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Basic, simple, fun game for the power rangers

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for the SNES is a fun little game. Is there anything really remarkable or innovative about it? Not in the slightest. But it is worth playing if you like simple short action games or if you liked the TV show.

Graphics: 7/10

Good but not memorable really. The levels are certainly not bland or dull. They are actually in some spots pretty detailed. And each level has it's own design so the visuals certainly do not get repetitive or boring. There is nothing really amazing worth mentioning but they are all good and unique. The power rangers themselves are also made decently with a bit of detail. That is, in civilian form. As the morphed rangers they are exactly the same except for the color, but that's sort of expected since they're nearly identical in the show.

Sound: 8/10

The soundtrack is surprisingly really, really good. I don't know if it'd make it overall into a top list of OST's for games but it is definitely enjoyable to listen through throughout the game. From the upbeat first level music to get your blood pumping to the epic boss battle music that is a remix of the TV show's theme song, they are all good. I can't think of one song that was annoying or even mediocre. Sound effects are also good. A bit repetitive and not the best but they are serviceable and it gives that nice feel when you hit or destroy something. One sound that does stand out and sounds really good are the bigger explosions. They are pretty cool to listen to, giving you that nice feeling of destruction for a brief moment.

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay is nothing that special or innovative, but nothing bad either. It's your typical side-scrolling beat 'em up kind of game. You can punch, jump, crouch, and throw enemies. The methods of attack are pretty generic and simple, nothing special, but it's decent. One very nice touch is that you can choose to play as any of the original power rangers. They don't really vary in their abilities though. Some move faster and some have jump attacks with a bigger hit-range but that's pretty much, otherwise their appearance is the only real difference.

For each level you play the first have as the ranger in their street clothes, and then morph for the second half. As a morphed ranger, the attacks are a bit more varied with a couple extra throws and a special attack you can use once or twice to clear the screen, but that's about it. As for enemies.... 90% of them are varied putties, the basic enemy from the show. Their attacks may vary a bit but their incredibly easy. The other enemies are mostly machines that shoot at you and die in one or two hits. It does get very repetitive over time but most beat 'em ups do when lacking anything unique. There are some basic platforming and swimming sections at times but most of the first five levels is standard though satisfying fighting action. The most original enemies are the bosses, who all have varied attack patterns and require a bit of strategy.

The monotony of the game is broken up by a couple battles with the megazord at the end of the game, featuring a fighting system similar to street fighter where you try to KO your enemy first. You jump, attack, block, and have a special meter that fills up over time and gives you access to special attacks as you let it fill up. It's pretty basic but it's fun.

One gripe I have though is that the entire game features no multiplayer. With five rangers to choose from, this would be a very good game to have a second player on, and beat 'em ups are the kind of game that just beg for a two-player mode. It's part of their identity, the option to bring in a friend for the mindless enemy pounding action.

This game is also, to be honest, incredibly easy. Too easy, in my opinion. The only time I've died when playing seriously is on the final level as far as I can remember. This can be attributed to the fact that the standard enemies relies on numbers to be a challenge mostly and the game gives you a rather generous life bar. The toughest enemies are the bosses, which is a given but even they are pretty easy. Their patterns vary from boss to boss but overall they're not too tough when you got the hang of it. Despite the easiness, this game is honestly a lot of fun if you want some mindless action with some platforming thrown in.

Replay value: 6/10

with all five rangers available you can go on different runs of the game and pick different rangers for different rangers. Then again, with each ranger being pretty much the same it won't change things up a whole lot. The replay value will mostly depend on your enjoyment of the game on the first try,

Overall: 7/10

Nothing special or innovative, basic, but ultimately a pretty fun game. If you look past the repetitiveness and if you aren't looking for a challenging game, you'll enjoy this game. It's rather satisfying as a beat 'em up and has a really nice soundtrack to go along with it. For beat 'em up fans and fans of the show, I also recommend it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (US, 09/30/94)

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