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"If you base a game on a movie, base a game on a movie"

Yes, I 've seen the Power Rangers movie. Didn't think it was very good, since I was quickly losing interest by that point in time, but saw it. And since I've got this weird obsession with playing licensed video games, I tracked this one down and gave it a try. And I was struck immediately with how faithless the adaptation is.

This game has absolutely nothing to do with the Power Rangers movie! Okay, I take that back. It has the Power Rangers, and it has that purple guy who was the villain, but that's it! There was no surfing part in the movie, there was no part where they fought on train tracks, there was no part where they had to sneak into an air force base or destroy an evil master computer. There were no putty soldiers, and none of the monster bosses were in the movie. The show, probably, but not the movie.

I can't imagine what they were thinking, especially since the Genesis version of this game actually was pretty faithful to the movie, but I'll talk about that in its own time. Were they halfway done with making a second-season Power Ranger game, then the movie came out, and they decided, ''What the hell, we'll just put the main bad guy from the movie in this game and kids'll never know the difference''?

Apparently. The game doesn't have a story, as it has no connection to the movie. How it works is before each level you pick a Power Ranger to play as, and so does a friend if you can talk one into playing this dumb game with you. Then you go through the level, which has an ''upper'' area and a ''lower'' area that you can jump between as you like. You kill the putty soldiers and pick up the little lightning bolts they drop. These let you use special attacks, or when the meter is full, they let you ''morph,'' changing you into your ranger costume and making your attacks do more damage. If you can fill the meter up again your ranger will start using their weapon and do even more damage until the meter runs down.

That's the whole game, pretty much. You fight a boss monster in each level, but they're pretty tame as sidescrolling bosses go. In the last level you fight Ivan, and then have to escape before his castle caves in. You know what, I actually remember that from the movie. Not.

Despite all the martial arts that make the show what it is/was, each ranger knows how to punch and how to jump kick and that's it. There are no robot fights, or anything else that might have made this game remarkable in its detachment from its title. If you really want to play an interactive version of the Power Ranger movie, go get the Genesis version. At least that's got something in common with what it claims.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/25/04

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