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"Okay game - except when was the Pink Power Ranger ever a man???"

The Power Rangers... concocted when creator Haim Saban got inspired by Japanese programming to do a show about kids in costumes fighting rubber monsters with their nice weapons and giant Megazord robot. A simple premise that somehow got over with the kids, Power Rangers was a big thing back in its day... and with a big thing comes the video games. This particular title came a couple months after the Game Boy version came out.

STORY: Based on the early MMPR years, you control one of five Power Rangers in their battle against the evil forces of Rita Repulsa, a crazy witch who gets a headache every time one of her monsters get beat. Sadly, that great scene from the TV show never made it to the game. 4/10

GRAPHICS: The backdrops are unspectacular but acceptable. The enemies, while not the greatest looking bunch in the world, are similar to what they look like on the TV show. The problem are the Power Rangers, which is the absolute worst case of palette-swapping I have ever seen. Is this game based on that rarely seen episode of Power Rangers where the Pink Ranger morphs from a valley girl to a man? Come on, guys. I know you were lazy making this game, but put a little effort! 5/10

SOUND: They managed to port the infamous ''Go Go Power Rangers'' theme song into this thing... complete with the annoying singing. The music is okay, although nothing memorable or anything. Sound effects aren't that impressive, but at least they're somewhat distinguishable. 6/10

GAMEPLAY: When you get right down to it, the game is essentially a Final Fight rip-off that happens to play somewhat like a platformer. The control is responsive and somewhat easy to learn, not that there's much to discover. All the Rangers play similar if not exactly the same. When you get to the eventual Megazord fights, it's somewhat similar to a poor man's fighting game, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. 7/10

CHALLENGE: MMPR's main problem, above all else, is that it's a Final Fight clone... and not a particularly difficult one either. It will take you at least a good thirty minutes to beat this thing. Only a couple of moments break the monotony, but other than that, it's a quick run. The only true challenge is the final level, but that's not saying much by a long shot. 4/10

REPLAY VALUE: Once you discover the hidden 2-player mode, you'll probably have fun with this... for about five minutes before you decide to get a real fighting game. I can't see anyone playing this game again and again, especially since it doesn't offer much in terms of replayability. 3/10

OVERALL: MMPR is a kiddie game, which explains the relative easiness of the levels. However, even kids will recognize the Pink Ranger is supposed to have a skirt on her costume and not look like a man. This game is like any other licensed game at the time; a quickly rushed product to cash in on the popularity of a franchise. Still, it's an okay game despite its flaws and content. 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/10/03, Updated 07/10/03

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