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"Teaching you never to judge a book by its cover"

Whether you choose to deny it or not, Power Rangers was a popular fad in the early to mid nineties. Proving to be the temporary successor to favorites like Ninja Turtles and Masters of the Universe, boys and girls everywhere were thoroughly interested by the martial arts and good "moral standpoints" of the characters.

There's really no basic story. Rita wreaks havoc, and a Ranger of your choice quells the threat. Late in the game, however, you are treated to a fighting game-esque sequence.

Graphics: 5.5/10

Rather beautifully done, the graphics are nothing to sneeze at. The backgrounds were rendered fairly well, possibly ala primitive art programs from the days of olde. Character animations are fluids. No lag, no jaggedness, all juice. The various putties are also well done, though nothing more than palette swaps of one sprite.

One case of point, palette swapping. You either love it or hate it, MK Trilogy taught us that. Aside from the putties, your morphed rangers also suffer from this graphical nightmare. Wanna see Kimberly sporting a pink helmet bearing the mark of tyrannosaurus? Well, too bad. It's there. My only real gripe, but I won't hold it against Bandai.

Sound/Music: 7/10

The whoosh of swinging weapons, the crash of giving putties a royal beat down, the stomp of Megazord's walking... all perfectly convey the amusing cheesiness the tv series gave off. No complains here, still brings a smile to my face.

The music, not half bad really. Granted with three games, you might get tired of hearing the generic theme remixed over and over. Just about every stage is memorable in its own way.

Game play: 9/10

It's great. It's excellent. But I still expected more. The basic side-scrolling portion is your Ranger teen running around various cityscapes, beating the clay out of putties. Midway through, they morph. They then have their unfair advantage over putties, thereby sticking the real challenge into minor obstacles and bosses. Had the game been a tad bit more difficult, I'd have found some satisfaction in it.

Controls work smoothly, your characters are very responsive. As teens, you might still feel some minor.. stiffness, if you will, towards them. But as morphed rangers, they're practically invincible. Oh, and Kimberly's bow rocks. Weak as it is, range is always good to have.

The Zord battles, and I say with with absolutely no bias, was executed very well. It's well known that there is a two player mode to play these fights. The Megazord is limited in its moves, yes. But that.. monster whose name escapes me at the moment and Cyclopsis are more than meets the eye.

In closing, this game really is worth taking a look at. Granted there is no appearance from the green ranger or his mighty Dragonzord, you have my word you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/15/05

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