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"One of the Best Power Rangers game Played!"

I admit, I was a big fan of Power Rangers in the past. But, the interest dwindles slowly nowadays. Power Rangers games that I played now(Mostly on the GBA), they'll begin to fell the same. You choose a Character, fight your way through the stage, fight monster, Zord battle, repeat the next stage until you get the generic "You Saved the World" ending. I felt bored with this repeated formula. That's when I decided to whip out a old game that has very interesting concept and almost played myself to death with it. That game is this: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

It's been a while since I watched the movie but I distinctly remember it.(Because of the Sega Genesis version which is almost an exact replica)and this game doesn't follow it. Instead, you have an all new plot which is unique in it's own way, but does not relate to the actual ting the game is based on.

The plot is quite an irony, where the city of Angel Groove has come under attack by the evil and tyrannical Lord Zedd(Second Season Villain), and you have to save it again. However, as you go through each of the monsters, you discover that mastermind of the plot is someone you may not have expected. This is basically how the plot goes, and it's quite good.

Sound and Music has always played a big part in my gaming. If the sound is bad, the whole experience will be ruined. Thank god that this isn't the case in this game. The music is quite good. Especially the 1st and 5th stage, as well as the Boss Battles. These are some of the most memorable tunes I can listen in the game.

The sounds are okay, with the usual "bish" "bash" "pow" and others. The bosses death sound are also quite average.

Quite good for its time, but also much better compared to most Power Ranger games nowadays. Although other than the White Ranger, all rangers are typically hte same, just differently coloured. Their human forms are quite recognizable, with their own distinctive attacks.

The backbone of any game. The gameplay of this is quite good, with many ideas no longer implemented in today's PR games. For example, this is, I think the only Power Rangers game that you start off human, and can morph into your Ranger form(with an interesting Morphing pose) by filling a Power Meter. And when you morph, you restore your life. Once in Ranger form, you can fill up that Power Meter again to unleash powerful attacks.

Another unique gameplay is that the action is a combination of both Sidescrolling 2D and semi 3D. Sidescrolling plays like normal, but semi 3D has you having 2 different lanes you an switch to, thus affecting the way the game is played alot. See a pit or hazardous area? Jump to the Top Lane to avoid it. This is a similar concept used in one of the Castlevania games.

The third unique gameplay begin with a short rant of mine. One of things I look forward to everytime I watch the show are the Zord battles. Most of them quite cool and amazing. This game has NO Zord Battles. Nada. The closest thing we get to see the Zord is at the very end. The monsters don't grow. They will just die(which by the way are quite entertaining for some of them)

This game is quite unique in it's own way, despite a few shortcomings, it offers much more entertainment compared to recent PR games, with a much more satisfying ending. The difficulty is slightly tougher than recent games though. They even give you a cheat if you finish the game on hard mode, which makes the game slightly easier, but harder in a way also. Overall, this game is more enjoyable and is worth getting if you're a fan of the PR series or you just like beating up things.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/25/06

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