repetitive. Another good thing is the 2 last stages where the Power Rangers unite and form the giant robot Megatron. Those stages are like the one on one battles of Street Fighter. It is just you and another giant robot\alien. Megatron has more moves than the Rangers and an energy bar slowly fills up allowing him to perform some more powerful moves. Unfortunately there are only 5 normal stages and only 2 Megatron stages meaning that the game is very small. It is also extremely easy since it was meant to be played by kids so don't expect any challenge at all.

-Some traps and platform elements apart from the endless fighting
-The Megatron battles are very challenging and entertaining

-Only a few moves available
-Small and easy
-Only one enemy and his different colored variations

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Overall: 6/10

Well for a person that hates the whole Power Rangers thing I enjoyed this game very much. That was of course before I realized that after 30 minutes the fun was over. It is a typical rushed product, like all licensed games and although quite entertaining is far from being a game that should be in your collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/05/07

Game Release: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (EU, 01/26/95)

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