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    FAQ/Move List by CBaus

    Updated: 09/25/94 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  MORTAL KOMBAT II
                                 SEPTEMBER 25, 1994
    This moves list was taken from a previous moves list for SNES, revised, and
    reorganized.  I created a key to be able to follow the list a little better.
    I borrowed this key from another FAQ that was a single page listing that seemed
    to fit the moves better.  Instead of looking at a move as "Pressing Y", you
    can now look at it as it was meant to be, by "Pressing HP".  If I have made
    any grave errors in my translations of any of these moves, please E-MAIL me
    directly.  These moves were all taken from a the FAQ v1.6 on the anonymous
    FTP site FTP.NETCOM.COM in the /PUB/VIDGAMES/FAQS directory.  I translated all
    of the moves from that one to reflect the key below to make it easier to
    read and understand.  If you would like to improve upon this list, please
    do so and repost it wherever you like.   Please let me know of any revisions
    that need to be made so that I can make them and then redistribute the list.
    *** SPECIAL NOTE!!!
        Added to the bottom of this FAQ with the other secret moves is the listing
    of select codes that were posted to News not too long ago.  I figured I might
    as well just add them to the list to keep everything in once place.  These were
    all added on the above date.
    ------ EXPLANATION OF BUTTONS & MOVES -----------------------------------------
    DIRECTION:              I think that these codes are self-explanatory. The
    F,B,U,D                 direction indicates which way you press the SNES
                            Control Pad.
    PUNCHES & KICKS:        According the they key below, these are the default
    HP,LP,HK,LK             settings for the buttons, which are configurable at the
                            options screen.  Therefore, instead of indicating Y or
                            X as a button to push, as in Hugo's list, I have
                            translated everthing to reflect the correct move.
    OTHER MOVES:            These are abbreviated as QF,QA,HF,HA and they mean that
                            you press the control pad in the circular motion
                            according to the key.  Example:  QA means Quarter
                            Circle Away, where you press DOWN, DOWN & AWAY, then
                            AWAY in one continuous motion.
    RANGES:                 These are mostly for where you need to stand during
                            a fatality maneuver.
    HOW:                    These are substitues for the sequence in which moves
                            are executed.  For example, HP-LP means HIGH PUNCH then
                            LOW PUNCH.  Any time you ever see a button and then a
                            set of parentheses, it means that you hold that button
                            down while executing the maneuver inside the
                            parentheses.  For example: BL(2U-LP) means:
                            HOLD BLOCK while pressing UP twice then LOW PUNCH
    BLOCK:                  This is done by pressing either the L or R buttons on
                            the top of the SNES controller
    #$ (NUMBER OF SECONDS): Hold the button after the "$" for the number of
                            seconds listed before the "$".
    ------ MOVES KEY --------------------------------------------------------------
    Forwards:  F   High Punch: HP(Y)  1/4 Cir For   QF  Close      [C]  Then    -
    Back:      B   Low Punch:  LP(B)  1/4 Cir Away  QA  Away (Jump)[A]  And     +
    Up:        U   High Kick:  HK(X)  1/2 Cir For   HF  Sweep      [S]  While   ()
    Down:      D   Low Kick:   LK(A)  1/2 Cir Away  HA  Edge-Scr   [R]  Repeat  (..
                                     Block (L or R) BL  # of seconds    #$
    ------ LIU KANG ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Double Forearm  HP
    Flying Kick     2F-HK
    Bicycle Kick    4$LK
    High Fireball   2F-HP
    Low Fireball    2F-LP
    Babality        2D-F-B-LK
    Frienship       F-3B-LK
    PIT/SPIKES      B-2F-LK
    F: DRAGON       [C] D-F-2B-HK             Becomes dragon & devours torso
    F: UPPERCUT     [A] 360 degrees away      Massive sommersault & uppercut
    ------ KUNG LAO ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Headbutt        HP
    Hat Throw       B-F-LP
    Ground Teleport D-U
    Whirlwind Spin  BL+2U-LK
    Aerial Kick     D-HK
    Babality        2B-2F-HK
    Friendship      3B-D-HK
    PIT/SPIKES      3F-HP
    F: SLICE        [S] 3F-LK            Slices victim in half
    F: HAT          [R] LP(B-F)          Guide had to decapitate victim
    ------ JOHNNY CAGE ------------------------------------------------------------
    Stomach Jab     Y
    Axe-Kick        LK or HK
    Low Bolt        HF-LP
    High Bolt       HB-HP
    Shadow Up Cut   B-D-B-HP
    Shadow Kick     B-F-LK
    Ball Breaker    BL(LP)
    PIT/SPIKES      3D-HK
    Babality        3B-HK
    Frienship       4D-HK
    F: TORSO        [C] 2D-2F-LP         Rips torso off
    F: HEAD         [C] 2F-D-U           Knocks head(s) off w/ uppercut
    *** 3 HEADS:    D(HP+LP+LK) after music starts until 1st head is knocked off
    ------ REPTILE ----------------------------------------------------------------
    Backhand        HP
    Acid Spit       2F-HP
    Slide           B+LP+BL+LK
    Force Ball      B-B-HP+LP
    Invisibility    BL(2U-D)-HP
    PIT/SPIKES      D-2F-BL
    Babality        D-2B-LK
    Frienship       2B-D-LK
    F: TONGUE       [A] 2B-D-LP             Reptile swallows head
    F: CUT TORSO    Invisibility-2F-D-HK    Cuts torso off victim
    ------ SUB-ZERO ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Backhand        HP
    Iceball         QF-LP
    Ground Freeze   QA-LK
    Slide           B+LP+BL+LK
    PIT/SPIKES      D-2F-BL
    Babality        D-2B-HK
    Friendship      2B-D-HK
    F: ICE PUNCH    [A] 2F-D-HK [C] F-D-2F-HP    Deep Freeze Uppercut
    F: ICEBALL      [R] LP(2B-D-F)               Ice Grenade & Explosion
    ------ SHANG TSUNG ------------------------------------------------------------
    Flaming Skulls  1:  2B-HP
                    2:  2B-F-HP
                    3:  2B-2F-HP
    Liu Kang        B-2F-BL         Jax       D-F-B-HK
    Kung Lao        B-D-B-HK        Mileena   3$HP
    Johnny Cage     2B-D-LP         Baraka    2D-LK
    Reptile         BL(U-D-HP)      Scorpion  BL(2U)
    Sub Zero        F-D-F-HP        Raiden    D-B-F-LK
    Kitana          3BL
    PIT/SPIKES      BL(2D-U-D)
    Babality        B-F-D-HK
    Friendship      2B-D-F-HK
    F1: MIST        [S] 2$HK       Turns into mist, enters body, explodes out
    F2: DRAIN       BL(U-D-U-LK)   Drains victim's life force
    F3: KINTARO     30$LP          Punches torso of victim off screen
         ***   If you hold LP through the entire round, you do not need to wait to
               do the fatality.
    ------ KITANA -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Elbow           HP
    Fan Swipe       B+HP
    Fan Throw       2F-HP+LP
    Fan Lift        3B-HP
    Aerial Punch    HA-HP
    PIT/SPIKES      F-D-F-HK
    Babality        3D-LK
    Friendship      3D-U-LK
    F: KISS         [C] LP(2F-D-F)   Victim inflates unproportionally, then explode
    F: FAN SLICE    [C] 3BL-HK       Decapitates victim with fan
    ------ JAX --------------------------------------------------------------------
    Overhead Hammer HP
    Ground Smash    3$LK
    Back Breaker    BL (IN AIR ONLY)
    Gotcha Grab     2F-LP(..)
    Quadruple Slam  [C] LP - HP
    Enegy Wave      HA-HK
    PIT/SPIKES      2U-D-LK
    Babality        D-U-D-U-LK
    Friendship      2D-2U-LK
    F: HEAD POP     [C] LP(3F)      Pops head - skull crumbles to the ground
    F: ARM RIP OFF  [S] 4BL-LP      Rips arm off of the victim
    ------ MILEENA ----------------------------------------------------------------
    Elbow           HP
    Teleport Kick   2F-LK
    Ground Roll     2B-D-HK
    Sai Throw       2$HP (can be done in air)
    PIT/SPIKES      F-D-F-LK
    Babality        3D-HK or 3D-LK ***** (not sure yet)
    Friendship      3D-U-HK
    F: MAME         [C] F-B-F-LP    Stabs victim repeatedly, lifting them up
    F: INHALE       [C] 2$HK        Removes mask, inhales victim, spits bones out
    ------ BARAKA -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Backhand        HP
    Double Kick     [C] 2HK
    Blade Swipe     B+HP
    Blade Fury      3B-LP
    Blade Spark     QA-HP
    PIT/SPIKES      2F-D-HK
    Babality        3F-HK
    Friendship      BL(2U-2F-HK)
    F: DECAPITATE   [C] BL(4B-HP)   Decapitates the victim
    F: STAB & LIFT  [C] B-F-D-F-LP  Stab victim & lifts up, victim slides down blad
    ------ SCORPION ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Backhand        HP
    Spear           2B-LP
    Teleport Punch  QA-HP (Can be done in air)
    Leg Grab        HA-LK
    Air Throw       BL    (While in air only)
    PIT/SPIKES      D-2F-BL
    Babality        D-2B-HK
    Friendship      2B-D-HK
    F: FIREBREATH   [A] BL(2U-HP)                   Burns victim at close range
    F: TOASTY       [ANYWHERE] BL(2D-2U-HP)         Fries victim from anywhere
    F: SLICE        [C] HP(D-3F)                    Slices victim  across neck
    ------ RAIDEN -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Mini Uppercut   HP
    Body Launch     2B-F
    Lightning       QF-LP
    Teleport        D-U
    Electrocution   4$HP
    PIT/SPIKES      BL(3U)-HP
    Babality        2D-U-HK
    Friendship      D-B-F-HK
    F: ELECTROCUTE  [C] 6$LK        Shocking, isn't it?
          add these:    -BL+LK      After a period of time, victime will explode
    F: UPPERCUT     [C] 8$HP        Pops the head off and explodes the body
    ------ SECRET CHARACTERS ------------------------------------------------------
    JADE:   Win at least one round on the stage before the question mark [?], using
            only LK.  BLOCK MAY NOT BE USED AT ALL!!!
    NOOB SAIBOT:    Win 50 matches in a row.
    SMOKE:          Upper Cuts on portal stage until Dan "Toasty" Forden's face
                    appears in the lower right corner.  Hold DOWN & Press START.
    ------ OTHER SECRETS ----------------------------------------------------------
    RANDOM CHARACTER SELECT:        Hold UP & Press START when the "Choose Your
                                    Fighter" Screen appears.
    DISABLE THROWS:                 After choosing your fighters in TWO PLAYER
                                    mode, immediately hold DOWN & Press HP when
                                    the Portrait (Match) screen appears.  At the
                                    beginning of the round, it should say:
                                    "THROWING DISABLED"
    FALL OFF SPIKES:                Immediately after you uppercut your opponent
                                    into the spikes, hold DOWN on BOTH CONTROLLERS.
    FOUR CHARACTER TOURNAMENT:      At the Start (ACCLAIM) screen, hold down the
                                    L & R buttons on the top of your controller and
                                    press START.  You will be at a screen that will
                                    let you and your opponent select 4 characters
                                    for a long endurance round.
    SHAO KHAN'S INTRODUCTION:       As soon as you turn on the game, hold down the
                                    L & R buttons on top of your controller and
                                    keep holding them down until the screen
                                    switches from the copyright screen to the
                                    ACCLAIM screen.  The background color will be
                                    different, and you will see a new intro, with
                                    Shao Khan and Kintaro. It's very cool!!
    SPECIAL SELECT CODES:           Someone posted these earlier, so I am including
                                    all of them here. These should all be done at
                                    the character selection screen.  Immediately
                                    after you quickly enter this code, press the
                                    SELECT button on the control pad.
                                    NOTE:  The L and R listed here indicate the
                                    direction on the CONTROL PAD ONLY, not the L or
                                    R buttons on the top of the controller.
            CODE:                   DESCRIPTION:
            -----                   ------------
            D U R U L               Super Strength
            U L U U R               Fight SMOKE right away
            U D D L R               Fight JADE right away
            U D D R R               Fight KINTARO right away
            U U L U D               Unknown Code (If you figure it out let me know)
            R U U R L               Fight SHAO KAHN right away
            L U D D R               Fight NOOB SAIBOT right away
            L U R D L               30 Kredits
    ------ END OF FAQ -----------------------------------------------------------

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