Review by Sameyuki

Reviewed: 07/28/04

Very fair and honest review inside.

Alright, let me start by saying that I am going to try to review this as though it were 1991, and none of the new flashy stuff has been released. If you don't think of it that way, you'll become biased by the game's lack of superior technology and choppiness compared to today.

Graphics: 8 (Out of 10 points)
These graphics are not shabby for 1991, come on, admit it. They're definitely not the best, but it's not bad for what was intended to be a quick project. The characters do not look near as cartoony as some of the other games out near this time, such as, Super Mario World. Or even Drakkhen, which was a game with great graphics because it was sort of 3D (2D graphics, but you could move anywhere in the world you liked, no matter the direction). The only reason I took of a point from the original 9, was because in the Genesis version, they had loads of extra things. The pit, for instance, was covered with bodies at the bottom, and it had realistic looking blood for their moves. The SNES version removed ALL of this, taking away most of the style that made Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat.

Music and Sound FX: 6
OK, so the music on this is practically non-existent. Let's face facts there. It has a few notes and beats for each stage, but that is pretty much it. If you didn't notice, you were distracted by all of the sounds. Once again, in the Genesis version, they took out a bunch of voices and altered some of them. The score of 6 that I have given, is brought up almost entirely by the loads of sound effects. But some of them aren't that good (Oh, come on! Whenever you knock Sonya off the pit it makes a deep GUY sound?). I would have originally given it a 7, but since the Nintendo company seemed to have been such a pansy when releasing this game, they cut out a lot of this game's personality.

Game Play: 3(Single), 8(Multi)
The game play is disappointing, even judging it by the early 90s' standards. I can beat the game on 4 of the 5 modes, excluding Very Hard, just by using jump kick. That is ridiculous. Also, the controls were very unresponsive. You would tap a button, and over a second later your character would make the move. Scorpion's fatality (Small spoiler) is "Block, +Up, +Up". They have you hold block to do it so your character wouldn't jump when pressing "up, up". It's not even needed. I had time to do both ups before he jumped.
As far as Multiplayer goes, despite the unresponsive controls, it is a load of fun. You have 7 characters to choose from, so you can take your time mastering each and everyone of their special moves and finishing moves, and trying to outdo your opponent in the mini game "Test Your Might", where you must break through solid objects. Smack talking is also a plus. But since the controls are, like I said, so unresponsive, that you can easily cheese your way through multi player, too, by jump kicking them relentlessly. That spoils it a lot.

Story: 7
The story is very unique, although no one really cared about the story. 7 characters have been chosen to fight in "Mortal Kombat" for salvation of the Earth and it's people. It is hosted by the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung, and the winner of the tournament is promised peace for many years until the next tournament is held. Each character has a different ending, so you actually have incentive to beat the game (not that it's much of a challenge) with all 7 characters to read about their victory.

Conclusion: Judging the game on these 5 levels, the final score comes out to be "7". The main problem is the controls and the fact that Nintendo stopped the game dead in it's tracks by cutting out almost everything that made it revolutionary at the time.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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