Review by Braben

Reviewed: 12/24/03

Leaving the gratuitous violence aside, it is a pretty good fighting game.

The little violence and gore Mortal Kombat (mainly the Snes version) had was both good and bad for the game, it was good because, first of all, everyone wanted to see if it was as gory as it was said to be, little kids because they were doing something forbidden, teenagers because that way they would feel more mature, and adults because it was something more serious than the usual fighting games.

This is the Mortal Kombat’s main plot: The evil emperor of the outer realm, Shao Khan, sends his apprentice, the sorcerer Shang Tsung, to organize a tournament where seven warriors from the Earth were going to fight till the end to save the Earth, if they loose the Earth is doomed. The plot may be too cliché to be true, but the interesting thing here is that each character is very important to the story, they all have a nice amount of backgrounds story, and while simple, the plot is nicely done and even deep for a fighting game.

For me Mortal Kombat is a very good fighting game because of the gameplay, which is excellent. Unlike Street Fighter, were some movements were bloody hard to execute, Mortal Kombat’s special movements are very easy to perform if you knew how to do them.

The reason why Mortal Kombat earned the title of “one of the most nauseating and revolting atrocities the mankind has ever crafted” by most parent associations were the “finishing movements”. When you beat your opponent, before dying, you will have a few seconds to try to perform a special attack that not only is going to kill him, it is going to dismember him in some way. But I think the fatalities are pretty stupid in this first game, in Mortal Kombat II and all the rest of installments the Fatalities were truly bloody, but in this game they are there just to try to attract people. For example Kano’s fatality, he takes out his enemy’s heart, but we are not going too see blood or the heart. Of course we have to consider that the game was censored (by Nintendo?, really?) and most of the blood was taken out, but I think the Arcade version wasn’t that bloody either, yet, as they were starting, it was also ok.

The graphics are excellent, the characters all look very real, their movements are splendidly well done, and their attacks and special skills are very imaginative (some of them are classics nowadays). The we have their charisma, all of them are very charismatic characters (Goro, Sub-Zero, Scorpion...), and as I said before they even had a relatively coherent and interesting plot, which was another incentive to try to beat the game with all of them.
The arenas look very good too, and some of the backgrounds are interactive, well maybe not interactive, semi interactive is better. The music is ok and the voices are very good.

I think Mortal Kombat is a very good fighting game, I liked it a lot and I don’t even like fighting games very much, we have to be objective here, a game is not good because of the violence as well a game is not bad because of the violence. But one thing is true, even is there is much less blood and violence than most of people says, it is still a very violent game, and it is not suitable for little kids because nowadays parents tend to leave their children education in the hands of the TV, and Mortal Kombat is certainly not the best teacher.

”My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry about that.”

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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