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    Save State Hacking Guide by JHuang

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 02/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ******OGRE BATTLE GAME STATE EDITING GUIDE******VERSION 0.4******Dec/2/2000******
    *By using this document, you have agreed that I am NOT responsible for what ever will happen to*
    *your computer or game because you have followed the procedure of this game editing guide. Al- *
    *so, I DO NOT support the idea of ROMS.  I wrote the Game State Editing guide purely because   *
    *there are no good cheats for this game.                                                       *
    1...History of the guide
    3...Editing choices
        -Item editing
    4...What's yet to come
    5...disclaimer and credits
    Rewritten version-V0.4- so it is easier to understand
    First version-V0.3- item editing only
    This is a guide that would help you to beat the game without to much of effort.  The ultimate
    cheat format for this game.
    If there are any quetions or additional comments please E-mail me at jhuang30@vanserver.com.
    1.  You have to be using a rom to do this.
    2.  You have to be using the Zsnes Emulator.
    3.  You have to have the Hex Workshop in order to edit this.
    Simple Steps:
    1.  Play your game on Zsnes and press F2 to save in one of the game maps. (The place you play the
    2.  Get out of Zsnes.
    3.  Make sure you have the save state file name Ogre.zst in the folder with you ogre battle games and
        zsnes emulator.  If you are unable to find it, it might be in a different name.  The save
        state file of a game always follows the name of the rom name.
                    name of the rom             name of the save state
                    ogre.smc                    ogre.zst
                    ogrebat.smc                 ogrebat.zst
    4.  Open the save state file with Hex Workshop Editor.
    5.  use the GOTO option in the hex workshop editor, and type in the an item slot number.  The
        program will take you there.
    Item slot #s: 2191, 2193, 2195, 2197, 2199, 219B, 219D, 219F
                  21A1, 21A3, 21A5, 21A7, 21A9, 21AB, 21AD, 21AF
                  21B1, 21B3, 21B5, 21B7, 21B9, 21BB, 21BD, 21BF
                  21C1, 21C3, 21C5, 21C7, 21C9, 21CB, 21CD, 21CF
                  21D1, 21D3, 21D5, 21D7, 21D9, 21DB, 21DD, 21DF
                  21E1, 21E3, 21E5, 21E7, 21E9, 21EB, 21ED, 21EF
                  21F1, 21F3, 21F5, 21F7, 21F9, 21FB, 21FD, 21FF
                  2201, 2203, 2205, 2207, 2209, 220B, 220D
    The slot after the each item slot # controls how many of that item you can have.
    2191 for item#, 2192 for amount, 2193 for item#, 2194 for amount, and so on
    Slot#: 2191 is 01    Slot#: 2192 is 05
          Sonic Balde           5 of them
    Slot#: 2193 is 04    Slot#: 2194 is 02
           Zepyulos             2 of them
    *********  If you get to a item slot, and the number in that slot is not 00 or FF, that means
    *WARNING*  the slot is occupied by an item.  If you don't want the item, change the number and
    *********  get another item.
    ************  It is always a good idea not to change the item slot that contains the number 00
    *SUGGESTION*  or FF.
    (01)"Sonic Blade".STR+13.
    (03)"Bizen Sword".STR+11.
    (08)"Black Katana".STR+3.
    (09)"Sword of Slicing".STR+4.
    (0A)"Mikado Sword".STR+8.
    (0B)"Sword of Heroes".STR+11.
    (0C)"Sword of Evil".STR+15.
    (0D)"Ogre Blade".STR+20.
    (0E)"Flame Sword".Str+6.
    (0F)"Musashi B".Heroblade.STR+12.
    (10)"Eskendale Blade".STR+15,INT+3.
    (11)"Ice Scimitar".STR+3.
    (12)"Ice Blade".Str+7.
    (13)"Peridat Sword".Str+11.
    (15)"Malachite Sword".STR+18,INT-4.
    (16)"Dwarven Sword".STR+7.
    (19)"Broken Sword".STR+4.
    (1A)"Death Claws".STR+8.
    (1B)"Evil Blade".STR+8,INT+3.
    (1C)"Relic Sword".STR+24,INT-16.
    (1D)"Dragon's Claw".STR+5.
    (1E)"Pristine Sword".STR+8,INT+10.
    (1F)"Kusanagi Blade".STR+15.
    (21)"Dragon Spear".STR+7.
    (22)"Benkay's Glaive".STR+12.
    (23)"Ozrich's Spear".STR+14,INT+17.
    (26)"Ice Axe".STR+11.
    (27)"Black Axe".STR+16,INT-8.
    (28)"Rune Axe".STR+15.
    (29)"Battle Dagger".STR+3.
    (2A)"Fire Staff".INT+3.
    (2B)"Flame Flail".STR+4.
    (2C)"Thunder Whip".STR+6.
    (2D)"Demon Hammer".STR+12,INT-4.
    (2E)"Kukai's Rod".STR+8.
    (2F)"Mystic Mace".STR+2,INT+7.
    (30)"Liebel's Rod".INT+14.
    (31)"Lightning Bow".STR+7.
    (32)"Black Bow".STR+3,INT+2.
    (33)"Earth Charm".FIRE,ICE,ELEC+3.
    (34)"Elder Sign".STR+11,INT+5,.BLACK+16,WHITE+14.
    (35)"Flame Charm".FIRE+5.
    (36)"Hydra's Fang".STR+4,PHYS+6,FIRE+8.
    (37)"Ice Charm".ICE+5.
    (38)"Byak's Fang".INT+7,ICE+12.
    (39)"Snow Orb".INT+11,FIRE-8,ICE+14.
    (3A)"Thunder Charm".ELEC+5.
    (3B)"Lightning Orb".STR+6,ELEC+17.
    (3C)"Black Charm".STR+8,INT-4,BLACK+13,.WHITE-16.
    (3D)"White Charm".WHITE+5.
    (3E)"Angel's Wing".INT+16,PHYS+7,WHITE+23.
    (3F)"Ring of Power".STR+18,INT-7.
    (40)"Ring of Magic".STR-12,INT-16.
    (41)"Dragon Ring".STR+6,FIRE+14.
    (42)"Thunder Ring".STR+3,ELEC+15,WHITE+6.
    (43)"Engraved Ring".INT+11,BLACK+19,WHITE-11.
    (44)"Demon Ring".STR+21,BLACK+17,WHITE-15.
    (45)"Ring of Protection".INT+5,PHYS+12,WHITE+14.
    (46)"Battle Bugle".STR+2,PHYS+2.
    (47)"Ninja Garb".PHYS+3,BLACK+2.
    (48)"Samurai Armour".PHYS+5.
    (49)"Mail of Neil".PHYS+7.
    (4A)"Golden Mail".PHYS+12.
    (4B)"Mail of Earth.PHYS+16,WHITE+7.
    (4C)"Houlou's Robe".PHYS+7,FIRE+11.
    (4D)"Snow Cape".PHYS+11,COLD+16.
    (4E)"Black Armour".PHYS+8,BLACK+4,WHITE-3.
    (4F)"Death's Cape".PHYS+13,BLACK+17,WHITE-11.
    (50)"White Garb".Light. PHYS+4,WHITE+3.
    (51)"White Cape".PHYS+5,WHITE+13.
    (52)"Pirate's Helm".PHYS+2.
    (53)"Silver Helmet".PHYS+3,WHITE+1.
    (54)"Silver Tiara".PHYS+3,+8.
    (55)"Mystic Veil".FIRE+7,ICE+11,WHITE+5.
    (56)"King's Crown".PHYS+17.
    (57)"Burning Band".FIRE+6,ICE-4.
    (58)"Ice Bandana".FIRE-9,ICE+7.
    (59)"Thunder Helm".PHYS+5,ELEC+8.
    (5A)"Demon Mask".PHYS+4,BLACK+8,WHITE-6.
    (5B)"Royal Crown".PHYS+7,WHITE+13.
    (5C)"Iron Gloves".PHYS+2.
    (5D)"Thunder Club".PHYS+3,ELEC+4.
    (5E)"Spiked Shield".PHYS+6.
    (5F)"Power Shield".PHYS+19,FIRE-8,ICE-5.
    (60)"Honour Shield".PHYS+14,WHITE+7.
    (61)"Ogre Shield".PHYS+18,BLACK+21.
    (62)"Fire Shield".PHYS+9,FIRE+12.
    (63)"Cold Shield".PHYS+8,ICE+15.
    (64)"Nue's Shield".PHYS+8,ELEC+15.
    (65)"Ginger Cake".Baked by a bored but talented.Monk..
    (66)"Black Lotus".Very potent in the making of potions..
    (67)"Olden Orb".One of the jewels of Fellana..
    (68)"Book of Good".The rules of behaviour for true.warriors..
    (69)"Flashy Cape".A cape made by the gentleman Lexar..
    (6A)"Gnomish Nugget".A lump of gold containing.the spirit of the Earth..
    (6B)"Beautiful Statue".A statue of an unknown magician..
    (6C)"Platinum Medal".A symbol of rank.
    (6D)"Mulmy's Map".A tresure map made.by the Pirate Mulmy..
    (6E)"The Saga".A saga of ancient kings.and kingdoms..
    (6F)"Sentoul Demon".A statue of the demon Sentoul..
    (70)"Battle Carving".An engraving of a battle of.the gods..
    (71)"Font of Desire".A magic bowl.
    (72)"Wing of Victory".The seal the Kingdom of Zenobia..
    (73)"Forest Pendant".Containins a forest spirit..
    (74)"Mercury".An emblem of warriors who died.for honour..
    (75)"Lemming Herbs".A magic herb.
    (76)"Zebra Fur".A very unique fur coat..
    (77)"Moon Rose".A white gem.
    (78)"Statue of Woe".A secret statue kept by a group.of cultists..
    (79)"Song of Sodoh".A forbidden poem dedicated to Diablo..
    (7A)"Golden Goblet".An ornately designed goblet..
    (7B)"Gold Medal".A medal worn by an ancient.officer..
    (7C)"Amatsu Statue".A mystic statue..
    (7D)"Dragon's Bones".Used to make magic items..
    (7E)"Golden Bough".Grows only on an island.in the Eastern Sea..
    (7F)"Evil Censer".A beautiful censer.used in evil ceremonies..
    (80)"Rainbow Shell".A peice of the shell from the.Rainbow Turtle..
    (81)"Star Fragment".A peice of a shooting star..
    (82)"Black Orc's Fur".A fur of an animal which lives.in the Underworld..
    (83)"Beast Coin".The oldest known coin..
    (84)"Empress Cameo".A fashion accessory popular.among nobles..
    (85)"FireSeal"."What's this name written.here? FIRESEAL?".
    (86)"Key of Destiny".A symbol of the successor to.the King of Zenobia..
    (87)"Gem of the Moors".A rare gem.
    (88)"Black Pearl".A rare gem accessory..
    (89)"Golden Beehive".A beehive.  Said to cure any illness..
    (8A)"Big Trophy".A stuffed behemoth..
    (8B)"Tome of Myths".A record of the myths of the gods..
    (8C)"Dragon's Jewel".A rare gem found only in the.nests of dragons..
    (8D)"Gem of Doun".A small ruby. One.of the jewels of Fellana..
    (8E)"Tablet of Yaru".A tablet with the.teachings of the Monk Yaru..
    (8F)"Book of the Dead".A Book with secrets of immortality..
    (90)"Gem of Truth".One of the jewels of Fellana..
    (91)"Sable Fur".A sable fur known as.the "Living Night"..
    (92)"Relief Medallion".Medal of the general from.the Ancient Kingdoms..
    (93)"Ivory Goddess".Masterpiece of the master.carver Balkas..
    (94)"Box of Salvation".A box which can never be opened.or broken..
    (95)"Solom's Chest".A jewel-box made by the.Wizard Solom..
    (96)"Necronomicon".The greatest tome of evil.
    (97)"Stone of Dragos"./w stone BeastMaster.can know dragos.
    (98)"Undead Staff".By using this on a Mage he can.speak to the dead..
    (99)"Undead Ring".Using this on a Necro.he joins the undead..
    (9A)"Blood Kiss".A symbol of the undead. If you.use it on a Knight.?.
    (9B)"Royal Crown".Crown of royalty.used on an Amazonian?.
    (9C)"Rotten Pumpkin".A rotten pumpkin? Try. it on a Pumpkin Head.?.
    (9D)"Promotion".Raises a character one level..
    (9E)"Vitality Potion".Raises a character's max HP..
    (9F)"Strength Potion".A Raises a character's STR.
    (A0)"Speed Potion".A Raises a character's AGI.
    (A1)"Tome of Learning".A Raises a character's INT.
    (A2)"Heart of Leo".Raises a character's CHA.
    (A3)"Soul Mirror".Raises a character's ALI.
    (A4)"Lucky Charm".Raises a characters LUK.
    (A5)"Cure Potion".Heals one character 50 HP..
    (A6)"Cure Stone".Heals one character 100 HP.
    (A7)"Ethereal Flute".Restores a dead character.
    (A8)"Summoning Chime".Calls forth a Neutral Unit..
    (A9)"Cure Ankh".Cures 100 HPs for each character.in a Unit..
    (AA)"Egg of Wonder".Find out what grows inside by.cracking it open..
    (AB)"Full Moon Stone".Summons forth a weretiger..
    (AC)"Joker Tarot".Will be randomly inscribed upon.use..
    (AD)"Dinner Bell".Sends one unit back to.the Rebel Base..
    (AE)"Dowsing Rod".Shows the location of one buried.treasure..
    (AF)"Trade Ticket".Summons a mysterious merchant..
    (B0)"Mass Summons".Sends friendly units to.place of Opinion Leader..
    (B1)"Persuasion Spell".Wins one enemy unit to.side of Rebels.
    (B2)"7 League Boots".Will warp a Unit to.any freed town or temple..
    (B3)"Termites".A bag of hungry termites.
    (B4)"Moonbeam".Changes day into night..
    (B5)"Ray of Sunshine".Changes night into day..
    (B6)"Crystal Ball".Shows the location of a hidden.city or temple..
    (B7)"Glass Pumpkin".Allows one to summon.Pumpkin Heads..
    (B8)"Star of Heroes".An emblem which may only be.obtained by a Hero..
    (B9)"Bell of Light".Will bring life to cold stone..
    (BA)"Grail".One of the 3 Mystic Treasures..
    (BB)"Mystic Armband".One of the 3 Mystic Treasures..
    (BC)"Garnet".The 1st Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Rulership..
    (BD)"Amethyst".The 2nd Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Reverance
    (BE)"Aquamarine".The 3rd Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Peace..
    (BF)"Diamond".The 4th Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Wisdom..
    (C0)"Emerald".The 5th Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Leadership..
    (C1)"Pearl".The 6th Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Constancy..
    (C2)"Ruby".The 7th Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Honour..
    (C3)"Peridot".The 8th Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Knowlege..
    (C4)"Sapphire".The 9th Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Victory..
    (C5)"Opal".The 10th Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Compassion..
    (C6)"Topaz".The 11th Stone of Zodiac.. Signifies Prosperity..
    (C7)"Turquoise".The 12th Stone of Zodiac..Signifies Royalty..
    (C8)"Gem of All".A symbol of Betrayal. Has.great destructive powers.
         States of characters
         Changing the movement type of a character
         Changing the availible characters in a team
         Much more
    The Ogre Battle game editing guide can only be found at www.gamefaqs.com and
    www.geocities.com/jhuang30.  If there are any other sources, please report to me
    at jhuang30@vanserver.com.
    The Ogre Battle Game State Editing Guide is copyrighted material. The guide consists
    of the works of AZN-_-Pryde and myself, and all of the people who have sent mail to
    us with their help. All contributions that are published within the Ogre Battle Game
    State Editing Guide become a part of the guide entirely. The guide or any information
    acquired from it may not be used in any kind of published material without the permission
    of the current author and the recogniction of all authors of the guide. The guide may
    be distributed only in its complete form without any editing.
    Copyright 2000, Jian Huang

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