• 29 Kredits

    29 KreditsAt the Character Select screen, press Left, Up, Right, Down, Left + Select

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Codes for fighters

    Fight Noob SaibotAt the Character Select screen press Left, Up, Down, Down, Right, Select
    Fight Shao-KahnAt the Character Select screen press Right, Up, Up, Right, Left + Select
    Fight KintaroAt the Character Select screen press Up, Down, Down, Right, Right + Select
    Fight SmokeAt the Character Select screen press Up, Left, Up, Up, Right + Select
    Fight JadeAt the Character Select screen, press Up, Down, Down, Left, Right + Select

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Disable Throws

    Disable ThrowsAfter choosing your characters in 2-player mode, hold Down and High Punch on both controllers until the match begins.

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

  • Extra Fatality Time

    Extra Fatality TimePress Up, Up, Left, Up, Down + Select at the character select screen. You will now have 15 seconds to do fatalities instead of five.

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

  • Near Invincibility and 1 Hit Opponent

    Near Invincibility and 1 Hit OpponentAt the character select screen, press Down, Up, Right, Up, Left + Select

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

  • Random Select

    To have the computer randomlly select your fighter, do the following:

    Hold up and press start at the character select screenRandom Select

    Contributed By: Arguro.

  • Super Damage

    Super DamageAt the Character Select screen press Down, Up, Right, Up, Left + Select. You should hear a swishing sound if activated.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Team Battle Mode

    Team Battle ModeAt the start screen, press L + R + Start. You will access the hidden 4 vs. 4 team battle mode. This mode must be played with two players; the computer will not control any of the characters.

    Contributed By: CyanShadow.


  • Unlockable Fights

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Fight JadeAt the match before the ?, defeat your opponent using only the Low Kick button
    Fight Noob SaibotWin 50 matches in a row
    Fight SmokeAt the Portal stage, do uppercuts until Dan Forden's face appears in the bottom right corner and says "Toasty", then hold Down and press Start

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Unlockable: Pong

    Complete the specific amount of Versus Battles to unlock the extra game mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    PongComplete 250 Versus Battles

    Contributed By: Sour.

Easter Eggs

  • Destroy the Logo

    Hold L + R as you turn the game on, and watch Shao-Kahn and Kintaro wreck the Acclaim logo

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.


  • Fall off spikes.

    Hold the down button on both controllers after doing the spike fatality to fall off the spikes.

    Contributed By: StarToad.

  • Make the game say "Oh wow"

    After doing the Deadpool Stage Fatality, hold Block and Down.

    Contributed By: mikey2020.

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