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"Prepare to die...A LOT!"

Konami's Parodius is your typical 2-D plane shooter, with a mix of comedy on it. It's possibly one of the most random games out there, with giant cat pirates, and other nifty bosses. If your looking for a time waster, and some frustration, then this is the game for you.

Bonus - It's a port from the NES version, with improved graphics.

Story -
There's virtually no story here at all, from what I know. It's basically you just going through the worlds in the galaxy, taking out random obstacles in your way. Whether they be zombie penguins or an intergalactic pirate ship, they all wanna destroy you.

Gameplay - [6/10]
The gameplay is pretty simple, and easy to learn. First, you get to pick which playable character you wanna use. There's four in all, including Viper, Octopus, Penguin, and Twinbee. They all have their own unique upgrades. After picking the character you wanna use, you go around the galaxy shooting down foes that want to kill you. When you shoot down the enemies, they'll leave out power ups, or bells, that grant you an upgrade. For power ups, you either automatically upgrade, or you can manually upgrade yourself. By looking at the upgrade bar on the lower left corner of the screen, you can press the Y button when the adjacent space is occupied. These power ups can increase your movement speed, missles, shields and whatnot. As for the bells, these are basically more of a secondary power up. At first, you'll notice that you get points when catching the bells, but shooting them changes the color of the bell. The color of the bell indicates which special upgrade your gonna get. If it's red, you'll get a neat laser wall that shields you from enemy fire and also destroying the enemies that touches the wall in the process. Each color represents what your going to get. The rather harsh difficulty comes to mind, though. In the beginning, you'll easily cruise through the game, but once you reach the later parts, you can expect a lot of deaths and game overs. Luckily, you can continue right out of a check point if you lose all of your lives, but by doing so, you lose all of the upgrades you acquired from the past. Boss fights are nothing special, and Konami tried to make them unique. In conclusion, the gameplay is nothing special.

Graphics - [7/10]
Back at the time, the graphics were nothing but 2 dimensional for the SNES. This game, being one of them, features detailed sprites and quirky enemies. Nothing seems to be wrong here, but they're a bit too plain. Environments and the background range from a Las Vegas setting, all the way to a zombie apocalypse with penguins. You'll be sure to raise an eyebrow or two traversing these unique levels.

Sound/Music - [7/10]
Probably the main highlight of the game, the music features some memorable themes, like the Dance of the Sugar plum fairy. Up-beat music accompanies you as you blast your enemies down, and the sound is also pretty good.

Final Word -
If your looking for a time waster, then look no further, Parodius is the answer. If you enjoy Japanese games, then you'll be sure to enjoy this game for a bit. The sequels are far better, in my opinion, but this enhanced port is a welcome addition to the Parodius series.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/30/09

Game Release: Parodius (EU, 12/31/92)

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