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    Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen - The Unofficial FAQ v3.21
    written by Daniel Anzulovic
    former writer Chris Smith
    former writer Michael Bollinger
    Thousands of years ago, a great war was fought. This war, called the Ogre
    Battle, was to decide whether men or demons would rule the earth. Through the
    help of 13 White Wizards and 3 High Knights, mankind won the Ogre Battle. The
    white wizards then sealed the demons in the Underworld. However, one of the
    wizards had fallen to the thralls of black magic, and infused his power into
    the Black Diamond, an artifact capable of destroying the demon seal. In
    response, the remaining white wizards created the Zodiac Stones, jewels that
    were imbued with their own power, to aid against the dread artifact.
    Eventually, the Black Diamond was captured by the forces of good and hidden
    away by the angels of the sky.
    For many years, peace reigned between the four kingdoms established on the
    earth. The gods decided to leave the men to themselves, thinking the world to
    be safe once again. However, it was not to be. An evil magician called Rashidi
    had coaxed the Black Diamond from one of the angels, and with it enticed
    Emperess Endora of Zetegenia to attack the kingdoms and bring the continent
    under her rule.
    The other kingdoms were unprepared, and fell easily to the Empire's armies and
    Rashidi's magic. Within a year, the Zetegenian Continent came into existence.
    However, in the former kingdom of Zenobia, a small rebellion, consisting of
    some of the former Knights of Zenobia, began the first step in removing the
    evils of the Empire from the land.
    This is where you, as leader of the Rebellion, take your place. You must fight
    against the Empire, but that is not all. You must also decide who shall fight
    with you and for what reason you fight. Thus begins the battle for freedom,
    the second Ogre Battle.
    Welcome to the Unofficial Ogre Battle FAQ. This is currently version 3.21.
    Recent Changes:
    -The addition of a Disclamer section (see below)
    This is the only change as of now. I'll put in more later, but this one was
    urgent. As of now, the FAQ is copyrighted material. See the disclamer for more
    Where you can find the FAQ:
    I know you people enjoyed the acknowledgements section, but the list of names
    has become simply too long to put in. However, I would like to thank everyone
    who in past and present contributed to this FAQ. I couldn't have done it
    without you. Give yourselves a pat on the back.
    Send any comments or additions to dannisan@mindspring.com
    Some stuff for future versions:
    --Descriptions of all the endings (please email me your endings)
    --Confrontations (conversations between special characters and bosses)
    --Whatever else you'd like to see
    Ogre Battle is out on PSX. However, I haven't gotten it yet. Yes, I know I
    write the FAQ, but I don't have the money right now. Bear with me please.
    The Q in FAQ.  Answers some good questions, if you have any just email me.
    When a character is hit, they will flash a color corresponding with the type
    of attack.
    How fast can your unit move?
    What they do and where to find them (including the 12 Zodiac Stones, the 3
    Mystic Treasures and the items needed to get the Tablet of Yaru).
    List of all stages and everything in them.
    6...BOSS LIST
    Their strengths and weaknesses
    What they do and how to blast the enemies with them
    List of those special characters and how to get them
    Very comprehensive list of all the different types of characters (excluding
    Generals & Dragoons).
    The Neutral Encounters you can have in the game
    If you play by the extended rules look to the end of this FAQ
    What should and shouldn't be done with this FAQ.
    What do the different attributes do?
    -Ability-  ---Influences---
      STR     - damage for physical attacks
                   - toughness versus physical attacks
      AGI     - order of action
                  - attack accuracy
                  - dodging
      INT     - effectiveness (damage, hit rate, etc.) of magic
                  - defense against magic
      LUK     - dodging and the like  (guess it influences everything a bit)
     CHA      - your leaders commandablity of his army
      ALI      - Good or Evil of a character.  Affects your reputation meter when
    liberating cities, also affects what type of items or characters you get.
    How come my Wizards and Ninjas have different magic attacks?  And why do they
    choose certain ones?
    Characters with multiple kinds of attacks will pick the best one for the
    situation.  For examples, Wizards have five spells at their command:
    Fireball  (fire)
    Icewall  (cold)
    Bolt      (Lightning)
    Tornado   (physical attack)
    Nightmare (Black)
    For example, if the Wizards target is a Golem, he will attack with Fireball,
    since the Golem is weakest versus fire.  If he is attacking another Wizard,
    he'll use Tornado, since Wizards are weakest against physical attacks.
    And so on...
    BTW, Ninjas have Katon (fire), Suiton (cold/rain), and Raijin/Ikazuchi
    So what characters are the best?
    That's tough, as each character works great in a certain situation (for
    instance, while I think Dollmasters are pretty worthless, they work great
    against every level of Wizard). Also, some work great in the front row but are
    worthless in the back. Here are my picks for best charcters by row:
    Front row:
    Dragoons - Might as well be undead they are so strong and durable. They are
    also almost untouchable with most magic.
    Generals - Basically the same as Dragoons except that they aren't quite as
    good on the offense.
    Best Dragons - By this I mean Platinum Dragons, Salamands and Zombie Dragons.
    They can pull off decent magic (at the very least it's better than the
    undead's attack) while keeping your unit safe.
    Back row:
    Liches -  None can compete with the versatility of Lichs. They can pull off
    the best attack for each element (except White). Best used in combination with
    Princesses to cover all kinds of magic.
    Princesses - What can I say, it makes your best unit better. The Princess
    increases the attack of each character in it's unit (as long as it is leader)
    by one. Also, it's own attack is the most powerful White magic attack in the
    Sorcerers - A slightly less powerful Lich capable of the same attacks.
    Seraphims - Let's face it, you can't always find a Royal Crown when you need
    one. In place of a Princess, you could use a Seraphim if you're looking for a
    powerful White magic attack.
    Devils - Deserving a spot just for being pure evil, this cool character
    possesses the most powerful black attack in the game. How can you go wrong
    with someone who can drop a meteor on enemies?
    Monks - If the enemies are still alive after this group has flattened them,
    this character might come in handy. This is the most powerful healer in the
    game, capable of healing the ENTIRE unit twice.
    If you have any other nominations, E-mail me with the reason.
    What characters work well together?
    There are two combinations that improves a fighter's ability, and some
    combinations to try and avoid. Amazons don't fight well when placed in a unit
    with any male charcater.  Also, all beasts are afraid of whips, so pairing
    them with a Beastman or Beastmaster lessen their effectiveness.  On the other
    hand, Dragons fight much better when paired with a Dragonmaster or a Dragoon.
    My Alignment keeps dropping!!! Why?
    In order to change alignment a character must kill something.  The exception
    is the "Healing Characters" (Clerics, Shamans, Monks etc.). If you kill a
    "Healing" character, your alignment will plunge (do to the "killing of an
    innocent" rule. Hey, don't look at me!). The general rule seems to be that as
    long as the enemy you kill is at most 2 levels less than you are, you will
    gain alignment. If you kill an enemy 3 levels less than you your ali. will not
    change.  More than 4 levels less and you lose ali.  Obviously you will get
    more ali. points if the enemy is equal to or greater than your level, and if
    you kill several enemies at once your ali. can really soar or plummet!
    Unfortunately Tarot cards do not change anyone's alignment if they kill the
    enemy because all the experience is given to the main character (Lord). As
    alignment gets closer to extremes, it is harder to return it to the center.
    Increase calculations by 2 to cure "0 alignment".
    You want that Paladin you've been scraping for?  Take your low level Knight
    against creatures a few levels above him.  Want a Tiamat?  Send that Dragon
    against everything and watch them levels raise and the alignment fall.  Make
    sure they get a kill though, weaken them up with a Tarot if you have to.
    The problem is that as you lose alignment you will start to lose charisma as
    well. I am still trying to find out at what level difference you begin to lose
    One thing that you should perhaps avoid entirely is putting your Lord into
    battle at all. He/she will level up disgustingly quickly (and his/her charisma
    & alignment will plummet accordingly!). Also avoid using Tarot cards to KILL
    enemies because in that situation the experience points go directly to the
    Lord and cause him/her to level up.
    If anyone has additional info, like about the charisma, please email me at
    Does your alignment do anything but affect your reputation then?
    Heavens NO!
    Alignment also affects what classes a character can become, along with
    charisma and level. For example, a fighter with low alignment would haven't a
    chance of becoming a Knight or Dollmage to name a few, but could become a
    Wizard or Ninja.
    Alignment is important because the 'dark' characters like Mages, Ninjas and
    other 'evil' figures do better fighting at night especially against 'light'
    characters like Paladins, Clerics and so on. The reverse also holds true,
    'light' parties are better suited for fighting during the daytime, especially
    against 'dark' parties. (Also note that Werewolves,Tiger Men, and Vampires
    can't do much during the daytime...)
    It's suggested that you use a 'light' party with high alignment and charisma
    to liberate churches and towns, the towns' people like you better that way,
    BUT the most effective and devastating attacks can be handled by 'dark'
    parties especially if you have higher level Mages and Sorcerers - in this case
    also try to get Princesses and make them group leaders (putting them as group
    leaders increasing the attack frequency of each character once!)
    Also, in the City of Xanadu, you will not be able to liberate non-hidden
    cities and temples without suffering losses in reputation. This effect will
    end when you beat General Hikash.
    Also when using the Sun tarot it can be devastation (toward you!!) if your
    really low aligned, the only exception being the Lich really.
    OK, how about my reputation?  It started nice then it just dropped.  How
    When liberating towns, doing it with highly aligned characters gives you
    reputation. Using lowly aligned characters make you lose reputation. BTW, you
    can liberate HIDDEN cities and temples with no penalty to your reputation,
    unless you draw a "lower reputation" card.
    Nobody likes a bully. Having units of higher levels kill lower leveled enemies
    kills your reputation just as fast. If you really have to use a higher leveled
    unit to finish a lower leveled unit, use the "Leader" technique. It is the
    only honorable way to go about it.
    Don't let your towns get re-captured. This will drop your reputation a bunch.
    Tarot cards: there is nothing you can control but being as it does affect
    reputation, it gets its spot.
    If you wait around in stages collecting lots of tribute, your reputation will
    begin to suffer. This should be a good motivation to try to finish the stage
    as soon as possible.
    Making some decisions have reputation points as the reward. Take Deneb for
    example. If you don't let her off, you will get a few reputation points, but
    it also cuts you off from getting the Glass Pumpkin. Weigh your decisions
    Something you can do to raise rep or keep it high is to put a Gryphon in the
    front of 3 powerful characters and fly straight to the boss. Defeat him, then
    go back to the stage with the Gryphon leading 3 of your highest aligned
    characters and liberate the towns/temples that way. You get a high reputation
    but you do miss some of the stuff, namely characters, and certain items.
    What about the Zodiac Stones? I keep going back to where I should get them,
    but I can't find them.
    Be patient. You need the Tablet of Yaru (found later in the game) to get the
    Zodiac Stones and other treasures. You need several items to receive the
    Tablet of Yaru. They include the Mercury, the Gem of Doun, the Olden Orb and
    the Gem of Truth.
    How come on some maps I can kill all the monsters and sometimes they just keep
    Here's the little note:
    If you don't kill all of an enemy unit it will either:
    a) If the leader is present and badly wounded it will go to the nearest town
    and recruit new members.
    b) If the leader is present and in decent condition it will attack you again.
    c) If you killed the leader it will go back to the castle and get a new leader
    So always kill every part of the unit or it will come back over and over and
    over...unless you're trying to level up, but watch that alignment.
    Also, many stages (especially later on) have many numbers of one type of unit,
    so don't be surprised if another unit shows up and looks like one you just
    How do I get Canopus?
    It all starts on the Borders of Sharom (3rd stage). Liberate Chang' ga, then
    Bah'Wahl. Canopus will give his little speech. Then go to the hidden Temple
    west of the boss' palace and get the wings of victory from Yulia, then it's
    back to Bah' Wahl and Canopus is yours. (Note: From what I know, if you visit
    Yulia before Canopus, she will never give you the Wings. Try to liberate
    Bah'Wahl before you liberate the temple Yulia is at.)
    Ok. This is probably not the only way to get Canopus, because I've gotten
    umpteen mails about different ways to get him.
    What does the Faerie's Kiss attack do (other than making a big heart)?
    It raises the attack power of the character it's used on. IMHO, the only
    reason to keep this chacter is to eventually raise it to a Sylph.
    Where is Dragon's Haven?
    When you enter your Lord's name as FIRESEAL, you can play a practice land,
    Dragon's Haven.  You also get a bunch of high level characters to play around
    with. The only problem is as soon as the boss is defeated, the game ends and
    you can't keep the characters. As far as it is known, there is no way to reach
    it in the normal game.
    Where do I find the Fireseal?
    If you have Fogel, you don't. To get the Fireseal, you must bring the weapons
    made by the 4 gods of the winds. They are:
    Boleas - in Shrine of Kulyn at Tridan
    Euros - found as a buried treasure throughout the game
    Notos - in Fort Shulamana at a Roshfallian Temple
    Zepyulos - return to the Ruined City without Fogel in the army
    You see what I'm getting at, right? Fogel is more important to the ending than
    the Fireseal so I don't think it's worth giving up Fogel for. Of course, if
    (for whatever reason) you didn't get Fogel, picking this up would be a good
    idea. Also, it is possible to find the Zepyulos as a buried treasure, so don't
    go selling any of the other three treasures, just in case.
    If you do want to get the Zepyulos, and you are trying to maintain a good
    reputation and alignment, you must sell or discard the Star of Heroes. Fogel
    will refuse to join you, but you can return to the Ruined City and get the
    Zepyulos from him, depending on your reputation and alignment.
    However, the Fireseal seems to do nothing at all in a normal game. It's quite
    a useless item considering you'd have to give up a great character to get it.
    I fought and killed Sirus during daylight hours - that is I never saw him as a
    Werewolf, and didn't kill him as one.  Any negatives to that, besides not
    seeing a different conversation I guess?
    Yes, Fighters didn't get the virus therefore. Need Werewolves though?  Get a
    Vampyre and put him in the lead of a party. Recruit as many as you need. You
    can also find Werewolves as neutral encounters in mountains at the Lake
    Jannenia stage.
    Then how do I get the Virus?
    First off, you must fight Sirius during the night. Only those characters in
    the "Fighter" class are eligible to recieve the Virus. To recieve the Virus,
    your Fighters must be killed by Sirius, himself. Then, the next time you
    revive them, Presto! Werewolves!
    How do I defeat undead enemies (Ghosts, Skeletons, etc.)?
    There are basically three ways to kill an undead character. They are as
    1) By using characters that use "holy" or "healing" attacks. Clerics, Faeries
    and Angels will work nicely.
    2) By equipping characters with white magic weapons and armor. You could use
    the Rune Axe or the Mystic Staff, just to name a few.
    3) By using white magic tarot cards. Try Sun or Judgment.
    Note that clerics won't hit undead with a healing attack if their tactics are
    Then how do I protect my undead characters from holy attacks?
    There are only two ways that I know of and even they don't work all of the
    1) Use a Star tarot card to raise the agility of the unit.
    2) Use a World tarot card to protect the unit from magic attacks.
    The instructions suggest and I agree that I shouldn't let Deneb off, so I
    didn't forgive her.  Now when going back she's not there, as the instructions
    suggest, to give me a Black Pearl. ???
    Deneb will only be there if you forgave her. She will then give you the Black
    Pearl. I would suggest not letting her off if you are on the path of good,
    especially since whether she joins you or not affects your game. However, if
    forgiven, she will ask you to get a Golden Bough from Diaspola. Retrieve it
    for her and she will give you the Glass Pumpkin. She will also join your army
    if your reputation is low enough. If you still want Pumpkins but want to stay
    good, you can wander the mountains of Deneb's Garden looking for neutral
    According to the FAQ, you say you need Debonair at the Kalban Peninsula, but
    you don't get him until Shangri-la. Help!
    No one said you had to go to the stages in the order of the chart in the back
    of the instructions. Simply skip Kalban for now, and come back to it with
    Debonair later on.
    Also, I have a Pumpkin+, but no Pumpkin.
    The Pumpkin+ is a random item that can be found after defeating enemies. An
    easy way to find one (if you didn't let Deneb off) is to go to the town of
    Baljib in Deneb's Garden and get one. Return to the map, then go back to
    Baljib and get another one. You can go back again and again. As for the
    Pumpkins to use them on, you can find a neutral Pumpkin in the mountains of
    Deneb's Garden. Also if you have the Glass Pumpkin you can use it on a Witch
    and it will allow her to recruit Pumpkins. The Pumpkin can then be promoted to
    Halloween, which gets two "Pumpkin" attacks, compared to the Pumpkin's one.
    Where do you find...
    No item is that hard to find. Just take an inexpensive flyer and fly to the
    shop in each stage until you find what you're looking for. Some of the hard to
    find shop items are:
    CHARM - City of Malano - 50 000 Goth
    CRYSTAL - Antanjyl - 36 000 Goth
    DOWSER - Ruined City - 25 000 Goth
    Allthough you shouldn't need the last two as they are both for finding hidden
    stuff and it's all already been found. See Towns and Treasures list.
    Another question - Eaglemen or Ravenmen.  Canopus for me has just been
    kickin.  Now if the only difference is that he does Thunder to a Ravenman's
    Inferno, I'll keep him as is (may not have a choice). Is Ravenman *better*,
    just another option with another style attack, or what? I have Ravenmen as
    mentioned, and I don't see them as better fighters really.
    OK, IMHO the Ravenman isn't any better than a Eagleman.   Ravenman has Inferno
    (good if your fighting a bunch of fire haters) and Eagleman has Thunder (good
    if your fighting those who despise Electricity).   Ravenman is more immune to
    Fire and Black, than the Eagleman, and conversely the Eagleman has more
    resistance to Lightning and White than the Ravenman. The stats on both go up
    at the same rate though.
    How come in my old game my leader has different attacks then he does in my new
    Its the way you answer your questions during the Tarot reading.
    'Good' answers.  Leader has 2 Banish(White) 1 Icecloud(Ice).
    'Neutral' answers. Leader has 2 Slice(Physical) 1 Thunder(Lightning) ALL.
    'Neutral' answers.  Leader has 3 Slash(Physical) 1 Iainuki(Physical).
    'Evil' answers.  Leader has 2 Poison(Black) 1 Phantom(Black) ALL.
    Has anyone else found other types (I don't know if I can go through all the
    possible combinations)? Unsure if this has anything to do with the ending
    either. Help would be greatly appreciated.
    How does Charisma work?
    Charisma is determined by whether or not the people in a certain unit like
    each other.  Several Fighters and Knights in a unit will develop high Charisma
    ratings, as will several Amazons and a Valkyrie.  If you want those high
    Alignment units, Charisma helps you get there more quickly, i.e., the higher
    your Charisma, the faster your Alignment rises. The best combinations are
    those units that have the same alignment range and those that naturally work
    well together (e.g. Dragon Masters and Dragons). A chart of character
    likablility will soon be available, perhaps in a future version of the FAQ.
    So what are some good examples of groups?
    Here are just a few units that are pretty good:
    Gryphon (Front/Center), 3 Wizards (back)
    This is a high sky unit and works great for defending towns.  You'll probably
    use it enough to drop the Ali. of the Wizards so they can become Mages.  I
    suggest making two of these at the beginning of the game and using them
    throughout, and don't worry if they turn in to Juggernauts. You don't need
    high Ali. for this unit unless you plan to liberate with it. (But your rep
    will fall with continuous use.)
    2 Octopi (Front/Left or Front/Right, Front/Center), one Cleric (Back behind
    the Octopus in the corner)
    This unit will work well as a sea liberator.  I know, it sounds wierd, but try
    it.  If you don't use them too much (just raise their Ali. enough) they'll
    turn into great liberators and they can navigate the rivers to the towns in a
    lot of stages.
    Lord (Back/Halfway Left), Cleric (Next to Lord), 3 Fighters (Front)
    This works really well if you don't level your Lord up too quickly.  The
    Fighters will turn into Knights (I suggest using them in other units then, and
    turn some into Ninja and some into Samurai by leveling them down into Fighters
    and then back up).  If you use the Knights elsewhere, replace them with Lans
    and Ashe, and another high Ali. Knight.  Replace the Cleric with Aisha, if
    desired.  This turns into a land liberator that can fend for itself if
    One Eagle Man (read the strategy first)
    Take one (or both) of the Hawk Men in Canopus' unit and give them each a White
    Magic weapon.  Take them to the Pogrom Forest and have them kill Undeads, then
    harm the Wizard leading them.  DON'T KILL THE WIZARD.  Let the Wizard go back
    to a town and recruit more undeads.  Kill them again and again until your
    level is too high to gain Ali. from it.  You can repeat this in Island Avalon
    if necessary, just get the Hawk Men to a high enough level to become Eagle Men
    and get them 100 Ali. points.  Make a separate unit with each and you have 2
    perfect Low Sky liberators! DON'T do this if you can't get a defending unit to
    protect them.
    Cleric (Back/Center), 2 of any Golem (Front)
    This works better with a Shaman or Monk, but anyway.  This is a PHYSICAL
    unit.  Don't attack magic users with it!  The Golems will get attacked, doing
    very little damage, and the Cleric can heal them completely. Here's a unit
    you'll never need to buy heals for!
    Do you have any suggestions? E-mail me with them.
    What about the endings?
    These are a few checkpoints for the endings.
    Every character has a very important role in which ending you get.
    Reputation meter
    Charisma (Lord)
    Alignment (Lord)
    the Twelve Zodiac Stones
    the Three Mystic Treasures (the Brunhild Sword, the Holy Grail and the Mystic
    For either gender, nine of the twelve endings are available. Note that some of
    the endings are "evil" as well as "good". Sorry, I don't have a description of
    all the endings, but am working on it.Be aware that some endings have certain
    scenes in common.
    My Ending:
    Lans and Warren discuss Lans' revenge of the death of King Gran, and toast
    your character. Lans and Warren both become MIA. Gilbert and Canopus say
    goodbye, Gilbert believing himself a traitor to Zenobia no matter what he did,
    and mention Gilbert and Yulia's love for each other. Yulia later appears
    looking for Gilbert, and finding out he left, decides to wait for his return.
    Canopus becomes Captain of the New Zenobian Beast Brigade. He meets a friend
    at Heim. Yulia becomes known as one of the finest singers in the land. Yushis
    and Fogel discuss Mizal, and Yushis becomes Head Angel due to her actions. She
    continues her teachings of the gods, and later becomes one herself. Fogel's
    curse is not yet lifted... Fenril wonders whether Rashidi is truly dead, and
    Slust tells her not to worry, then asks her to come back to his hall with him.
    Tristan gives the monarchy to your character, and discusses with Rauny about
    keeping the peace. Tristan becomes one of the most loyal supporters of the new
    King of Zenobia. Rauny marries Tristan, and becomes  the Captain of the New
    Zenobian Army. Your character appears and speaks of working together and
    keeping the peace. And thus, a new kingdom is born on the Zetegenian
    Continent. The new rule is not one of power, but one of true heart and
    actions. This ending got the "Emperor" tarot  with 100 Chaos Frame points. The
    male character was used to get it, all the Mystic Treasures were found, all of
    the characters except Deneb and Galf, and I found all 12 Zodiac Stones.
    My Second Ending:
    This was from when I was going for the Fireseal, playing as a Female Lord.
    Having collected only the Brunhild, and having  ALI, CHA, and Reputation all
    at 100. I also missed Fogel, otherwise I got all of the good guys. Lans
    discusses with Rauny on how he feels to be able to walk in Zenobia Castle
    again. Rauny says that many lost their lives for this luxury. Meanwhile,
    Tristan announces his wedding to your character, and shares the idea that you
    should be the ruler instead of him. However, you object, saying the time for
    force is ended, and that your role in the world is over. I got 100 Chaos Frame
    and the Priestess Tarot.
    Chris Smith's Modest Ending:
    Lans and Warren are talking about how I would make a better King than Tristan,
    but Tristan has to be because he is heir. Then it says both Lans and Warren
    become MIA. Yushis is awarded the status of Head Angel, and later that of a
    god. She tells Fogel that she wishes she could have saved her sister Mizal
    (whoops). Fogel's curse isn't lifted. Fenril is worried that Rashidi will
    return, and is asked to go out for a drink by Slust. Tristan tells me that
    everybody would rather I be King than him. I tell him that he is heir, so he
    must be king. I also say that I must go north to Rodista to ward off their
    invasion. Rauny announces that she is marrying Tristan. They become king and
    queen. Then they set it up for a sequel by saying  "the battle has just
    I got the "World" tarot card with 100 Chaos Frame points.
    Kum Ming Woo's Ending:
    Rauny is installed as the new ruler of Zenobia, although she tells you, the
    leader, that she thinks that you would probably make a better ruler than her.
    You reassure her that she'll do fine.  The story goes on to say that Zenobia
    was once again peaceful and prosperous.  No mention of Rodista and other
    troubles to the north, though.  The tarot card I got was "Hierophant" (not
    positive about this).
    Chris Smith's First Ending:
    Tristan and Lans get together to talk about how great the kingdom is - except
    for it's leader. They decide something needs to be done. They confront my Lord
    and assasinate him (They actually think they could have beat me, ha!). Then it
    says that King Tristan and his rebels were remembered for a centuries to come,
    but noone knew of one rebel who was born and died in war (guess who). I got
    the "Hanged Man" tarot card with 89 Chaos Frame points.
    Bruce Donivan's Ending:
    Tristan tells Rauny about how he can now relax. Lans and Warren talk about the
    uprising to the north. Then it flashes ahead to two years later. Lans is dead
    and Warren is missing in action. Fenril tells Slust that he is worried about
    Rashidi returning and  Slust asks Fenril for a drink. Canopus talks to Gibert
    before he leaves. Then Yulia asks where Gilbert went. Yulia is as interested
    in Gilbert as Canopus is in her. Finally, the Hero talks about how Zenobia
    will never be under evil rule again.
    Nick Lange's Ending:
    Lans ans Tristan are talking about how I'm worse than the Empress ever was.
    They decide to start a new revolution and are wondering about the whereabouts
    of Rauny the Paladin. I am eventually defeated.
    Michael Bollinger's Ending:
    Tristan is talking to Lans and they are asking how many of the originals are
    left, they said that only Rauny's group remained, they also said that my rule
    was worse the empires ever was. They got an army together and crushed me in
    less than a year (Yeah right my Lich would of wiped them clean *smile*)   I
    finished the game in only 32 game days, and I got the "Death" Tarot.
    Met54DC@aol.com 's ending
    Tristan and Lord(me) are talking about an uprising in the north. I am made
    general of Tristan's armies, and "I served him well and greatly increased the
    realm." Chariot card, 86 points.
    So how about any of your endings?  email them to me for future updates (At
    least we've got quite a few of them).
    So how do I get the best ending?
    There are an undetermined number of factors involved in getting the best
    ending. Also, there are three (or more) "best" endings. One for the modest,
    one for the power-hungry and one for the potential Mrs. Tristan. Here is a
    basic walkthrough of what you must do to get one of the best endings. keep in
    mind you must get all positive hidden characters, get all the Zodiac Stones
    and as many special treasures as you can find.
    Castle of Warren
    Get Lans at Zeletenia.
    Get Warren at Volzak.
    Get the Star of Heroes in hidden Temple north of Base.
    Have Lans face off against Usar.
    Sharom District
    Get Canopus at Bah'Wahl.
    Have Canopus face off against Gilbert at Parcival.
    Forgive Gibert and allow him to join.
    Pogrom Forest
    Visit Para and get the Mercury.
    Bring Gem of Doun to Para to get Olden Orb.
    Lake Jannenia
    Get Topaz at hidden Temple east of Allephal.
    Deneb's Garden
    Do NOT forgive Deneb.
    Slums of Zenobia
    Get Ashe at By'Roit.
    Hire Lyon at Anberg.
    Have Ashe confront Debonair at Zenobia.
    Get Key of Destiny at Kal Robs.
    Get Garnet at Temple between Base and Zenobia.
    Island Avalon
    Get Aisha at the hidden Temple in the center.
    Have Aisha confront Gares at Amad.
    Get Emerald at hidden Temple in the center.
    Kastolatian Sea
    Find the Brunhid Sword at northwestern hidden temple
    Get Posha at Somyul a Golden Beehive from the hidden Temple east of Pelegue
    and trade it to her for her Sentoul Demon.
    Spare Norn after defeating her at Diaspola.
    Get the Aquamarine at Ajan.
    Give the Ginger Cake to Posha at Somyul and get the Pearl.
    Kalbian Peninsula
    Have Debonair fight Figaro and get the Durandal sword at Kalbia.
    Find the Chaos Gate.
    Valley of Kastro
    Find Rauny at a Temple.
    Have Rauny confront Ares at Tash Ken.
    Find the Chaos Gate.
    Balmorian Ruins
    Get the Bell of Light at Kalyao.
    Find Saradin at Temple west of Sel' Pasc.
    Have Saradin confront Albireo.
    Find the Chaos Gate.
    Fight and recruit Slust at Muspelm.
    Find the Peridot at a Temple.
    Find the Chaos Gate.
    Fight and recruit Fenril at Aulganna.
    Find the Chaos Gate.
    Get the Ginger Cake at southeast Temple.
    City of Malano
    Recruit Tristan by taking your Lord to Bel Chel.
    Have Tristan confront Apros.
    Find the Ruby at Sanbelna.
    The Tundra
    Have Yushis confront Mizal at Valhalla.
    Get Turquoise at the Temple on the northern central island.
    Get Yushis at Temple in eastern central mountain cove.
    Find the Chaos Gate.
    Destroy Galf and send him back to the Underworld. DO NOT let him join you.
    Have Tristan confront Gares at Shangril.
    Recruit Debonair at Shangrila after defeating Gares.
    Bring the Olden Orb, the Gem of Doun, and the Gem of Truth to
    Shangril to get the Tablet of Yaru.
    Find the Sapphire at the central hidden Temple.
    Fort Allamoot
    Find the Chaos Gate.
    The Ruined City
    Fight and recruit Fogel at Shiggult.
    Dalmuhd Desert
    Visit Aliabard with the Mercury to get the Gem of Doun.
    Visit the Temple and get the Amethyst.
    The Ryhan Sea
    Take the Gem of Doun and Olden Orb to Ramoto to get the Gem of Truth.
    Get the Topaz at a Temple.
    Fort Shulamana
    Have Tristan confront Previa and get the Mystic Armband after the battle.
    Kulyn Shrine
    Defeat Luvalon at Creun without running away or using Tarots, and return to
    Creun to get the Grail.
    City of Xanadu
    Have Rauny confront Hikash at Xanadu.
    Visit Azuzau and speak with Gawain.
    Have Debonair fight Endora at Zeteginia.
    Temple Shalina
    Have Debonair face off against Gares.
    Have Yushis, Saradin, Tristan, or the Lord confront Rashidi.
    That's it. if you have any other happenings that I have missed, E-mail me.
    You may have noticed that the enemy flashes a certain color after you hit
    them.  Here's a list of what those colors mean:
    Green = Holy
    Black = Unholy
    Purple = Thunder
    Blue = Ice
    Red = Fire
    Yellow = Physical
    So, equip weapons on your fighters that will do the most damage to the enemy.
    Even if they don't get much of a STR bonus, they will still do more damage.
    HS - High Sky
    LS - Low Sky
    PL - Plains
    FT - Forest
    M - Mountain
    SF - Snowfield
    MH - Marsh
    SH - Shoals
    OC - Ocean
    CO - Coffin (as in the Vampire's coffin)
    Movement rates, higher number equals faster travel.
    Shoals   6    5    1    1    1   1    4      7    5     1
    Ocean   6    5    1    1    1   1    3      5    7     1
    Reefs   6    5    1    1    1   1    6      4    3     1
    Plains   7    6    5    4    3   4    4      3    2     1
    Snowfield  7    6    4    3    3   6    3      1    1     1
    Forest   7    6    4    6    5   5    3      1    1     1
    Snowy Forest  7    6    3    5    3   5    2      1    1     1
    Barren Land  7    6    3    5    5   4    2      1    1     1
    Marsh   7    6    1    3    1   2    6      2    2     1
    Mountain  6    5    2    3    5   3    1      1    1     1
    Snowy Mt. (sm)  5    4    2    2    4   5    1      1    1     1
    Snowy Mt. (L)  6    5    1    2    4   5    1      1    1     1
    Volcano   5    4    1    2    5   1    1      1    1     1
    Cliff   5    4    1    1    3   1    1      1    1     1
    Desert   6    5    3    2    3   1    1      1    1     1
    Road   7    6    6    6    6   6    4      3    2     2
    Snowy Road  7    6    5    5    5   7    3      2    1     1
    Sky   7    6    -     -     -   -     -       -    -      -
    Castle Walls  5    1    -     -     -   -     -       -    -      -
    Castle/Headquarters 5    4    6    5    4   4    3      3    3     3
    *4**SPECIAL ITEMS****
    Nearly all of these items can be found on enemy units, but the chances of
    getting it aren't as great as some would like.
    Most players are smashed by Pumpkinheads when they take on Deneb the Witch in
    Deneb's Garden. You would be out of your gourd not to want a few of these
    magical warriors in your army. Pumpkinheads can be recruited only during
    neutral encounters throughout the game. An item called the Glass Pumpkin gives
    your Witch leaders the ability to recruit neutral Pumpkinheads in various
    towns in the game. Remember that the party in town must have a vacancy for the
    recruit You can pick up the Glass Pumpkin if you forgave Deneb when you
    defeated her in her garden. After completing the area, return to Deneb's
    castle. She'll give you a Black Pearl in exchange for picking up an item
    called the Golden Bough. When you reach the district of Diaspola, be sure to
    buy items in the town of Raloshel. The merchants there sell the Golden Bough
    for 50,000 Goth, just about the same amount of money you make  if you sell the
    Black Pearl. Deneb rewards you with the Glass Pumpkin when you return with the
    Golden Bough. You can get a Rotten Pumpkin (also known as a PUMPKIN+) in the
    town of Baljib.  (You can only get Rotten Pumpkins in Baljib if you didn't
    forgive Deneb.) Also, Deneb may join you at this point in the game.
    The Undead Ring is a versatile item useful for transforming monsters and
    humans into powerful animated corpses. Undead Rings are usually left behind by
    defeating enemy units. You can also trade a Dragon's Jewel for one at the
    Ruined City beyond the Chaos Gate. You can also trade the Book of the Dead
    with Badista the Magician in Valna for an Undead Ring. The city of Valna is
    located in the land of Sharom. Create a wicked Zombie Dragon by using an
    Undead Ring on a Tiamat. Mages become Sorcerers when they obtain the Undead
    Staff. Undead Staffs are randomly found in the lands of Antanjyl, Diaspola and
    Antalia. In order to obtain a staff, you must have a Sentoul Demon (listed as
    DEMON in your inventory), and go see Borginine in the Diaspola Stage. A
    Sorcerer becomes a Lich when you use an Undead Ring on him.
    Use the Stone of Dragos on a Beast Master to create a Dragoner. Speak to the
    Stupendous Wizard Borgnine in the city of Anglem in Diaspola. Anglem is
    located on the coastline in the upper right corner of this land. This Wizard
    possesses several valuable items in his inventory. He will attempt to buy your
    Sentoul Demon with cash or trade for an Undead Staff. Refuse both of these
    offers until he mentions the stone. You may revisit the wizard for a stone or
    staff at any future point in the game - just make sure you have a Sentoul
    Demon or Golden Beehive in your inventory. The shop in the town of Raloshel on
    the west cost of Diaspola sells beehives for 70,000 Goth. The Wizard Borgnine
    does not trade until Norn of Diaspola is defeated.
    You can add a Tiger Man to your army when you obtain a Full Moon Stone. Tiger
    Men are suped up Werewolves (See the Class Specs for more info). Examine your
    Tiger Men units in the daylight hours and you'll find nothing but Beastmen.
    The nighttime sky invokes the lycanthropic powers of Tiger Men. The Full Moon
    Stone must be used as an item to recruit a Tiger man. These stones are
    randomly left behind by defeated enemy units or given to you by a Wizard in
    the town of Ochiwalo in the Fort Shulamana District. If you choose to visit
    the Wizard, be sure to include the Tome of Myths (also referred to as the
    FOLIO) in your inventory. This sacred book contains the records of the Myths
    of Gods. Revisit the town of Mislata in the District of Zetegina to claim the
    A Blood Kiss transforms Knights into Vampyres. Like the Tiger Man, the Vampyre
    only comes out at night. Vampyres possess a unique attack called the "Life
    Suck". This attack both attacks enemies and heals the Vampyre at the same
    time. Find the item by defeating random enemies in Antanjyl and the Temple
    Shalina. The Blood Kiss must be used on a Knight - it is wasted on any other
    character. You may also find one in the town of Gyunpyol at Temple Shalina
    with a low reputation.
    The Royal Crown (also known as CROWN) converts a normal Amazon into a
    Princess. The Princess is only slightly more powerful than an Amazon, but it's
    real power shows when you in make her a leader. When she is a leader, all
    other characters get an extra attack during every battle. After completing the
    land of Musplem, revisit the town of Chilfa and answer a question regarding
    elegance and beauty. Your answer doesn't matter, but your reputation meter may
    deny you the crown jewels. be sure to visit the town of Chilfa when you
    reputation level is more than half way up the meter. Also, you can find one at
    Pillary in the Temple Shalina stage, if you have a high reputation.
    **All the Stones are found at temples unless otherwise noted. Also, you must
    have the Tablet of Yaru to collect them.**
    GARNET - the first Zodiac Stone, found in the Slums of Zenobia
    AMETHYST - the second Zodiac Stone, found in the Dahlmuhd Desert
    AQUAMARINE - the third Zodiac Stone, found in Diaspola, at Ajan
    DIAMOND - the fourth Zodiac Stone, found in the Ruined City
    EMERALD - the fifth Zodiac Stone, found in Island Avalon
    PEARL - the sixth Zodiac Stone, found in Diaspola. However, you must first go
    to Organa. In Organa, the man there will give you the Ginger Cake - take it to
    Somyul in Diaspola, the girl that you helped earlier will give you the Pearl
    **This is a potential Screw-Over point, as if you didn't help the girl earlier
    in the game, you can NOT get the Pearl**
    RUBY - the seventh Zodiac Stone, found in Malano, at Sabelna
    PERIDOT - the eighth Zodiac Stone, found in Muspelm
    SAPPHIRE - the ninth Zodiac Stone, found in Sangrilla
    OPAL - the tenth Zodiac Stone, found in Lake Jannenia
    TOPAZ - the eleventh Zodiac Stone, found in the Ryhan Sea
    TURQUOISE - the final Zodiac Stone, found in the Tundra
    **These items are necessary for getting the best ending**
    This item is found on the Kastolatian Sea at a temple on the far northwest
    island (only if you have a high reputation)
    This item is found in the city of Creun (Shrine of Kulyn). You have to have a
    high reputation and decent alignment to recieve it. It is believe that
    fighting fairly (no running or using Tarots) against the boss General Luvalon
    Devas helps. (confirmation?)
    This item is found at Fort Shulamana. A high reputation is needed. Also, you
    must use Prince Tristan to defeat General Previa Devas.
    After finishing the Pogrom Forest, return to the hidden city Para (located in
    the northwest). If your reputation is high enough, A man will give you the
    Mercury (also known as SILVER).
    After finishing the Dalmuhd Desert, return to Aliabard with the Mercury. A
    Wizard will give you the gem (listed as DOUN GEM).
    Once you have received the Gem of Doun, return to Para in the Pogrom Forest.
    You will then get the orb (listed as ORB).
    Bring both the Gem of Doun and the Olden Orb to Ramoto in the Rhyan Sea (after
    finishing the stage). You will receive the gem (listed as TRUE GEM).
    Bring the Gem of Doun, the Olden Orb and and the Gem of Truth to Shangrila.
    Visit Fellana in the Palace. There, you have it! Now go out and collect those
    Zodiac Stones!
    **All directions are from the center of the map unless indicated otherwise.**
    Stage 1 - Castle of Warren
    Cities: Daskania, Roshfallian Temple
    Hidden Cities: Zeltenia - on the northeast island
    Treasure: on southern island
                 southwest of enemy castle
    Stage 2 - Sharom
    Cities: Valna (shop), Abdella, Valikesh, Roshfallian Temple
    Hidden Cities: Ellery - on island north of center
                              Fallsala - at end of southwest road
               Roshfallian Temple - on northeast island
    Treasure: on island in center
    Stage 3 - Sharom Disrict
    Cities: Vannu, Sagebard, Latingur (shop), Chang'ga, Bah'whal,
                Roshfallian Temple (2)
    Hidden Cities: Lenikan - south at end of road, near forest
                              Roshfallian Temple - end of southwest road
    Treasure: clearing in northwest swamp
                      just south of Bah'whal on largest island
                far southeast at end of mountain road
    Stage 4 - Pogrom Forest
    Cities: Lolaimia (shop), Rhodnia, Melanion, Acre, Vyer, Roshfallian Temple (3)
    Hidden Cities: Para - far northwest at end of peninsula
                             Alagoyas - end of northern river (west bank)
    Treasure: clearing just east of central mountains
                      center of eastern mountains
    Stage 5 - Lake Jannenia
    Cities: Antalya, Krasno Dale, Allephal, G'jiande (shop), Kaiselly,
                Roshfallian Temple
    Hidden Cities: Roshfallian Temple - far east at end of road
    Treasure: far northeast, just west of mountains
    Stage 6 - Deneb's Garden
    Cities: Talka, Baljib, Peltmont, Roseahne (shop), Roshfallian Temple
    Hidden Cities: Anquard - end of road leading to enemy castle
    Treasure: clearing in western mountains
                     south of Anquard, in clearing of southern mountains
    Stage 7 - Slums of Zenobia
    Cities: Post Ina, By'roit (walled), Pruzen, Elrangen, Anberg, Fillia (shop)
                Roshfallian Temple (2)
    Hidden Cities: Palma Nova - end of eastern road, near mountains
                              Kal Robs - far northwest, end of island road
                              Roshfallian Temple - due west on forested island
    Treasure: near two trees just south of By'roit, along road
                 between southwest and southeast mountains, at edge of map
                 due north from enemy castle, on forested island
                      southeast corner of northern mountains
                      end of small northern peninsula
                      end of large northern peninsula
    Stage 8 - Island Avalon
    Cities: Gontak (shop), Man'g, Taljin, Jisshian, Galyasa, Gelze, Rajin,
                Roshfallian Temple (2)
    Hidden Cities: Roshfallian Temple - surrounded by 4 volcanoes, near center
    Treasure: far southeast, on largest island
                     near southern face of southeast cliffs
                     on western edge of northern most island
    Stage 9 - Kastolatian Sea
    Cities: Jabb, Ma'Askaz (shop), Mull Ro', Roshfallian Temple
    Hidden Cities: Pittokya - on largest northwest forested island
                              Tokelau - on small island just west of visible
    Roshfallian Temple
                              Malden - on small island just west of Ma'Askaz
                              Pahpehte - on island due north of Malden
                              Bipaoh - on far east island
                              Fakarabh - just notheast of enemy castle
                              Salay Go - on island east of Fakarabh
                              Tongaleb - in center of mountains, at end of road
                              Roshfallian Temple - on far southwest island, no
                              Roshfallian Temple - on far northwest island,
    western tip *
    Treasure: None : (except Brunhild )
    Stage 10 - Diaspola
    Cities: Me'mak, Romorant, Pelegue, Raloshel (shop), Somyul, Rimorge,
                Roshfallian Temple (3)
    Hidden Cities: Anglem - Northeast, at end of northeast road
                              Ajan - where dark mountains meet light ones,
    southwest of center
                              Roshfallian Temple - just east of Pelegue, at end of
    Treasure: just southeast of lone dark mountain
                     just northwest of hidden Roshfallian temple, between two
    Stage 11 - Kalbian Peninsula
    Cities: Entel Stad, Gallstad, Glyng'bry, Olesun (shop), Suntsubal, Tronheim,
                Bosetyn, Belgen, Drummen, Roshfallian Temple
    Hidden Cities: Zolmstein - on large island southeast of Olesun
                              CHAOS GATE! - far northeast, in clearing on
    Treasure: on non-forested island southwest of Glyng'bry
                     due north of enemy castle, between mountains
                      far southeast, on island 2nd from right
                     southeast of Gallstad, in clearing between mountains and
    Stage 12 - Valley of Kastro
    Cities: Almalyk, Shaf' Zahbs, Yangully, Fuluhnze, Felgahnna, Allmata,
                Geral Abad (shop), Roshfallian Temple (4)
    Hidden Cities: CHAOS GATE! - in clearing of southeast mountains
    Treasure: in patch of desert just north of Allmata
                     on desert island southeast of Geral Abad, just west of tree
    Stage 13 - Balmorian Ruins
    Cities: Sahnfan, Kannyate, Sel'pasc, Wallas, Shik'ahny (shop), Ayak Cho,
                Kolopuhn, Chinnchalta, Wan Kayo, Vaskallah, Roshfallian Temple (4)
    Hidden Cities: Kalayo - southwest, at end of southwest road
                              CHAOS GATE! - on far northeast island, between two
    Treasure: just northwest of Wan Kayo, in mountain clearing
                      just northwest of Shik'ahny, between mountains and river
                      at center of far northwest island
                      just southwest of Wallas, between city and mountains
    Stage Alpha - Muspelm
    Cities: Taudeni, Segejin, Insala (shop), Fidelin, Chilfa, Dannis,
                Roshfallian Temple (2)
    Hidden Cities: Roshfallian Temple - at east end of southern peninsula,near
                              CHAOS GATE! - on southeast island, just south of
    Treasure: on far northeast island, east of mountain
                      on southeast island, just northeast of Chaos Gate
                      on western island, south of mountain
                      on western island, northwest of mountain
    Stage Beta - Organa
    Cities: Mogand, Rugannah, Ohbia (shop), Wageel, Baldella, Elbul,
                Roshfallian Temple
    Hidden Cities: Denbi - southeast of mountain on large eastern island
                              Albaminch - on forested eastern island between trees
                              Moyare - on far northeast island, east of trees
                              Roshfallian Temple - on small non-forested eastern
                              Roshfallian Temple - just west of small southeast
                              CHAOS GATE! - just north of Baldella in clearing
    Treasure: southwest of hidden southeast Temple, just north of two trees
                     on small southeast island
                     on northern island between trees
    Stage 14 - City of Malano
    Cities: Padova, Lobeeg, Labenna, Uhjine, Ajij, Monfalkone, Mon Bizoh,
                Bolon Ya, Mantova, Felala (shop), Bel Chel, Mons Nir,
                Roshfallian Temple (5)
    Hidden Cities: Sanbelnar - just northwest of southeast mountains
                              Sharmony - far west, at end of western road
    Treasure: southeast of Ajij, in mountain clearing
                      southwest of Uhjine, in mountain clearing
                      south of road that goes nowhere, between forest and river
                      southwest of Mon Bisoh on tiny island
                      on southern island, just east of two trees
                      northwest of Padova, between large river and mountains, in
                      just south of far western mountains, in forest clearing
                     on southern island, near western tree
                     just south of Mon Bisoh, at south end of peninsula
                     south of Mons Nir, near northeast corner of lake, in clearing
    Stage 15 - Tundra
    Cities: Kotz, Mallibahd, Nansen (shop), Shackleton, Maklin Tok, Ruskayah,
                Herald Coast, Syble, Mohnso, Endis Rohn, Intahi, Ells Wahs,
                Balleny, Roshfallian Temple (3)
    Hidden Cities: Roshfallian Temple - on southeast island in forest clearing
    Treasure: west of Ruskayah, just west of mountain, near sea
                      south of Herald Coast on small peninsula
                     on larger island west of Shackleton
                     due north of Kotz, in clearing by 2 mountains, the sea, and 1
                     on island west of Valhalla, northern tip
                     just northeast of Intahi
                    due north of Mallibahd, just southeast of strange-looking
    Stage 16 - Antalia
    Cities: Kelluman, Quetta, Ban, Bil'jand, Banbuhl (shop), Dauo Dahl,
                Shin Dahd, Shad Dobul
    Hidden Cities: Roshfallian Temple - center of eastern mountains, near river
                              CHAOS GATE! - on western island, just north of
    Treasure: in clearing at center of southern mountains
                     on western island with one tree
                     west of southern mountains, just north of several small rocks
                     east of southern mountains, due north of two trees
    Stage 17 - Shangrila
    Cities: Shellmat (shop), Ohlten, Montrosa, Grell Nish, Rusheln, Interaken,
               Nushtal, Montahn
    Hidden Cities: Roshfallian Temple - on center island, just north of single
    Treasure: southeast of Rusheln on island, just north of mountain
                      just southwest of hidden temple, on peninsula
                     southwest of Rusheln, in clearing just south of forest
                     on southwest island, just west of rocks
                     on northern island, just northeast of tree
                     northeast of hidden temple, just south of river
    Stage Delta - Antanjyl
    Cities: Inohongo (shop)
    Hidden Cities: Bossan - just south of far northeast island
                              Yaunde - on island north of Bossan, just north of 5
                              Powant Noal - west of Yaunde, in clearing just south
    of forest
                             Muahna - on second island west of Yaunde, no trees
                             Oshong - southwest of Muahna, near coast, between 2
                             Gibbot - west of Oshong, just west of forest, just
    east of sea
                             Kinshasha - on far northwest island, eastern
                             Popan Court - south of Kinshasha, between forest and
                             Roshfallian Temple - southwest of Bossan, just south
    of tundra
                             Roshfallian Temple - due south of Muahna, center of 3
                             Roshfallian Temple - due south of Gibbot, on
    tundra/grass border
                             Roshfallian Temple - due south of Popan Court,
    clearing w/2 trees
    Treasure: east of bend in southeast river, in forest clearing
                     west of fork in southern river, in clearing just west of
    dense forest
    Stage 18 - Fort Allamoot
    Cities:   Matagalp, Kmoya, Plinspor, El Rosar(shop), Esquinto, Laseive, Stun
                  Belmoban, Minach T, Tekshiga, Balfaht, Killig A, Tolhyo,
    Rosfallian Temple (3)
    Hidden Cities: CHAOS GATE! - due south of Plinspor, surrounded by walls
               Heskelansa - east of Minach T, just east of small lake
                              Pirallel - due northwest of Lasieve, in centre of
    desert penninsula
                              Roshfallian Temple - in middle of southwest desert
                              Roshfallian Temple - southeast of Plinspor, at end
    of peninsula
    Treasure: northeast of Matagalp, in clearing of fores, near river
                      northeast of Belmoban, inbetween two mountains and a lake
                      from the middle of the distance between Pirallel and eastern
    Temple, go north onto centre penninsula
                      just south of Killig A, on first southern island
    Stage 19 - Dalmuhd Desert
    Cities:    Charabahaul, Majaira, Bandle R, Hilzabar (shop), Kahrngar, Konsh,
    Roshfallian Temple
    Hidden Cities: Sidabard - just west of western lake
                              Aliabard - in northeastern part of desert, due east
    of 2 rocks
    Treasure: on center island
                      southwest of Aliabard, just northeast of single rock
                      southwest of enemy castle, just south of single tree
                      southeast of Chabahaul, southwest of single rock
    Stage 20 - Ryhan Sea
    Cities:  Raiyagam, Harmhella, Gafelt (shop), Uore Ai, Babaltz, Proana, Selam,
                 Ramoto, Jaubala, Dantcaste, Skauten, Roshfallian Temple (3)
    Hidden Cities: Roshfallian Temple - southeast of base, west of two trees
                              Roshfallian Temple - on small island west of
    Treasure: just east of Raiyagam, just west of moutain
                     north of Babaltz, just south of where shoals start
                     west of Harmhella, in forest clearing
                     northwest of Pulwatt, just north of mountain
                     south of Harmhella, just southwest of bend in river
                     east of Selam, in center of mountains
    Stage Gamma - Ruined City
    Cities:   Bujunbul, Muwanza, Mupan, Kalishin (shop), Dallu Sa, Alshabi,
                  Roshfallian Temple (2)
    Hidden Cities: Molongo - on northeast island
                              Lovenz - southeast of Shiggult, south of mountain,
    end of road
                              Roshfallian Temple - due west of Dallu Sa, in
    clearing of four mountains
    Treasure: west of Kalishin, on peninsula
                      southwest of Alshabi, on peninsula
                      southeast of Alshabi, on peninsula
    Stage 21 - Fort Shulamana
    Cities:   Reideber, Brawayo, Orappa, Preton, Habolone, Mafe Kin, Ochiwalo
                  Okhanja, Roshfallian Temple (2)
    Hidden Cities: Roshfallian Temple - north of Habolone, in clearing of four
    Treasure: just southwest of Roshfallian Temple, in clearing of two volcanoes
    and a mountain
                     east of Shulamana, east of vertical stretch of river
    Stage 22 - Shrine of Kuyln
    Cities:   Gwadorn, Angua, San Mart (shop)
    Hidden Cities: Lon Loques - on far southwest island
               Lastanshon - on small eastern island
               Grenadin - due west of San Mart, on northern tip of long island
               Maltinique - on northeastern island island with mountain, just
    southwest of mountain
               Roshfallian Temple - on island just north of Lon Loques
               Roshfallian Temple - on northwestern island
                              Roshfallian Temple - on northeastern island, in
    clearing of forest
    Treasure: on western island, inbetween two trees
                     on center island, in clearing between two mountains
                     on small northeastern island
                     on eastern island, just south of large mountains
    Stage 23 - City of Xanadu
    Cities:   Sanbisen, Balgenia, Quaalash, Pillashc (shop), Alaqua, Pilles D,
    Patos De,
                  Loudan, Pillabol, Ubelbahn, Pallakat, Anna Pol, Roshfallian
    Temple (2)
    Hidden Cities: Cellazool - due west of Pillashc, on coast of opposite shore
                              Pessana - on southeast grass, on northeast shore of
                              Kolongo - north of Pessana, just west of bend in
                              Roshfallian Temple - due south of Balgenia, on coast
    of opposite shore
    Treasure: due south of Anna Pol, inbetween mountain and river
                      in southeast mountain range, in clearing of three mountains
                      southeast of Quaalash, in clearing of two mountains and
                     due east of Quaalash, in clearing of three mountains
                     due east of southern Roshfallian Temple, north of two trees
                     east of Patos De and south of Pilles D, inbetween four trees
                     due east of Xanadu and north of Pilles D
                     northwest of Loudan, just west of pointed section of path
                     south of Patos De, in clearing of four mountains
    **From this point on, be very careful of what units you use for liberation.
    Highly aligned units should only be used to liberate towns with good feelings
    for the rebel cause. To liberate towns with mid or low feelings for the cause,
    adjust your units accordingly. You can find out the position the town has on
    this issue by clicking on it and looking beside the heart. Hidden cities and
    temples may be liberated normally. This is the only stage where you have to
    watch what you liberate. After you beat Hikash, you may liberate the towns
    Stage 24 - Zetengenia
    Cities:  Almage, Ajudabya, Bregga, Albeyta, Shahat, Albunba, Shibulg, Haljaya
                 Jijibran, Mattle, Dalna, Roshfallian Temple (2)
    Hidden Cities: El' Kedah - west of Dalna, just south of fork in river
                              Arhomes - southwest of El' Kedah, on large island
    with two trees
                              Mislata - west of El' Kedah, in clearing of four
    trees and grass
                              Azuzau - west of Arhomes, south of forest
                              Roshfallian Temple - east of Rashid, in clearing of
    three mountains
    Treasure: west of Shibulg, just south of mountains
                      east of Dalna, just north of mountain, due south of larger
    island (of the two)
    Stage 25 - Temple Shalina
    Cities:   Bol'ey, Elsmiya (shop), Kubandal, Hebiji, Urangel, Novas Ko,
                  Gyunpyol, Pillary, Fanba, Suffon, Baffin, Issa Fil, Danji,
    Roshfallian Temple (3)
    Hidden Cities: Danji - east of Fanba, just south of mountain
               Hebliji - east of Danji, just south of mountains
               Azoreth - north of Danji, on same island, in clearing of two
    mountains and lake
               Roshfallian Temple - southwest of Bol' Ey, in clearing of two
    mountains and river
               Roshfallian Temple - south of Hebliji, on southern most snow
    covered island
    *6**BOSS LIST****
    **Missing stats for Bosses of "Dragon's Haven". I'll get around to it
    eventually, but it would be really helpful if one of you guys could finish it
    off for me. Once you face the Boss, intentionally lose to him. then click on
    his unit and click on him, personally. Most of the stats are right there.
    SHAROM - Usar
    Level 5 Wildman
    HP: 120
    STR: 76
    AGI: 72
    INT: 57
    CHA: 57
    ALI: 43
    LUK: 59
    PHYS: 48
    FIRE: 43
    ICE: 38
    LGHT: 36
    BLK: 46
    WHT: 34
    Troops: 2 Level 4 Wizards
    Confront with: Lans
    SHAROM DISTRICT  - Gilbert
    Level 6 Beast Master
    HP: 120
    STR: 79
    AGI: 70
    INT: 56
    CHA: 53
    ALI: 54
    LUK: 46
    PHYS: 44
    FIRE: 28
    ICE: 31
    LGHT: 35
    BLK: 46
    WHT: 34
    Troops: 2 Level 6 Wyrms
    Confront with: Canopus
    POGROM FOREST - Kapella
    Level 8 Grand Wizard
    HP: 116
    STR: 63
    AGI: 81
    INT: 103
    CHA: 57
    ALI: 32
    LUK: 48
    PHYS: 24
    FIRE: 34
    ICE: 35
    LGHT: 38
    BLK: 51
    WHT: 29
    Troop: 3 Level 7 Imps
    JANNENIA - Sirius
    Level 7 Werewolf
    HP: 112
    STR: 91
    AGI: 92
    INT: 70
    CHA: 70
    ALI: 48
    LUK: 49
    PHYS: 71
    FIRE: 71
    ICE: 77
    LGHT: 78
    BLK: 92
    WHT: 11
    Troops: 4 Level 6 Amazons
    DENEB'S GARDEN - Deneb
    Level 10 Witch
    HP: 125
    STR: 74
    AGI: 94
    INT: 121
    CHA: 59
    ALI: 47
    LUK: 68
    PHYS: 25
    FIRE: 30
    ICE: 28
    LGHT: 31
    BLK: 48
    WHT: 50
    Troops: 4 Level 8 Pumpkins
    SLUMS OF ZENOBIA - Debonair
    Level 11 Zen Knight
    HP: 148
    STR: 116
    AGI: 122
    INT: 104
    CHA: 62
    ALI: 82
    LUK: 56
    PHYS: 53
    FIRE: 37
    ICE: 43
    LGHT: 39
    BLK: 29
    WHT: 72
    Troops: 2 Level 9 Red Dragons
    Confront with: Ashe
    Level 12 Dark prince
    HP: 162
    STR: 124
    AGI: 111
    INT: 104
    CHA: 59
    ALI: 46
    LUK: 57
    PHYS: 54
    FIRE: 46
    ICE: 40
    LGHT: 39
    BLK: 55
    WHT: 36
    Troops: 2 Level 10 Black Dragons
    Confront with: Aisha
    Level 13 Nixie
    HP: 169
    STR: 123
    AGI: 127
    INT: 141
    CHA: 59
    ALI: 63
    LUK: 51
    PHYS: 34
    FIRE: 31
    ICE: 60
    LGHT: 23
    BLK: 47
    WHT: 62
    Troops: 4 Level 10 Mermaids
    DIASPOLA - Norn
    Level 12 Shaman
    HP: 149
    STR: 97
    AGI: 123
    INT: 134
    CHA: 63
    ALI: 53
    PHYS: 28
    FIRE: 27
    ICE: 25
    LGHT: 27
    BLK: 18
    WHT: 62
    Troops: 2 Level 11 Titans
    Level 15 Zen Knight
    HP: 167
    STR: 140
    AGI: 146
    INT: 124
    CHA: 61
    ALI: 53
    LUK: 59
    PHYS: 58
    FIRE: 45
    ICE: 41
    LGHT: 49
    BLK: 55
    WHT: 37
    Troops: 2 Level 12 Black Dragons
    Confront with: Debonair
    Level 16 Raven
    HP: 215
    STR: 142
    AGI: 167
    INT: 145
    CHA: 56
    ALI: 38
    LUK: 62
    PHYS: 40
    FIRE: 70
    ICE: 46
    LGHT: 47
    BLK: 69
    WHT: 21
    Troops: 2 Level 12 Ninjas, 2 Level 13 Ninjas
    Confront with: Rauny
    Level 17 Doll Master
    HP: 158
    STR: 102
    AGI: 153
    INT: 153
    CHA: 62
    ALI: 70
    LUK: 48
    PHYS: 26
    FIRE: 47
    ICE: 41
    LGHT: 29
    BLK: 21
    WHT: 59
    Troops: 1 Level 15 Stone Golem, 1 Level 14 Black Dragon
    Confront with: Saradin
    MUSPELM  - Slust
    Level 17 Dragon Warrior
    HP: 198
    STR: 149
    AGI: 131
    INT: 128
    CHA: 62
    ALI: 78
    LUK: 60
    PHYS: 70
    FIRE: 56
    ICE: 58
    LGHT: 62
    BLK: 50
    WHT: 50
    Troops: 2 Level 15 Gold Dragons
    ORGANA - Fenril
    Level 17 Dragon Warrior
    HP: 176
    STR: 137
    AGI: 139
    INT: 140
    CHA: 62
    ALI: 75
    LUK: 64
    PHYS: 70
    FIRE: 56
    ICE: 58
    LGHT: 62
    BLK: 50
    WHT: 50
    Troops: 1 Level 13 Iron Golem
    CITY OF MALANO - Apros
    Level 18 Bandit
    HP: 221
    STR: 123
    AGI: 159
    INT: 159
    CHA: 51
    ALI: 39
    LUK: 49
    PHYS: 29
    FIRE: 46
    ICE: 42
    LGHT: 29
    BLK: 69
    WHT: 21
    Troops: 2 Level 16 Demons
    Confront with: Tristan or Rauny
    THE TUNDRA - Mizal
    Level 19 Seraphim
    HP: 184
    STR: 139
    AGI: 157
    INT: 186
    CHA: 70
    ALI: 67
    LUK: 50
    PHYS: 35
    FIRE: 45
    ICE: 48
    LGHT: 45
    BLK: 17
    WHT: 17
    Troops: 2 Level 16 Ice Giants
    Confront with: Yushis
    ANTALIA - Omnicron
    Level 20 Necromancer
    HP: 168
    STR: 115
    AGI: 142
    INT: 189
    CHA: 60
    ALI: 21
     LUK: 45
    PHYS: 28
    FIRE: 36
    ICE: 38
    LGHT: 39
    BLK: 59
    WHT: 21
    Troops: 2 Level 16 Evil Ones, 2 Level 19 Evil Ones
    ANTANJYL - Galf
    Level 18 Devil
    HP: 206
    STR: 164
    AGI: 153
    INT: 177
    CHA: 72
    ALI: 15
    LUK: 53
    PHYS: 53
    FIRE: 42
    ICE: 52
    BLK: 86
    WHT: 4
    Troops: Level 16 Phantoms, 2 Level 17 Phantoms
    SHANGRILA - Gares
    Level 21 Dark Prince
    HP: 211
    STR: 178
    AGI: 156
    INT: 149
    CHA: 63
    ALI: 36
    LUK: 57
    PHYS: 56
    FIRE: 48
    ICE: 42
    LGHT: 41
    BLK: 65
    WHT: 26
    Troops: 2 Level 18 Salamands
    Confront with: Tristan
    FORT ALLAMOOT - Castor
    Level 22 Gemini
    HP: 275
    STR: 200
    AGI: 154
    INT: 120
    CHA: 54
    ALI: 40
    LUK: 45
    PHYS: 48
    FIRE: 27
    ICE: 35
    LGHT: 39
    BLK: 50
    WHT: 30
    Troops: None
    FORT ALLAMOOT - Polydeuces
    Level 22 Gemini
    STR: 210
    AGI: 147
    INT: 132
    CHA: 58
    ALI: 60
    LUK: 55
    PHYS: 32
    FIRE: 53
    ICE: 45
    LGHT: 41
    BLK: 30
    WHT: 50
    Troops: None
    DALMUHD DESERT - Prochon
    Level 23 Ninja Master
    HP: 231
    STR: 183
    AGI: 216
    INT: 187
    CHA: 56
    ALI: 22
    LUK: 56
    PHYS: 47
    FIRE: 52
    ICE: 46
    LGHT: 45
    BLK: 68
    WHT: 2
    Toops: 2 Level 22 Ninjas, 2 Level 21 Ninjas
    THE RYHAN SEA - Randals
    Level 24 Bandit
    HP: 282
    STR: 153
    AGI: 195
    INT: 195
    CHA: 59
    ALI: 39
    LUK: 45
    PHYS: 28
    FIRE: 47
    ICE: 41
    LGHT: 30
    BLK: 51
    WHT: 29
    Troops: 2 Level 21 Evil Ones, 2 Level 20 Evil Ones
    RUINED CITY - Fogel
    Level 21 Dragon Warrior
    HP: 230
    AGI: 155
    INT: 148
    CHA: 58
    ALI: 50
    LUK: 63
    PHYS: 70
    FIRE: 56
    ICE: 58
    LGHT: 62
    BLK: 50
    WHT: 50
    Troops: 1 Level 20 Tiamat
    Level 25 Zen Knight
    HP: 258
    STR: 200
    AGI: 206
    INT: 174
    CHA: 60
    ALI: 34
    LUK: 54
    PHYS: 51
    FIRE: 54
    ICE: 43
    LGHT: 27
    BLK: 72
    WHT: 52
    Troops: 2 Level 21 Ravens, 2 Level 21 Devils
    Confront with: Tristan
    SHRINE OF KULYN - Luvalon
    Level 26 Zen knight
    HP; 276
    STR: 206
    AGI: 212
    INT: 179
    CHA: 65
    ALI: 62
    LUK: 51
    PHYS: 68
    FIRE: 24
    ICE: 67
    LGHT: 73
    BLK: 63
    WHT: 61
    Toops: 4 level 22 Samurai
    CITY OF XANADU - Hikash
    Level 27 Warrior
    HP: 275
    STR: 212
    AGI: 185
    INT: 181
    CHA: 64
    ALI: 72
    LUK: 50
    PHYS: 53
    FIRE: 41
    ICE: 46
    LGHT: 40
    BLK: 26
    WHT: 54
    Troops: 2 Level 22 Muses, 2 Level 23 Muses
    Confront with: Rauny
    ZETENGENIA - Empress Endora
    Level 28 Queen
    HP: 287
    Troops: 2 Level 24 Evil Ones
    Confront with: Debonair or Lord
    Level 26 Dark Prince
    HP: 242
    Troops: 4 Level 24 Wraiths
    Confront with: Debonair
    TEMPLE SHALINA - Rashidi
    Level 29 Wiseman
    HP: 328
    Troops: 2 Level 27 Evil Ones
    Confront with: Saradin, Yushis, Tristan or Lord
    Level 30 Diablo
    HP: 410
    *7**TAROT CARDS****
    This is a guide of the tarot cards, their drawing power, and some strategic
    uses for them.
    Name Bonus (What happens if you draw it after liberation)
    Power (what it does if you summon it in battle)
    Rating (On a scale from 1 to 3, one being the worst.)
    (Explanation of the best and worst uses of a card)
    *- These entries are opinions of me and me alone. You may have very different
    thoughts. Also, it should be noted that rating is taken from it's use IN
    BATTLE, not from the effect when it is drawn.
    Note that if any enemy dies due to damage from a Tarot Card, the experience
    goes to your Lord instead of the fighting Unit.
    Chariot Strength+2
    Power: Summons Loki to attack enemies. Hits all enemies with a physical
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: This card is one of the most powerful attacking cards, second
    only to Devil and Judgment. It is best used to soften up a very powerful unit
    before attacking them, or to finish off a strong unit that you have already
    weakened. It should not be used to attack a weak unit... Wipe these out with
    normal attacks. Don't waste this card on a unit you know you can defeat
    easily. Also, it is a terrific card to draw when a World card has been drawn
    Death Reputation-2
    Power: Summons Death himself to wipe out weak enemies. He kills enemies with
    less than half their life left.
    Rating: 1
    Strategic Use: Death is a VERY powerful card if used properly, and also very
    rare to draw. Unlike most cards, I encourage you to use this to wipe weak but
    annoying units, because the troops will usually have less HP than the leader.
    This isn't a good card to use against strong units, because stronger units
    tend to have weak (HP-wise) leaders and strong troops. The only problem is
    that all the experience goes to the Lord.
    Devil Reputation-1 or 2
    Power: Summons the demon Asmodeus, who uses a strong black magic attack on all
    foes. Personally, I think it has the best graphic effect of all cards.
    Rating: 3
    Strategic Use: I like Devil, because it does the most raw damage of any card
    and affects all creatures equally, including those of low alignment. This card
    is very rare to draw, so when you get one, don't waste it on weak enemy units.
    It should only be used on extremely powerful units or the boss of the area.
    Later on in the game, however, Devil's use becomes less powerful as many
    bosses have high resistances to black magic.
    Emperor    Charisma+2
    Power: Gives all your characters one extra attack.
    Rating: 3
    Strategic Use: Emperor is an extremely useful card. It is best used in units
    with characters with very powerful attacks that can only be used once like the
    Dollmage's Acid and the Samurai's Inuanki. If you already have plenty of
    attacks, don't use Emperor unless the battle is almost over and you are
    battling a strong enemy unit that's positively staggering, and you don't want
    to get away.
    Empress Charisma+1
    Power: Recovers all characters to maximum Hit Points
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: This is the better of the two cards that recover hit points.
    Use it to save any unit from obliteration by powers like Dollmage's Acid or
    attacks like Sorcerer's and Lich's Firewall. This is best used with a unit who
    has more than two characters near death. It shouldn't be used to heal less
    than that; use the items Cure or Heal instead.
    Fool Luck+1
    Power: Causes all enemies except leader to flee
    Rating: 3
    Strategic Use: This may be the best card in the game. Through it's use, you
    can defeat units that may have been impossible otherwise. It is best used on
    bosses or extremely powerful units ONLY... I cannot stress this enough. This
    is an absolute waste to use on non-boss units, unless the unit is extremely
    powerful. BTW, it doesn't work against Diablo.
    Fortune   Reputation -3 to +3, depending on Alignment and Luck.
    Power: Causes all enemies to flee, but the stage boss' unit is immune to the
    effects of this card.
    Rating: 1
    Strategic Use: This card isn't as good as it sounds. It prevents you from
    damaging an enemy unit... It just puts the fight off. There are very few uses
    for this card, including using it while traveling for speed and using it to
    save a damaged unit near a town from certain destruction..
    Hanged Man Strength-1
    Power: Lowers the defense of the enemy unit.
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: This is an okay card, best used when a strong unit is battling
    a strong unit, or to destroy a weak unit at full strength you know would
    survive otherwise.
    Hermit Intelligence+1 or 2
    Power: Summons Merlin to cast a lightning spell on all enemy troops.
    Rating: 2
    Strategic use: This is an unremarkable attacking card. Like other attacking
    cards, it is best saved for the Boss' unit or for a very strong enemy unit.
    Hierophant Alignment+1 or 2
    Power: Puts enemies to sleep. Stage Boss is immune.
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: This card can save a weak unit from obliteration. It's a good
    ace to have up your sleeve. If you are battling a boss who is in the front
    row, use this to put his (or her) guardians asleep. Especially effective
    against Deneb. However, it loses its effectiveness when the unit you're
    fighting with has characters with multiple attacks against the entire unit
    (e.g. Sorcerers, Liches, Princesses, etc.)
    Judgment Maximum HP+2
    Power: Powerful white magic attack which hits the enemies with a pulsating
    blast of White Energy.
    Rating: 3
    Strategic Use: This is my favorite attack card, even more so than Devil. That
    is because of two things: First, it effects creatures of low alignment MORE,
    and most of the bosses are of low alignment. Second, it is effective even
    against those pesky Undead, who can only be hurt by White Magic weapons or the
    cleric's Healing.
    Justice Maximum HP+1
    Power: Causes a blizzard
    Rating: 2
    Strategic use: Justice is an unremarkable attack card. Since it's an ice
    attack, it's useful against enemies like Red Dragons who are weak against Ice.
    Otherwise, it's just another attack card without outstanding qualities.
    Lovers Reputation +2
    Power: Summons Cupid, who shoots an arrow and causes enemies to attack each
    Rating: 2
    Strategic use: This is a pretty good card. It's best used on units with many
    small creatures, because then there will be more attacks for you. Oddly,
    enemies often attack themselves, but rarely hit themselves.
    Magician    Intellegence+1
    Power: Causes a wall of fire to appear on foes.
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: This is just another attack card. It's quite effective on
    enemies weak against fire. Otherwise, just take the usual advice.
    Moon Time changes to Midnight
    Power: Enemy rows switch. This lasts even after the end of the battle.
    Rating: 1
    Strategic Use: Use this card with caution, for it may well cause your demise.
    It can be very useful, especially with units that have clerics in them, but
    you must be VERY careful or you may cause the enemies attacks to become
    stronger. Use it against Kapella (who has strong bodyguards), it doesn't work
    against any other boss. Also, enemies will have the same number of attacks
    they had in the row they were in before, but will now use the attack they use
    in their current row. (e.g. A Paladin in the back row is hit with a Moon card.
    He still has 1 Attack, but it is now Slice instead of Healing.) Enemy units go
    back to normal attacks according to their row after the battle (e.g. The
    Paladin in the previous example will have 3 Slice attacks the next time you
    fight him.)
    Priestess   Alignment+1
    Power: Heals all your characters by 50 HP.
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: The less useful of the two Healing cards, this one only
    restores 50 HP instead of all you HP. However, it is still good for
    recuperating from enemies who use attacks like Fire Wall and Acid.
    Star Agility+1
    Power: Increases your unit's agility.
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: This card is more useful than it may sound. It both helps you
    hit those extra-agile baddies like Muses, and makes it so enemy attacks
    usually miss you. It is good against most enemy units.
    Strength   Strength+1
    Power: Increases your unit's Defense
    Rating: 1
    Strategic Use: This card is not that good, because it doesn't improve your
    defense that much. Also, Star improves your defense more by not letting
    enemies hit you and also improves your attack. I suggest that you not take
    this card, when given the option.
    Sun Time changes to Noon
    Power: Damages ALL low-aligned characters, including yours.
    Rating: 1
    Strategic Use: Use this ONLY with a unit that has very high-aligned
    characters. I have seen characters with 60 alignment take 25 points of damage
    from this. It is a rather dangerous card and you should only use it if you're
    sure it's safe. It's best quality is that it also nails undead. Most of the
    bosses are immune to this, however.
    Temperance Reputation+2
    Power: Removes all status-changing ailments
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: This is a very useful card against enemies like witches who
    have status-changing attacks that work on everyone. It is also fairly common
    to draw. These factors combined make it an extremely useful card, even against
    weaker units.
    Tower Alignment-1 or 2
    Power: Causes an earthquake to harm enemies.
    Rating: 1
    Strategic Use: This card gets it's low rating from three factors. First, it is
    only a moderately powerful attack card. Second, it is very rare to draw.
    Third, it lowers your alignment. If not for the second and third factors, it
    would be a fair card, but because of them it is a bad one. This card is
    completely ineffective with all flying creatures.
    World Tarot cards drawn for the rest of the stage affect all units
    Power: Characters become immune to magic
    Rating: 2
    Strategic Use: World is a card best hoarded, because it is a near necessity
    against certain bosses. Save it for when you meet bosses that are Doll
    Masters, Sorcerers, Lichs, etc., because they all have incredibly powerful
    magic. Again, this is not a card to be used in battle except with bosses. When
    you get it, keep it. It's best quality is the effect that it has when drawn.
    Draw this, then draw a Chariot!
    Also, as a general note, I'd like to add that Tarot cards drawn depend
    somewhat on the Alignment and Charisma of the unit drawing them. An evil unit
    composed of Ninjas and Black dragons is likely to draw Death or Devil.
    Likewise, a high-aligned unit is more likely to get a Judgment or Sun.
    This list is of all the special characters that you can get (i.e. not neutral
    or ones you recruit according to your leader)
    If you have a problem recruiting someone, but you have fulfilled all the
    requirements, check your Army Size under the Edit Units. If it is 96 or above,
    you have too many characters. Try erasing some and go back to the town the
    special character is in. If you're playing the good guy, KEEP the Star of
    Heroes, because without you'll miss out on many of the very good characters.
    Lans  (Knight)  In hidden city Zeltenia (on northeast island) of first stage
    Warren  (Wizard)  The boss of the first stage, he will join you after you
    Canopus (Eagleman) This might be confusing: In Sharom District, liberate
    Chang'ga, the hidden Temple (west     of boss'castle) and Bah' Wahl (in that
    order). Then return to the hidden temple to     get the Wings of Victory (if
    your rep is high enough, you must also liberate all     the other towns and
    temples except Parcival), and return to Bah' Wahl.
    Gilbert  (Beastman) The boss of Sharom District. He will join you if you
    defeat him with Canopus'     unit.
    Deneb  (Witch)  The boss of Deneb's Garden. Forgive her, then return to her
    castle and she will     ask you to get her the Golden Bough (bought in
    Diaspola). When you return with     it she will join you (but only if your rep
    is LOW enough).
    Ashe   (Knight)  In the Slums of Zenobia, use a flying unit to liberate the
    walled city By' Roit.
    Lyon   (Beastman) In the Slums of Zenobia, once you liberate Anberg you can
    hire him for 20k.     However, if you can wait until after finishing the
    stage, you can hire him for 5k.
    Aisha   (Shaman) There is a hidden Temple in the Island Avalon. It is located
    in the center of the     mountains. She will only join you if you have a high
    rep. (Note: Some people     have said Aisha can start out with low ALI, so be
    Rauny  (Muse)  In the Kastro Valley, she's found in a Temple south of Geral
    Ab. You need a high     rep. (Note: This is the 'paladin' that the towns talk
    about in that stage)
    Norn  (Shaman) The boss of Diaspola. Spare her life, and if your rep is high
    enough she will join     you.
    Slust   (Dragoon) The boss of Muspelm. He will join you if you have both a
    high rep, alignment,     and the Star of Heroes.
    Fenril   (Dragoon) The boss of Organa. She will join you if your rep and
    alignment are high enough,     and if you have the Star of Heroes.
    Saradin   (Mage)  Must have the HEROSTAR. First visit the Temple west of
    Kannyate. Then find     the hidden city of Kaylao (at the end of the road
    southwest of Shik' Ahn). Here     you will receive the Bell of Light. You will
    only get the Bell if you have the Star     of Heroes and have all the towns
    and temples liberated except Balmoa. Return to     the Temple and use the Bell
    on the statue.
    Tristan   (General) He's in the city of Bel Chel. You either need a high rep
    or the Key of Destiny     (Found in the Slums of Zenobia at Kal Robs after
    finishing the stage). You must     also send your Lord's unit to Bel Chel if
    you want him to join you.
    Yushis   (Cherubim) In Antalia. In a hidden temple (in clearing of mountains
    southwest of Dauo Dah,     near the fork in the river). You need both a high
    rep and alignment.
    Galf  (Devil)  Boss of Ananjyl. You must give him the Brunhild sword (BAD
    IDEA), and if     you rep is LOW enough, he will join you.
    Debonair  (General) You must have Norn in your party for him to join you. He
    is held captive in     Shangrila.
    Fogel   (Dragoon) Boss of the Ruined City. You need both a high rep,
    alignment, and the Star of     Heroes.
    For numbers of the pattern A+B, A is the base value and a random amount
    centered on B is gained during each level up.
      HP  -  The character's hit points.  If you're unfamiliar with the term, this
    is how much damage a character can take before dying.
      STR - Strength.  This affects how much damage the character's physical
    attacks can do and also lessens the damage received from the same.
      AGI - Agility.  Hit accuracy when attacking an opponent, dodging attacks,
    and speed of action all depend on this.
      INT - Intelligence.  Effectiveness with Magic.
      CHA - Charisma.
      ALI - Good or Evil.  This and Charisma affect the character's options in
    changing classes.
      LUK - Luck.  This affects dodging and the like.
      COST - The cost, per day, of using this character.
      TYPE - The terrain type this character prefers.  Characters move faster and
    fight better in terrain they're more suited towards.  The number in
    parentheses is the relative size of the character.  A squad's terrain type, as
    far as movement is concerned, is the same as that of it's largest     (highest
    number) character.
      SIZE - Large or Small.  There is room for up to five small creatures in a
    Unit.  A large creature takes up space equivalent to two small ones.
      FRONT - The character's attack type from the front rank of a formation.
      BACK  - The character's attack from the back rank.
      ALL - Attacks all enemies.
      PHYSICAL - The character's defensive strength against physical attacks,
    which includes weapons, blows, anything which is based on force.
      FIRE, COLD, LIGHTNING - Defensive strength versus elemental attacks.
      BLACK, WHITE - Black attacks include any evil magic and the physical of some
    evil creatures.  White attacks are generally restricted to the     attacks and
    magic of the Shamans, Angel and Faeries.
      RECRUITS - Only characters which are capable of being unit leaders will have
    this section listed.  These are the units the character can recruit       in
    towns. Recruits are always two levels lower than the leader recruiting them.
    ----- FIGHTER FAMILY -----
      HP 77+5 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  44
      Str 45+2 Size  - Small  Fire  36
      Agi 47+2 Cost  - 100+20  Cold  40
      Int 40+1 Front - Slash (2)  Lightning 34
      Cha 46 Back  - Slash (1)  Black  40
      Ali 50    White  40
      Luk 45
     Knight   (Fighter  Level 5+  Cha 50+  Ali 50+)
      HP 76+5 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  47
      Str 49+3 Size  - Small  Fire  39
      Agi 52+2 Cost  - 600+90  Cold  43
      Int 44+1 Front - Slash (2)  Lightning 37
      Cha 55 Back  - Slash (1)  Black  34
      Ali 62 - Recruits -  White  46
      Luk 50 Fighter
     Paladin   (Knight  Level 15+  Cha 60+  Ali 70+)
      HP 67+6 Type  - Plains (4)  Physical  53
      Str 56+3 Size  - Small  Fire  41
      Agi 56+2 Cost  - 1100+170  Cold  46
      Int 45+2 Front - Slice (3)  Lightning 40
      Cha 62 Back  - Healing (1)* Black  26
      Ali 78 - Recruits -                           White  54
      Luk 50 Knight, Cleric
     * Healing can also be used to destroy undead.
     Vampyre  (Knight  Item: Blood Kiss)
      HP 45+4 Type  - Forest (4)  Physical  82
      Str 42+3 Size  - Small  Fire  78
      Agi 45+2 Cost  - 1600+250  Cold  85
      Int 61+4 Front - Lifesuck (2)* Lightning 48
      Cha 50 Back  - Charm (2)* Black  80
      Ali 19 - Recruits -  White  10
      Luk 62 Werewolf
     * Lifesuck drains an opponents life and heals the vampyre.  Charm confuses an
    opponent, forcing them to attack their friends, like Lovers Tarot but only on
    a single opponent
     Coffin (Vampyre during day)
      HP 45+4 Type  - Dungeon (0) Physical  100
      Str 42+3 Size  - Small  Fire  100
      Agi 45+2 Cost  - 1600+250  Cold  100
      Int 61+4 Front - Sleeping (1) Lightning 100
      Cha 50 Back  - Sleeping (1) Black  100
      Ali 19 - Recruits -  White  100
      Luk 62 Werewolf
     Wild Man  (Fighter  Level 6+  Cha 50+  Ali 0-49)
      HP 71+6 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  48
      Str 52+3 Size  - Small  Fire  43
      Agi 53+2 Cost  - 400+50  Cold  38
      Int 41+1 Front - Smash (2)  Lightning 36
      Cha 54 Back  - Smash (1)  Black  46
      Ali 41 - Recruits -  White  34
      Luk 54 Fighter
     Evil One  (Wild Man  Level 16+  Cha 60+  Ali 0-30)
      HP 74+6 Type  - Plains (4)  Physical  54
      Str 58+3 Size  - Small  Fire  46
      Agi 57+2 Cost  - 900+130  Cold  40
      Int 42+2 Front - Chop (2)  Lightning 39
      Cha 58 Back  - Fireball (2)* Black  55
      Ali 23 - Recruits -  White  25
      Luk 62 Wild Man, Wizard
     * Ranged attack.  Hit the enemy with a ball of fire.
     Beastman  (Fighter  Level 5+  Cha 50+  Ali 25-65)
      HP 85+5 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  44
      Str 51+3 Size  - Small  Fire  28
      Agi 47+2 Cost  - 350+50  Cold  31
      Int 38+1 Front - Whip (2)  Lightning 35
      Cha 50 Back  - Whip (2)  Black  46
      Ali 45 - Recruits -  White  34
      Luk 43 Fighter, Hell Hound
     Beast Master  (Beastman  Level 12+  Cha 60+  Ali 10-50)
      HP 79+5 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  48
      Str 53+4 Size  - Small  Fire  27
      Agi 49+2 Cost  - 850+130  Cold  35
      Int 36+1 Front - Whip (2)  Lightning 39
      Cha 56 Back  - Whip (2)  Black  55
      Ali 33 - Recruits -  White  25
      Luk 46 Cerberus, Cockatrice, Wyrm
     Dragoner  (Beast Master  Item: Stone of Dragos)
      HP 83+4 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  43
      Str 48+3 Size  - Small  Fire  26
      Agi 51+2 Cost  - 1370+200  Cold  54
      Int 49+2 Front - Slice (2)  Lightning 40
      Cha 55 Back  - Slice (2)  Black  40
      Ali 50 - Recruits -  White  40
      Luk 58 Dragon, Wyvern
     Dragon Master  (Dragoner   Level 20+  CHA 65+  ALI 40-60)
      HP 85+3 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  45
      Str 52+3 Size  - Small  Fire  22
      Agi 53+3 Cost  - 2000+250  Cold  58
      Int 51+2 Front - Slice (2)  Lightning 47
      Cha 63 Back  - Ice Field (2)* Black  40
      Ali 50 - Recruits -  White  40
      Luk 65 Red Dragon, Silver Dragon, Black Dragon
     * Ranged cold attack
     Doll Mage  (Fighter  Level 5+  Cha 50+  Ali 30 - 70)
      HP 78+3 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  28
      Str 40+1 Size  - Small  Fire  44
      Agi 54+2 Cost  - 850+160  Cold  39
      Int 53+3 Front - Doll (2)  Lightning 27
      Cha 52 Back  - Acid (1)* ALL Black  37
      Ali 53 - Recruits -  White  43
      Luk 47 Golem
     * Creates corrosive clouds of gas which attack an entire squad.  This is
    considered a physical attack.
     Doll Master  (Doll Mage  Level 14+  Cha 60+  Ali 50-80)
      HP 78+3 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  26
      Str 38+1 Size  - Small  Fire  47
      Agi 57+2 Cost  - 1280+190  Cold  41
      Int 57+3 Front - Puppet (2)  Lightning 29
      Cha 58 Back  - Acid (2)* ALL Black  21
      Ali 69 - Recruits -  White  59
      Luk 42 Rock Golem
     * The Acid affects the entire enemy squad.  This counts as a physical attack.
     Ninja  (Fighter  Level 6+  Ali 0-49)
      HP 76+4 Type  - Forest (3)  Physical  45
      Str 46+3 Size  - Small  Fire  50
      Agi 50+3 Cost  - 500+110  Cold  44
      Int 50+2 Front - Shuriken (3) Lightning 43
      Cha 47 Back  - Ninjutsu (2)* Black  43
      Ali 38    White  37
      Luk 48
     * Ninjutsu attack types are fire, lightning, and rain (cold).
     Ninja Master  (Ninja  Level 15+  Cha 60+  Ali 0-30)
      HP 77+5 Type  - Forest (4)  Physical  47
      Str 51+3 Size  - Small  Fire  52
      Agi 52+4 Cost  - 1300+190  Cold  46
      Int 55+3 Front - Shuriken (3) Lightning 45
      Cha 56 Back  - Ninjutsu (1)* ALL Black  68
      Ali 22 - Recruits -  White  2
      Luk 56 Ninja
     * ninjutsu attacks the entire enemy squad with fire, lightning, or cold
     Wizard  (Fighter  Level 4+  Cha 50+  Ali 10 - 60)
      HP 86+2 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  20
      Str 37+1 Size  - Small  Fire  32
      Agi 51+1 Cost  - 400+70  Cold  32
      Int 45+4 Front - Punch (2)  Lightning 37
      Cha 50 Back  - Magic (2)* Black  45
      Ali 45 - Recruits -  White  35
      Luk 50 Giant, Hellhound
     * Spells available are Fireball, Lightning, Nightmare (Black), Tornado
    (physical), and Ice Field
     Mage  (Wizard  Level 10+ CHA 60+ ALI 10-35)
      HP 81+2 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  24
      Str 38+1 Size  - Small  Fire  34
      Agi 49+1 Cost  - 800+150  Cold  35
      Int 45+4 Front - Punch (2)  Lightning 38
      Cha 55 Back  - Magic (1)* ALL Black  51
      Ali 35 - Recruits -  White  29
      Luk 48 Giant, Cerberus, Imp
     * Magic attacks a whole squad with either Fire, Cold, Lightning, Black,
    Physical attack types
     Sorcerer  (Mage Item: Undead Staff)
      HP 73+3 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  28
      Str 39+1 Size  - Small  Fire  36
      Agi 47+1 Cost  - 1200+180  Cold  38
      Int 55+4 Front - Magic (2)  Lightning 39
      Cha 60 Back  - Magic (2)* ALL Black  59
      Ali 21 - Recruits -  White  21
      Luk 45 Skeleton, Ghost (Any place)
     * Magic attacks a whole squad with either Fire, Cold, Lightning, Black,
    Physical attack types
     Lich  (Sorcerer, Item: Undead Ring)
      HP 88+2 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  100
      Str 35+1 Size  - Small  Fire  100
      Agi 46+2 Cost  - 1900+250  Cold  100
      Int 59+4 Front - Cold Eye (3) Lightning 68
      Cha 62 Back  - Magic (3)* ALL Black  100
      Ali 9 - Recruits -  White  10
      Luk 42 Wraith, Phantom (Any place)
     * Magic attacks a whole squad with either Fire, Cold, Lightning,  Black,
    Physical attack types
     Samurai   (Fighter  Level 7+  Cha 50+  Ali 50+)
      HP 86+5 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  46
      Str 50+3 Size  - Small  Fire  32
      Agi 54+2 Cost  - 700+100  Cold  37
      Int 51+2 Front - Slice (2)  Lightning 34
      Cha 56 Back  - Iainuki (1)* Black  39
      Ali 61 - Recruits -  White  51
      Luk 47 Fighter
     * Physical ranged attack, the blow is so powerful that the Samurai himself
    takes some of the damage
     Samurai Master  (Samurai  Level 15+  Cha 60+  Ali 70+)
      HP 96+5 Type  - Plains (4)  Physical  52
      Str 55+3 Size  - Small  Fire  34
      Agi 59+2 Cost  - 1200+180  Cold  35
      Int 54+2 Front - Slice (3)  Lightning 37
      Cha 64 Back  - Iainuki (1)* Black  21
      Ali 79 - Recruits -  White  69
      Luk 54 Samurai, Ninja
     * ranged physical attack, the blow is so powerful that the Samurai himself
    takes some of the damage
    ----- LYCANTHROPES -----
    Lycanthropes are men during the day and half-men half-animal during the night.
    Their night forms are much more powerul than their day forms.
     Beastman  (Werewolf's or Tiger Man's form during the day)
      HP Varies Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  44
      Str Varies Size  - Small  Fire  36
      Agi Varies Cost  - Varies  Cold  40
      Int Varies Front - Slash (1)  Lightning 34
      Cha Varies Back  - Slash (1)  Black  40
      Ali Varies    White  40
      Luk Varies
     Werewolf  (Fighter Item: Werewolf Virus)
      HP 79+6 Type  - Mountains (4) Physical  71
      Str 53+3 Size  - Small  Fire  72
      Agi 54+3 Cost  - 380+80  Cold  77
      Int 44+1 Front - Smash (3)  Lightning 78
      Cha 31 Back  - Smash (3)  Black  92
      Ali 38    White  11
      Luk 49
     Tiger Man  (??  Item: Full-Moon Stone)
      HP 77+6 Type  - Forest (4)  Physical  74
      Str 59+4 Size  - Small  Fire  76
      Agi 58+3 Cost  - 720+120  Cold  71
      Int 45+1 Front - Smash (2)  Lightning 75
      Cha 28 Back  - Smash (2)  Black  94
      Ali 36    White  14
      Luk 52
    ----- FAERIES -----
    Faeries are small, winged people. These creatures can help your armies very
      HP 48+3 Type  - Low Sky (1) Physical  30
      Str 38+2 Size  - Small  Fire  20
      Agi 52+4 Cost  - 100+70  Cold  23
      Int 49+4 Front - Slap (2)*  Lightning 28
      Cha 25 Back  - Kiss (1)*  Black  40
      Ali 50    White  50
      Luk 62
     * The Slap can destroy undead.  Kiss enhances the attack capability of one of
    your units for the duration of the skirmish.
     Pixie  (Faerie  Level 10+  ALI 30-70)
      HP 56+3 Type  - Low Sky (1) Physical  32
      Str 43+2 Size  - Small  Fire  28
      Agi 57+5 Cost  - 400+170  Cold  25
      Int 53+4 Front - Slap (2)  Lightning 26
      Cha 37 Back  - Kiss (1)  Black  40
      Ali 55    White  55
      Luk 65
     Sylph  (Pixie  Level 20+  ALI 40-80)
      HP 64+4 Type  - Low Sky (1) Physical  35
      Str 40+3 Size  - Small  Fire  36
      Agi 63+5 Cost  - 700+250  Cold  27
      Int 47+4 Front - Slap (2)  Lightning 22
      Cha 49 Back  - Missile (1)* ALL Black  30
      Ali 60    White  60
      Luk 68
     * Missile is also White and damages the entire enemy squad.
    ----- AMAZON FAMILY -----
    Like fighters they can change between classes as they please so long as they
    meet the Cha and Ali requirements.
      HP 83+4 Type  - Forest (3)  Physical  38
      Str 42+2 Size  - Small  Fire  32
      Agi 50+3 Cost  - 100+30  Cold  36
      Int 52+2 Front - Arrow (1)  Lightning 43
      Cha 46 Back  - Arrow (2)  Black  38
      Ali 50    White  42 Luk 48
     Valkyrie  (Amazon  Level 5+  Cha 50+  Ali 35+)
      HP 81+4 Type  - Forest (3)  Physical  42
      Str 45+2 Size  - Small  Fire  34
      Agi 52+3 Cost  - 620+80  Cold  44
      Int 54+3 Front - Chop (2)  Lightning 52
      Cha 53 Back  - Bolt (2)*  Black  32
      Ali 54 - Recruits -  White  48
      Luk 52 Amazon
     * Ranged.  Slams a bolt of lightning down on an opponent.
     Muse  (Valkyrie  Level 15+  Cha 60+  Ali 70+)
      HP 76+4 Type  - Snow (4)  Physical  46
      Str 48+3 Size  - Small  Fire  38
      Agi 55+3 Cost  - 1350+210  Cold  52
      Int 56+3 Front - Chop (2)  Lightning 60
      Cha 62 Back  - Thunder (2)* ALL Black  15
      Ali 75 - Recruits -  White  65
      Luk 64 Valkyrie
     * Attack a whole squad with a lightning storm.
     Witch  (Amazon  Level 5+  Cha 50+  Ali 0-65)
      HP 80+3 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  25
      Str 38+1 Size  - Small  Fire  30
      Agi 49+2 Cost  - 510+70  Cold  28
      Int 58+4 Front - Slap (2)  Lightning 31
      Cha 53 Back  - Stun (2)*  Black  48
      Ali 47 - Recruits -  White  50
      Luk 67 Hell Hound, (Pumpkin)*
     * Attacks an entire squad with paralyzation.  Also, you can get an item which
    empowers a witch (only) with the ability to recruit Pumpkinheads.
     Cleric  (Amazon  Level 4+  Cha 50+  Ali 50+)
      HP 87+4 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  24
      Str 41+2 Size  - Small  Fire  23
      Agi 54+1 Cost  - 200+60  Cold  21
      Int 52+3 Front - Ankh (2)*  Lightning 25
      Cha 57 Back  - Healing (2)* Black  25
      Ali 65 - Recruits -  White  55
      Luk 49 Amazon
     * Both of these can destroy undead.
     Shaman  (Cleric  Level 10+  Cha 65+  Ali 65+)
      HP 83+4 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  28
      Str 43+2 Size  - Small  Fire  27
      Agi 57+2 Cost  - 450+100  Cold  25
      Int 58+4 Front - Cross (2)*  Lightning 27
      Cha 64 Back  - Healing (3)* Black  18
      Ali 76 - Recruits -  White  62
      Luk 53 Cleric, Angel
     * Both of these can destroy undead.
     Monk  (Shaman  Level 18+  Cha 73+  Ali 73+)
      HP 74+4 Type  - Plains (2)  Physical  32
      Str 45+2 Size  - Small  Fire  31
      Agi 61+2 Cost  - 700+110  Cold  29
      Int 61+4 Front - Cross (2)*  Lightning 29
      Cha 68 Back  - Healing+ (2)* ALL Black  10
      Ali 87 - Recruits -  White  70
      Luk 56 Knight, Shaman, Cherubim
     * These can both destroy undead.  Healing Plus heals the whole squad.
     Princess  (Amazon  Item: Royal Crown)
      HP 70+2 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  27
      Str 37+1 Size  - Small  Fire  21
      Agi 48+2 Cost  - 2000+250  Cold  22
      Int 57+4 Front - StarDust (2)* Lightning 25
      Cha 72 Back  - StarLight (1)* ALL Black  20
      Ali 81 - Recruits -  White  65
      Luk 63 Angel, Faerie
     * If she's the leader, all members of the squad get an extra attack,
    including herself.  Starlight attacks a whole squad with White.
    ------ DRAGONS -------
    Dragons can follow one of three paths - good (Silver), neutral (Red), and evil
    (Black).  Once you choose a path you cannot change back. Expensive magicians
    if you ask me, but the best Dragon of each kind will make a strong front-liner
    in a pinch. They can give you half-decent magic while protecting your unit
    against all kick/punch attacks rather nicely.
      HP 93+8 Type  - Plains (6)  Physical  52
      Str 60+4 Size  - Large  Fire  50
      Agi 37+2 Cost  - 850+100  Cold  46
      Int 42+1 Front - Bite (2)  Lightning 47
      Cha 40 Back  - Fire (2)  Black  44
      Ali 50    White  44
      Luk 50
    Red Dragon  (Dragon  Level 7+  Ali 35-65)
      HP 91+9 Type  - Mountains (7) Physical  54
      Str 62+4 Size  - Large  Fire  58
      Agi 40+2 Cost  - 1100+150  Cold  44
      Int 44+2 Front - Bite (2)  Lightning 60
      Cha 50 Back  - Fire (2)  Black  44
      Ali 50    White  44
      Luk 50
     Red Dragon II  (Red Dragon  Level 16+  Ali 36-65)
      HP 87+10 Type  - Mountains (8) Physical  59
      Str 67+4 Size  - Large  Fire  67
      Agi 43+3 Cost  - 1350+200  Cold  25
      Int 48+3 Front - Bite (2)  Lightning 63
      Cha 53 Back  - Fire (2)  Black  48
      Ali 50    White  48
      Luk 53
     Salamand  (Red Dragon II Level 23+  ALI 35-65)
      HP 80+11 Type  - Mountains (8) Physical  62
      Str 61+5 Size  - Large  Fire  86
      Agi 47+3 Cost  - 1700+250  Cold  11
      Int 44+4 Front - Fire (2)  Lightning 67
      Cha 57 Back  - Nova (2)*  Black  51
      Ali 50    White  51
      Luk 56
     * Bathe the entire enemy squad in intense light and heat.  This is a fire
     Silver Dragon  (Dragon  Level 7+  Ali 65+)
      HP 95+9 Type  - Snow (7)  Physical  53
      Str 64+4 Size  - Large  Fire  58
      Agi 38+2 Cost  - 1400+160  Cold  60
      Int 46+2 Front - Bite (2)  Lightning 64
      Cha 52 Back  - Cold (2)  Black  37
      Ali 71    White  66
      Luk 50
     Gold Dragon (Silver Dragon  Level 17+  Ali 65+)
      HP 90+10 Type  - Snow (8)  Physical  57
      Str 69+4 Size  - Large  Fire  23
      Agi 41+3 Cost  - 1650+230  Cold  69
      Int 50+3 Front - Bite (2)  Lightning 66
      Cha 62 Back  - Cold (2)  Black  27
      Ali 77    White  71
      Luk 51
     Platinum Dragon  (Gold Dragon Level 24+ ALI 65+)
      HP 83+11 Type  - Snow (8)  Physical  61
      Str 63+5 Size  - Large  Fire  11
      Agi 45+3 Cost  - 2000+250  Cold  88
      Int 46+4 Front - Cold (2)  Lightning 69
      Cha 67 Back  - Ice Cloud (2)* ALL Black  17
      Ali 82    White  76
      Luk 53
     * Freeze the water in the opponents' bodies.  This attacks a whole squad.
     Black Dragon  (Dragon  Level 7+  Ali 0-35)
      HP 97+9 Type  - Plains (7)  Physical  55
      Str 65+4 Size  - Large  Fire  49
      Agi 36+2 Cost  - 1300+150  Cold  51
      Int 43+2 Front - Bite (2)  Lightning 69
      Cha 48 Back  - Acid (2)  Black  64
      Ali 29    White  35
      Luk 50
     Tiamat  (Black Dragon  Level 15+  Ali 0-35)
      HP 86+10 Type  - Plains (8)  Physical  59
      Str 70+4 Size  - Large  Fire  53
      Agi 39+3 Cost  - 1550+210  Cold  54
      Int 47+3 Front - Acid (2)  Lightning 76
      Cha 51 Back  - EvilDead (2)* ALL Black  69
      Ali 23    White  30
      Luk 48
     * Attack the opposing squad with evil power.  A Black attack.
      Zombie Dragon  (Tiamat  Item: Undead Ring)
      HP 78+11 Type  - Swamps (8) Physical  73
      Str 64+5 Size  - Large  Fire  79
      Agi 43+4 Cost  - 1900+250  Cold  78
      Int 53+3 Front - Acid (2)  Lightning 86
      Cha 47 Back  - Rot (2)  Black  83
      Ali 0    White  15
      Luk 63
     * Ranged attack.  Cover an opponent in corrosive saliva.  This is a Black
    ----- WYRMS -----
    Wyrms are the largest Flyers in the game.
      HP 92+8 Type  - Sky (6)  Physical  45
      Str 58+4 Size  - Large  Fire  47
      Agi 47+3 Cost  - 850+170  Cold  39
      Int 31+1 Front - Tail (2)  Lightning 38
      Cha 30 Back  - Tail (2)  Black  48
      Ali 42    White  32
      Luk 47
     Wyvern  (Wyrm  Level 13+  Ali 0-55)
      HP 89+9 Type  - Sky (7)  Physical  49
      Str 63+4 Size  - Large  Fire  53
      Agi 51+3 Cost  - 1700+210  Cold  35
      Int 36+1 Front - Tail (2)  Lightning 42
      Cha 37 Back  - Fire (2)  Black  50
      Ali 30    White  20
      Luk 49
    ----- PUMPKINS -----
    You can get pumpkins by using the Glass Pumpkin on a witch, or finding a
    neutral one.
      HP 98+3 Type  - Forest (2)  Physical  33
      Str 45+2 Size  - Small  Fire  11
      Agi 45+2 Cost  - 100+20  Cold  37
      Int 31+1 Front - Pumpkin (1)* Lightning 34
      Cha 0 Back  - Pumpkin (1)* Black  45
      Ali 45    White  38
      Luk 72
     * The Pumpkin attack reduces the target's current hit points by half.
     Halloween (Pumpkin Item: Rotten Pumpkin)
      HP 88+4 Type  - Forest (2)  Physical  60
      Str 50+3 Size  - Small  Fire  37
      Agi 48+3 Cost  - 100+50  Cold  56
      Int 37+2 Front - Pumpkin (2)* Lightning 64
      Cha 0 Back  - Pumpkin (2)* Black  69
      Ali 18    White  22
      Luk 82
    ---- GIANTS ----
      HP 89+7 Type  - Plains (5)  Physical  48
      Str 54+3 Size  - Large  Fire  42
      Agi 40+2 Cost  - 200+60  Cold  37
      Int 30+2 Front - Club (3)  Lightning 41
      Cha 33 Back  - Club (2)  Black  40
      Ali 50    White  40
      Luk 44
     Fire Giant  (Giant  Level 10+  Ali 50-80)
      HP 84+8 Type  - Snowfield (5) Physical  52
      Str 57+4 Size  - Large  Fire  15
      Agi 38+3 Cost  - 750+130  Cold  80
      Int 37+2 Front - Club (3)  Lightning 54
      Cha 38 Back  - Fire Bolt (2) Black  35
      Ali 70    White  60
      Luk 48
     Titan  (Giant  Level 15+  Ali 70+)
      HP 85+8 Type  - Plains (5)  Physical  54
      Str 62+4 Size  - Large  Fire  47
      Agi 45+3 Cost  - 920+190  Cold  39
      Int 40+3 Front - Club (3)  Lightning 52
      Cha 47 Back  - Gale (2) ALL Black  15
      Ali 75    White  80
      Luk 41
     Ice Giant  (Giant  Level 8+  Ali 0-40)
      HP 75+8 Type  - Mountains (5) Physical  57
      Str 59+4 Size  - Large  Fire  80
      Agi 49+3 Cost  - 630+110  Cold  15
      Int 36+2 Front - Club (3)  Lightning 37
      Cha 36 Back  - Ice Bolt (2) Black  54
      Ali 27    White  32
      Luk 47
    ---- DOGGIES ----
      HP 87+6 Type  - Mountains (5) Physical  46
      Str 51+3 Size  - Large  Fire  49
      Agi 59+3 Cost  - 100+30  Cold  40
      Int 32+3 Front - Smash (3)  Lightning 37
      Cha 17 Back  - Fire (2)  Black  58
      Ali 44    White  22
      Luk 51
     Cerberus  (Hellhound  Level 13  Ali 0-60)
      HP 83+7 Type  - Mountains (5) Physical  51
      Str 56+4 Size  - Large  Fire  52
      Agi 62+4 Cost  - 570+100  Cold  40
      Int 48+4 Front - Smash (3)  Lightning 36
      Cha 23 Back  - Charm (2)* Black  65
      Ali 30    White  15
      Luk 53
    * Charms an enemy like the Stun spell. This can be substituted for Fire on
    ---- OCTOPUS ----
      HP 78+9 Type  - Ocean (8)  Physical  64
      Str 51+3 Size  - Large  Fire  54
      Agi 38+2 Cost  - 300+50  Cold  53
      Int 47+1 Front - Tentacle (4) Lightning 20
      Cha 20 Back  - Tentacle (2) Black  50
      Ali 50    White  50
      Luk 50
     Kraken  (Octopus  Level 12+  Ali 55+)
      HP 86+10 Type  - Ocean (8)  Physical  67
      Str 57+4 Size  - Large  Fire  59
      Agi 47+2 Cost  - 700+110  Cold  58
      Int 50+1 Front - Tentacle (4) Lightning 17
      Cha 20 Back  - Maelstrom(2)*ALL Black  43
      Ali 57                                         White  57
      Luk 50
     * Maelstrom is a giant whirlpool which attacks the entire enemy squad.  It
    counts as a physical attack, but can only be used in the water. Otherwise its
    2 Tentacle attacks.
    ----- BIRDMEN -----
      HP 87+5 Type  - Low Sky (4) Physical  39
      Str 45+2 Size  - Small  Fire  36
      Agi 55+3 Cost  - 400+90  Cold  40
      Int 52+1 Front - Club (2)  Lightning 44
      Cha 40 Back  - Club (1)  Black  40
      Ali 50    White  40
      Luk 42
     Eagleman  (Hawkman  Level 10+  Cha 50+  Ali 45+)
      HP 86+6 Type  - Low Sky (4) Physical  42
      Str 49+2 Size  - Small  Fire  39
      Agi 60+4 Cost  - 700+140  Cold  43
      Int 58+2 Front - Club (2)  Lightning 80
      Cha 60 Back  - Thunder (1) Black  34
      Ali 66 - Recruits -  White  56
      Luk 56 Hawkman, Gryphon
     Ravenman (Eagleman  Level 12+  Cha 50+  Ali 0-55)
      HP 95+6 Type  - Low Sky (4) Physical  40
      Str 52+2 Size  - Small  Fire  70
      Agi 62+4 Cost  - 800+120  Cold  46
      Int 55+2 Front - Club (2)  Lightning 47
      Cha 55 Back  - Inferno (1)  Black  69
      Ali 31 - Recruits -  White  21
      Luk 48 Hawkman, Gryphon
    ---- DEMONS ----
      HP 68+5 Type  - Low Sky (3) Physical  44
      Str 45+2 Size  - Small  Fire  37
      Agi 45+2 Cost  - 300+60  Cold  44
      Int 48+3 Front - Chop (2)*  Lightning 38
      Cha 50 Back  - Nightmare (1)* Black  55
      Ali 25 - Recruits -  White  35
      Luk 48 Wizard
     * These are both Black attacks.  Nightmare is ranged.
     Demon  (Imp  Level 10+  Cha 50+  Ali 0-40)
      HP 69+6 Type  - Low Sky (3) Physical  47
      Str 49+3 Size  - Small  Fire  40
      Agi 48+3 Cost  - 800+140  Cold  49
      Int 53+3 Front - Chop (2)*  Lightning 44
      Cha 60 Back  - Nightmare (2)* Black  65
      Ali 15 - Recruits -  White  25
      Luk 52 Wizard, Imp
     * These are both Black attacks.  Nightmare is ranged.
     Devil  (Demon  Level 20+  CHA 50+  ALI 0-25)
      HP 70+6 Type  - Low Sky (4) Physical  53
      Str 56+3 Size  - Small  Fire  42
      Agi 51+3 Cost  - 1300+220  Cold  52
      Int 58+4 Front - Chop (2)*  Lightning 48
      Cha 70 Back  - Meteor (1)* Black  86
      Ali 5 - Recruits -  White  4
      Luk 55 Mage, Demon
     * Chop is Black.  Meteor drops a huge meteor on the opposing squad.  This is
    considered a Black attack.
    -----GRYPHONS -----
      HP 80+7 Type  - Sky (5)  Physical  43
      Str 50+2 Size  - Large  Fire  33
      Agi 58+4 Cost  - 200+50  Cold  48
      Int 37+1 Front - Charge (2)  Lightning 53
      Cha 30 Back  - Gale (1)*  Black  55
      Ali 45    White  35
      Luk 53
     * A powerful sweep of air which attacks the entire enemy squad.  Counts as a
    physical attack.
     Cockatris  (Gryphon  Level 9+  Ali 0-60)
      HP 74+6 Type  - Sky (5)  Physical  46
      Str 54+3 Size  - Large  Fire  37
      Agi 63+4 Cost  - 890+80  Cold  53
      Int 42+1 Front - Charge (2)  Lightning 57
      Cha 40 Back  - Petrify (2)* Black  64
      Ali 36    White  26
      Luk 55
     * Petrify is a physical attack that also turns an opponent to stone for the
    duration of the battle.
    ---- ANGELS ----
      HP 70+4 Type  - Low Sky (2) Physical  27
      Str 40+2 Size  - Small  Fire  39
      Agi 43+2 Cost  - 300+50  Cold  40
      Int 50+3 Front - Halo (1)*  Lightning 37
      Cha 50 Back  - Banish (1)* Black  35
      Ali 65 - Recruits -  White  55
      Luk 50 Faerie
     * These are both White attacks.  Banish is ranged.
     Cherubim  (Angel  Level 11+  Cha 55+  Ali 60+)
      HP 71+4 Type  - Low Sky (2) Physical  31
      Str 45+2 Size  - Small  Fire  42
      Agi 46+2 Cost  - 800+130  Cold  44
      Int 55+4 Front - Halo (2)*  Lightning 41
      Cha 60 Back  - Banish (2)* Black  24
      Ali 76 - Recruits -  White  66
      Luk 54 Angel, Faerie
     * These are both White attacks.  Banish is ranged.
     Seraphim  (Cherubim  Level 22+  CHA 60+  ALI 80+)
      HP 76+4 Type  - Low Sky (2) Physical  35
      Str 49+2 Size  - Small  Fire  45
      Agi 49+3 Cost  - 1300+210  Cold  48
      Int 60+4 Front - Halo (2)*  Lightning 45
      Cha 70 Back  - Jihad (1)* ALL Black  17
      Ali 87 - Recruits -  White  77
      Luk 57 Cherubim, Faerie
     * These are both White attacks.  Jihad attacks an entire unit.
    ---- MERMAIDS ----
      HP 93+5 Type  - Water (2)  Physical  29
      Str 49+2 Size  - Small  Fire  26
      Agi 52+2 Cost  - 900+130  Cold  52
      Int 51+3 Front - Stab (2)  Lightning 21
      Cha 53 Back  - Blizzard (1) Black  43
      Ali 57 - Recruits -  White  48
      Luk 44 Mermaid, Octopus
     Nixie  (Mermaid  Level 11+  Cha 50+  Ali 50+)
      HP 85+5 Type  - Water (2)  Physical  34
      Str 51+3 Size  - Small  Fire  31
      Agi 55+3 Cost  - 1150+210  Cold  60
      Int 57+4 Front - Trident (2)  Lightning 23
      Cha 57 Back  - Blizzard (1)* ALL Black  47
      Ali 74 - Recruits -  White  62
      Luk 41 Mermaid, Octopus
     * Shower the enemy squad with hail.
     --- GOLEMS ---
    Really useless creatures if you ask me.  Too few HP for Golem.
      HP 45+2 Type  - Plains (5)  Physical  69
      Str 56+4 Size  - Large  Fire  38
      Agi 31+1 Cost  - 100+20  Cold  63
      Int 30+2 Front - Punch (3)  Lightning 61
      Cha 20 Back  - Punch (2)  Black  55
      Ali 50    White  43
      Luk 39
     Rock Golem
      HP 53+2 Type  - Mountains (5) Physical  73
      Str 60+4 Size  - Large  Fire  74
      Agi 32+1 Cost  - 600+70  Cold  67
      Int 30+2 Front - Punch (3)  Lightning 63
      Cha 30 Back  - Punch (2)  Black  53
      Ali 55    White  47
      Luk 40
     Iron Golem
      HP 67+2 Type  - Plains (5)  Physical  82
      Str 63+4 Size  - Large  Fire  41
      Agi 33+2 Cost  - 1700+180  Cold  81
      Int 30+2 Front - Punch (3)  Lightning 72
      Cha 48 Back  - Punch (2)  Black  63
      Ali 73    White  90
      Luk 45
    ----  UNDEAD  ----
    All undead are almost completely IMMUNE to everything except for White attacks
    and healing spells, which destroy them.
      HP 0 +0 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  --
      Str 43+3 Size  - Small  Fire  --
      Agi 42+2 Cost  - 100+20  Cold  --
      Int 32+1 Front - Slash (2)*  Lightning --
      Cha 0 Back  - Slash (1)*  Black  --
      Ali 0    White  --
      Luk 55
     * This is an Black physical attack.
      HP 0 +0 Type  - Plains (3)  Physical  --
      Str 51+4 Size  - Small  Fire  --
      Agi 49+2 Cost  - 350+50  Cold  --
      Int 44+1 Front - Slash (3)*  Lightning --
      Cha 0 Back  - Slash (2)*  Black  --
      Ali 0    White  --
      Luk 55
     * This is an Black physical attack.
      HP 0 +0 Type  - Low Sky (2) Physical  --
      Str 35+2 Size  - Small  Fire  --
      Agi 57+3 Cost  - 100+20  Cold  --
      Int 50+4 Front - Curse (1)*  Lightning --
      Cha 0 Back  - Nightmare (2)* Black  --
      Ali 0    White  --
      Luk 48
     * These are both Black attacks.  Nightmare, like as the wizard spell, is
      HP 0 +0  Type  - Low Sky (2) Physical  --
      Str 45+2 Size  - Small  Fire  --
      Agi 62+3 Cost  - 200+40  Cold.  --
      Int 53+4 Front - Curse (2)*  Lightning --
      Cha 0 Back  - Nightmare (3)* Black  --
      Ali 0    White  --
      Luk 50
     * These are both Black attacks.  Nightmare, like as the wizard spell, is
     Still working on it. There are only about 3 different types of netural
    monsters in an area, give or take a few. If you know of any neutral
    encounters, send location, level, type, and terrain to dannisan@mindspring.com
    Level # Character Terrain
    The Castle of Warren
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    The Borders of Sharom
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Sharom District
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Pogrom Forest
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Lake Jannenia
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Deneb's Garden
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Slums of Zenobia
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Island Avalon
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Kastolatian Sea
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Kalbian Peninsula
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Valley of Kastro
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Balmorian Ruins
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    City of Manalo
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    The Tundra
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Fort  Allamoot
    18 Tiamat  Desert
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Ruined City
    19 Tiamat  Mountain
    20 Gold Dr.  Mountain
    ? ???  ???
    Dalmuhd Desert
    18 Fire Giant Shallow Water
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    The Ryhan Sea
    ? Nixie  Shallow Water
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Fort Shulaman
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Kulyn Shrine
    23 Kraken  Deep Water
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    City of Xanadu
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    Temple Shalina
    25 Ice Giant  Snowfield
    ? ???  ???
    ? ???  ???
    *11**CHEATS(Playing by the Extended rules!)****
    Right now I know of only 2 cheats so this is a small section. They're more
    like easter eggs, however.
    * Entering FIRESEAL as you name lets you start at Dragons Haven with a bunch
    of characters around the 15th level, including a Vampire and a Lich. Your
    characters are determined by the tarots you pick (pick good and get Seraphim
    and Paladins. pick bad and get Mages and Evil Ones)
    * Entering MUSIC/ON as you name brings you to a music test screen to listen to
    all the music, no real value other than an "oh neat" once.
    Well, I figured I would never, ever have to write this. However, there were a
    few people out there who copied items from the FAQ, and distributed them as
    their own material. As such, this really miffs me. Especially when they take
    the credit from those who wrote and compiled the information, which is Chris,
    Michael, myself, and the other game players who contributed this information.
    This is my only response, but if it continues, beware.
    The Unofficial Ogre Battle FAQ is copyrighted material. The FAQ consists of
    the works of Michael Bollinger, Chris Smith, myself, and all of the people who
    have sent mail to us with their help. All contributions that are published
    within the FAQ become a part of the FAQ entirely. The FAQ or any information
    acquired from it may not be used in any kind of published material without the
    permission of the current author and the recogniction of all authors of the
    FAQ. The FAQ may be distributed only in its complete form without any editing.
    If you have any questions, go right ahead and e-mail me.
    Altus, Enix, and the Quest Team have no affiliation with this FAQ.
    Well that's it for this version, so if you having anything to add that I
    missed just mail at dannisan@mindspring.com
    Have fun.
    Copyright 1997, Daniel "Danni-san" Anzulovic

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