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"Morphing into a mediocre game"

Licensed games are typically among the most borderline video games you ever played. Normally this is because part of the game's budget is spent to get the rights to make a game about whatever show or movie is being adapted, so the developers have less to develop the graphics, levels, control and other aspects of the game. Sometimes you can't help but feel that it's because the developers thought the fans would eat up anything with the show's name on it no matter how average an example of the genre it turned out to be, though.

The game is about the first season of the show, which as I recall was about a witch who would create monsters and send them to destroy the world for her. Naturally this doesn't sit well with the forces of good, in this case five teenagers with the ability to "morph" into magical spandex costumes with the power of the dinosaurs.

Before each level you can pick your favorite ranger, and then head into some generic street or factory or sewer tunnel to look for monsters. You fight traps and putty soldiers, and once you find the level's monster boss (roughly around the halfway mark), your teen changes into costume for the rest of the level and gains access to a special weapon attack that is unique to each ranger (as far as I could tell it's the only thing that is). This can be kind of weird depending on which ranger you control, since I don't remember the pink ranger being as beefy and broad-shouldered as the red ranger.

Anyway, it's more fighting putty soldiers and traps to the end of the level where you fight the monster you encountered before. This goes on for four levels, then you take on a giant monster in the team's robot for the last two levels. And then that's the end and you've completed perhaps the most generic platformer in the history of licensed gaming.

Despite not especially caring for Power Rangers, I don't have anything especially against them either (I've reviewed three of their games and all three were an average five). But if you're looking for a new experience from a run and jump platform game you won't find it here in any way, shape or form. This is only recommended to longtime Power Ranger fans, and even they might get a little bored with it after a few hours.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/27/04

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