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"Good for an Hour of Fun"

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (action edition, as opposed to the fighting one) is a very silly game based on a very silly TV series. You play as one of the five original Power Rangers, although it really doesn't matter which one since you'll beat the game with any one of them the first or second time.

In MMPR, you walk through various side-scrolling scenarios like city streets and beat up what I assume are all putties from the TV show. These ''enemies'' do little more than walk straight towards you and hit you once they're close enough. In other words, if you take the effort to jump-kick them or throw them at each other, taking damage will be a very rare occurrence indeed. Also, in case you do decide to fight them head-to-head and you take some damage, you need not fear because the your health completely refills in the middle of each level.

This game is easy to control, and there are so few moves that you will have ''mastered'' the fighting after about three minutes of play. The bosses are almost as predictable as the regular enemies, and they have so few hit points that you can usually trade hits and emerge victorious. The graphics and music are also nothing special. In fact, they are much too upbeat to ever make this a game that could be considered cool by the gaming population.

The ending is as corny as the game and the TV show themselves. This, plus only one difficulty setting and only one path through the game, removes almost all replay value. One may attempt to complete the entire quest with only one life, but even this is a much simpler task than it should be. The tempo of the game changes somewhat in the last two levels, as these are actually single-screen, head-to-head fights (think Street Fighter II or Gundam Wing), but even these levels are too simple to be exciting.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is perhaps not a bad game to rent for a weekend, but there's really no point in buying it. The enemies and the structure of the levels are monotonous from start to finish. Even the storyline falls apart, as you never actually fight the ringleader/archnemesis who sent all the putties to kill you in the first place. Like the TV series, the only reason to stay with this game is because you assume it has to get better at some point.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/04/02, Updated 10/04/02

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