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"uh, why is the blood white?"

Mortal kombat is like half of a real fighting game. Some parts are missing and the rest is just really bad. The game is a little fun though. I just think it needs a lot more work on it. I think some things are fun in it though. Hey! They finally have a girl fighter! WOW! This is why the games so special. It has a girl fighter in it. First of all, look at the select a character screen. Boy could they added a lot more characters to that screen. There's also not that much arenas to fight on! Man is this game sucky. The only thing that is the best in every mortal kombat game are the factalities. There pure hard to figure out, and there really neat and cool. In this mortal kombat, the factalities are okay. Not that really good though. The game also has stage factalities. Like on the pit. You can upercut a person and they'll go flying off the bridge. I think that's really cool. The thing that is kind of wierd though is when you fall off the bridge. You will see there will be little spikes up at the bottom. Well you think when the character lands on it, it will have a lot of blood showing, But nope. It just shoes him lying there dead. Come on! The company who made this game could of made such a bettter job on this game. Even if it is the first one ever made. Still, it's really sucky. The thing that I only love about this game a lot is that one little mini game. Where win a few battles or something, you'll go to this one mini game where you and the second player has to break the piece of wood in front of them by tapping the A button as fast as he can. It gets a lot harder too. I think that is the funniest part in this game. For the rest of the game. Bah, it's boring. There should be some code to play as the last boss or something but there isn't. This game just isn't that fun at all. The rest of the Mortal Kombat games are waaaaaaaay better than this one. Anyways, here's my review for the game.

Part: Graphics
Rating: 6.3/10
A little crummy I say. The back ground completely sucks and I don't like the way the characters look. I like how when you do a factality, it gets all dark and spooky. That's really cool. Everything else is bad. I really wish they improved the graphics more. It just doesn't seem right, and what in the world happen to goro! He looks terrible. He looks like a pink spider or something. The way how they made goro was really bad. I think he looks the most ugliest and wierdiest. The only person that looks good that I think in the game is Rayden. I don't like anybody else really. I do like how the special moves are. Like when you throw a fire ball or something, it looks really cool.

Part: Sound and music
Rating: 5.9/10
What's up with the music? It sounds really wierd to me. The arena music just sound wierd. The only part where I like the music is when your at the tittle screen. I don't like anything else though. It's just horrible and sounds really bad. The sound is okay I guess. Not that good though. When the person falls off the bridge and lands in the pit with all the spikes on it. All you hear is a little thud. Don't you think there should be a scream like ARGHHH! Well there isn't and it really sucks. I do like how when your fighting you hear the characters saying hi hah hi! I don't know if they have that sound when you do a upper cut or something and you'll hear a whoopsy! But if they do( I'm not sure) It's sure really annoying. So the sound and music both get a 5.9. tsk, tsk, tsk, it could of been so much better

Part: Game play
Rating: 6.0
This game is not long at all. I beat it really quickly. I really think they should of made like something special in it, where you have to fight smoke or something. That would be really cool. So this game is not long, not long at all. It's really easy to beat. If you played a different mortal kombat game before, you'll beat this one in a second. It's really simple. First you have to fight every one except your self. Then you have to fight everyone except your self and you fight a different person in the same match. After that you fight your self ( it's like sub-zero vs. sub zero) and after that you fight the bosses. That's all! There isn't that much. So I think the game play is really sucky. I could of given it a lower score, but you get to fight reptile a secret way.

Part: Difficulty
Rating: 6.2/10
The game isn't that hard. It's really easy actually. The only thing I hated was Goro. He was really hard. I could be the last boss very easily, but goro was really hard. The only way I could beat him was with sub-zero. By freezing him and attacking him. That's the only way I beat him. The rest of the characters was just hard to beat him.

Part: Re-play Ability
Rating: 6.4/`0
You might want to play the game over again. I did about twice. It's not really long so I think you would. It's still really boring though.

Part: Play control
Rating: 6.0/10
Some times the play control screws up on me a lot. that's why i don't like it. The factalities are hard to figure out. The special attacks are a little tricky. That's about all of the play control really.

Mortal Kombat gets only a 6/10. It could of been a lot better I think.

Hmmmm, well I say rent this game. It's really easy to beat and doesn't take that long. To tell the truth I don't think you would even want to rent this game. Go try one of the other mortal kombats. This one is really bad.

Well that's my review for Mortal Kombat. I'm hoping the other Mortal Kombats are a lot better than this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/29/01, Updated 09/29/01

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