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"A great beginning to a great series, but it's "only the beginning.""

Mortal kombat is one of the elete fighting series, and it was this game right here that started it all.


Pretty good gameplay. sometimes the fighters move slowly and sputter, but mostly it's on the up and up. you won't find yourself slamming down your controller in frustration because you thought you hit a different button than the button the game said you hit. The gameplay is above average, and for the most part solid. You can pick 7 different characters, and each differ in gameplay. For instance, Liu Kang moves much more quickly than Scorpion.


The graphics are pretty good. The fighters look nice, and the background looks detailed and realistic. the fatalities really look bloody, agh! Not just the blood and gore, but a lot of the game is really good. Like the game doesn't have much detection problems, like goro punching 3 feet over my head, but still landing the punch. It looks real and very detailed for a game of the SNES era.


The sound is really excellent! shang tsung pronounces the winner after every match, and the sound effects are very cool. Goro's roar sounds intimidating! the music is good as well. I personally like Goro's Lair music the best, but all of them sound alive and upbeat.


You'll run through this game faster than a shark through water. being that you only fight about 8 matches, and you've beaten it makes the game sort of easy. oOf course, you can knotch up the difficulty, but the endurances and bosses should be the only place you have trouble. You will fight an endurance, which is a match where you fight one guy, and then when you beat him another guy jumps down from the top of the screen, and you have to defeat him as well. Then you will face Goro, a 4-armed Shokan that is working for Shang tsung. If you get past him, you will meet Shang tsung. tsung can morph in to all the other characters in the game, including Goro, so look out.


The game just doesn't have enough to keep you going forever. being that it's so easy to beat, and there's not any other modes except playing with a friend, the game loses it's flame quickly. the fatalities are fun to watch, but do to the limited amount of characters, there's not too many to watch. after a while, you'll run out.


this game has the meanings to be a great game but it just doesn't have the difficulty or replay value to keep you coming back for more very often. I say you buy it for cheap, or just rent it a few times and you'll get your fill. But the fatalities are very cool to watch, so get in some of those before you pass this one up. Over-all, Mortal kombat started the standard, and it was off this game that mortal Kombat got where it is today, but this game is literally and figuratively, only the beginning.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/09/00, Updated 01/09/00

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