"a shaky but still great beginning to a good series"

In 1993 or so a game was released for the Super NES that was quite a bit different from most fighting games that were out there. Mortal Kombat was probably the first fighting game where you actually got to kill your opponent in some very nasty ways.
Graphics 5-10. Nothing very impressive. You could tell what things were and that's about it, although the fatalities were cool. I think the coolest part of the game was when you fight Goro.
Music/sound 6-10. I cannot lie here. Though good in itself, this game's music could have been a hell of a lot better. There was no variety, and so you were more likely to play with the music turned off. I think that feature is what saves this game's audio score, although the ending theme and the music that plays during your battle with Goro were cool. The sound was ok, but again, there's room for improvement in that department. The cries of agony from an opponent when you finish them off sounded to me more like the sound you might make if yor homework got wet or if someone was giving you a Charlie Horse. Then there was the even more annoying fact that every character, (with the only two exceptions being Sonya and Goro), sounded exactly the same when they suffered damage. Liu Kang also sounded kinda like a constipated cat when he died or performed a special move. I will also say here that I have never heard a constipated cat make noise, nor even been around one, so I'm just making up the analogy for lack of anything else to think of. Report card says room for improvement.
control 10-10. Now here's a good part. Although the special moves could take time to learn, the controls themselves were not hard to learn. They were also pretty reliable. In spite of this game's musical flaws the control was not nearly as bad.
Story 10-10. This game is centered around Mortal Kombat, an ancient tournament that was designed to heighten the fighting skills of the warriors who participated. For centuries this tournament was a thing of honor and greatness. Then the evil emperor Shao Kahn arose to try to take over the universe. His apprentice, the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung, was ordered to take Earth through tournament battle. He forced seven warriors to fight in the tournament on penalty of the deaths of their loved ones should they refuse. Well, six of them were great and honorable warriors, but one, Kaino, was the leader of a criminal group known as the Black Dragons. Who knows what would happen if he were to triumph in the tournament. It is your quest as one of seven characters to stop Shang Tsung from conquering Earth. Use the special abilities of each character to the fullest. Only skill will save you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/02/01, Updated 03/01/03

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