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"It's pretty good, especially for a baseball game"

MLBPA Baseball will never go down in the record books as an all time great game that is enjoyed by everyone. As much as I would like to think that is the case, not everyone has heard of this game, played the game, and loved the game. However, I have played the game, and I liked playing it. It was a nice little precursor to the Triple Play series. Yeah, this was the beginning of the Triple Play series, in my mind. It is a baseball game, and it came out before the first Triple Play game did.

Like I mentioned, I enjoyed playing this game a lot. It may have its flaws and faults, but what game doesn't? I liked playing this game, and that is all that really matters. It did not have an amazing amount of options, and it did not have the most amazing graphics ever, but all that matters is the fact that I liked playing it, and I found it to be an enjoying baseball game. And I have not really liked too many baseball games, so the fact that I enjoyed playing this game is definitely a testament as to how good it really is.

The thing I liked most about this game was how simple it was. You did not have to worry about an excessive amount of statistic tracking, because EA Sports decided to focus on other areas of the game besides statistic tracking. I am sure you will not mind this too much, considering how fun this game is, and the fact that there is still a lot of statistic tracking in this game. There is none during the season mode, besides the records of the teams, but who really needs all that extra stuff, anyways?

The graphics in the game are solid, and I really liked certain elements of the graphics. The team designs are solid, as each team has a nice variety of players, and the uniforms are very nicely detailed, even if they are basically a certain colored jersey with white pants. There was definitely a nice variety of team designs in the game, and I was definitely a big fan of this element, because the team designs have always been crucial to the graphics of any sports game, in my opinion.

The animation is solid, as well, as every player animated fairly well. The thing I liked most about the animation in the game is how smooth the ball looks when rolling around and being thrown around. When a player catches the ball, it does not look like the ball went over his head (like a certain other baseball game), instead you can actually see the ball move directly into his glove. This is truly a sign as to how good the animation in the game really is, as the ball animated very nicely, even when the ball is whacked off the player's bat.

There is not much music featured in the game, but I will say that I really enjoyed the music that was featured. The music in the title screen and other options screen was solid and definitely sounded above average. The music during actual game play was fairly non-existent, as you only heard music during the seventh inning stretch. However, I am not going to complain about this much, at all, because music would have been a huge distraction more than likely during the actual game play.

The sound effects in the game are pretty good, although there is nothing revolutionary here. As you may expect, there is no commentary. It would have been cool to hear stuff like ''Strike 2!'' and ''Safe!'' but its exclusion is not the end of the world. The other sound effects are solid, the ball bouncing off the bat sounds great, as does the sound of players sliding into bases and stuff. It definitely sounds just like an actual baseball game, like one you could watch on television.

The control in this game is solid, but it is nothing to shout about. Batting is easy enough, you just push B to swing the bat. There is no lengthy options list like power, contact, etc. All you have to do is push B in order to swing, the power will be determined by when you push the B button, I think. Fielding in the game is easy enough, there are some problems when it comes to view but it is no big deal, because you just need to push A and the directional button to throw the ball. Left is 3rd base, Up is 2nd base, etc. It really could not be easier than that.

MLBPA Baseball features a player's license, but does not feature a team license. What does this mean? Basically, it means that while every player from the 1993 season is included in the game, team names are not. However, I do not really consider this to be a huge deal. After all, I already know the team names, and the players in the teams makes the team names even more obvious. And the uniform colors makes the teams even more obvious than that, so the blue uniforms of Toronto makes you think of Blue Jays.

There is not a huge amount of options in this game, but it is solid enough. You can do the exhibition mode, one or two player, or the season mode. The exhibition mode is fun and what I always used to do, select a team and go up against another team of your choice. I used to use the Orioles and/or Yankees a lot and killed the Indians and/or Braves on a regular basis. It was a lot of fun to do. The season mode is long and tedious, as you have to go through 162 games with a password option, so I never really got into it too much.

This is not the most addicting baseball game ever, but I did want to play it a lot when I first got it. I used to do the exhibition mode a lot, because it was fun to kick the crap out of a hated rival with your favorite team. And do not worry about the fact that there are no team names: the uniform colors and player license more than makes up for that fact, and if you know a little bit about baseball you will be able to figure out the team names, anyways.

This game was pretty challenging for me at first, but once I got the hang of it I found it to be a pretty simple game. Batting and fielding was simple enough, despite some of the problems of fielding when it came to the overall view of the field. Each team has certain strengths and weaknesses, so you will have a certain challenge no matter what. Some may think that it is unfair to have certain teams be better than other teams but, hey, that's life, deal with it.

Overall, this is a great game that I really enjoyed playing. I usually do not like playing baseball games that much, they are fun but I never really get into them. But I got into this game a lot. It is very fun to play, and very addicting. I still play this game to this day, although now it is not baseball season so I do not have the desire to play it as much as I usually do. Regardless, it is a fun game, and very impressive considering it is EA Sports' first attempt at a baseball game. It is definitely worth a purchase, considering the cheap price you can get it for.

Good Points
-The graphics are great, especially the solid animation.
-The music and sound effects are pretty good.
-Batting and fielding are quite simple.
-I liked the exhibition mode featured in the game a lot.
-Replay value and challenge are up to par.

Not So Good Points
-The view of the field while fielding the ball is confusing sometimes.
-There could have been a better variety of music in the game.
-The game does not have a huge variety of options.
-The team license would have been a nice added touch.

I Run Down the Ratings... DaLadiesMan Style!
Story Line - Not Available
Graphics - 8.1/10
Music - 6.4/10
Sound Effects - 7.1/10
Control - 7.8/10
Game Play - 8.0/10
Replay Value - Above Average
Challenge - Above Average
Is this game worth a purchase? - Yeah, it is.
Overall - 8.1/10

The Last Line
The game is very fun to play, and I have never really liked a baseball game more than I enjoyed playing this one. It is definitely the best baseball game on the Super Nintendo, so it is well worth a purchase.

And that's a Ladies Man guarantee!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/20/00, Updated 07/16/01

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