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Reviewed: 03/14/05

Go, Go Away Power Rangers!!

Boy, talk about a trip down memory lane ( and not a good one at that )

If I recall, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a live action kid's show based on a show originally from Japan that featured 5 ordinary teenagers that were given super powers of ancient dinosuars and the ability to fight in giant machines modeled after the dinosaurs called zords, which combined to form a giant robot called Megazord (similiar to Voltron ) combat an evil sorceress that was accidentally released from her containment unit by two Earth astronauts. Aside from being one of the cheesiest shows ever concieved, it became an ultra popular mega hit around the world. You could'nt walk down the street without seeing the spandex-clad multicolored super heroes.

Of course, this popularty became a merchandising empire; their action figures were literally impossible to find, and anything bearing the Power Rangers was an instant sell-out. It was only a matter of time before a video game was released. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Super Nintendo hit store shelves in mid 1994 and months of anticipation from fans of the show. Finally, they could control their favorite group of heroes in their battle against evil; however, the long awaited game we waited for was just a long awaited disappointment.

Story- The game begins with the 5 heroes staring up at the sky to see the evil image of Rita Repulsa ( the show's villianess ). The 5 original power rangers are all present: Jason, the red ranger, Billy, the blue ranger, Kimberly, the pink ranger, Zack, the black ranger, and Trini, the yellow ranger. The show had a 6th ranger, Tommy, who started out evil and later became good as the green ranger, but for some reason he is not in the game, which disappointed a lot of fans. Apparently, Rita's monsters begin to attack Earth, so it's up to the Power Rangers to stop her. Other than that, there is'nt much of a story to talk about here.

Gameplay- 2/10 One major disappointment is that this game is INCREDIBLY simple. You can beat this game using one ranger in as little as 30 minuteThe teens start out in their regular human forms, then you go through the city fighting legions of Rita's Putty Patrol soldiers. All of the teens in human form fight somewhat different; Jason, being a master of martial arts, is strongest, while Billy, the science nerd, is very slow and weak. Halfway through the level you are confronted by that level's boss, where you proceed to "morph" into a power ranger. Although each ranger has a different weapon, all 5 rangers fight EXACTLY identical to each other. They all have the same strengths, and they do maybe one different move from each other with their weapons (ie. Kimberly shoots arrows from her bow, and Billy spins his lance in whirl fashion ), but other than that, they all have the same moves when morphed. Each character also has a "bomb" move, which is an attack that clears the screen of enemies. The putties use different attacks, like knives or guns, but they are simple to beat. The bosses' attack patterns are also easy to memorize. There is a Street Fighter-like battle with the power rangers in their Megazord, but that's probably the only true highlight of the game. Another big letdown is that the game is only one player. There is a hidden two player mode, but it's only a battle with Megazord.

Graphics- 4/10 The graphics in this game are very plain and simple. Each teenager looks different when in regular human form (although why they made Billy gain like 40 lb.s is beyond me ), but when they morph into their power ranger alter ego, they are all just palette swaps of each other. Somehow, they gain the physique of a body builder with their powers, including both girl rangers.
They are way too over muscled. The putties look sort of like their persona from the t.v. show, although i don't remember them ever in assorted colors. The bosses look semi-decent, and the backgrounds were generic at best. Given this game was released around the same time as graphical masterpieces like Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid, the graphics in this game could've been much more satisfying.

Sound- 3/10 The sound effects were simple to the least. The basic "clangs" and "woosh" from your weapon is pretty much all you'll hear, and the background music tunes are nothing special. At some point in the game, you'll hear the famous "Go, Go Power Rangers!" theme song, complete with actual voice over singing the song, but the singer sounds out of breath for some reason.

Control- 3/10 The controls were simple enough. You had an a basic attack, jump, and the button which unleashed your bomb attack. Pressing up and attack would let you perform some sort of heavy move with your weapon, such as an over head slash with Jason's sword or Zack's axe, and the Megazord battle was pretty much the same. You had a backflip technique that was pretty much useless, and you could perform jumping kicks as well. More variety with moves would've been better.

Overall-2/10 This game had definate potential, but falls flat on its face the minute you turn it on. There could've been so many factors that would make this game better, such as the addition of the green ranger, more levels ( there's like 7 ), more detailed graphics, and a two player option. If you see it in a game store for like maybe 3 dollars or less, it might make a good time killer if you have nothing better to do.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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