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"Kool and Krazy but overall incomplete"

Have you ever wondered where and why the ESRB was created? Well look no more, the original Mortal Kombat could be bought by just about anyone. And because if its abundance of blood and gore, there's reason why they keep a tight watch on games like this. Ed Boon really got a great idea when he set up to make a true fighting game that would define the genre. Even thought its for the SNES you can clearly make out all the impalings that happen throughout and every Fatality that rips, slices, freezes, burns, and knocks off every body part that will leave you screaming MORTAL KOOOOOMBAT!

Where to begin? Well, there's only a couple things to do, play a two player game where you grab a friend and choose from the large supply of characters – kidding, you're stuck with Sonya; One of the original girls to make a buttkicking entrance, Sub-Zero; the master at freezing techniques, Scropion; a very similar looking Sub-Zero but has extracting powers so to say, Johnny Cage; a tough movie star with a moveset to back up his ego, Kano; a ruthless convict bent on stopping Sonya, and the soon to be “official” Mortal Kombat champion Liu Kang with his mastery of martial arts, and lastly the thunder god Raiden; with *gasp* lighting moves! That's who you get to choose from, and they all have their own set of special abilities that you'll have to figure out (or look up) to use them.

Fighting in this game can be quickly summarized as cheap if you get lucky. There's times when you can simply run up to your opponent and just hit him numerous times until he dies. And there's countless other moves from the classics; uppercuts and sweeps. Blocking is done easily enough and is simplified for you by only making you press back. The only real differences between levels is that some may have secret traps that you can use when doing a FATALITY but other than that it's just for looks. But perhaps the neatest thing you can do which I really wish other games would include is the “Test your might” where you repeatedly press the buttons on your control to build up your might and then try to break the object before you. It starts off with something easy like a piece of wood but builds up to stone and eventually diamond - Very cool indeed.

Although the real game is mainly when you enter the Mortal Kombat tournament and battle your way through every character, some crazy tag team matches, and lastly fight the two greats themselves. Goro; a huge giant with four arms and the champion himself; Shang Tsung who can transform into any character! And that's the game, you can work to uncover all the fatalities and then it'll just be collecting dust, not the greatest way to start of a killer series but it's an adequate start!

I must say that the visuals are actually one of the best on the Super Nintendo. You can make out a lot of expressions and such as well distinguish the differences between all the characters. I'm pretty impressed as they continue to make them looking prettier and prettier each new game. Sound is also done nicely, you can hear all the grunts and blows that are being made a suffered! Plus you got that cool sense of a fighting theme going on in the background. But perhaps my favorite part are the great voices that are used for Scorpion's “Get over here!” and “Come here!” Not to mention whenever a certain thunderous voice bellows from the clouds signaling that the match is over.

Mortal Kombat is a fun game to play, it's not really worth buying maybe if you can find it for a couple dollars as you'll most likely get bored within the day. But if you see someone who does have it, definitely give it a go and you'll have fun for those measly few hours. If you really want to get a classic Mortal Kombat, look into getting two or trilogy, those are very fun and give you countless more characters and replay value. As I sign off now, I have but one last thing to say:


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/21/06

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