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"Go Go Power Rangers! *waves fan flags*"


Power Rangers is back - this time the movie edition, as the title of the game implies. Now, while the elements of the previous game, Power Rangers is still inherited from this game, but personally I think this is just another launch title because of the release of the movie. Oh well.

As you know, most of the power rangers are back. This includes the red, blue, yellow, pink and black. All of them is in the game for you to morph and play. It is interesting to note that the game had a slight improvement on the graphical department but the game play concept still remains the same.

It is an adventure game with a power rangers theme that you wouldn't forget because it has good graphic and great music for you to listen to.

Game play

The game play of this game is good. You move your martial arts character around in the game who knows martial arts to defeat the bad guys. You select the character and the character themsheleves actually have a distinct set of martial art moves in which you use to plow your way through the game and defeat the enemies in the game. You're not always the regular Joe and Jane when you're playing this game. You eventually get to morph into a mighty power rangers during the middle of any given stage. When you transform, you get to change you attire and you have your weapons really for you. And you also have this special ability when you can kill all the enemies in the screen with this one 'special' time bomb or something. This should be use sparingly. That's basically it.

The enemies in the game is baddie ninjas like in the previous games - just like in the tv shows. They're actually smart AIs; they will punch and kick you and try to perform different sets of moves on you. For exampole, sometimes they'll have a knife in which they try to crouch and poke you with it instead of standing and punching. This will cause you to jump and kick the ninja to kill it, instead of your regular punch because you'll get harm if you do.

For the most part of the game you'll be punching and kicking and throwing your opponent. That is it. There is very little time in the game in which you're require to jump alot or doge any thing. It is mostly straight forward puunching and kicking and advancing throught the levels.


The graphics for this game is good. I acutally like it because it looks like the power rangers in the tv show. The animation in the game is fluid and solid colors and textures. I mean, what more can you ask for in this game? The graphics is good.

What I like for this game is that the characters design is greatly accurate to the television show. You got your bad guys who are designed like the television show.

The level design for this game is terrific. You fight in the streets, the factories, in the sewers and a whole bunch of over places; the environment setting is well done and that there is nothing to complain about.


Power ranger's second game is for the SNES console and the devlopers did a good job on it; they provided us, the gamers, with good graphics, game play and music for the game (power rangers theme song!) It is foolish to say that this game is yet another movie to video games translation; it is more then that. It is a piece of many teenagers' childhood.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/22/04

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