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"It is disappointing to have no blood, but it is entertaining, none the less."

The beginning of the most famous fighting franchise of all time makes it to the SNES. All the action and adventure of the Mortal Kombat that you had in the arcade, is now available in the home consol, if you still have a SNES, that is?

The characters in this game look different then what you would normally see in a SNES fighter. They are sculpted and look like cut and pasted people that move. This gives Mortal Kombat a unique effect. The attacks, however, are all the same for everyone, with the exception of special attacks. There is high punches, low punches, high kicks, low kick, throw and block. All characters look the same while they're doing the moves except for blocking, they seem to vary.

The usual Mortal Kombat crew is available for fighting, as seen for the very first time. Scorpion, with his orange ninja suit and "Get over here" spear, are is in the fray. Sub-Zero, the freezing menace, is here to make a name for himself. Liu Kang, the Shaolin monk, seeks vengeance for his fallen brother. Sonya Blade Want to prove herself, or something in this competition. Johnny Cage, in all his movie style glory, is hip to idea of the tournament. Kano, the rat man, is interesting. And Rayden, thunder God, is here to fight in the tournament of Mortal Kombat.

The arenas in Mortal Kombat are all pretty good, but not great. The stages are interesting with the crowds and the one called the pit is cool because you can send people down there to pay for your grievances.

All is well in this game until you come upon the colossus Goro. The four armed beast will slap and beat you around until you don't know which way is up. Then when he is taken care of Shang Tsung, the leader of the tournament, will come out in all his glory. Being a master of transformation, he can transform into any character, even Goro, and fight you. He is actually pretty weak in his form.

The biggest beef in this game is that all the blood and gore is gone that was so over the top in the arcade version. A simple punch or kick would send blood flying into the air in pools to land on the ground. Not only that but the fatalities, possible the most best part of the game, have been reduced to disgraces. Kano's fatality rips your heart out, in this version he rips out your heart but it looks like a chunk of coal.

There is a cool mini game in this game, as in all Mortal Kombat games, the "test your might" button masher. A bar fills with energy as you mash the button and you need to get it past a certain point in order to crack the material you going for. It starts at wood and can get up to steel and crystal.

If you're going to redo a game for another system, and the blood and gore made the game well known in the first place, I would have not converted it. It is disappointing to have no blood, but it is entertaining, none the less.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/29/05

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