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"A decent game that has NOTHING to do with the movie"

In my endless quest to review every single Power Ranger game out there (well, not really - but if you've seen my contribution pages, you'll find a few reviews there), I've decided to give this game a whirl. As you expect, this sequel to the first SNES Power Rangers game is also a tie-in to the Power Rangers movie (the first movie, not the crappy second movie) that came out at the same time.

STORY: Well, since the game's title implies that it's based on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, you would expect the game's storyline to follow that of the game. Well, that is most certainly NOT the case. Yes, there's Ivan Ooze (the movie's villain) and yes, he's the main villain, but no, this has nothing to do with the movie. Instead, it's more like a game based on the show's second season. Now under normal circumstances, that's not much of a problem - if you wanted to make a sequel to the old MMPR game, that's fine. But if you're going to name it after the movie, then the smart move would be to follow the movie instead of having nothing to do with the movie. Yes, there have been some movie-related games that have nothing to do with the movie, but still... this is inexcusable. 3/10

GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game are similar in quality to the original MMPR game that preceded this one, only in some cases a little better. They threw in the morphing sequences from the TV show (when the teenager would morph into his or her Ranger form) which is kind of a cool affect. The animation also seems to be of better quality too. Unfortunately, the Pink Ranger (when morphed) is male - one of my pet peeves with the first game. They could have made an effort to create a new female Ranger spriteset since they went to the trouble of putting together a White Ranger sprite set instead of... you know, turning him into a white-suited guy with black diamonds. The Billy sprite also should have undergone a change, considering that he had grown into a somewhat competent fighter at this point in the show. Other than those minor quibbles, not too shabby. 7/10

SOUND: The sound is fairly average - everything sounds like what it should in terms of punches thrown, attacks landed, and whatnot. The music is alright, but nothing special. The abysmal "Go Go Power Rangers" theme music is in here too. 6/10

GAMEPLAY: A couple of changes from the previous game. First off, your attack comes out slowly, meaning no rapid-fire attacks or combos. You can withstand 3-5 hits before you bite the dust. To counteract this drawbacks, the Ranger teens each have a special move that can be used to even the odds. Collecting bolts will charge your special meter (so you can do the special move) and a full meter will allow you to morph into a Power Ranger (from there, you can charge the meter again to use your weapon or a screen-clearing Bomb attack). All in all, this is a fairly decent improvement in terms of gameplay. Controls work rather well in this game - no complaints. The 2-player mode - which was lacking in the previous game, save for the hidden Zord Fight codes - is a good time-waster. The glaring omission of zord fights doesn't really hurt the game. 7/10

CHALLENGE: The game allows you to select from two skill settings, but all things considered, this isn't too hard of a game even with limited continues taken into consideration (something you can get around really). Make no mistake, though. This isn't exactly easy, either, but not quite hard enough. 5/10

REPLAY VALUE: Akin to most beat-em-ups of the era, once you beat the game, there's really no reason to replay the game. 2/10

OVERALL: MMPR The Movie is a fairly competent game. While it does have its flaws and its lies (this game has NOTHING to do with the movie it's supposedly based on), this is still a pretty good game. Power Ranger fans might take a liking to it, but non-fans should give this game a try. It's actually good. 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/07/05

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