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"A very bad start to the series."

I personally didn't like Mortal Kombat.I don't have a Sega Genesis so I rented Mortal Kombat for SNES,because at the time this came out EVERYBODY was talking about MK.At first my parents were worried for me to play it,because in the magazines it said MK has too much violence.Everybody was so worried about there kids playing this it even got on the news.I managed to rent it and my parents saw there was no blood.I was dissapointed because I was lied to,but it's like this(it's a first)Sega has a better version than SNES.
Mk is not something to get very excited about and neither is the series ahead of it.Mortal Kombat is a very boring unsuccessful fighting game by Midway.

GAMEPLAY:(2/10)Very very boring.There is nothing fun about the fighting.There is 7 characters and 1 secret character. Each character has about 2 moves.The game is very slow-paced.Each character also has 1 fatality and it's made(on the SNES)to be less violent looking compared to SEGA.Also there is one thing that might of dissapointed some players.
There is no blood.It's all sweat,so when you uppercut someone you see sweat fly in the air.MK is very fake and boring so don't expect to have fun.

MUSIC/SOUND:(3/10)Nothing special here either.The music is low toned and the sounds are the same.The music is sounds distant and some of it is very noticeable(Goros fight)and is an OK touch to the game.The sounds are the same for each character,even Sonya.When you get uppercutted your character screams and all of the characters sound the same.

GRAPHICS:(7/10)The graphics were pretty good.They look pretty realistic,backgrounds and characters.Some of the background or the game itself seems like it's smeared.The coloring is nice and gives off a better look and feel to the game.The graphics were the best thing about MK.

KONTROLS:(3/10)WAY too slow.Your character can only move fast,sort of,if they jump.Sub-Zero sliding is hard to do and is the quickest way to move.The controls are easy.The fatalities are extremely hard to do and it's not worth the try to do the fatality after you see it.The controlling was sticky and hard to execute most moves.Midway should've spent more time on making controls.

REPLAY:(1/10)Unless you want to beat it with every character or get the secret character you won't want to play this game.It's not even fun with two players.It's kind of fun doing the board-breaking side thingy,but it takes too long inbetween fights to get to it so it's not worth the wait.

OVERALL:If you want to get MK then get it for Sega Genesis because the one on SNES is a disgrace to SNES.The later MKs are much much better than this one.If you want to buy it then go ahead and waste your money,but first rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 03/31/00, Updated 03/31/00

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