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"No fun at all"

The reason I gave this game a 3 isn't because the blood was removed from the SNES version, but because this game is poor at best with or without blood.

The charicters look very choppy and seem to be missing a few frames of animation here and there. alot of the moves look the same. the level backgrounds look bland and boring.

Graphics my score 5.3/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 5/10

A punch here a kick there....and thats about it! a few of the charicters special moves have sound like for example Scorpion impales the enemy with a hookshot type weapon and shouts ''Come Here!!'' but nothing good enough to save the sound score from a lowly 3.

Sound my score 3/10

You can move forward..move back, punch, block. pull of a small amount of poorly done ''Special Moves'' nothing more. oh yeah I forgot to mention you can also jump on this game! whoo-hoo! I know fighting games should have a simple easy to learn control setup. but MK's control stinks. with the extremly limited ''Special Moves'' and the punch, kick, block rinse and repeat strategy. gets old very fast.

Control my score 4.1/10 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating system 4/10

Boring! like I mentioned before. with the plain graphics. the punch..kick...repeat punching and kicking infinite more times sound. and the huge lack of moves that you can pull off. this game is a pain to play. after sitting thru one of those mind numbingly boring fights. you hear the words ''Finish Him!'' ''atlast I get to pull off one of the super-cool ''Fatality moves'' like in other games in the Mortal Kombat series! but whats this? alot of the ''Fatality's have been edited for the SNES version!'' meaning the so called ''Fatality's'' that you can pull off arn't very fatal at all.

Gamplay my score 5/10

Final Comments
Even if the blood and ''Fatalitys'' were still in the game it wouldn't make it much better.
if you gotta have a good old SNES 2D fighter I recomend StreetFighter2, StreetFighter 2:Turbo, MotalKombat or even MK3 just steer clear of this. all the areas that this game is lacking in make it a bottom of the bargin bin quality game. if you do for some reason happen to buy this game(like I sadly did) you'll beat the game by playing the oneplayer mode. then you'll get bored with it..then maybe..just maybe you will get a few minutes of mindless mayhem in the multiplayer mode...then you'll get bored with that and put this game on your gaming shelve and leave it there forever.

Game score my score 3.4 rounded to fit GameFAQs rating score 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/25/03, Updated 02/25/03

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