Review by MauricXe

Reviewed: 01/05/06

Far from the movie but still good....sorta

If you have seen the movie, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers - The Movie, forget it. The only connection this game has with the movie is the battle with Ooze, and that is not even correct.

Game play: 6/10
This game was a little difficult my first time through. You only get five measly energy bars per life. The only times you have to replenish are few and far between. One way to replenish health is to morph into a power ranger that only happens once per level. The other method to replenish health is to find health items, and let me tell you, there are not that many.

It is more interesting to play the game as a human. Each human has their own set of moves and their special attacks. Special attacks can be performed when enough energy bolts are obtained. Although these special moves are sometimes stereotypical because the black girl does a butt stomp, the Asian kid does a fireball, the ditz does a cheerleader flip, and the nerd throws bombs because he lacks physical prowess, they are still fun to pull off. When the power rangers morph they lose their individuality because they adopt a standard attacking template, unless you are Tommy.

They obtain new special moves in their morphed state that grant them little individuality.

There are no Zord battles. That sucks since it’s based from the movie and that was a big part of this new power they received.

Graphics: 9/10
The Graphics were clear and well done. The characters themselves resemble their TV personas. The enemies are not bad, even though all but one of them come from the actual movie.

Music: 10/10.
Why does it get a ten? Simply because the music comes from the TV show giving the player a feeling they are in the show. The other music not found in the show is very good.

Story-Movie: 1/10.
This game strays so far from the movie that you forget you are playing this game based off the movie. The bosses do not appear in the movie. There are no Zord battles and the final battle does not fit with the movie.

With all the characters, replaying each level with different characters and with your friends allows for expanded game play.

OVERALL: 7/10.
This game is not bad but it misses the purpose of capturing the movie. Buy this game if you like the Power Rangers, have someone to play with, or if you need to burn a couple dollars. The game is defiantly a must have for any Power Ranger fan, besides that, do not bother.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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