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    FAQ by ABenton

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    			   NBA JAM For Super Nintendo
    				FAQ Version 2.1
    Written by:  
    		Aaron Benton (benton@comp.uark.edu)
    Content and organization by:
    		Paul Thomas (zv021@comp.uark.edu)
    		Aaron Benton
    		Jeff Safran (Powerup Turbo)
    		Ben Southern (Shooting Percentage)                
    New in this version:
    		Powerup Turbo
    		Strategy Section
    Where to get this faq:
    		This faq and many others are available in ftp.netcom.com
    Log in under the name "anonymous."  The faqs are in /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs.
    Thank you Andy Eddy for an ftp site for our faqs!
    All of the following tricks and codes have been confirmed.
    	The following powerups are to be performed at the "Tonight's 
    Match-up Screen.  When you are instructed to hold a button, you can 
    either release it when the screen is blank or when the court appears.
    Powerup Fire:  
    		Press B seven times, then hold Y, B, and Up.  This allows 
    		your player to be on fire for the entire game.
    Powerup Dunks:  
    		If you have a burning desire to jam from just beyond half 
    		court, try this.  While rotating the directional pad 360 
    		degrees (clockwise), press B thirteen times and hold B 
    		on the thirteenth button press.
    Powerup Defense:  
    		This enables your player to goal tend without penalty.  
    		Press B five times, and hold on the fifth button press.
    Shooting Percentage:  
    		When you do this trick, the clock will show the 
    		percentage of your shot.  This helps in finding 
    		player's best spots for threes.  While holding 
    		down, tap B once, then hold A and B.
    Powerup Intercept:  
    		This powerup is basically useless, at least in my 
    		experience.  While rotating the pad clockwise, tap B.
    		Keep rotating and tapping until the court appears.
    Powerup Turbo:
    		Unlimited turbo for the entire game.  Press B five times,   
    		then hold Y, B, and A.
    Juice Mode:  
    		This makes the speed of game play double.  After you get 
    		used to it, you may never want to play at regular speed again.
    		Press any button thirteen times, then hold B and X.
    Password with Juice Mode:  Use this password to automatically start every 
    game in juice mode.  Initials HRY:  QF3B43T/QJY55TF (86-0).
    Special Characters:  There are 12 special characters that I know how to 
    get.  Anyone who knows how to get the cheerleaders, or anyone else, is 
    encouraged to mail me or Paul.  To get the special characters, enter the 
    first two initials.  Then place the cursor over the last initial, but do 
    not enter.  Then perform the listed button combo.  (Example:  L,S,X.  
    Hold L button, hold START button, press X)
    Name                    Initials        Button Combo
    Bill Clinton            ARK             L, S, X
    Al Gore                 NET             L, R, A
    J. Turmell              MJT             R, S, A
    J. Rivett               RJR             R, S, X
    Sal Divita              SAL             L, R, X
    Air Dog                 AIR             L, S, X
    Chow Chow               CAR             L, R, X
    Warren Moon             UW_             R, S, A
    P Funk(George Clinton)  DIS             L, S, A
    Kabuki                  QB_             L, S, X
    Weasel                  SAX             L, R, X
    Scruff                  ROD             R, S, X
    	There are many ways to be successful on NBA Jam, especially because 
    the CPU is so easy.  The best way to steal is to run between the computer when
    he inbounds.  He will always pass the ball back to his teammate.  If you are
    behind the reciever of the inbounds pass when he passes, you will be in  
    perfect position to intercept it.  I have recorded up to 67 steals with 
    this techinque!        
    	Also, knocking down the cpu is useless for the purpose of getting
    steals.  Use the knock down to prevent a pass to an open teammate, or to run
    down your opponent's shot clock.
    	On offense, only shoot open 3's.  Always remeber that there is 
    nothing wrong with two.  An easy way to get an open three is to dish it off
    in the middle of a jam.  Head fakes also work some of the time.
    		Ranking the attributes: 
    		(1) Speed
    		(2) Defense
    		(3) Three Pointers (tie)
    		(3) Dunks (tie)
    	If your player is quick, you have an easier time getting open and 
    driving to the hoop.  Also, with a lot of speed you can get back on D after
    you make a mistake.  Defense is important because it determines how quick and
    how high your player jumps and also how good he is at stealing the ball.  
    As far as three pointers and dunks are concerned, your game plam will 
    determine which one you value the most.
    	This is merely an early version of the strategy section.  Look for a 
    longer version in the future :)
    Thank you to the few people who mailed us with questions and comments.  
    Also, thank you Acclaim for creating this game.  Mark Turmell deserves much
    of the credit for creating the original Jam. :)
    I have been asked about mixing codes.  I am not sure of this can be done,
    and I will be working on it.  Anyone who has info, please mail Aaron.
    We now believe that the picture of the cheerleader printed in EGM was a 
    hoax.  They said that if you watch the demo long enough, you will see this
    possible special character.  I watched the demo for the longest time, but
    this never happened. :(
    I will be glad when people stop asking me if Shaq and Jordan are on NBA Jam.
    It's not people on the internet, but everyone I talk to about Jam asks me
    that.  One guy even claimed he got them on the Sega version.  He said you
    had to hold the computer scoreless and go without letting your teammate
    score for 10 games in a row.  Food for thought.  
    The word is that NBA Jam: Tournament Edition will be available for SNES and  
    Genesis around Christmas.  However, it is very possible that this will be
    moved into the future.  I guess we'll have to wait it out... :)
    Also, has anyone noticed that the computer on TE cheats about twice as much
    as on the original arcade Jam?  The other day I won four games in a row, 
    then today I lost three consecutive.  At the end of the fourth quarter in
    all of these games, the computer would steal the ball from me just as I 
    inbounded :(
    Congratulations to the Arkansas Razorbacks for capturing the 1994 NCAA 
    basketball title!  We Arkansas fans are anxiously awaiting a repeat in 1995!
    We are also anticipating seeing Corliss Williamson and Scotty Thurman in a 
    future version of Jam !! 
    				 Go Hogs Go!
    			 -Aaron Benton and Paul Thomas-

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