Review by LRayden

"A massive gore..... er..... sweat fest...."

Tsk, tsk.

Such a great game. It deserves so much more.MK for Super Nintendo leaves much to be desired. And its not all that bad.

The Graphic Quality (As in GRAPHICS, not as in GRAPHIC VIOLENCE) is incredible. It looks exactly like the arcade.The sounds are Crystal clear. Fireballs and Death Screams come out at you in Stereo Sound.Control is lackluster. Very slow. Rayden's Fatality is nearly impossible sometimes.The Blood has become....heh heh heh... SWEAT (-bursts out laughing-).

Nintendo, what planet were YOU on when you agreed to release MK?The primary reason MK was so popular in Arcades was due to the BLOOD and FATALITIES.The Fatalities are now FINISHING MOVES, the Blood is, like I said, SWEAT.

Yes, I can see it all now:If I were to throw someone into a pit filled with razor sharp spikes, and they were impaled directly through the heart, there would be an immense geyser of SWEAT pouring out of them, right? If someone stuck their foot through someones chest (A la Johnny Cage), SWEAT would pour out of them. Right?At any rate...

The 'changed' Finishers include:

Rayden:Instead of electrifying their head until it explodes,he electrifies them. Their skeleton is visible at thispoint and they disentegrate into a pile of ashes and duston the ground. Their skull lands on top of the pile.

Johnny Cage:Instead of uppercutting their head off, he impales his opponents chest with his foot. They shake wildly for asecond or two, then he takes his foot out and they fall.

Sub-Zero:Wow, I wonder if Midway helped on this one. This Fatal wouldlater appear in MK2!Subbie freezes his opponent, then gives them a backfist.The fist causes them to shatter, leaving only their feet,still frozen.

Kano:Instead of punching through their chest and pullingout their heart (HE DOESN'T AND NEVER DID LICK ORTAKE A BITE OUT OF THE HEART), Kano only punchesa hole through their chest. Nothing is pulled out.

How dull.

You readers realize-If the Sega Genesis version of this and this version were combined,you'd have a 100% Full Conversion of the arcade game.

Lord Rayden

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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