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Reviewed: 02/24/03 | Updated: 02/24/03

Better than I thought it would be

For what it is, I found Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for the SNES to be a great game. It's not exactly the best fighting game around, but it is definately worth a playthrough. Here's a quick breakdown.

1 or 2 player
The 2 player option doesn't let you do the story with both players, but you fight against each other.

Difficulty - 6
Almost each level introduces a new type of enemy, and each enemy takes a different approach to defeating. It's especially hard when you're backed into a corner and have to fight your way out. For the bosses, it takes a while to figure out a good strategy to beating them, but once you know what to do you shouldn't have much trouble beating them.

Fun - 5
This game gets very repetitive. Kick, punch, grab, throw. That's basically all you need to do. At a few parts you have to crawl and swim, but neither is very hard to do. Using Kimberly to shoot arrows was probably the most fun I had in the game. That speaks for itself. Not very fun.

Sound - 7
There are a variety of sounds in this game. I think Bandai did a very good job with the sound. There's not much else to be said.

Graphics - 9
No, the graphics aren't the greatest in the world, but on a 16-bit platform they are. Compared to some other titles on the SNES it has some of the best graphics around.

Replay Value
If you're a big fan of the Power Rangers, you may like replaying through this game. If you don't like the show, the movie, or anything that has to do with the Power Rangers, you won't want to replay through this game. I still play this game once through every 3 months or so just to make sure I haven't lost my touch.

Rental or Buy?
There aren't many places where you can rent SNES games anymore. Considering you can beat the game in 30 - 45 minutes I'd say it's only worth a rental. If you have an extra $5 - 10 to pay for it, go ahead and buy it. You may get the urge to play it again later for a little variety in your game collection.

This is a pretty good game, with good sound, good graphics, and easy controls. There isn't much of a storyline, but you can pretty much figure it out for yourself.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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