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    Good Ending Guide by Really Good Bee

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    Really Good Bee's Phantom 2040 Good Ending Guide:
    For all those who keep getting bad endings.
    Copyright 2009@ Really Good Bee
    Please do not reproduce this document, in whole or part, without my permission.
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    Updates: 6:31 PM 04/01/2005: started guide.
    1:18 PM 08/01/2005: Did more work.
    8:13 AM 10/01/2005: Finished guide.
    7:11 PM 27/01/2005: Added extra site and some updates.
    7:47 AM 24/05/2005: Just realized I accidently replaced this guide with the
    wrong one... Sorry about that.
    3:59 PM 31/01/2006: Reformatted guide and updated it.
    10:20 PM 5/1/2009: Update. Complete revision. Final version.
    Random, horribly butchered quote!
    "I've seen men in armor run at the first hint of danger, and I've seen peasants
    pull spears from their bodies to defend dying horses. Nobility is not a birth
    right. It is defined by one's actions."
    The green bar at the top of the screen. Displays the Phantom's current HP.
    When it drains completely, the Phantom loses one life, and comes back in the
    same location with full HP. If the Phantom falls from a ledge into a bottomless
    pit, he will also lose one life, but he will return to the last solid ground
    he touched.
    The orange bar at the top of the screen. Displays the Phantom's current Ammo.
    Each weapon uses a different amount of energy, and when the bar drains
    completely, the Phantom will not be able to use any of his weapons and he will
    only be able to punch and kick.
    A small white box with a black cross and orange circle on it. A collectable
    item, using it from the Weapons Screen will completely refill the Phantom's HP.
    A small black box with a white scale and buttons on it. A collectable item,
    using it from the Weapons Screen will completely recharge the Phantom's Ammo.
    A silver and dark grey tile with an S on it. Increases the Phantom's max HP.
    A silver and dark grey tile with an E on it. Increases the Phantom's max Ammo.
    A silver and dark grey tile with the Rope on it. Makes the rope longer.
    A large icon with a big skull and a 1/2 on it.
    Enemies attacking the Phantom will only do half as much damage.
    Located in the Biot Factory.
    A large icon with a big gun and a 1/2 on it.
    Weapons and items will only need half as much Ammo.
    Located in the Spaceport.
    A large icon with a big fist and a 2X on it.
    Doubles the power of the Punch.
    Located in Maximum Inc.
    Small silver item that resembles the front of a train with a yellow ball
    on it. Each one increases the power of your weapons, minus punch and wavegun,
    by about 25%. You can have a maximum of four, but there are many more.
    A large icon with a big skull and a 1/4 on it.
    Enemies attacking the Phantom will only do a quarter of the normal damage.
    Replaces the Spirit Half.
    Located on the far left side of the Orbital Platform.
    A large icon with a big gun and a 1/4 on it.
    Weapons and items will only need a quarter of their normal Ammo cost.
    Underneath the missile in the Biot Factory.
    Door Machine
    Silver machine with a big red number on it. When you blow it up, it opens
    all the doors with the same number. When you get close to the door, you can
    hear a clanking/clicking sound.
    Max HP
    Flashing, pulsing skull that restores all the Phantom's HP when grabbed.
    Max Ammo
    Flashing black box with an orange stripe that restores all ammo when taken.
    Looks like the Phantom's head. Gives you an extra-life when you pick it up.
    1. Univeristy
    -Find the Professor
    2. Warehouse
    -Defeat Graft
    3. Industrial Sector
    -Find the Rope Extension
    -Defeat Tracker
    4. Phantom's Lair
    -Give the Panther to Mr. Cairo
    5. Ruins
    -Find the Invisibility item
    6. Maximum Inc.
    -Find Archer
    7. Phantom's Lair
    -Destroy the Harvesting Robots
    -Defeat Tracker
    -Defeat the Legion Biot
    -Give the Memory Chip to Sparks
    8. Maximum Inc.
    -Find the Retina Data
    9. Biot Factory
    -Defeat the Spider Biots
    -Destroy the missile
    10. Ruins
    -Defeat the Gang Leader
    11. Wildlife Memorial
    -Defeat the Gang Leader
    12. Maximum Inc.
    -Defeat the Triads
    -Take the shuttle to the Orbital Platform
    13. Orbital Platform
    -Destroy the Main Computer
    -Defeat Sean One
    -Destroy the Damacles Cannon
    14. Tube Train Station
    -Destroy the Spider Biot
    15. Maximum's Inner Core
    -Defeat Graft
    -Defeat the second Legion Biot
    -Defeat Maxwell Senior
    If you follow this guide, you will reach the end of the game with a very
    powerful Phantom and a perfect ending in which the world is right. Enjoy.
    Since you've got no where else to go at the start, go to the Unversity area.
    Climbing the buildings/walls to either side of the area will yield a First Aid
    Kit and an Energy Aid Kit, both valuable and useful items. Head Left from the
    start, into the University Lab. Head across the lab, blowing up the damaged
    walls and Biots. A small gap in the ceiling above some moving platforms holds
    another First Aid Kit, with a small HP-restoring Skull just below. On the left
    side of the lab, at the bottom, you'll see a damaged wall blocking a ladder and
    another Energy Aid Kit. To use the ladder, press Down + Jump on top of it.
    You will find yourself in the greenish, slightly damp sewers. Head left down
    the path, grabbing the flashing Max HP and Max Ammo items. At the end of the
    watery path, jump up through the hole in the ceiling and enter a section of
    the Battleship Factory.
    Take out the gun emplacement on the wall with your bullets or fists, then
    shoot the right ceiling tile to blow it open. Repeat this on the left one
    a bit further up. The topmost part of the room contains your first Energy Up,
    which raises your maximum ammo by a little bit. Once you've got it, back
    track to the lab.
    Head back across the bottom of the lab to the locked doors on the bottom-right
    side. Wait a few seconds at the locked door and wait for the platform to show
    up. Take it up, then jump on the guy laying on the floor.
    The Professor will tell you that some Biots stole a project they were working
    on for Oines industries, then torched the lab, and that Archer "mysteriously"
    vanished during the commotion. He'll tell you to go to the Warehouses near the
    docks, and will give you his keycard to get in.
    You will return to the main map, able to access several more areas. If you go
    to the Street, you can find some First Aid Kits and an Energy Aid Kit, and
    restore your HP and Ammo.
    The next area to go to is the Warehouse.
    This is a place of firsts. When you enter the Warehouse district, go left
    and take the upper door to enter the warehouse proper.
    Immediatly within, you'll notice some metal crates with flashing red lights
    on them. If you or an enemy shoots the crates, they will explode and send
    fireballs everywhere. While these can damage the Phantom, they can be used
    to wipe out multiple enemies and even other crates.
    Climb the rightmost wall just above the doorway, and head along the catwalks.
    Walls with showing bolts and ceiling tiles without support beams can be blown
    open. Along the top of the building is another Energy Up. If you need another
    First Aid Kit, there is one directly below the Energy Up, on the lower level,
    and you'll need to shoot through the weak floor to get it. Either way, head
    left and you'll eventually come to a Door Machine with a big red 2 on it. When
    you destroy a Door Machine, all the corresponding doors in the area will open.
    But before you do, there is a Spirit Up straight up from the Door Machine. Once
    the door opens, it will reveal another First Aid Kit.
    If you drop down from there and run right, you'll run into another first, a
    mechanical robot you can enter. While in one of these robot suits, the Phantom
    is completely untouchable, and can plow down enemies with the suit's big fists.
    From the #2 Machine, go up on the elevator platform, then go left. You'll see
    a weak tile in the ceiling, and destroying it lets you get the all-important
    Max HP item. When you reach the edge of the stage, go down and around, through
    the breakable walls for an Energy Aid Kit and HP-restoring Skull, then down
    through the floor. Once you land, go right, then down, then left to the #0
    Machine. Destroy it, then go down on the platform, and up on the other one.
    Go left to find your first boss.
    This is the first boss in the game, and he can be very hard if you're not sure
    what you're doing. But there are some safespots to use, and he has very large
    vulnerable places.
    During the cutscene, Graft will talk with several big-name people, like Mars,
    Tracker, and Sean One. He will tell Sean One that the warehouse is set to blow,
    he will tell Tracker to bring the Black Panther or die, and then he will tell
    Mars to bring the panther in alive, and that Archer is scheduled for execution.
    If you want to, press Start to skip the cutscene. His arms are his first weak
    point. Cling to the doorframe using the rope and hang so the Phantom's
    shoulders are touching the bottom-most yellow of the wall and just start
    firing. You should be able to knock out the arm before it touches you.
    Next, the legs. Just stand on the floor and shoot at him from within the door
    way. He'll fire his gun occasionally, but it'll go way over you. The grenades
    are the only thing that will be able to damage you.
    Finally, he'll become a small tank and begin throwing out firebombs. If you set
    your lives to 10 from the options menu, you should avoid using up First Aid and
    Energy Aid Kits and just let your lives take most of it. There are loads of
    1-ups scattered throughout the game, close to 30-something on this particular
    Once Graft is beaten, he'll drop a big crate with the Phantom's symbol on it.
    Pretty much all the bosses in the game will drop crates like these, and they
    all contain new weapons and equipment for the Phantom. This one has the Breaker
    Bullets, small missiles that stun weaker enemies before killing them.
    Graft, in an act of desperation, will blow up the warehouse. You'll just barely
    make it out of the blast. Dr. Jak's news broadcast will begin, as it will over
    the course of the game. He will talk about the destruction of the University
    Lab and the Warehouse, and the police investigating the scene will tell him
    that the Phantom was seen fleeing both the crimes.
    After the warehouse is destroyed, you'll be dropped outside, across the small
    area you originally entered from. A door will open, revealing another First Aid
    Kit. There is also an Extra Phantom along the ceiling, near the doorway. The
    objective here is to get across the docks and onto Mars'es warship, so just
    head right. If you need some health, there is a Max HP along the rooftop of a
    small open building.
    Once you reach the warship, you will see Mars and his commanders talking about
    Tracker's whereabouts, and that he is in the industrial sector. Use the Breaker
    Bullets on the soldiers to stun them and destroy them, and blow up the ship's
    radar array to get an Energy Aid kit. Don't try hanging from the side of the
    boat to escape the soldiers, because the water will drain your health fairly
    After the boat ride, you'll be in the INDUSTRIAL SECTOR. Don't bother following
    Tracker right away because you can't reach him. You need a longer rope to be
    able to follow. Blow up the 0 Machine to the right, and go through the door
    to the other part of the Industrial Sector.
    The second section of the Industrial Sector contains the Rope Extension,
    lots of 1-Ups, and a ton of First Aid and Energy Aid Kits. As soon as you enter
    the area, jump up and use the rope to grab the ceiling. There is a hole in the
    ceiling with the 2 Machine just inside. Blow it up, drop down, then go right
    to find a big ole' hole. Above the hole is some sensitive piping, and just
    getting close to the piping will destroy it. Climb up to where the pipe broke,
    go right and destroy the 0 Machine. Next to the 0 Machine itself is breakable
    wall, which hides the 4 machine. Blow that up, go back, and drop down to where
    the hole was to find its been covered over, thanks to the 0 Machine. Head right
    for the first Rope Extension, which makes the Phantom's rope a bit longer.
    You can either choose to backtrack and go for Tracker, or stick around
    in the area and collect the powerups, which are three 1-Ups, 3 First Aid Kits,
    and 4 Energy Aid Kits.
    If you choose to get them, you'll need to blow up the 4 Machine and the 2
    Machine first. With those gone, you should be able to figure out the rest.
    Either way, head back to Industrial Sector 1 and go up on top of the small
    room that the 0 Machine was blocking. Use the Rope Extension to cling to the
    high ceiling and go left, constantly going up. Normally, you have to head to
    the far left side of the area and through a ceiling hole to follow Tracker,
    however, there is a shortcut of sorts, if you want to take it. On the right
    side of the area, towards the top, you'll see the 1 Machine behind a 1-marked
    door. At the very top of the wall is a breakable section. Destroy the wall,
    drop down, and you'll see Tracker moving upwards with the Panther in tow.
    Destroy the 1 Machine, get the 1-Up that was under the gate, then go after
    Its a little more difficult to get through the hole, but when you come out,
    you'll be on top of a hoverbus moving through the city skyline. Run right over
    the various flying cars and other vehicals, avoiding the soldiers, biker Biots,
    and guns on the cars. There is a Max HP and a Max Ammo here, but they're hard
    to get at. Once you get to the end, the screen will shift over to Tracker and
    the fight will start.
    Switch to the Breaker Bullets right away and use up an Energy Aid if your ammo
    is low. This isn't a tough fight, but it can be difficult if you can't fight
    multiple enemies.
    Tracker will fire a net at you, then jump over you and... well, thats pretty
    much all he'll actually do. He'll shoot a net, then jump over you and fire
    another net, leaving the gunship and soldiers to do most of the work. Try
    to avoid the gunship above all, because it'll take a huge chunk out of your
    HP. Use the Breaker Bullets to stun the soldiers as soon as they arrive, then
    duck the nets and jump over the shots from the gunship. You may end up hitting
    Tracker during his jump, but the damage will be nothing compared to a few hits
    from the gunship.
    Once you beat Tracker, he'll give you the Explosive Pellets, small mines that
    explode after a few seconds. Good against the Biots, bad against enemies that
    fly around.
    Doctor Jak will come on the air and talk about the Phantom attacking citizens
    during rush hour traffic and stealing the only black panther left alive, then
    he'll ask ex-military leader Mars for his input. During that, you'll see the
    gunship from the fight crash into a nearby building. Jak then will talk about
    the upcoming Political Summit, and how the main topic will be the Biots and
    the pollution produced by the Biot Factory. Finally, he'll tell you about
    an explosion in the western side of the city, caused by Humans 4 Humans, a
    supposed terrorist group.
    When the Chapter starts, the Phantom will be talking to Guran, telling him
    that Oines Industries is a front for Maximum and they have Archer! Mister
    Cairo will pop in and offer Archer's location in exchange for the Panther.
    Give the Black Panther to Mr. Cairo and he'll give you a keycard for a door
    in the sewers, which have been opened up by the explosions in the west side
    of the city. Leave the area by standing infront of the map on the computer
    and pressing Up.
    First thing you'll notice is that the Street is gone, and has crumbled into
    Ruins. But, since your HP and Ammo are probably drained from the fight with
    Tracker, head to the Battleship Factory. Watch out for the guard running around
    and grab the skull against the wall, then shoot up through the ceiling directly
    above the skull to find a Max HP and a Max Ammo.
    Now, head off to the ruins.
    4. THE RUINS
    The Ruins itself is a huge maze of burned out buildings, breakable walls, and
    inaccessable powerups. The first section alone contains a Spirit Up and a Rope
    Extension, both requiring you to come from other areas. The enemies running
    around are the strongest yet, able to block your attacks and carve huge chunks
    from your HP. Watch out for the bald guys with the grenade launchers, they're
    the worst. You know that part of the game you always get to and always hate?
    This is it right here for me. This place is hell, and eats up your lives and
    First Aid Kits like they're part of some horrible buffet.
    Once you enter the Ruins, head right. If you need some extra lives and have
    a First Aid Kit to spare, go right and climb the first building you see. At
    the top, blow open the wall, then shoot the slightly more damaged section of
    floor, going down through the floors until you reach the 1 Machine. It opens a
    door on the very far left side of the ruins, which allows you to grab three
    1-Ups. Once you have them, go all the way back and keep going right.
    As soon as you go the next section, you'll come out on a damaged roadway and
    will immediatly be attacked by a truck with a gun on it. The truck will drive
    away after a few shots, then come back once it reloads. If you blow up the
    truck, it will drop a Max Ammo, then come back a few seconds later. Of course,
    you can always just jump over the truck and start running. It will come after
    you, but you can just keep jumping around over it.
    Once you reach the other end of the road, you'll hit a third part of the Ruins.
    Again, all you can do is go right, over the buildings and through the doors,
    which open when you shoot them. Once you hit the end of the area, a shutter
    will automatically open, with a First Aid Kit as a gift. If you want to save
    the kit for later, there is a Max HP above the shutter, behind a breakable
    wall. Once you get it, go inside the room the shutter was blocking and shoot
    the big wheel until it stops turning. Now take a few steps away and go down the
    ladder into the sewers.
    Man, those freaks with the swords are everywhere. You can either choose to
    shoot your way through them or stay close to the ceiling and just swing over
    them. I prefer the later rather then the former. There is only one way to go
    in the sewers, so head left and go up through the roof at the far side.
    You'll be in another part of the Battleship Factory. Just go left through the
    walls and soldiers until you see the disguise, the Invisibility.
    Grab it, and you'll automatically be taken back to the map.
    The Invisibility makes the Phantom temporarily invisible, for a few seconds.
    When hes invisible, enemies can't see him and won't shoot him. However, he
    becomes fully visible for a second when fires his gun.
    Now that you've got the disguise you need, go to the Maximum Building.
    The Maximum Building is a fairly complex level, which lots of secret tunnels,
    loads of loot, and new-type Biots. Its got four or five sections to it, and
    you'll be coming back time and again throughout the course of the run. The
    first time you enter, you'll need to use the Invisibility to get passed the
    gate, and once inside, head to the lower levels as the top floor has tighter
    security. And the Phantom has some awesome one-liners throughout the course
    of the game.
    The Biots in here are carrying much better weapons then in previous levels, and
    do significant amounts of damage. The Breaker Bullets will really shine here,
    even if just because of their stunning effect. Aside from the enemies, the
    level itself is extremely maze-like, but contains one of the best items in the
    game, the DamageX2, which doubles the power of the Phantom's unarmed attacks.
    If you really want this item, its going to be a bit of a struggle, but heres
    what to do. This is a fairly long, back-tracky path, so bear with me:
    From the first elevator, go down to the bottom, then go through the left door
    until you hit another elevator. Drop down through the elevator with Down+Jump,
    then shoot the floor at the bottom of the shaft and go down. Shoot the face
    block in the wall, then go left through the gap until you hit the 2 Machine.
    Take it out, then go left into the empty elevator shaft and shoot up through
    the top. Run right and through the doors, passed the elevator, and into the far
    room to find the 4 Machine. Go left to the elevator and go all the way to the
    top, into the right room, then go into the ceiling and get the Spirit Up. Run
    all the way right, holding down the button your gun is set to. YOU CAN'T SEE
    miss it, its going to be crazy trying to backtrack. From the 0 Machine, go into
    the elevator shaft and drop to the bottom, then run all the way to the way to
    the right, to where the 4 Machine was. Jump up through the gap in the ceiling
    and go left, taking the 1-Up and First Aid Kit and knocking out the 3 Machine
    behind the now-open 0 Gate. Keep moving up passed the 1 Fan, into the right
    path, blowing up the odd-looking tile for some HP. You'll notice a lot of 1
    Doors around this point, and the sad news is, you have to come from another
    area later on to blow up the 1 Machine. When you reach the 1 Fan, go down the
    hole with the moving platform and blow up the tile in the wall to get another
    E-Up. Head back up into the ceiling and go left, dropping down into the 4 Hole.
    As you fall, cling to the right wall and blow open the wall tile for a Max HP.
    Go right until you hit an elevator shaft. Go as far up as you can for a 1-Up,
    then go to the bottom of the shaft and run left into another one. Go down to
    the bottom and go right, blowing up the wall for the 5 Machine. Now, if you go
    left, you'll run into the boss and finish the level. We don't want that, yet.
    From the 5 Machine, go back into the shaft and go up. If you need more ammo,
    there is a Max Ammo in the left room. Grab it and go right, back up the other
    shaft to where the Max HP was. Climb the left wall with the rope, making sure
    to knock out the spider biots before they can knock you down. Cling to the
    ceiling, then swing to the hole and jump, grabbing on to the edge of the hole
    itself and pulling yourself up and jumping into the hole. Go left and back down
    to where the 0 Gate and the 3 Machine were, then go right, back to where the
    4 Machine used to be. Go right, passed one elevator shaft and into the other,
    heading up to find the 6 Machine and your first Weapon Upgrade, which enhances
    all of your weapons. However, this is as far as you can get regarding the doors
    and such. The last machine, the 1 Machine, requires you to come from the next
    If you can remember the path, backtrack to the 5 Machine and ahead across from
    it to the boss.
    As soon as you enter the room, Graft yells "PREPARE TO DIE!!" and enters his
    newest, Maximum-funded robot. Archer and his little cage will be drawn into the
    ceiling, and Graft will show up in his combat suit.
    This boss is only slightly harder then the last one, and has the same number of
    attacks. He'll throw out a spread shot, fly across the room dropping mines, and
    repeat ad infinium. With the Weapon Upgrade, your normal gun is more powerful
    then the Breaker Bullets, and fires much faster, so use it. When you do enough
    damage, he'll switch attack paterns and slide across the floor rather than fly.
    Right away, jump and cling to the ceiling with the rope, then lower yourself
    down as far as you can. Graft will come in, crouching in his robot. He'll sit
    up and lower his hands, making himself vulnerable. Hanging from the ceiling
    lines you up perfectly with his face, and still keeps you from getting hit.
    After enough damage to the mask, it'll break off, leaving Graft exposed and
    vulnerable to your attacks. Since he's a little lower without the mask, you'll
    need to stand on the floor and hop up and down to hit him.
    Once you defeat him he'll give you the Spread Bullet, the same weapon he was
    using for most of the fight. It fires a single shot that spreads in five
    directions when you let go of the button. One of the best weapons in the game,
    it will combine with the weapon in the X Slot. A prime example is the Breaker
    Bullet, which becomes a super 5-Way Breaker Bullet. If you place the Spread
    Bullet to both slots, it upgrades into an 8-Way Spread Bullet, just great for
    the next area.
    Archer, now rescued, tells the Phantom that Biots blew up the lab, and that
    Rebbecca kidnapped him to keep him quiet. Archer will tell you about a strange
    leaf he was working on, with extraordinary photosynthetic capabilities. Graft
    decides to butt in, and tells you that the research was for a special warship
    which will protect the summit... or destroy it. It seems that Maximum is afraid
    the meeting leaders will shut down the Biot factories, thereby ending Maximum's
    hopes of world domination. Archer tells you the leaf was found in the Ghost
    Jungle, a varitable Amazon beneath the city, the result of a nuclear waste
    spill several years ago. You'll automatically be taken there next.
    At the start, "Doctor" Jak will start up his radio program, asking if Professor
    Jack Archer is innocent, or crazy. Archer will say that Maximum's new battle
    cruiser has enough firepower to destroy the entire city, and in rebuttle, Mrs.
    Maddison will say its going to protect the city, and then call Archer crazy.
    Really, who are you gonna believe? Jak will talk a little about the new
    Wildlife Memorial, and it will switch to the Phantom's Lair.
    Archer is talking to Guran, who tells you that machines are harvesting plants
    from the Ghost Jungle, one of the last real animal refuges in the world. The
    power will suddenly go out. Phantom will tell Guran to go find Sparks.
    You're in the Phantom's Lair right away. The power is out, so you can't leave
    until you finish this part of the game. You have to go into the Ghost Jungle to
    stop the giant harvesting bots.
    There are two parts to the Ghost Jungle. To get to the boss, you
    have to get to Ghost Jungle 2 through Ghost Jungle 1, which requires you to
    destroy some Door Machines, which are actually guarded by the Havesting Biots.
    When you enter the area, Ghost Jungle 1 is to the left, and Ghost Jungle 2
    is to the right.
    The Ghost Jungle is somewhat less maze-like then the previous areas, and has
    some of the best equipment in the game, plus passages to several other areas,
    like the Ruins, Maximum Inc., the Industrial Zone, Biot Factory, and the Wild-
    Life Memorial. At the the top right of Ghost Jungle 1, a passage leads into the
    Ruins with access to a Rope Extension and an S-Up. In the top left of Ghost
    Jungle 1, a passage leads to the Biot Factory and its 0 Door Machine, and top
    right of the Ghost Jungle 2 has a passage that leads to the Industrial Sector
    and another Weapon Upgrade.
    This is almost the same as the previous battle with Tracker, but this time,
    he doesn't have any help. Hes got a stronger weapon this time, too. He'll
    fire a net at you, then shoot a big energy wave, and jump across the screen.
    Jump the nets and waves, and use the Breaker Bullets or the Regular gun. Don't
    use the Spread because it takes up too much ammo and is better suited to
    fighting multiple foes, or bigger foes with lots of contact points...
    This huge biot is all bark, and no bite. Use the armor and the Spread, and
    start by taking out the leg joints. When the legs are gone, it becomes a small
    jet that flies back and forth, then stops and fires Homing Missiles.
    New Weapons: Homing Missile, Super Explosive Pellets, Wave Gun, Armor,
    and Shadow Panther.
    7.Talk to Sparks(the little kid) for the information about the Biot Factory.
    Now head off to Maximum Inc, yet again... When you reach Maximum, the door
    should open automatically. Head up at the first evelator. Wander around 'til
    you find a big red panel. You might consider taking a quick look through the
    area, because as with all the areas, theres booty to be had here.
    New Inventory Item: Retina Scan Data.
    8. Head off to the Biot Factory.
    The objective here is to destroy 3 big spider robots. If you want, you can head
    upto the top of the factory, then around left, and down. Shooting the left wall
    in the right spot will open up a secret passage to the Biot Factory Warehouse,
    which contains several useful powerups, namely the Spirit Half, but you have
    to have come here through the Ghost Jungle earlier and blew up the 0 Machine.
    BOSSES - Spider Biots
    These things are pretty easy if you use the regular gun and the armor. Just
    hang off the ceiling and fire in to the eyeball thing between the mandibles.
    You may need to move up and down on the rope to attack.
    After blowing up all three spider biots, head to the entrance of the factory
    to find a missile ready to fire. 
    The missile can be rather tricky to take care of:
    + = you're starting position
    ! = what you have to destroy.
         |_    _|
    3_!!!|_    _|!!!_4
    1+!!!|_    _|!!!_5
    2_!!!|_    _|!!!_6
    I hope you're good at using that rope! Destroy the first set of missiles,
    making sure to take the missiles AND the small round object above the missiles,
    then drop down and take out the second set, then climb back up and blast the
    third set, then climb up over the missile, smashing the 4th missle set. Climb
    down along the sides of the missile, knocking out the fifth and sixth sets of
    New Inventory Item: I.D. Card from Cairo, Totem.
    New Weapon: Devastator.
    Head back to the Biot Factory.
    Drop down in the missile silo to find a thin floor.
    Jump down thru the thin floor and look around to find the Ammo Quarter.
    Now cling to the right wall and let it carry you up, then leave.
    New Item: Ammo Quarter.
    10. Go to the ruins again.
    Head to the right, the same way you did to get Invisibility. Press up against
    the closed door with the picture of the totem to open the door. The Armor will
    be INCREDIBLY usefull here. Activate the armor and continue on, checking the
    armor, re-activating it and using Med/Energy Kits when necessary, as the sludge
    will drain your HP fairly quickly. After the second door when the path turns
    down, fire off a few spreads at the top to blow open a wall. Remember: Thinner
    walls can be blown open. You'll meet the gang leader at the end of the tunnel.
    BOSS - Gang Leader Bob
    This is fairly easy. He'll usually start off with his slide attack, which
    will blow up the crates, then he'll throw some boomerangs and repeat. Just
    keep shooting at him with the armor on, and you can't lose. If you don't have
    the armor, duck his boomerangs and jump when he goes to slide at you. And for
    some reason, he... explodes when you beat him o_O
    New Weapon: Boomerang Bullet.
    11. To the Wildlife Memorial.
    Here's how to check if you're following this guide correctly: When you reach
    the Wildlife Memorial, there should be punks with rifles walking around,
    instead of the soldiers and biots you've been fighting the entire time.
    Here's how to start the level: Ride the first evelator up to the second floor,
    then go to the left and ride the lowered evelator. Jump up passed the 2nd door
    and keep going to find the 4th machine. When you reach the aviary, the boss is
    waiting on top of the dinosaur skeleton.
    BOSS - Gang Leader Rob
    This guy is almost the same as Bob, only with more HP and a different attack.
    He'll slide from side to side, then fire off a few rifle bullets, and slide
    again. Use the same stragey as you did with Bob, jumping when he slides, and
    ducking underneath his bullets. And just like Bob, he explodes when he is
    defeated o_O
    12. Now the choice comes up to attack Maximum inc. or Sean One's orbital
    platform. There is a passage to in Maximum that leads to a shuttle set for
    the Orbital Platform, so you can do both! At the first evelator inside Maximum,
    head up and to the right for a new door. Now you're on the Hellevator! Try to
    keep the spider robots from knocking your rope off the walls and ceiling.
    13. Defeat the Triads.
    First, you must defeat them individually, then all at once.
    BOSSES - The Triads
    There are three Triads, and they each have a different way of pummeling
    heroes such as yourself. If you have 4 Weapon Upgrades, you can finish them
    in a matter of seconds. After you beat them all one-by-one, they will gang
    up on you. If you read the cutscenes earlier, you'll know that thier powers
    expand when they are close to eachother, so they'll be a bit tougher the second
    time around, but not by much.
    After taking out the super-powered trio, run to the open doorway to the
    right, to a ladder in the floor.
    If you do go down the ladder, you'll skip straight to the Tube Train Station
    and miss the chance to defeat Sean one, effectively screwing up your ending.
    Instead, head right and blast the ceiling to open a new path. Don't worry about
    the machines and doors, as all that's hidden here is a Weapon Upgrade, which
    you probably don't need at this point. When you find the 1 Machine, just walk
    passed it, up the stairs to a shuttle which was meant to carry the Triads to
    the Orbital Platform. Now that they're gone, you can just borrow it for a
    little while.
    14. You'll find yourself in Sean One's house, with a fleet of Star Wars-like
    space ships in the background, waiting for the order to attack earth. There
    are several good items here, if you've got the patience to find them all. The
    enemies here are especially annoying, because they are all armed with Homing
    Missile-type guns. You can fight fire with fire if you set the Homing Missle
    to X, and the Devastator to Y, making your fully charged shots lock-on. Now,
    this is one of the points that determines whether or not you get the best
    ending. You must go to the other side of the station and destroy the main
    computer. Head as far left as you can, to the opposite side of the platform,
    which looks likes a long green glass corridor. You can jump through a piece of
    the floor here, and you can use your Spread Shot to find it. Drop down through
    the floor and hold <-- to get the Spirit Quarter! You may lose a few lives
    trying to get it, but its definetly worth it. After dropping down through the
    floor, swing to the right and shoot the wall open, then swing right again. As
    you stumble upon the main computer, you'll come to a short cutscene. When the
    computer is completely destroyed, you'll get another cutscene. It may be
    difficult getting back out of there, however. Now you need to find Sean One and
    his Damacles Cannon. Swing back to the hole in the floor and jump up through it
    before heading right again. Try to stay on the lower level, and you'll
    eventually find Sean One in a little floaty thingy.
    He flies around in a little pod with some guns on the bottom. He starts on
    the right side of the screen, then flies left. He'll fire the center gun, then
    the side ones, then all three. You can only hit him from above, so use the
    rope wisely.
    After you beat him, he'll instruct some minions to start preparing the Damacles
    Cannon for firing. Go right and shoot the floor a few times to drop down onto
    the cannon itself. You can't damage the cannon directly, so go for its power
    cells, which are the large boxes on the walls. Sean One will be shooting at
    you from his floaty thingy, and hes invincible this time, so don't bother
    trying to shoot him down. If you check the center of the cannon, you'll
    notice some energy building up! You only have a limited time for this, but
    it should be enough. If you need it, there is a Maximum Ammo just beneath the
    weapon barrel. Enjoy this diagram I made:
    0 = the boxes
    + = starting position
    X = a Maximum Ammo if you need it.
    0__  _____  ___0
    0__  _____  _+_0
    ___  _____  ___0
    15. Now is the time for you to enter the Tube-Train Station, which just so
    happens to lead directly into Maximum Inc.'s innercore, which is very handy for
    you. As you enter the train station, you immediatly land on the back of the
    train. You'll almost instantly be hit by a barrage of bullets, biots, and
    bikers. I recommend you have Spread set to X and Y, as the enemies move too
    quickly for your other weapons. Make your way to the right, just keep firing
    the entire time. As you reach the other end, you'll find a big spider-biot,
    the same as the one in the factory. Hop up and down, firing into the eye
    between its mandables. When you take it out, it redirects the train which
    crashes into Maximum's innercore!
    Here it is... the last area. You'll wind up in Maximum's innercore, which
    is essentially a series of rooms and boss fights. As you approach the nearby
    door, Graft will appear in another of his Warehouse robots.
    This is the same as the one in the factory, down to the last detail. It follows
    the same patterns as the previous one, so you should dispatch it in the same
    manner. Since you have stronger weapons, more HP and Ammo, and better defense,
    this thing should be the easiest boss yet.
    When that explodes, the Phantom will have a short talk with Graft, and then
    leave him there. In the elevator shaft, the ceiling conciels a 1-Up, and the
    bottom of the shaft has a First-Aid Kit, an Energy Aid Kit, a Max HP, and a Max
    Ammo, which is everything you'll need for this particular section.
    As you go into the next room, you'll be attacked by an upgraded version of the
    Legion Biot.
    This robot is alot more powerful then the first time you fought it, and its got
    a little help this time around. The small hovering thingies will float around
    and take pot-shots at you, so use the Armor to withstand its hits. Once again,
    blow up its leg joints, then shoot at it as it flys back and forth. The Wave
    Gun is very useful on its second form, especially combined with the Damage X2.
    Once that is over, another door opens up. Maxwell Jr. controlled the Legion
    Biot remotely, through a virtual-reality system. Obviously he knows that you
    just blew it up. Kick him out of the chair and he'll tell you some things, then
    the door in the ceiling opens, unlocking a path to the right. If you see
    Rebecca standing in the middle of the HUGE room, then you/I/we ****ed up
    somewhere. If not, then jump to the other side of the room, go through the
    door and into a cutscene leading to the... final boss.
    This is the last boss, so its got a bunch of different forms. Use your armor,
    First-Aid Kits and Energy-Aid Kits liberally, and hope you have alot of lives
    built up. This boss can be hard, but you should be able to do it. Good luck!
    For the first form, he'll try to to punch you and blast you. You can attack
    the arms to disable them, but the main target is his face. Fire at his face
    while avoiding the spread of bullets. When his mask is gone, and his arms are
    disabled, you'll move to the second form.
    His arms will fall from the ceiling, and stick out of the floor. Use the
    Wavegun and the armor to break the bulbs, blowing out the outter ones, then
    the ones in the center. If you break the outter ones last, you'll die when
    the platform crumbles. After you break all the blubs, you'll move onto his
    next form.
    Maxwell will bob his head up and down, trying to crush you and blast you. You
    have to jump up on his head and shoot the spine, which has three sections to
    it. When they're all gone, he'll smash the platform and you'll face the final
    Now, you have to defeat Maxwell's big floating head thingy as the two of you
    race up a burning elevator shaft covered in viens and organs. You've got to
    stand on his head and shoot at him while he flies around in circles. He doesn't
    fire back, but he will fly through the walls and things to try to dump you off
    into the fire below. This is a fairly annoying fight and will test your Extra
    Lives more then your actual skill. This is a difficult bit as some of your
    weapons don't work like they should: Homing Missiles don't lock on, Devastors
    don't charge, and Breakers don't stick to things. And of course, the Wavegun
    and Punch are completely useless. You won't need any of your First-Aid or
    Energy-Aid Kits here, as you will simply die and get full HP/MP when you fall
    down. The rope is especially useful here, so lets pray to the man upstairs you
    know how to climb walls. After a few minutes of climbing, jumping, firing and
    dieing, the fight sequence will abruptly end. 
    If this doesn't work for you, this passcode should power-up
    your Phantom and drop you off at the Tube-Train Station, 
    ready for the last level with pretty much everything.
    _ = blank space
    Me: For creating this guide.
    Nintendo: For creating the SNES.
    Viacom New Media: For creating this beatiful game.
    CjayC: For creating GameFAQs and hosting this guide.
    Leo Chan: For posting the guide on NeoSeeker.
    If you have questions about a certain boss,
    have found errors in my guide, need hints or tips,
    thought me to be a little vague or unclear about stuff,
    or want permission to host this guide on your site,
    contact me at hypertailsturbo@yahoo.com
    and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
    End of file. =P

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