Review by Walker Boh Ohmsford

Reviewed: 02/17/01 | Updated: 03/14/03

Well, it's better than the TV show...

Back in 1994 I was an avid fan of the Power Rangers TV show. Then about a year later they made some games for it, one of which was for the Super NES. All in all, when I look back on those days I think I like the SNES game better than the show. Maybe it's 'cuz you don't have to watch all the everyday crap in the game. Whatever the reason, I still play this game once in a while.
Control 10-10. The controls to the game are pretty simple. Use weapons and attack normally with Y. Jump with B, use special weapons with X and move with the arrows. Nice and simple, so at least the controls are a reason to try this game.
Gameplay 9-10. Fight your way through seven levels of action, from the streets of Angel Grove to the harbor and the sewers. Even play as the Megazord for the two final bosses. Oh, and neither Rita nor Zordon actually makes an appearance in the game. You just fight Goldar in that big Zord of his, Cyclopsus or whatever his name is. As to the other bosses, each one is a monster that was featured on the show at one time, from Bones to Eye Guy and the Nasty Knight.
Audio 10-10. I really like the music in this game. It's nice and adventurous and sort of rocky. The Power Rangers is featured in the last level, sans vocals, and then again for the intro, and in that version it does feature the lyrics. The other music is pretty good as well, my favorite being the boss battle theme, which is very fast.
The sound effects are good as well. I'm glad there were no voice clips, because I don't think SNES voice clips are anything to get excited about. True, NES voice clips are usually worse, but still. They probably would've used the same few voice clips for every character. That's what the SNES does, unfortunately.
Story ? Well, you'll have to make it up. Rita's out to get you, but she herself never shows up. It's basically a PR episode in an SNES cartridge, only without all the other crap.
Overall 9-10. It's a fun least if you don't play it too often. Play it, then don't for a while, then come back to it. That's what I do with games like this. It helps prevent them from really getting on your least it does me.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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