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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Fusion Inc

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    ||                       ||
    ||     PHANTOM 2040      ||
    ||   Sega Genesis/SNES   ||
    ||   Dark Fusion, Inc.   ||
    ||                       ||
    1. Introduction
         b)Game Review
         c)About Me
    2. Version Guide
    3. Controlling the Phantom
    4. Gameplay
    5. Game Guide
         a)Guide TOC
         b)Skeleton Walkthrough
         c)Full Walkthrough
    6. Items & Objects
         c)Keycards & Objects
    7. Metropia Regions
    8. Variables & Endings
         a)Path Tree
    9. Characters
         a)The Phantom/Kit Walker
    10. Secrets
    ::-::-:: Storyline ::-::-::
    "The year is 2040. The place is Metropia."
    The megalopolis of Metropia is falling under a shroud of violence, pollution 
    and horrific environmental damage, mainly due to the massive corporation of 
    Maximum, Inc. The only man who had any chance of stopping Maximum from 
    dominating Metropia is dead, killed in a train wreck along with Maximum's 
    founding chairperson, Maxwell Madison.
    Now, Maxwell's wife Rebecca Madison is beginning to put Maximum's dark plans 
    into motion. Armies of combat biots are ready to be unleashed on the city. 
    Construction of a super-powered battleship is underway. Harvested plant roots 
    from the 'Ghost Jungle' are being sent to Sean One's orbital platform to power 
    a bio-synthetic supercannon. And Rebecca is bent on capturing the world's last
    Black Panther in a ploy to use its special blood to transfer her husband's
    surviving brainwaves into a new body.
    As the world crumbles, the son of the 23rd Phantom, Kit Walker, rises up to 
    finish what his father started: to finally stop Maximum.
    ::-::-:: Review ::-::-::
    "The year is 2040. The place is Metropia."
    It's not all that often that a game with a perfect combination of depth, action
    and sound comes along. The vast, vast majority of games come missing at least 
    one of these valuable elements. Phantom 2040 succeeds admirably in all three 
    STORY: 10/10
         - Plotline: 10/10
         - Comprehension: 9/10
    Some of you may have seen the Phantom 2040 animated TV series. How much you can
    truly appreciate the involved storyline depends on one major thing: whether you
    have watched the TV series or not (even just the first episode). While the 
    game's interpretation of the show's storyline is flawless, it doesn't spend 
    much time explaining "The Story So Far". Even if you've just read the old 
    Phantom comics, you'll understand a fair bit about the origins of the Phantom.
    The story is set in a futuristic New York City, renamed Metropia, in the year 
    2040. Pollution, environmental chaos and corrupted global megacorporations are 
    among the Earth's major problems. One corporation in particular, Maximum 
    Incorporated, is an extreme threat. Maximum's chairperson, Rebecca Madison, 
    plans to rule Metropia and the world, driven near insanity by the death of her 
    husband Maxwell Madison Sr. a decade ago in a horrific train crash on the east
    side of the city. Killed along with Maxwell was the 23rd Phantom, Kit Walker, 
    the only hope for the downfall of Maximum, Inc.
    Guran, a descendant of the ancient African tribe dedicated to the protection of
    the Phantom's secret, seeks out the Phantom's son (also named Kit) to tell him 
    of his true heritage. Kit becomes the 24th Phantom, teaming up with Guran, the 
    orphaned Sparks and Professor Jack Archer to save Metropia from Rebecca 
    Madison's tyranny.
    It won't be easy, though: Rebecca has legions of Combat Biots at her disposal, 
    connections with Sean One (leader of the Free Orbital movement and first human 
    born in outer space) of the Orbital Colonies, and plans to construct a 
    devastating battleship in an attempt to force the government to legalise Combat
    Biots. Her enslaved Head of Security, the half-biot Graft, has his life utterly
    controlled by Rebecca and will follow her to the end.
    Other characters tied in with the Phantom and Maximum, Inc. include Tracker, 
    an outlawed bounty hunter who seeks the last Black Panther; Mars, a ex-general
    who seeks revenge on the government for the death of his family; Mr. Cairo, a 
    shady information dealer who rarely appears in person, instead using holograms;
    and Sean One, a dangerous terrorist with plans to build a biosynthetic 
    supercannon on board his Orbital Platform.
    The game's storyline begins with the mysterious disappearance of Kit's friend 
    Jack Archer. As Kit sets out to find him, he discovers that the ship-building 
    Oines Industries is a front for Maximum's plans to construct a battleship. Kit
    vowes to protect the Political Summit from Rebecca Madison's wrath, but along 
    the way there are lives to be saved and choices to be made.
    The cutscenes of Phantom 2040 involve small sequences with realistic text 
    SOUND: 10/10
         - SFX: 10/10
         - Music: 10/10
    If there's one thing I can't get over in Phantom 2040, it's the superb quality
    of music and sound effects. The original soundtrack is one to be remembered. 
    Each chapter of the game has its own distinct melody, along with the three 
    different sets of boss music and opening melody. The sound of the Black Panther
    roaring with the Sega logo and Rebecca Madison laughing when you get Game Over
    are great (for the game's era). The realistic (once again, for the game's era)
    explosions heard every time a biot explodes are also fantastic. The music stays
    quiet when you're in an area irrelevant to your current objective, but flares 
    up when you're in the right place (also indicated by the flashing locations on
    the Metropian Map). The boss music is especially action-packed (with the 
    exception of one track which can admittedly become repetitive).
    All in all, the music of Phantom 2040 is a great addition to the game, and it's 
    easy to tell that without it the game would be rather bland. I'm looking into 
    making some modern versions of the best tracks, which include the Chapter Five
    music, the Final Boss music, the opening melody, and 
    ::-::-:: About Me ::-::-::
    Dark Fusion, Inc. is a corporation dedicated to the various industries of 
    video game guides and in-depth game analysis. Our motto is "You've never really
    completed a game until you've written a guide on it", and our various writers
    have posted many guides on GameFAQs.
    Phantom 2040 is a game that I have grown up with, having loved the television
    series and the old Phantom comics. The Sega Genesis is somewhat of a legendary
    console in my eyes, hosting so many games for which I have an undying bond, 
    Phantom 2040 being one of them. Read one of the four reviews at GameFAQs for
    the SNES version of this game to understand the common opinion that this game
    is one of the most serious cases of 'undiscovered-ness' ever. It should
    rightfully stand alongside Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda and Super
    Metroid as one of the greatest first-generation games.
    V.1.0           25/11/05\
    - Beginning of guide
    - Introduction complete
    - Skeleton walkthrough complete
    - Full walkthrough done to Chapter 2
    - Path Tree started
    V.1.1           27/05/06\
    - Guide accepted on GameFAQs
    - Variables and Endings mostly completed
    This brief guide outlines the basic objectives of each chapter without going
    into into heavy detail about the exact routes and strategies. It also contains
    no spoilers story-wise and can be used safely without fear of completely
    ruining the game experience.
    [Chapter 1: On the Road to Extinction]
    1. Head left into University and locate Lab Assistant.
    2. Head right and destroy Biot Hypercruiser.
    - Head left into Warehouse (Upper or Lower Levels, depending on choice at 
    - Find Graft and defeat him in the Urban Combat Biot Walker.
    - Head right through Docks.
    - Board Gunship and fight Mercenaries on way to Industrial Area.
    - Head right into East Sector and collect Inductance Rope upgrade.
    - Return to West Sector and climb construction site to Convoy.
    - Get to front of Convoy and defeat Tracker.
    [Chapter 2: Maximum Trouble]
    1. Head up through Secret Sewer to Ruins.
    2. Go to Ruins via Map.
    1. - Head right a little and enter Sewers.
       - Lower sludge using valves and defeat Gang Leader 1.
    2. - Head to far right of Ruins.
       - Defeat/Avoid Battle Jeep.
       - Unlock Gate and use valve to lower Sludge.
       - Enter Sewers and obtain Invisibility from Ship Factory.
    1. - Go through Ship Factory.
       - Defeat Prometheus.
    2. - Use Invisibility to enter Maximum, Inc.
       - Go through Ground Floor and defeat Graft in Melee Biot Walker.
    [Chapter 3: Eco System Overload]
    - Head to West Ghost Jungle.
    - Find and defeat Blue Harvester and Green Harvester.
    - Head through passage to East Ghost Jungle.
    - Defeat Red Harvester.
    - Return to Lair and pass through to East Ghost Jungle.
    - Defeat Tracker and Blue Legion.
    [Chapter 4: Technowar]
    1. - Enter University and enter Upper or Lower Labs (depending on choice made 
    in Chapter 2).
       - Go through, collect Shipment Files and defeat Claw Mutant.
    1. - Go through Spaceport and defeat Graft in Blue Melee Biot Walker.
    2. - Head to Upper Floors and find Retina Scan.
    2. - Go through Biot Factory and defeat all three Spider Biots.
       - Ride Missile and destroy all the rockets and bombs.
    [Chapter 5: Political Environment]
    - Head right to East Ruins and enter sewer, lowering sludge using valve if not
      already done in Chapter 2.
    - Use Totem to enter Lower Sewers.
    - Head through Lower Sewers and defeat Gang Leader 2.
    1. Tell Mr. Cairo location of Summit.
    2. Go to Guran and don't tell Cairo Summit location.
    - Go through Wildlife Museum to top.
    - Fight Terrorist if you gave Cairo Summit location.
    - Get to front of Convoy (far right) and get onboard Prometheus.
    - Enter the Cannon Shaft and get to the front, ducking in spaces to avoid 
      cannon blasts.
    - Destroy Cannon and enter Control Room.
    - Defeat Mars.
    - Head through to Prometheus Core and defeat Graft.
    [Chapter 6: Tools of Destruction]
    1. - Head to Upper Floors and get into Hellevator.
       - Ride Hellevator to Maximum Security Centre.
       - Defeat Triads separately then together.
    - Exit Security Centre.
    - Locate secret ship to Orbital Platform (scroll down to "ORBITAL PLATFORM").
    2. - Head through Spaceport (using shortcut if wanted) and board ship.
    2. - Locate and destroy Sean One's Computer (OPTIONAL).
       - Find and defeat Sean One.
       - Destroy Damocles Cannon (OPTIONAL).
    [Chapter 7: Maximum Overdrive]
    - Get to front of Tube Train (far right) and defeat Red Spider Biot.
    - Defeat Green UCBW and Red Legion.
    1. Defeat Triads.
    2. Destroy Maxwell Senior.
    ::-::-:: Contents ::-::-::
    Chapter 1: On the Road to Extinction
    Chapter 2: Maximum Trouble
                a)Rescue Mission
                b)The Prometheus
    Chapter 3: Ecosystem Overload
    Chapter 4: Technowar
                a)Mutant Harvest
                b)Mechanical Threat
    Chapter 5: Political Environment
    Chapter 6: Tools of Destruction
                a)Maximum Orbit
    Chapter 7: Maximum Overdrive
    	|					         |
    	|					         |
    (Kit walks into University)
    Kit: Professor, I found this strange leaf in the Ghost Jungle. Can you tell me
    what it is?
    Archer: Later perhaps.
    Kit: But Professor...
    Archer: I said later. As I recall you have some homework to do.
    (Kit leaves University)
    Kit: The Professor's acting strange. I wonder if...
    (Massive explosion from University, Kit turns into Phantom, biots leave the 
    University in a Hypercruiser)
    University > Exterior
    Wow, first up and we already have a direct choice. I'll list the two paths 
    below separately, though they only matter for a short time. Keep this format in
    mind for the rest of the walkthrough.
    Head left and use the Inductance Rope to climb the wall above the entrance into
    the university. Grab the Energy Aid at the top. Repeat for the wall at the right
    side of the clearing, making sure to blast the biots in your way. They're only
    Grey Biots, so three shots of the Energy Blast will destroy them. Grab the
    First Aid, then head back to the far left into the University.
    University > Interior
    This is your only chance to completely explore the University before it becomes
    blocked by rubble. Head along the top ledge to the left, grabbing the First
    Aid, before falling down to the bottom on the far left and using the Access
    Grate. Head through the Sewers to the grate on the other side.
    Ship Factory > Construction Center (VIA Sewers)
    Destroy the block above you (the one with yellow stripes in the middle), jump
    up and repeat to grab an Energy Upgrade.
    Game Outcomes: Access Upper Levels of Warehouse rather than Lower Levels.
    Other: Obtain Upper Warehouse Keycard.
    Head along the bottom of the University to the far right, then use the small
    elevator to get up to the Lab Assistant lying on the floor.
    Assistant: Biots stole our computer chip research for Oines Industry, the 
    destroyed the lab. Archer simply vanished? Too coincedental for him not to be
    Phantom: Oines Industries?
    Assistant: Down in the warehouse district. Here, take my keycard - it'll get
    you in.
    Phantom: Good, let's get going.
    (In Skull Lair)
    Phantom: Bad news, Guran. The University exploded and Archer vanished. A lab
    tech gave me a keycard to a warehouse. He suspects Archer was involved.
    Guran: Archer? Couldn't be.
    Phantom: I agree. Several biots leaving at the time of the blast must've had
    something to do with it. The tech gave me a warehouse keycard. I'll start 
    Warehouse > Docks
    Jump up to the ledge on the left and the gate into the Warehouse will open for
    you, so head in.
    Warehouse > Upper Levels
    As you enter the Warehouse. you'll see a large stack of crates, two of which
    appear different from the rest. These are Explosive Crates, and will explode
    shortly after they are shot, sending out five plumes of fire. They often set
    each other off in a chain reaction when close together, and can be used
    strategically to destroy biots. Shoot the one you see to destroy the biot
    walking near them. The crates also drop pick-ups when destroyed.
    Keep heading left and you'll come across two thinner destructable walls. 
    Several shots of your Energy Blast will destroy them, allowing you to grab
    the First Aid kit inside. Head back out to the right to the first pile of
    crates you see, and use them to jump up onto the suspended platform to the 
    right. From here you can jump onto the next platform and then up and left
    onto a walkway with a large monitor screen. Head left through the gap and look
    below you for a section of floor different from the others, with a straight
    grey line beneath it instead of a broken line. Destroy this block and drop down
    to get a Large Spirit refill and another First Aid.
    Jump back up and keep going left, jumping up to the right when you can to 
    another walkway. Above you will be a small alcove with an Energy Upgrade; 
    destroy the weak section of ceiling to reach it. Head back along to the left
    and drop down to Lock 1, but instead of destroying it use your Rope to climb
    the left wall to a platform from which you can destroy the weak ceiling, 
    grabbing the Spirit Upgrade. Now drop down and destroy Lock 1. When Gate 1
    opens, yet another First Aid will be revealed, so grab it and head through.
    On the other side, climb the right wall and get on the above walkway, then
    head left to another ceiling alcove with a Full Spirit item inside that will
    heal you to full health. Destroy the weak section and grab it if you need it, 
    then continue left to an elevator on the far left side of the Warehouse. Drop
    down to the first landing below you and head right to a weak wall, separating
    you from an Energy Aid. Blast through and grab it, then destroy the floor
    below you for a fourth First Aid. Drop down and head right, then down to reach
    Gate 2. Blast it and drop down to the left side of Gate 3 (inaccesible from
    here), then blast the wall on your left to grab a Large Spirit and Large
    Energy pack. Now go back outside and head up the elevator to meet Graft.
    Game Outcomes: Access Lower Levels of Warehouse rather than Upper Levels.
    Other: Destroyed Hypercruiser remains in Docks for rest of game.
    Head back to the top right of the University and leave.
    University Entrance
    Run to the far right and watch as the gate closes behind you. Keep going right
    to trigger your first boss battle.
    Techniques: Small Energy Blast, Biot Drop-Off, Speed
    Health: 60 (60 Lvl.1 Energy Blast shots)
    Weak Points: Windshield, Energy Blasters
    - Initial rise from ground level, heads right out of view at ledge height
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Flies across top at slow speed, right to left
    - Flies back along ledge to right at same speed after small pause
    - Drops off Grey Biots halfway across return flight, continues at slightly
    higher altitude
    - Another sweep across top from right to left at fast speed
    - Sweep from left to right along ledge at fast speed, no drop off
    *Cycle Ends*
    Chase the Hypercruiser up the shaft of ledges, preferable on the right side of
    the shaft to allow you to blast the windshield. Don't worry about the cannon
    fire yet, assuming you're at full or almost full health. As you near the top,
    jump to the left over the Hypercruiser to land on the ledge, which is where
    you'll be staying for most of the battle. The Hypercruiser has a set pattern:
    it sweeps from right to left across the top, level with the small green ledge
    on the top right; then returns at your height from left to right, pausing to
    drop off two Grey Biots before heading out of sight; then repeats this at a 
    faster speed and without dropping off biots. So remember this: every second
    round the vehicle will deposit biots and go at a slower speed. This is your
    main time to attack.
    Anyway, as the battle starts and you're left alone, jump up to the thin green
    ledge at the top left and prepare to hit the Hypercruiser with a barrage of
    blasts as it flies towards you, falling down through the platform at the last
    second to avoid ram damage (hold Down and press Jump to fall through certain
    thin platforms). Then head to the far right of the ledge, face left, and repeat
    when it flies back. As it drops off the biots, duck and destroy them by 
    blasting their legs to take them out and avoid ram damage as the cruiser flies
    overhead. Repeat this pattern, but beware as the Hypercruiser will fly much
    faster this time around and every second following sweep. Eventually, you'll
    destroy the cannons and pilot, bringing the Hypercruiser down.
    (Phantom and Guran in Skull Lair)
    Phantom: Bad news, Guran. The University exploded after I left. I'm having the
    computer trace a licence plate number of biots that fled the scene.
    Guran: And what of Archer?
    Phantom: He disappeared. Hope he's alright. Look! The Hypercruiser is owned by
    Oines Industries...that's the warehouse district.
    Warehouse > Docks
    Sprint left through the open gate into the Warehouse.
    Warehouse > Lower Levels
    Head left a few metres and you'll notice one of the floor sections below you
    looks different from the rest: the grey line beneath it isn't broken. You can
    destroy it by jumping up and shooting down at it. Drop through once it's gone
    and destroy the floor section below you again, at the foot of the monitor 
    screen. Destroy the thin wall on your right, shoot the weapon crate, and grab
    the EXPLOSIVES that drop out. Jump up and grab the First Aid kit then use the
    Access Grate beneath you to head into the Sewers.
    Maximum Building > Lower Levels (VIA Sewers)
    Grab the Energy Aid and First Aid to the right, and you'll see Archer in a cage
    in the next room. So he's being held hostage by Maximum! We'll get to him in a 
    while. Head back through the Sewers to the Warehouse.
    Warehouse > Lower Levels
    Head left out of this room and jump back up to the original walkway. Run left
    along here, and you'll reach a blue Biot Walker, one of many around the 
    Warehouse. You can use it by jumping into it, using your weapon buttons to
    lunge with the claw and moving left and right with the controls. Jump to get
    out of the machine. The claw is good at destroy both biots and walls, though
    you can just step on biots to destroy them. Either way, head left and destroy
    the wall to grab the First Aid kit and Large Energy. If you're using the Walker
    then you'll need to abandon it to get over the bump in the floor. Drop down
    next to Lock 3 but before you head through go right. Destroy the wall when you
    reach it and grab the Energy Aid inside. Now you can destroy the Lock and head
    Destroy the wall on the other side to grab a Large Spirit and Large Energy, 
    then jump up the elevator shaft to meet Graft.
    (Graft opens link with Sean One)
    Graft: Stop sniveling, Sean. The Warehouse will explode before the police
    investigate. The countdown sequence has begun.
    Sean One: There is one who knows of my connection.
    Graft: Archer? He's scheduled for termination.
    (Opens link with Tracker)
    Graft: Bring back the Black Panther, Tracker, or die like a dog!
    Tracker: Power down, tin man. It was too easy to pass up. I'd chat, but I'm
    meeting with a wealthy collector.
    (Opens link with Mars)
    Graft: Mars. Do what you must, but Maximum, Inc. needs the Panther alive.
    Phantom: I've heard enough, Graft!
    Graft: Phantom! Those are the last words you will ever hear!
    Techniques: Fire Explosives, Claw Lunge, Large Energy Blast
    Health: A.80 (Claw), A.120 (Legs), A.50 (Head)
    Weak Points: Claw, Legs (after Claw is destroyed), Head (after Legs gone)
    Rewards: Breaker
    [With Claw]
    - Enters room from left
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Pauses at left and fires two volleys of Fire Explosives, first one low and
    second one high
    - Walks across room, pausing three times to lunge with claw
    - Walks backwards once it reaches wall, pausing twice to shoot with Large 
    Energy Blast at mid-level
    *Cycle Ends*
    [With Legs, Without Claw]
    - Same as With Claw, but fires Large Energy Blast instead of using Claw
    [Without Legs]
    - Head rolls back and forth across room, firing volleys of Fire Explosives
    about every five seconds
    You're probably saying "How in Heck am I supposed to destroy that behemoth?" to
    yourself. Well, a general tip for this battle is to never leave the right half
    of the screen.
    Start off by getting as high as you can, usually by hanging from the ceiling.
    Graft will fire a volley of explosives across the ground, leaving flames in
    their wake. As soon as you can, drop down to a safe spot to dodge the next wave
    of bombs over your head. Once the metal monster begins to trudge across the 
    room, hang on the corner above your head so you're at the same height as his
    claw, then blast away at it. If you're quick enough, you should be able to
    destroy it before he reaches you. If not, get above or below the claw as it
    lunges at you, then return to your position as he moves back, dropping when
    he bends over to fire a powerful blast at you.
    Once the claw's gone, simply stand and obliterate the legs of the walker. Once
    Graft reaches the left of the room, dodge the two volleys of explosives and 
    finish the legs off. You'll probably run out of ammo midway through, so you can
    either use an Energy Kit or use carefully aimed flying kicks to do the job. I'm
    an expert at this game, so I can unleash a wave of kicks without even touching
    the ground. You might need the Kit, however.
    Watch the legs crumble, but don't celebrate yet. As the Legs finish exploding,
    the Head will fall to the ground and roll back and fortha cross the room. Grab
    the Large Energy it drops, get over to the far left to dodge the constant
    explosives and let loose on the head with everything you have until its final
    demise. Walk over to Graft to finish the battle.
    Phantom: Where is Archer and why does Maximum, Inc. want him dead?
    Graft: I don't know.
    Phantom: And what about that Panther?
    Graft: Don't worry, it'll soon become extinct. And so will you!
    (Warehouse explodes, Enforcers arrive at the scene. Dr Jak reports)
    Doctor: The Doctor is in! Enforcers, any hints to who blew the University Labs 
    and Warehouse to nanobits?
    Enforcer Cruz: The Phantom was seen fleeing both these crimes.
    Warehouse > Docks
    You'll start right in front of the Gate leading to the Docks, and it'll open
    for you. Grab the First Aid and pass through. You might want to try out the
    Breakers here, your reward for defeating Graft. They're powerful bombs that
    latch onto enemies and explode, but use more energy.
    If you're skilled enough with the Inductance Rope, you can climb the wall to
    your left and swing across the ceiling to grab a 1-Up. Continue heading right,
    destroying any Grey Biots who get in your way, and you'll soon end up at the
    edge of the Docks, where you can board Mars's Gunship.
    Metropian Skies > Gunship
    Mercenary: Mars, Trackerís in the Industrial Sector. The Gunship arrives there 
    Mars: Good, ready your troops for battle.
    As soon as you gain control, jump onto the Gunship before the platform you're
    standing on retracts. The Gunship will take off towards the Industrial Area. 
    Kill any Mercenaries in front of you, then either defend yourself by destroying
    the cannons and respawning attackers, or by jumping around like crazy dodging
    the Energy Blasts shot at you. As the Gunship slows down, head to the right
    side of the ship and get ready to disembark on the platform that extends.
    Industrial Area > West Sector
    Welcome to the large, expansive Industrial Area, useful only in this chapter.
    That's right - you have absolutely no reason to return here later in the game
    unless you don't collect everything now.
    Unfortunately, there's nothing to do here in the West Sector due to your
    short Inductance Rope, so head right and destroy the Lock you come across 
    to head east into the East Sector (killing any Mercenaries in your way, of
    course). Grab the First Aid on your way through the opened Gate 1.
    Industrial Area > East Sector
    If you haven't already figured it out, you'll be assaulted by wave after wave
    of Grey Jetbiots during your time at the Industrial Area. Luckily, they only 
    take two hits from your Energy Blast. Unluckily, they won't leave you alone
    until they've fired their one shot. You might want to ignore them, or you might
    want to vent your frustration on them.
    As you enter the East Sector, you'll see a flaming jet in front of you. Wait
    for it to die down, then make your best attempt at jumping out over the plasma
    and grabbing the wall with your Rope. Don't worry if you fall. Get out on 
    the other side and grab the Inductance Rope Upgrade, vital to your navigation 
    of the West Sector. Don't head back yet, though: there's plenty to grab around 
    here first.
    Once you're satisfied with your treasure horde, head back left to the West 
    Industrial Area > West Sector
    Here you'll be attacked by dangerous Blue Mounted Biots, who'll appear with the
    sound of a revving car and try to impale you on the spikes attached to their 
    Hypercycles. They are even weaker than the Jetbiots, so make sure you don't get
    hit by their blades.
    In the top-right corner of the Sector is an enclosed section, seemingly 
    impenetrable. However, there's a destructible section of wall at the top that
    will allow you in. Destroy the Lock and grab the 1-Up when the Gate opens, then
    use the elevator to reach Tracker's Convoy.
    Metropian Skies > Tracker's Convoy
    Suddenly you'll be riding one of the ships in Tracker's Convoy, surrounding by
    Mounted Biots and cannons. Don't bother trying to destroy the cannons; there's
    thousands of them.
    Use your Rope to swing through the gap above your head (you'll notice a lot of
    the "ships" look a lot like cards or Landrovers), then sprint right, jumping 
    along the tops of the vehicles. You can actually explore this whole Convoy, but
    it's horribly dangerous and time-consuming. Eventually you'll land on one of
    the large ships only to be ambushed by Tracker, taunting you with the Black
    Panther above his head.
    Techniques: Webgun, Summon Mercenaries, Summon Assault Ship
    Health: A.200
    Weak Points: All
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Fires Webgun straight ahead at head height
    - Assault Ship lowers on opposite side and fires four Large Energy Blasts, 
    each slightly higher than the previous
    - Tracker jumps to opposite side
    - Two Green Mercenaries land
    *Cycle Ends*
    You'll notice quite a lot is going on in this battle. Tracker uses his very
    dangerous Webgun to try and immobilise you, while bombarding you with an
    Assault Ship and dozens of Mercenaries. Strangely enough, you can stay
    almost completely unharmed by simply ducking. Make sure you don't duck next to
    Tracker on either side, or the Webgun tends to hit you, and if it does it will
    not only take off a fair size of health but also leave you helpless to the 
    Assault Ship and Mercenaries (who, unlike Biots, can't fire downward).
    So all you have to do is duck in the middle and fire endlessly with Energy 
    Blast or Breakers at Tracker, turning around when he jumps to the other side.
    Using Breakers is risky, because when the Mercenaries arrive you'll often hit
    them with a dozen Breakers before the first one actually explodes, meaning you
    waste a fair bit of energy.
    If you run out of energy, you can duck and kick Tracker's legs while still 
    staying unscathed. After the ship fires and Tracker jumps over, sprint to the
    other side and start kicking as he lands. Or you could use an Energy Aid, since
    you'll still start the next chapter with no energy.
    (Dr. Jak reports on the Phantom's attack on Tracker)
    Jak: More fun, folks! Rush hour, the Phantom attacked a citizen, stealing the 
    only Black Panther alive. Let's hear from ex-military leader Mars.
    (Tracker's Convoy crashes into Metropian skyscraper, Phantom is seen 
    parachuting down)
    Mars: The city's unsafe as long as that purple maniac is loose!
    (Report moves to Ship Factory)
    Jak: Decisions, decisions! Combat biots illegal? Pollution problems caused by 
    new biot factories? More to come when the Political Summit meets at its secret
    (Report moves to Ruins)
    Jak: We're going live to the west side! An explosion, courtesy of the radical 
    Humans 4 Humans group, has demolished a section of the city! Riots break out! 
    Roving gangs terrorize survivors! What entertainment! Remember, if I didn't see
    it, it didn't happen!
    	|					         |
    	|           CHAPTER 2: MAXIMUM TROUBLE           |
    	|					         |
    (Phantom talks to Guran in the Skull Lair)
    Phantom: Oines Industries is a front for Maximum, Inc., Sean One's research 
    project and Maximum has Jack Archer!
    Guran: Metropia and Archer are in danger. As for the Panther...bring him to me 
    so he may roam the jungle once again.
    (Mr. Cairo appears)
    Cairo: Greetings. I am Mr. Cairo. In exchange for the Panther, I offer your 
    friend's whereabouts.
    Phantom: Who should I give the Black Panther to?
    Chapter 2 is the first of three split chapters (each even-numbered chapter is a
    split chapter), and marks the first fork in the path you choose. The choice is 
    simple, but makes a large impact on the progression of the game: should you 
    give the Black Panther to Guran for protection, or trade it to Mr. Cairo for 
    Archer's location?
    If you give it to Guran, he'll open a secret passage to the lair of a dangerous
    criminal who has taken a Humans 4 Humans member hostage. Your mission is to 
    recover this woman, who may have valuable information about Archer's 
    involvement in a plant research project with Maximum, Inc.
    If you trade the Panther to Cairo, the shady dealer will give you an ID card 
    allowing access into a restricted part of the Ship Factory where you can find 
    the Invisibility upgrade, which will in turn allow you to sneak into Maximum 
    Building and rescue Archer.
    Make your choice, move to that character and press up to give them the Panther.
    =:---THE PROMETHEUS---:=
    (Phantom talks to Guran in the Skull Lair)
    Phantom: I don't know, Guran. That was my only lead to Archer.
    Guran: Archer may be involved. A woman of the Humans 4 Humans group tipped me 
    off to an unauthorized military project of plant research.
    Phantom: What woman?
    Guran: A Gang Leader's hostage. The Ruins lie beyond this secret exit. Locate 
    the valve to lower the sewer sludge levels and find his hideout.
    Skull Lair > Lair
    So, you've given the Panther to Guran and now have your mission: find and 
    defeat the Gang Leader.
    NOTE: This is a good time to fully explore the Ghost Jungle and unlock several 
    gates scattered across Metropia, especially while the Jungle is biot-free. See 
    the Ghost Jungle in the Exploration section for tips on the locations of all 
    the secret sewer entrances.
    When you're ready to tackle the Gang Leader, jump up into the secret passage.
    Sewers > Secret Passage
    Climb the wall and head through the first shootable gate on your left. Grab the
    Large Spirit refill and First Aid kit below, then return to the main shaft and 
    continue climbing. Sprint left when you get to the top and swing up into the 
    small gap in the roof halfway along the corridor to find a Full Energy refill 
    that will come in handy if you're still empty from the battle with Tracker. 
    Fall back down the gap, head to the far left and climb up to the Ruins.
    Ruins > West Side
    Throughout the Ruins, you'll encounter a variety of Terrorists, some armed with
    swords and others with mortar launchers. Like the Mercenaries, these human 
    enemies don't drop pick-ups when defeated, so you don't have any obligation to
    fight them. They do pack a punch when you come into contact with them, however.
    Anyway, smack the valve to your immediate right, destroy the crumbling wall and
    head through. There are quite a few goodies to be grabbed throughout the Ruins,
    and I'll help you to the best of my ability to recover them all. Make your way
    up and left to find a Large Energy refill and a First Aid kit, then head to the
    top-right of this area to find Lock 0. Destroy it, drop back down and head 
    through the opened Gate 0 to the right.
    As you pass through, you'll notice a ladder underneath you that leads to the 
    Sewers where you're supposed to be heading. However, there's still some goodies
    to be collected in this section of the Ruins. If you want to go to the Sewers 
    now, scroll down to the heading Sewers > Gang Lair.
    Pass over the Ruins' normal entrance (from the Metropian Map) and swing your 
    way up the wall to the left when you emerge into the open area. Break through 
    the wall, fight or dodge any emeies in your way and keep heading left until you
    reach an enclosed section with three 1-Ups inside. Jump on top of the box 
    they're in and drop down through the thin blocks to grab the 1-Ups.
    Head back right, but instead of dropping back down when you reach the edge 
    swing up the wall on the right and break through the damaged block hiding a 
    1-Up underneath. Drop down on the other side, grab the Large Energy, fall off 
    the right edge and swing in through the first opening through a broken wall on 
    the left. Below you in the short span of ground between the jagged wall and the
    ramp is a damaged block that reveals a First Aid kit when destroyed.
    Jump back up the shaft and head off over the jabbed wall to the right. Make 
    your way further right up a long ramp and over an enclosed section to a flat 
    span. Look for a single thin block on the ground (it's under the brick wall in 
    the foreground), and destroyed the damaged blocks to the left of it to reveal 
    an Energy Aid.
    That's all there is to be had in this section of the Ruins for now. You can 
    explore the East Side as well if you want, but there'll be a mini-boss to fight
    and a fair amount of exploring. The East Side can more easily be explored in 
    Chapter 5 and is also covered in the Exploration section of this guide. So, 
    head back to the left to the ladder you passed over earlier and drop down into 
    the Sewers.
    Sewers > Gang Lair
    The first thing you'll notice is the menacing-looking yellow sludge hanging 
    around below you. The sludge will rise and fall on a regular basis, and you can
    tell when it's about to rise by the sudden drop in the sludge level (it will 
    drop out of the screen then rise considerably). So, when you see it drop, 
    quickly latch onto the roof with your Rope and wait it out.
    For now, you should be able to sprint far enough to the right to hit the valve 
    and lower the sludge. Keep heading to the right and drop down the ladder. Grab 
    the Large Spirit refill down here, head back up the ladder, sprint back to the 
    left and drop down the other ladder you find (it was revealed when the sludge 
    Grab the First Aid you see on the left (you can also use the nearby platform to
    wait out a sludge rise), then sprint to the gate to the right and hit the next 
    valve. You can take the time to destroy any annoying crab biots, then shoot the
    gate below you to the right and carefully drop down by hanging onto the 
    conveyor belt. Go into the small opening on the right and destroy the weakened 
    wall at the end (it's greener than the rest of the wall). Head through 
    carefully and hit the valve you find along with the Energy Aid.
    Drop down the first shaft on the left and destroy the weakened wall allowing 
    access to the Spirit Upgrade in the enclosed area. Then drop down into the room
    (making sure the sludge is at normal level, sprint through the gate to the left
    and hit the valve. Grab the Medium Spirit refill through to the left, then head
    to the very far right of this corridor and down through the gate (if you're 
    finding a lot of Terrorists annoying you and you're at sludge level, a handy 
    trick is to stun them with your Rope then let the sludge take them out while 
    you hang safely from the ceiling).
    In this corridor, make your way to the far right through the gate, hit the 
    valve and grab the Energy Upgrade in the top-left corner. Drop down through 
    the floor gate, destroy the weakened wall on your left, grab the Energy and 
    Spirit refills inside and head back through the gate to the right. Here you'll 
    find one final sludge valve mounted on the wall: hit it, and prepare to face 
    the Gang Leader.
    Techniques: Skid, Boomerang
    Health: A.200
    Weak Points: Anywhere
    Rewards: Boomerang
    - Starts battle on right
    - Skids across to left
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Throws three boomerangs (different heights)
    - Skids across to right as boomerangs fly back
    - Throws three boomerangs (different heights)
    - Skids across to left as boomerangs fly back
    *Cycle Ends*
    This battle isn't too hard at all, but it can be difficult to dodge the Gang
    Leader's attacks. He'll throw three boomerangs, one high, one central and one
    just above crouching head height, then he'll skid rapidly across the room. The
    annoying thing is that the boomerangs also fly back across the room, so you 
    have to time your dodging jumps to avoid both the returning boomerangs and the
    Gang Leader's skid.
    When he's motionless or throwing boomerangs, simply stand on the opposite side
    of the room, duck and hit him as much as you can (because of the ease of 
    hitting him, Breakers can be useful here to quicken the battle). Then when he
    finishes throwing boomerangs and the lowest one has flown over your crouched
    head, stand up and prepare to dodge his skid by timing it so you also jump up
    between the boomerangs. It takes a bit of practice but once you've timed it
    right once it's easy to do it again and again as you repeatedly bombard him.
    (Phantom talks to hostage woman)
    Phantom: What do you know of a secret military project?
    Woman: In a factory on the west side, a ship called the Prometheus is being 
    built to destroy the Political Summit. Its new technology uses plant life and
    light to create a powerful weapon.
    Phantom: Is Maximum, Inc. involved? Or Jack Archer?
    Woman: Mars is leading the project and Archer did the research. They tested the
    weapon on the city, killed my people and we're being blamed for it.
    Phantom: Do you know anything about the plant life?
    Woman: Yes, it was taken from the Ghost Jungle.
    You're back to the Metropian Map, so head to the Ship Factory flashing just to
    the right of the Ruins you're currently highlighting.
    Ship Factory > Main Factory
    NOTE: This is the ONLY time in the game when you can fully explore the Ship
    Factory. It's a relatively small region and is worth the exploration effort.
    So, we have our new mission: find Mars and stop the construction of the 
    As you enter the Ship Factory, grab the Medium Spirit over the entrance but 
    before passing through jump up above the door through a hole in the ceiling
    where Large Spirit and Energy refills await after your battle with the Gang
    Leader. Drop back down and pass through the doorway, and watch as the door
    closes shut behind you.
    Destroy the obvious wall to your right and head in. Sprint to the right, use
    the ceiling conveyor belt to get over the sludge pit and climb the shaft on the
    right. On your left is a weak white section of wall; destroy it and any 
    Mercenaries behind it and head across through more destroyed walls to an Energy
    Upgrade beyond a second weak wall at the end.
    Back on the right, jump over the conveyor belt and destroy the white wall on
    the other side. Head through to the end where you can see Gate 1 and below it
    Lock 1 guarded by Gate 0. A gate puzzle! We still have a fair way to go before
    we pass through Gate 1 to the end of the chapter.
    Near Gate 0 you'll see an Energy Aid in a seemingly impenetrable enclosed wall.
    The trick is to go above it and shoot the flawless steel floor above the Aid
    to grab it. Do the same for a First Aid to the left of it.
    Drop down below Gate 0 and pass behind the foreground fencing to another shaft.
    About halfway down the shaft, just before the solid floor that separates the
    walls, is a large weakened section of wall that can be destroyed. Head through,
    jump up to the platform above and follow it to destroy Lock 3. Drop back down
    and destroy the weakened wall to the left of the conveyor belt. On the other
    side, jump straight up to grab a 1-Up.
    On the left you'll see another conveyor belt that leads left. Just before it
    and at the top of the vertical conveyor belt is a small section of floor with
    yellow stripes on it that can be destroyed. Do so, and follow the shaft down
    destroyed the sections of floor in your way. At the bottom, destroy Lock 4 and
    head through the opened Gate 4. Drop down to the sludge level at the bottom,
    grab the Energy Aid halfway along the corridor of sludge and then head back
    up and left to the top of the shaft that led down to Lock 4.
    Follow the conveyor belt to the left and destroy the weakened wall opposite the
    edge of the platform. Grab the First Aid revealed and head through to the left 
    to find a Spirit Upgrade and an Energy Aid near the ceiling. Drop down through
    the platform below the Upgrade to find an Energy Aid and a rare Power Module 
    (this item increases the power of all your weapons). Head back up and to the 
    right, drop down, destroy the wall and grab the Full Energy refill.
    Head to the far right and drop down the shaft to the sludge level at the 
    bottom. At the left end of this sludge corridor is a 1-Up. Grab it, the head 
    back up the shaft to the Claw Biot visible in the sludge. Use the Claw Biot to 
    march across, destroying any walls in your way with a strike of the claw. Climb
    to the top of the shaft at the end, destroy Lock 0 and head through to find 
    yourself back at the start of the Ship Factory.
    Proceed through the first part of the factory to where Lock 1 was guarded by
    Gate 0 on your previous visit. Destroy the now-vulnerable Lock 1 and head 
    through the opened gate above...
    Phantom: A keycard to the University Lab's lower levels. Was this Archer's?
    Mars: You meddling fool! Prepare to die!
    Techniques: Cannon Fire (3 Fixed Large, 4 Rotating Small)
    Health: Total of A.1000
    Weak Points: Cannons, Armour 
    Rewards: None (Devastator acquired at start of battle)
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Prometheus moves in looping motion in background
    *Cycle Ends*
    (ASCII Map in progress)
    Whoa. The Prometheus has to be one of the biggest, longest, and hardest battles
    in the game - and it's only Chapter 2! There are a total of 13 ship parts to
    destroy as the ship moves around in the background. You're also being assaulted
    by Jet Biots (which provide pickups), along with the ship's seven cannons 
    (three of these are deadly Large Energy Blast cannons and four are rotating
    Small Energy Blast cannons). Then there's six other ship armouring plates to
    destroy to render the Prometheus incapacitated.
    A general rule of this battle is to stay on the platform you start on, 
    occasionally using the platforms below to dodge or hit the lower cannons. As
    soon as the battle starts, pick up the Devastator (though I don't like to use
    it for this fast-paced battle) and start unloading your Energy Blast on one of
    the four rotating small cannons, since they're the most annoying threat. When
    the ship rises to present the three lethal cannons attached underneath, focus
    on dodging the shots they fire or suffer the consequences. Sometimes, other 
    ship parts may get in the way: this is okay since you'll have to destroy those
    parts anyway and once they're destroyed they won't get in your way anymore.
    The ship moves around in approximately a figure-8 pattern, rising and faling to
    reveal and hide the cannons attached underneath while showing different armour
    plates at different times (the plate on the far right is particularly annoying
    to destroy since it appears only briefly). Anyway, make your first task 
    destroying the circular cannons while dodging as many shots as you can 
    (sometimes you won't be able to dodge shots coming from all seven cannons; in
    this case, focus on dodging the lower cannons or use your temporary 
    invulnerability from getting hit to take the large shots without getting hurt).
    Once you've destroyed the three right-most little cannons (the left one is
    annoying to hit and should just be destroyed as a side objective), focus on
    the right-most large cannon which is the most deadly. Dodging it is annoying,
    so take it out as quickly as possible. Then move onto the central large cannon
    and finally the left (which rarely fires). By this time, most of the armour
    plates will probably be destroyed, so kill any leftover and finally the last
    small cannon. Once all the ship parts are destroyed, the ship will burst into
    flames and you'll receive your Chapter 2 Password.
    Mars: You've delayed the ship's completion! Mercenaries, fire up Prometheus'
    engines so they burn up the Phantom.
    Phantom: Why do you want to destroy the Political Summit?
    Mars: The Summit ordered me into a battle that I did not want to fight. While I
    was away my family was killed.
    Phantom: You can't blame them.
    Mars: If I was home I would have saved my family. The Summit will pay...
    Phantom: Hypercycle, lock and find!
    (Phantom flees the Ship Factory on the Hypercycle)
    NOTE: The next section details Chapter 2 when the Black Panther is traded to
    Mr. Cairo. Scroll down to the Chapter 3 heading to continue.
    =:---RESCUE MISSION---:=
    	|					         |
    	|         CHAPTER 3: ECO SYSTEM OVERLOAD         |
    	|					         |
    [CUTSCENE] (From "The Prometheus)
    (Dr. Jak reports on Phantom's attack on the Prometheus)
    Jak: Let's see things my way! Phantom tries to sabotage a military ship being
    built to protect the Political Summit. Gang Leader, arrested in connection with
    the whole scheme, confirms the Phantom's involvement with the west sides' 
    destruction! He's at large and very dangerous.
    (Reports on Wildlife Memorial opening)
    Jak: See extinct animals on display at the new Wildlife Memorial. Or, do 
    something fun.
    (Phantom talks to Guran in Skull Lair)
    Phantom: I delayed the completion of the ship, but no luck with Archer.
    Guran: More bad news, Phantom. Plant life in the Ghost Jungle is being 
    uprooted. Soon the animals will die. Ecological doom lies near.
    (Lights go out)
    Guran: What...?! Something's cutting the computer's power cables!
    Phantom: Guran, find Spark. We need that power back on!
    Chapter 3 is limited completely to the Ghost Jungle and Skull Lair, since the
    Metropian Map cannot be accessed with the power out. It's your job to find out
    who's cutting the power cables and uprooting the plants and stop them. This 
    chapter also marks two important changes to the Ghost Jungle: the appearance
    of several cool power-ups and weapons, and the appearance of not-so-cool Grey
    Biots, which have tougher armour than the Blue Biots you've been fighting so
    But first, an important point: throughout Chapter 3 you'll be fighting deadly
    enemies that require Explosives or Super Explosives to be defeated. If you
    didn't get the Explosives in the Lower Warehouse in Chapter 1, then you'll need
    to find the Super Explosives hidden in the East Side of the Ghost Jungle. So
    I'll begin this chapter's guide with an exploration of the East Side. Head out
    of the Skull Lair to the right.
    Note that I won't be detailing a full exploration of the Jungle, but rather
    some of the better power-ups. The Ghost Jungle is a very big area and can be
    explored at your leisure for First Aids and Energy Aids, along with basic
    refills. This is also a good time to explore secret sewer paths if you haven't
    already done so, and I'll detail them here as you reach them (all the ladders
    are right up the top in the ceiling).
    Head to the right to find a 1-Up in the thorn pit against the wall (you may
    need to take a hit from the thorns to get it). Climb the wall on the right,
    drop down through the platform at the top, grab the Medium Spirit refills, head
    right and up, destroy Lock 1 and head through Gate 1 above, grabbing the First
    Aid on the way.
    Climb the shaft here and swing into the little gap not far above in the ceiling
    for a 1-Up and a nice view of Tracker standing motionless on the left. Head 
    back down, to the right and rapidly climb the far-right wall all the way to the
    top. Take the sewer path here. 
    Destroy Lock 4 on this brief visit and return to the Jungle.
    Head through the destructible wall on the left of the ladder back in the Jungle 
    to grab two First Aids and an Energy Aid. From here, drop down and to
    the left where you'll find an impenetable Gate 3 near a damaged wall leading
    to a Full Energy refill. Above Gate 3 is another damaged wall: inside is the
    crate containing the Super Explosives. That's all there is to find here at
    the moment, so head back to the bottom-left of the area into the Skull Lair
    and across to the left into the West Ghost Jungle.
    Head across to the left and swing across the ceiling to find a 1-Up as you
    pass over the thorn pit. Head to the far-left wall, climb up to the stony
    platform and run right. Fall down into the area you come across where a
    destructable wall below leads to some Aids and a 1-Up. Above the Aids is a
    section of ceiling made from vines and grass: destroy the left part of it,
    jump up, destroy the wall to the right and grab the legendary Shadow Panther
    weapon from the crate (this weapon destroys all on-screen enemies using a great
    deal of energy).
    Run to the far right, jump up to the right ignoring Gate 4 for now, and 
    destroy Lock 1 to encounter a dangerous enemy.
    Phantom: Those machines are harvesting and storing the plants. Where will they
    take them?
    Techniques: Claw Lunge, Ceiling Latch, Explosives
    Health: A.3 Super Explosives/A.6 Explosives
    Weak Points: Head
    Rewards: None
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Lunges down from ceiling towards Phantom
    - Walks across ground
    - Latches back to ceiling when edge of area reached
    - Moves back and forth across ceiling
    - Drops two Explosives
    *Cycle Ends*
    The Blue Harvester Biot is big, difficult to dodge, hard to hit, and has 
    extremely powerful attacks. Luckily, it's slow enough to counteract all these
    bonuses. Your number one priority is to avoid contact with it and its claws at
    all costs: they rip off more than a third of your Spirit if they touch you.
    That said, his Claw Lunge from the ceiling is hard to dodge: your only chance
    is to be as far away from it as possible and to jump at the last moment, 
    swinging from the ceiling with your Rope. When it's walking slowly across the
    ground, it's your one chance to strike: equip your Explosives or Super 
    Explosives (twice as powerful but use twice as much Energy), get above its
    head and bomb it. Only bomb with two or three Explosives at a time, because it
    only takes a few hits and you have to be pretty accurate at hitting the very
    centre of its head. If you miss your chance, don't take any risks: drop down
    when the Harvester latches onto the ceiling, dodge the Explosives, and try
    and predict when it's going to use its Claw Lunge again (usually a couple of
    seconds after dropping the second Explosive). Repeat this until the Blue
    Harvester crumbles (note that when its head armouring falls off it has very
    little health left: two Explosives at the most).
    Head through the new opening to the right, drop down and destroy the damaged
    wall on your left. Head through the next destructable wall, grab the Energy
    Upgrade and return to the right and up the shaft. When the shaft opens out,
    head to the left, jumping up the platforms, then fall down onto the left side
    of the higher stone platform with the T-shaped platform on it. Near the bottom
    of the large stone "steps" on this side of the platform is a small destructable
    wall leading to Lock 5, Fire Retardant Pellets and a First Aid (the Fire
    Retardant Pellets can be used to put out fires and use up barely any Energy).
    Head back up the left wall and up the ladder through the sewers.
    Grab the Large Energy refill, smash Lock 1 and return through the sewers.
    Head to the right down the gentle slope and jump up onto the grassy ledge when
    you see it. Smash the wall to the right, grab the Large Spirit and head up to 
    the sewers.
    You may have seen this enclosed area before: grab the Rope Upgrade, Spirit 
    Upgrade and destroy Lock 1 before leaving.
    Run left off the ledge and head right underneath it to Lock 2: smack it.
    Techniques: Claw Lunge, Explosives
    Health: A.4 Super Explosives/A.8 Explosives
    Weak Points: Head
    Rewards: None
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Lunges down from ceiling towards Phantom
    - Walks across ground
    - Latches back to ceiling when edge of area reached
    - Moves back and forth across ceiling
    - Drops two Explosives
    *Cycle Ends*
    If you didn't like the Blue Harvester Biot, then you won't like this guy: he's
    the same in every way, just stronger and faster. The only improvement in this
    fight is the opening lunge, which occurs from the opposite side of the room 
    and is far easier to dodge. The Harvester's claw now takes off just under half
    your health (assuming you've been getting all the Spirit Upgrades), and d
    Fall through the opened gap in the ground, grabbing the First Aid, and head
    straight through the new exit on the right. Pass through this small hallway
    to the East Ghost Jungle.
    You'll notice the appearance of the tiny annoying Buzz Biots around here: it's
    best to ignore them. Follow the only path available to the right and up. When
    the shaft opens out to the left, jump over the small stone platform and climb
    up the left wall. Destroy the weak section of wall at the top followed by 
    another damaged wall to reveal a Full Energy refill along with another sewer
    entrance: head on through.
    Smash Lock 4 here, grab the First Aid and Energy Aid above and head back to
    the Jungle.
    Head back through your newly-made holes in the wall and use your elite Rope
    skills to swing across the ceiling to yet another sewer entrance.
    Grab the Full Spirit, Full Energy and ultra-cool Power Module up the top here,
    then take the sewers back to the Ghost Jungle.
    Drop down to the left and follow the path to face yet another lethal biot. Grab
    the Energy Aid (but only take the Full Energy in the top-left corner if you
    need it; otherwise save it for during the fight) and shoot Lock 3 from as far
    away as possible.
    Techniques: Claw Lunge, Explosives
    Health: A.4 Super Explosives/A.8 Explosives
    Weak Points: Head
    Rewards: None
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Lunges down from ceiling towards Phantom
    - Walks across ground
    - Latches back to ceiling when edge of area reached
    - Moves back and forth across ceiling
    - Drops two Explosives
    *Cycle Ends*
    Prepare for a dangerous and probably short battle: the Red (and therefore
    hardest) Harvester Biot. He's everything his brothers were and more, sprinting
    like lightning across the ground and doing maximum damage with his claws.
    Hopefully, you've shot Lock 3 from a distance, because the Biot will drop down
    right on top of it and sprint towards you. If you're quick enough, latch on to
    the ceiling and bomb him as he passes under (he's even harder to hit now).
    Otherwise, this strategy just repeats as the past two Harvesters have done. You
    can also grab the Full Energy refill in the top-left corner when you need it.
    This nightmarish chapter of bosses isn't over yet. Drop through the gap in
    the ground and head left back to the West Ghost Jungle, then down and around
    back into the main section of the East Ghost Jungle.
    You may remember that you saw Tracker here earlier: destroying Lock 3 allows us
    to confront him. When you emerge in the East Ghost Jungle again, head to the
    far right, up the shaft, the down on the left through where Gate 3 was to find
    Techniques: Webgun
    Health: A.100
    Weak Points: Anywhere
    Rewards: None
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Fire Webgun
    - Jumps to other side
    *Cycle Ends*
    This probably doesn't even count as a boss fight, it's so ridiculously easy. If
    you remember your previous battle with Tracker, just take away the annoying
    Mercenaries and Attack Ship and you get this. Simply duck in the middle and 
    fire at him, and you'll never get hit (except those seemingly random times when
    the Webgun hits you despite crouching, but those are very rare). If you run out
    of ammo, you can run next to him and crouch-kick him to death, but you'll need
    a full Energy bar for the boss battle immediately afterwards...
    Maxwell Jr: Mother and Sean One must be nervous. Why else would they send me to
    learn why the last plant life shipment was late.
    Phantom: Yeah, makes you wonder doesn't it.
    Maxwell Jr: Ahhh, the purple pest who defeated Graft. Guess I'll have to 
    squash you.
    Techniques: Large Energy Blast (Legs), Homing Blast (Head)
    Health: A.100 (Leg Joints), A.150 (Head)
    Weak Points: Leg Joints, Head (after Legs gone)
    Rewards: Homing Missiles
    [With Legs]
    - Remains motionless for several seconds
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Walks back and forth across room rapidly, firing Large Energy Blast at
    *Cycle Ends*
    [Without Legs]
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Flies across area and out of sight
    - Flies across, pauses, deploys Homing Blast, flies out of sight
    - Flies across, deploys Homing Blast if one isn't chasing Phantom already
    *Cycle Ends*
    The battle with the Legion is dangerous and chaotic: blasts will be flying
    everywhere from the Legion's three cannons that also act as Leg Joints, while
    Buzz Biots fly around shooting you. Your aim is to destroy these three Leg
    Joints: two connect the legs to the head and the third is on the knee joint
    of the Legion's left, foremost leg.
    When the battle begins, the Legion will remain motionless for a few seconds:
    use this time to get as many shots in one on one of the leg joints as possible
    (the knee joint is a good starting choice because it's easier to dodge the 
    other two at the same time). Hang at the correct height from the roof and blast
    the Legion as it moves towards you (get out of the way before it hits you).
    All in all, it will probably take you more lives and First Aid kits than time
    to destroy all three leg joints. When the Legs are gone, the battle isn't over
    though: the Legion's head will zoom back and forth across the room firing
    massively powerful homing blasts at you. These orbs won't stop until they've
    hit you, and the Legion won't stop to deploy another until the first has hit,
    so I find a useful technique is to let a Buzz Biot hit you for minimal damage
    and take the orb hit while you're invincible, letting you bombard the Legion
    while it wastes time firing another. When the Legion's head goes down, you're
    rewarded with the Homing Missiles, which will most likely become your favourite
    weapon in no time at all.
    Maxwell Jr: Look what you've done to my toy. Your manners are atrocious.
    Phantom: Where are you, Maxwell. Why are you taking the plant life?
    Maxwell Jr: This machine is controlled with virtual reality from a remote
    location. This hobby bores me...though it does have its benefits.
    (Legion explodes after 5-second countdown, Phantom takes cover)
    (Phantom and Spark investigate Legion remains)
    Phantom: I was too late. Many of the jungle plants were uprooted and moved.
    Spark: I found a memory chip! The self-destruct didn't totally do the job!
    	|					         |
    	|              CHAPTER 4: TECHNOWAR              |
    	|					         |
    (Dr. Jak reports on the plant shipments)
    Jak: Hmmm...the plot thickens. Jack Archer's lab assistant grilled by police!
    Assistant: A rare photosynthetic plant from the Ghost Jungle was destroyed in
    the lab. If exposed to light, the plant produces powerful energy.
    Jak: The police still look for clues on where the research was headed.
    (Report moves to Tracker's arrest)
    Jak: Tracker, the world renown ecologist and hunter, was arrested today on
    charges of smuggling the rare Panther out of the city.
    (Report moves to Political Summit)
    Jak: Maximum, Inc. funds a project to protect the Political Summit. Anything to
    do with the Triads, three mutated women with supernatural powers derived from
    military experiments?
    Rebecca: The military disposed of the Triads! As instructed by last year's 
    Political Summit.
    Jak: Disposed of, as in 'suspended animation' by Maximum, Inc.
    (Phantom talks to Guran and Spark in Skull Lair)
    Spark: I've found restricted files that detail two of Maximum's operations on
    the memory chip.
    Phantom: Let me have information on both.
    Spark: I wish I could. The chip is losing data very quickly. I'm afraid you'll
    have to choose which file you'd like to download. I have data on the Biot
    Factory built by Maximum and Guran has info on the harvesting of the Ghost
    Jungle plants.
    Well, it's Chapter 4. And that means it's time to make another big choice. And
    after a chapter with relatively no choices, it's welcome. Your choice is is
    another fairly simple one: the datachip recovered from the remains of the 
    Legion is losing information very quickly, and you must choose which part of
    the information to download. Spark can tell you about Maximum's biot factories
    while Guran has more information on the storage and use of the plants taken
    from the Ghost Jungle.
    If you choose Spark, you'll have to break into Maximum Building to steal a
    retina scan allowing access to the Biot Factory, where a dangerous new kind of
    biot is being manufactured.
    If you choose Guran, you'll be heading down into the unexplored University Labs
    to find out where the plant life is being shipped to, meeting with some 
    dangerous spider mutants along the way.
    Choose wisely, move to that character and press Up to get the information.
    =:---MUTANT HARVEST---:=
    (Phantom talks to Guran in the Skull Lair)
    Guran: Here's a code to a restricted area in the lower levels of the University
    Lab. There are computer files detailing the plant life shipment inside.
    Archer (if rescued): This ID Card gets you into the Lab. Be careful. My lab
    partner experimented with cells from the plant life on spiders. The explosion
    may have caused some strange effects on his experiments.
    Phantom (if Archer rescued): Stay here, I'll check the Lab alone.
    Head out to the Metropian Map when you gain control.
    Move your skull cursor to the University and head in.
    Head left into the Labs Entrance.
    Not much to do here now that the rubble's settled in...head down the still-
    working elevator and right. Depending on whether you rescued Archer or not,
    you'll either go into the Upper Lab or Lower Lab. If you rescued Archer, head
    into the Upper Lab, grabbing the Spirit Upgrade on your way. Otherwise, use
    the keycard you found in the Ship Factory to head into the Lower Lab nabbing
    the Energy Aid.
    Equip your cool new Homing Missiles if you haven't done so already. The Mutants
    around here are relatively easy and take one shot from your Missiles if you got
    the 2x Damage Upgrade in Chapter 2. The only way they can harm you is via
    direct contact.
    Jump over to the platform on the right as you head in and fall down to the
    central platform. Above the Large Spirit refill here is a weakened section of
    ceiling: smack it and grab the Full Energy before leaving via the destructable
    yellow-dotted wall on the right. Make your way to the far right, destroy Lock 1
    and enter the opened Gate beneath it.
    Above the half-filled glowing container in the background is another weak 
    ceiling. Break through and head up to the Energy Upgrade, then fall down and 
    continue right through the destructable wall. Jump off this platform to the
    right, over the wall onto the elevator and around to the metal gate that will
    crumble when you approach it. Grab the First Aid and Biotech Files.
    Phantom: Hmm... I have to get past these strange creatures and get these 
    Biotech Files on my computer so I can tell where the shipment is going.
    Unfortunately for us, there's no going back from here, so it's onwards to the 
    depths of the Lab. Fall off this platform to the right, head further right past
    the elevator, drop down then double back left to grab the First Aid in the wall
    alcove. Jump over to the right and climb the wall, blasting through a small
    weakened ceiling to grab the Full Energy at the top. Now fall down to the 
    bottom of this section and head right through the opening gate.
    University > Lower Lab
    As you sprint right through this linear area you'll have to dodge giant claws
    that will zoom down from the ceiling. The only deadly part of the claw is the
    actual claw tip, so you can either run under the bouncing claws or jump 
    through the tops of them (it's much easier to run under these ones). The claws
    will rip off a lot of health when you touch them so take it easy.
    Make your way right past the sludge, Mutants and explosive crates, eventually
    reaching the end where you'll encounter a dangerous foe...
    Techniques: Claw (Bounce), Claw (Drag Back), Claw (Drag Forward), Deploy
    Spiders, Deploy Buzz Biots
    Health: A. 800
    Weak Points: Under Spider Chute
    Rewards: None
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Deploys two Spiders and two Buzz Biots
    - Attacks with Claw (Bounce)
    - Deploys two Spiders and two Buzz Biots
    - Attacks with Claw (Drag Back)
    - Deploys two Spiders and two Buzz Biots
    - Attacks with Claw (Drag Forward)
    *Cycle Ends*
    This boss may get repetitive and tiresome, since he does have quite a lot of
    health and is annoying to hit. He can only be hurt when the little metal flap
    on his big brain opens up to deploy Spiders, which happens in between each 
    round of claw attacks. Naturally, your Homing Missiles will take care of 
    hitting the flap when it opens (though a few may veer off to kill the harmless
    Spiders that fall out and pesty Buzz Biots), so all you need to do is worry 
    about surviving the Claws for so long.
    But even they don't provide much of a challenge. The bouncing claw is best
    dodged by running underneath it as it bounces. The dragging claws should be 
    jumped over (remember, you just need to avoid the differently-coloured tip).
    So, dodge the claws, fire continuously as he opens his flap, and repeat until
    his eye explodes (about halfway through, the metal tendons attached to his
    brain will also snap off). Then get ready for a challenge that could be called
    harder than the boss itself.
    Green acid pouring out of the Mutant's eye socket will begin to rise. Quickly
    jump up onto the platform that descends and jump up out of the room.
    University > Shaft
    Okay. There's acid rising quickly below you, and you have to get up and out
    of the Lab. There are two different shafts you can take: the left and the 
    right. Each contains a fair few goodies.
    If you're going left, destroy the weak section of ceiling and begin climbing
    with your Rope. On the right behind a destructable wall will be a 1-Up. Keep
    climbing, passing a Large Spirit refill, and destroy the next crumbling 
    ceilings to find an Energy Aid. Above that on the left is a Spirit Upgrade
    behind another wall. Keep climbing up past another Large Spirit and out via
    the Energy Aid path at the top.
    If you're going right, destroy the weakened ceiling and begin climbing up.
    On your way you'll find a 1-Up, and above another ceiling is two 1-Ups grouped
    together. Climb the left wall here to grab two Energy Aids on your way out.
    Generally, the left path will be the better choice if just for the permanent
    bonus of the Spirit Upgrade. However, if you're very short on lives, feel free
    to take the right path for the three 1-Ups. Also, don't sacrifice a life if it
    isn't worth it: really, the only thing that might warrant the loss of a life is
    the Spirit Upgrade. All the other stuff isn't out of the way at all or isn't
    worth dying for.
    (Streets burst with acid, Phantom leaps out)
    (Phantom talks to Guran and Spark in Skull Lair)
    Spark: According to these files, the ship carrying the plants from the Ghost
    Jungle to the Spaceport is dropping them off so they can be transferred to a
    shuttle. From there they will go to Sean One's Orbital Platform.
    Phantom: I must stop the shipment before it reaches Sean One. Hypercycle, lock
    and find.
    (Phantom flies across Metropian Skies chasing shuttle)
    Phantom: There's the shipment, I hope I can catch it in time.
    (Chases shuttle into Spaceport)
    Phantom: It looks like I'll have to go inside the Spaceport to stop the
    Spaceport > Entryway
    The Spaceport is big, full of goodies and can only be accessed twice in the
    game, so make sure you grab everything you can now (hopefully you've destroyed
    the Lock via the Ghost Jungle so you can get the useful Power Module).
    You'll be attacked by Gold Biots in the Spaceport, which take quite a bit of
    damage before being destroyed (once again, the 2x Power Upgrade will assist
    greatly). Gold Mercenaries will also be wandering around trying to kill you.
    First of all, head to the right, jumping over the gap, and grab the First Aid
    and Large Energy goodies at the end (down below the section blocked by a Gate).
    Sprint to the left and fall down into the first hole you come to. On the right
    here behind the obviously crumbling green wall is a 1-Up. Grab it, then head to
    the left past the destructable white wall. Fall down the gap past the ladder
    when you reach the end; on the right here halfway down is a another weakened
    wall. Blast it and head in for a Full Spirit refill, then head out the other
    side via another damaged wall and keep going right to the exit.
    Spaceport > Shipyard
    Head to the right here and fall down the shaft ignoring the white wall on the
    right. Jump up on the thin platform when you land near a green ship, and run
    along the top of the blue ship grabbing the Full Energy refill. Fall back down
    on the left and run right underneath the blue ship to get a Medium Spirit and
    First Aid kit at the end.
    Head back to the left to the white wall we missed earlier. Blast it and head
    through, grabbing the Large Spirit refill at the top of the wall on the right
    side, and head right up the escalator. Destroy the wall to the right as you
    reach the top and head in and down. On the left at the bottom of the escalator
    here is Lock 3 behind a crumbling wall. Smack it and head right up the
    escalator, destroy the section of ceiling to the far right, and head up to
    smash Lock 1.
    Head back down and jump back out of this area to the left, then head up the
    elevator and destroy the wall on your left. Head left, destroying the wall
    at the end to reveal three Large Energy refills (take only what you need). Now
    head back out and jump up onto the upper ledge. On the right here you may find
    your way blocked by Gate 4 if you didn't destroy the Lock via the sewer path
    from the Ghost Jungle. If you did, head in to grab the Full Energy and valuable
    Power Module. When you're done, jump up onto the ledge above and head right to
    a white wall. Blast it and head on in.
    This part might get a bit annoying if you're constantly surrounded by Jet Biots
    since your Homing Missiles might go for them rather than the floor sections 
    you're trying to destroy. If this is the case, switch to Energy Blast for the
    moment. Anyway, destroy the floor section to the far right (you'll see a crack
    near it), head down grabbing the Large Spirit refill, then destroy the floor
    section on the left. Head down, destroy the left part of the floor again, then
    go down to the final part with a final left destructable floor area. As you
    destroy the first one, grab the Large Spirit behind the wall on the right and 
    continue downwards. You'll emerge next to a locked Gate 2.
    Destroy the floor section on the right side here and drop down into a corridor.
    Sprint to the left and you'll find a nicely revealed Lock 2 along with an 
    Energy Upgrade. Smack it then head back to the right and up to where Gate 2
    was a second ago; inside are three Energy Aids. Drop back down and head left
    into the floor gap. On the right here between two destructable walls is the
    unique 1/2 Ammo Upgrade, which halves your ammo usage by half (comboes well
    with the 2x Damage Upgrade). Also on the right past it is a Large Energy.
    Head back to the left and drop down, following the path down to the edge of the
    screen and a large thin white wall. Blast it, grab the revealed 1-Up, and head
    on through.
    Spaceport > Loading Zone
    As you emerge here, you'll here some menacing boss music playing. Head on up
    the conveyor belt to the right.
    Graft: You're too late. You can't stop what's now in motion. Give up!
    Phantom: I won't give up until Metropia is safe from Rebecca's evil plans.
    Techniques: Spreadstar, Skid, Gravskid, Explosives
    Health: A.400
    Weak Points: Head
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Enters area from right
    - Reveals head, fires Spreadstar into centre of room
    - Hides head, Skids across to left
    - Enters area from left
    - Reveals head, fires Spreadstar into centre of room
    - Attaches to ceiling, Gravskids across ceiling to right, dropping three
    - Enters area from right
    - Reveals head, fires Spreadstar into centre of room
    - Attaches to ceiling, Gravskids across ceiling to left, dropping three
    - Enters room from left
    - Reveals head, fires Spreadstar into centre of room
    - Hides head, Skids across to right
    *Cycle Ends*
    You may have fought Mark I of this beast before in Chapter 2. If so, you may
    wish to skip this strategy since the actual strategy is no different. Mark II
    of the Melee Combat Biot has more health, inflicts more damage and is fought
    on an annoying conveyor belt. Three Explosive Crates are also attached to the
    roof at the start of the battle.
    Graft can only be hit when he reveals his head. When he enters the room from 
    the left or right, just hold the trigger while dodging the Spreadstar he fires,
    which will explode in eight directions from the middle of the room (the best
    way to dodge it is to move just to the left or right of the centre of the floor
    and duck, taking the conveyor belt into account).
    When he Gravskids across the ceiling, you'll also need to dodge the Explosives.
    The main threat is dodging them as they actually fall, since you don't want
    a fiery bump on the head. Move to the right or left half of the room and stand
    between them as they fall, then hang from the roof to avoid the subsequent
    explosions (you may wish to get rid of all the Explosive Crates on the ceiling
    before doing this).
    Graft doesn't hide his head when he Gravskids, so you can keep firing as you
    dodge the Explosives (but there's no point in firing if you're behind his head
    since only the front can be hit and your Missiles will just hit the back). This
    cycle repeats with him either Skidding or Gravskidding, so just dodge all his
    moves while firing when he reveals his head.
    You may remember in the Mark I battle that when the armour plate fell off the
    head it was rather tricky to hit, since you couldn't hit it from standing 
    height with the Energy Blast. This time around when the armour falls off 
    halfway through the fight you won't have any problem since your Homing Missile
    will do the work for you. If, however, you're doing some kind of No Missiles
    challenge then it will be extremely difficult to finish him off since you'll
    need to kind of jump and shoot (no walls to hang from this time).
    Otherwise, just keep pounding him until he falls. When the incapacitated Graft
    falls out, walk over to him to end this boss and chapter.
    Phantom: What does Sean One want with the plants?
    Graft: He has the technology to make them into a powerful biotech chip to be
    used in weapons.
    Phantom: Why? And what does Maximum want with this computer chip?
    Graft: I don't know, I'm only Rebecca's pawn.
    	|					         |
    	|        CHAPTER 5: POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT        |
    	|					         |
    (Dr. Jak reports on the Free Orbital movement)
    Jak: Wake up, Metropia! First human born in space, terrorist of the Free
    Orbital movement - Sean One! Mr. One, any truth to rumors that you're involved
    with Maximum, Inc.?
    Sean One: My talents were used to create a computer chip that will help
    protect the Political Summit and the Earth's environment.
    Jak: Sorry, Sean, but I don't buy that for a nanosecond. Why would you be
    interested in saving the Earth?
    Sean One: Planet Earth is dead. I'm just trying to help you gravity slaves.
    What anyone believes is not my concern. End of transmission.
    (Report moves to Political Summit)
    Jak: In other news the Political Summit is now meeting in a secret location
    somewhere in Metropia. The world's great political leaders are here to discuss
    if the Orbitals should become a free nation. Is it any coincedence that the
    Summit is meeting on the same day that Sean One starts doing good deeds? I'll
    tell you what you think after this burst.
    (Report moves to plant shipments)
    Jak: This just in! A shipment of plant life was found at the Spaceport and the
    police want to question the Phantom. It's unknown where it was headed but the
    Orbital Colonies is my guess.
    (Phantom talks to Mr. Cairo in Skull Lair)
    Cairo: The battleship named Prometheus is about to destroy the Summit. If you
    must play hero Alex Sapien of the Humans 4 Humans knows where the Summit is
    meeting. All I request is that you tell me the location Alex gives you. I
    believe this African totem belongs to you.
    Phantom: Tell me where you found the totem and why you need the Summit's
    Cairo: In time. Take this ID Card to the Ruins; you'll find a valve that'll 
    lower the sewer sludge levels. Place the totem in the wall to lead to Sapien.
    Welcome to Chapter 5, probably the biggest and most important chapter in the
    game's storyline. The Political Summit is about to meet, and you have to find
    out where so you can warn the political leaders about the attack by the
    Prometheus. First stop is the Ruins once again, where another terrorist Gang
    Leader is holding hostage Alex Sapien, you knows the location of the Summit.
    Head out to the Metropian Map and into the Ruins.
    Ruins > West Side
    You should've already explored the Ruins in Chapter 2. If you only explored
    the West Side, see Chapter 2's "Rescue Mission" section for details on
    exploring the East Side. If you haven't explored either, Rescue Mission also
    details what you can explore at this point.
    The Blue Terrorists here should now die at a single shot of your Missiles. Head
    out of this area to the right.
    Ruins > Jeep Run
    The Terrorist Battle Jeep should seem like pie now, so take your time to
    destroy it at the start for an easy run to the right. See Chapter 2's Rescue
    Mission once again if you want a detailed analysis of this "boss". One way or
    another, make your way right to the East Side.
    Ruins > East Side
    Make your way past the various walls, enemies and obstacles to the far right
    of this area. If you haven't already done it in Chapter 2, use your ID Card to
    lower the Gate and hit the valve that lowers the sludge below. Now head down
    the ladder nearby.
    Sewers > Lair Entrance
    Drop down and hit the Gate on the right to open it. Grab the First Aid kit on
    the way in. (NOTE: You can actually run to the far left and enter the Ship
    Factory to grab the Invisibility if you didn't get it in Chapter 2.)
    Sewers > Gang Lair II
    Run right, grabbing the First Aid kit on the way, and fall out to the right.
    If you aren't familiar with the patterns of the sludge, it regularly rises and
    falls, so get to high ground or hang from the roof to avoid the rise. Green
    Crab Biots also patrol down here and may take a few shots to kill (but you 
    should be bothered killing them now since you have the Homing Missiles).
    Head to the right through a shootable gate or two to a valve at the far end.
    Smack it to lower the sludge and then head down through the left floor gate.
    Making sure the sludge is low, drop down to the ground and sprint left to the
    next valve that will make this level safe. Jump up on the ledge to the left,
    grab the Energy Aid, and head back to the right and up to the first level. Now
    drop down through the floor gate on the right, once again taking care to make
    sure the sludge is down.
    Destroy Lock 2 at the bottom then head to the left. At the end of this
    corridor climb up the conveyor belt wall to Lock 1, destroy it, and head into
    the newly opened Gate. Jump over this section to the left and head through
    the weakened wall in the upper-left corner. At the end of this path are Full
    Energy and Full Spirit refills along with a 1-Up. Grab them and then head back
    to the right and down the shaft. Run to the left to encounter a possible 
    familiar face.
    Techniques: Skid, Boomerang
    Health: A.400
    Weak Points: Anywhere
    Rewards: None
    - Starts battle on left
    - Skids across to right
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Throws three boomerangs (different heights)
    - Skids across to left as boomerangs fly back
    - Throws three boomerangs (different heights)
    - Skids across to right as boomerangs fly back
    *Cycle Ends*
    Once again, the Gang Leader II has the exact same pattern as the former Gang
    Leader I - but with one noticable new complication. The sludge will continue
    rising and falling as you fight this battle, and the Leader is impervious to
    it. Otherwise, this strategy plays out the same. He'll throw three Boomerangs
    and skid across to the opposite side, then repeat until he goes down. Your
    Homing Missiles will do the aiming job; it's up to you to dodge the Boomerangs,
    Skid and rising sludge by hanging from the conveyor belt ceiling.
    Only hang from the ceiling if the sludge has risen; otherwise tackle the Leader
    from ground level by firing and jumping in between the Boomerangs to dodge them
    at the same time as his Skid. When the acid drops suddenly (followed by the 
    rise), quickly hang from the ceiling until it goes down (you can continue
    firing at him from the ceiling since his head is visible). Eventually he'll go
    (Phantom talks to Alex Sapien in Gang Lair)
    Alex: Thank you, the gang would have killed us. What can I do for you?
    Phantom: Someone is going to destroy the Political Summit and I want to stop
    it. Do you know where it's being held?
    Alex: It's taking place on the upper floors of the Wildlife Memorial.
    (Phantom talks to Guran in Skull Lair)
    Guran: Mr. Cairo's on line. If you want to tell him the location of the Summit
    go to him.
    Lair > Skull Lair
    Yet another choice, though a relatively minor one this time. If you tell Mr.
    Cairo the location of the Summit, terrorists will mysteriously appear at the
    Summit in an attempt to force them to legalise combat biots, presenting you
    with more enemies, explosives lined along the walls of the Wildlife Memorial 
    and an extra boss fight. The good news is that in return Cairo will 
    deactivate turrets that guard a later section of the game, and the terrorists'
    presence at the Summit will also persuade them to prohibit combat biots in the
    game's ending. So, if you're up for a bit of extra trouble, tell Cairo the
    location. Make your choice, and move to Cairo to tell him the location or go to
    Guran to make Cairo leave with no information.
    [CUTSCENE] (if you tell Cairo Summit location)
    Phantom: The Summit's at the Wildlife Memorial.
    Cairo: Very good, Phantom. I'll make sure the security systems surrounding the
    Triads in Maximum are shut off.
    Phantom: Maximum, Inc. disposed of the Triads.
    Cairo: All is not as it seems, eh, Phantom?
    Head out to the Metropian Map and then to the Wildlife Museum next to Maximum
    Building (everywhere else in the game, it's called the Wildlife Memorial, so
    that's what I refer to it as at any other time).
    Wildlife Memorial > Memorial
    The Wildlife Memorial only has one area, but it's a large one with plenty of
    goodies. Hopefully you've destroyed Lock 4 from the Ghost Jungle sewer path.
    The run through the Memorial will be similar whether or not you told Mr. Cairo
    the location of the Summit; the only added complication for those who did
    reveal it will be proximity mines lining the floor, walls and ceilings. These
    mines start flashing when you touch them and explode a few seconds after, and
    aren't really much of a threat (though they do deplete a respectable amount of
    health). Near the end of the Memorial you'll also encounter Rogue Terrorists
    and finally an addiotional boss fight at the Memorial's end. Mercenaries are
    also present throughout the Memorial either way.
    Head to the right and climb the elevator shaft when you reach it. The first
    ledge on the left will have a metal gate that will open at your touch. Head on
    through and grab the Large Energy and Full Spirit refills that await nearby.
    Climb up the elevator shaft and the next one on the left, and hit Lock 5 at
    the shaft's top. Now head back out of this section to the first main area and
    climb up to the Reptiles sign to enter where Gate 5 has opened.
    Sprint right to the end of the corridor, destroying Lock 3 (note at this point
    you can technically access the end of the Memorial, but there's so much more to
    be explored). Drop down the shaft near the end and destroy the weakened wall
    you'll see on your right to grab a Large Energy refill. Now head into the
    opening on the left and grab the Energy Upgrade and Spirit Upgrade at the end.
    Drop down the shaft to the bottom and sprint left, smashing Lock 6 on your way.
    Through a small weakened wall at the far left of this corridor is Lock 2, so
    break through and blast it. Now head to the right. As you pass the elevator
    shaft and under a low overhang, look beneath you for two floor blocks with 
    small cracks in them. Blast this section of floor (you may need to switch to 
    your Energy Blast to do so) and destroy Lock 1 to the right past another
    crumbling wall.
    Jump back out of the hole and climb the shaft at the far right. Smash the weak
    wall you'll see on your left as you climb and grab the 1-Up behind yet another
    weak wall in the upper-left corner. Continue up, grabbing the Large Spirit
    behind the crumbling wall, but instead of going along the corridor at the top
    of the shaft, shoot the cracked floor block at the very top of the background
    elevator tracks and jump up through. On the left here is a Full Energy refill,
    Large Spirit, Energy Aid, First Aid, and Rope Upgrade in a crate. Now drop down
    one level and sprint left to two 1-Ups and two Large Energy refills. Head
    through the left door into the Aviary.
    This is the final section of the Memorial and is where Rogue Terrorists will 
    begin to appear if you've given Cairo the Summit location. On the left above
    the Mammals entrance is an alcove with a rare Power Module; grab it and then
    use your Rope to climb the the top of the room in the upper-left corner. Stand
    on one of the birds here and look for a cracked block in the ceiling to 
    destroy, then head on up to grab any of the four Large Energy refills you need
    that are scattered across the ceiling. Drop back down when you're ready and
    begin your sprint up the ramp to the right.
    Follow the ramp right and left in its zigzag motion until you reach a black
    destructable wall. If the Terrorists are present, this last corridor will be
    filled with explosives everywhere; sprint through and destroy the wall at the 
    end before any can explode. Climb the left wall here to grab the Large Spirit
    refill above the destructable platform, then drop down to the right and, if
    Cairo has been informed of the location, prepare for a fight.
    [CUTSCENE] (if Cairo given Summit location)
    (Dr. Jak reports on Summit attack)
    Jak: Live from the Wildlife Memorial. The Phantom and terrorists try to destroy
    the Political Summit!
    Terrorist Leader: Biots and the Orbitals are our future! We can't ignore the
    technology that will save us!
    Phantom: By killing anyone you won't solve anything.
    Terrorist Leader: You're wrong people listen to violence. For this reason the
    Political Summit must be stopped.
    Techniques: Spread, Skid
    Health: A.300
    Weak Points: Anywhere
    Rewards: None
    - Drops down on left
    - Skids across to right
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Enters room from right
    - Fires Spread
    - Skids across to left
    - Enters room from left
    - Fires Spread
    - Skids across to right
    *Cycle Ends*
    The Terrorist Leader is really just an easier version of the Gang Leader, 
    though his Spread does pack a punch. Basically, just equip your Homing Missiles
    and fire at him continuously when he's on the screen while focusing on dodging
    his shots and Skid. Luckily, both of these can easily be dodged by simply 
    jumping. The Terrorist does move pretty fast, though, and is always on the go.
    He should go down fairly quickly though.
    (Phantom talks to Political Leaders)
    Phantom: You must all flee at once. These terrorists are not the only ones who
    want to stop the Summit. Maximum and the Orbitals want you dead and this 
    building is targeted by a battleship.
    (Political Leaders flee, Phantom summons Hypercycle and chases Prometheus)
    Phantom: The battleship named Prometheus is at the end of this convoy of ships.
    I must get inside somehow and stop it from destroying the Wildlife Memorial.
    (Phantom boards Prometheus Convoy)
    Metropian Skies > Prometheus Convoy
    As you journey along the Convoy, you'll be constantly assaulted by Gold Mounted
    Biots and Gold Hoverjet Biots, along with all the cannons. Your Homing Missiles 
    should deal with everything as you go. There aren't really any items of 
    interest other than an Energy Aid precauriously sitting near the bottom and a
    1-Up right up top near the end of the Convoy. When you reach the right edge of
    the screen head out.
    Prometheus > Outside Cannon
    As you appear at very edge of the green and deadly Prometheus cannon, jump up
    on top of it and head right to find Full Spirit and Full Energy refills guarded
    by a few Gold Biots. Grab them and then head back around and inside the cannon.
    Prometheus > Inside Cannon
    If you've ever played the reflex childhood game Red Light Green Light you'll
    understand the premises of this area. Your goal is to reach the far right of
    the cannon shaft, but as you run along you'll notice glowing energy molecules
    flying towards the right. When you hear the cannon begin to charge up, get to
    one of the several ditches in the shaft floor and duck to avoid the deadly
    cannon blast that will rocket down the main shaft. When it disappates you can
    head out again and continue running. Various Biots will also attack you along
    the way but will be destroyed by the cannon blast (NOTE: if you begin running
    right as soon as you enter the area, you can actually make it to the third
    floor notch before the cannon fires, but it's tight. You can then head straight
    to the end without having to dodge again).
    When you reach the silver claw-shaped cannon at the far right of the shaft,
    simply duck below it with your Homing Missiles, face left and fire like mad to
    have your intuitive shots fly around the edge of the claw and straight into the
    cannon's heart. Keep this up for a boring while and head through when the 
    cannon crumbles. Buzz Biots will also attack in between cannon blasts to 
    provide handy refills for you.
    Prometheus > Control Centre
    (Phantom talks to Mars in Control Centre)
    Mars: Too late! The Summit will be destroyed. Rebecca and her husband will rule
    the city!
    Phantom: Maxwell Sr.'s been dead for years.
    Mars: His mind lives. By using the Panther's unique blood she can transfer
    brainwaves. All she needs is a body.
    Phantom: The Panther? How did you get the Panther?
    Mars: Let's just say I found it.
    Phantom: Where's she going to get a body for the transfusion?
    Mars: That's where you fit into the plan.
    Techniques: Summon Buzz Biots, Summon Blue Jet Biots, Summon Red Mercenaries
    Health: A.200
    Weak Points: Anywhere
    Rewards: None
    *No Cycle*
    - Summons Blue Jet Biots, Buzz Biots and Red Mercenaries constantly
    - Gate opens when Phantom stands on left side of room
    This is really more of an enemy onslaught than a boss. Mars will stand behind
    an impenetrable Gate that makes this battle seem neverending until you stand at
    the very left of the room, which makes the steel gate open. So, all you have to
    do is hang from the upper-left corner of the room with your Rope and fire at
    Mars until he goes down, which won't take very long at all.
    (Rebecca Madison contacts Mars)
    Rebecca: Mars! Why is the Wildlife Memorial still standing?! And where's the
    Phantom's body?! Maxwell's brainwaves and the Panther are ready and I need a
    (Phantom breaks computer screen and severes link)
    Prometheus > Control Centre
    Mars has been defeated, but the Prometheus must be destroyed once and for all.
    Head to the right, down and around to enter the ship's core (mounted Turrets
    will attack you on the way).
    Prometheus > Core
    Graft: You again!
    Phantom: Not even you can crush my spirit, Graft.
    Graft: We'll see about that.
    Techniques: Extend Claw, Retract Claw, Summon Buzz Biots
    Health: A.250 (Claw Module), A.250 (Head)
    Weak Points: Claw Module, Head
    Rewards: None
    - Extends Claw
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Summons four Buzz Biots
    - After about five seconds, Retracts Claw
    - After about eight seconds, Extends Claw
    *Cycle Ends*
    This boss is one of the easiest in the game. The only real threat to you 
    (excluding stupidly walking into the boss) is the four Buzz Biots Graft will
    summon every time he extends his Claw. What you have to do is stand on the
    ground, face the beating Claw Module the Claw protects, and blast like crazy
    when the Claw retracts. Eventually the Claw will be destroyed, and the battle
    gets even easier: hang from the roof and bombard the big target of the "head"
    of the core to reveal Graft and send him collapsing to the ground. Walk over to
    him to finally end this chapter.
    Graft: You meddling fool! Since you destroyed my connection to the ship it's
    now out of control and soon it will become our tomb.
    Phantom: Not if I can help it. Hypercycle lock and find.
    (Phantom and Graft flee on Hypercycle through Prometheus Cannon shaft)
    (Hypercycle emerges from Prometheus into Metropian Skies, Prometheus slowly
    descends while exploding)
    Graft: You should've left me in the ship, my life here is over.
    Phantom: You're still alive Graft.
    Graft: Unfortunately. Please excuse me while I report to Maximum.
    (Graft contacts Maxwell, Jr.)
    Graft: Maxwell, I'm just east of the destroyed ship.
    Maxwell: Did the tin man fall down again?
    Graft: Very funny.
    Maxwell: Is there anyone with you?
    Graft: No, I'm alone.
    Maxwell: Bauldedare and I will be there soon.
    (Connection cuts, Hypercycle lands in Warehouse-like area)
    Graft: Prometheus was the least of your worries. This disaster has started a
    war between Sean one and Maximum, Inc. and Mars will be blamed for the Summit
    attack. Sean's on his Orbital Platform, trigger finer on a cannon. Rebecca will
    release the Triads on him to buy time to bring Maxwell, Sr. back to life.
    (Shows Maxwell, Sr. with Black Panther)
    Phantom: What do you know about Maxwell Sr.
    Graft: Rebecca's gone mad. She has his brainwaves stored and intends on
    bringing him back into human form. Once he's back there's no hope for Metropia
    or Earth.
    Phantom: Where does she keep his brainwaves?
    Graft: Only she knows for sure.
    (Graft talks to Phantom in Warehouse-like area)
    Graft: Here are codes that access a shuttle leaving for Sean One's Orbital
    Platform and Maximum's second level that leads to an elevator...and the Triads.
    Phantom: Come with me. I can save you!
    Graft: No, stop them while Metropia still has a chance.
    	|	 				          |
    	|         CHAPTER 6: TOOLS OF DESTRUCTION         |
    	|	 				          |
    (Dr. Jak reports on the Summit attack)
    Jak: Oooo -- dissension in the ranks! Ex-military bigwig Mars is blamed for
    the attack on the Summit! Rebecca Madison's in denial!
    Rebecca: If I had only known my money supported a madman's dreams of killing
    the Political Leaders. I offer my help.
    (Report moves to Free Orbital movement)
    Jak: The members of the Political Summit have decided not to make the Orbitals
    a free nation. The Orbitals have shut off all communication and trade with the
    Earth as a result of this decision.
    (Phantom talks to Guran in Skull Lair)
    Guran: Not enough time to attack both the Orbital and Maximum, Inc. The choice
    you make, with the help of Graft's codes, is not an easy decision.
    Phantom: That's about the only thing I am sure of.
    Lair > Skull Lair
    Welcome to Chapter 6, and the final split chapter. This is also the biggest
    split chapter since there are more than two choices and many secondary 
    objectives to be fulfilled. Basically, Graft has provided you with codes to
    hitch a shuttle to Sean One's Orbital Platform or to break into Maximum's
    secure area and destroy the Triads. But the shuttle to the Orbital is leaving
    soon, meaning you can't attack both places. To complicate things, not only do
    you have to fight Sean One but you also have to destroy the devastatingly
    dangerous Damocles Cannon mounted on his Orbital, along with his hidden
    Computer to ensure he can't build another one. But if you don't destroy the
    Triads, Maximum will have a way to hold off any attacks while Maxwell, Sr. is
    revived. Luckily, there's a solution to this dilemma: you can attack both 
    Maximum and Sean One by stealing a secret shuttle from Maximum's secure area
    which was designed to sneak attack Sean One, allowing you to stop both the
    Triads and Sean One. Because this alternative is easily the best, it'll be the
    only guide I offer (for now anyway). I'll still detail a full exploration of
    the Orbital Platform, and if you need advice on getting through the Spaceport
    (since we'll be getting a ship from Maximum) then you can check out Chapter 4's
    guide on that. So, head out of the Skull Lair and head for Maximum Building.
    =:---MAXIMUM ORBIT---:=
    Maximum Building > Lower Levels
    The Lower Levels are barred after Chapter 2, so if you didn't explore them then
    it's tough luck (they were only open in the "Rescue Mission" choice). Head to
    the right, open the gate with Graft's codes and head up the first shaft you 
    come to.
    Maximum Building > Upper Levels
    This area is still open for exploration, so see Chapter 4's "Mechanical Threat"
    for a fully-detailed guide on grabbing all the goodies here.
    When you emerge in this area, head through the gate to the right and blast 
    through the first two doors you come to. In this shaft, jump up and go into the
    first opening on the right. Destroy the half-completed wall section at the 
    right of the room, head down through the destructable block after grabbing the
    Full Spirit refill, and head through the gate that will open on your right.
    Maximum Building > Hellevator
    (Elevator counts down from five, then drops into freefall)
    Despite the boss music here, I won't be listing it as a boss. All you have to
    do is hang from the ceiling when the floor collapses and shoot any Crab Biots
    that stray too close to you. Easy as pie.
    (Phantom jumps off crumbling Hellevator)
    Maximum Building > Security Zone
    Head to the right into the large (and conspiciously boss-tailored) open area
    and climb the left wall into a small alcove. In this area you'll fight each of
    the three Triads one by one, then all of the together.
    The first Triad in the upper-left alcove simply jumps from wall to wall and
    back to the ground. Just duck in a corner and blast her until she falls with a
    scream. Head to the opposite corner, grabbing the Energy Aid in the middle of
    the room, and fight the second Triad. This one leaps from wall to wall, lands
    back on the ground and sends a wave of fire around the floor, walls and 
    ceiling, resulting in a Spreadstar when it reaches the middle of the ceiling.
    When she's down, drop down out of the room and head through the corridor to
    the right. Jump up into the gap and fight the last Triad, who sets off the
    wave of fire and Spreadstar before rolling around the walls of the room. Finish
    her then head back to the large open room for the real fight.
    Techniques: Wall Jump (Triad 1, Triad 2), Flamewave/Spreadstar (Triad 2, Triad
    3), Wall Roll (Triad 3), Triad Wheel (All Triads)
    Health: A.200 (Triad 1), A.250 (Triad 2), A.300 (Triad 3)
    Weak Points: Anywhere (immune when in Triad Wheel)
    Rewards: None
    (NOTE: Exlude a Triad's part in the Battle Pattern if that Triad is defeated)
    *Cycle Begin*
    - Triads appear, Triad 1 on the left, Triad 2 on the right, Triad 3 in the 
    - Triad 1 wall jumps to the left then to the right, Triad 2 wall jumps to the
    right then to the left, Triad 3 does Flamewave/Spreadstar
    - Triad 1 is motionless, Triad 2 does Flamewave/Spreadstar, Triad 3 does Wall
    - All Triads form Triad Wheel in the centre of the room, which spins slowly and
    sends off a wall of blasts in triangular directions (the number of blast walls
    is equal to the number of Triads left undefeated).
    *Cycle Ends*
    My complicated Battle Pattern makes this battle seem far harder and more
    complicated than it actually is. All you have to do is stand somewhere on the
    ground, dodge and Flamewaves or rolling Triads that may be coming at you, and
    keep firing with your Homing Missiles at whoever's still standing. It may be
    a good idea to focus on each Triad one at a time, since that will make dodging
    the dangerous Triad Wheel easier. When the battle starts, focus on Triad 3
    who's standing motionless while summoning the Flamewave. Dodge the Spreadstar
    that emerges (it's easier in this open space) then focus on Triad 1 or 2 who 
    are now standing motionless (Triad 2 is performing a Flamewave, Triad 1 does 
    nothing, so see if you can kill Triad 1 before Triad 3 finishes her Wall Roll).
    When Triad 3 returns, the remaining Triads will form the wheel, so get to the
    bottom-left corner and prepare to scale the walls and cross the ceiling to
    stay between the blast walls. Hopefully you've already defeated one Triad so
    there'll only be two walls to dodge. When the Triads return, focus on Triad 3
    again (she should go down before her Flamewave is completed) and then Triad 2.
    When the battle ends, head out to the far right, grabbing the Energy Aid on the
    Maximum Building > Shuttle Zone
    At first, this area seems small; nothing but a few Biots, some explosive crates
    and an exit ladder. Using this ladder ends the chapter and also any chance of
    stopping Sean One. Instead, destroy the block at the top-right corner of the
    room and get ready to explore the rest of the Shuttle Zone.
    Remember that if you gave Mr. Cairo the Summit location you'll have a lot less
    enemies to deal with here. Anyway, head to the left and blast the ceiling block
    at the end of the corridor. Jump up and head to the far right of this corridor,
    then blast the block in the floor instead of the ceiling. You'll see a locked
    Gate 3, so smash Lock 1 here and then head back up to the previous corridor and
    destroy the ceiling block at the right end. At the left end of this highest
    corridor is Lock 2. Smash it and return to where Gate 3 is.
    To the left of Gate 3 is a destructable floor block; smash it and get ready for
    some anti-gravity action. You'll have to carefully get down with you Rope and
    then swing across the ceiling to the right, since there's no bottom to this
    dangerous area (NOTE: If you go left, down the wall and under the lower ceiling
    you can find two 1-Ups at the far left of the screen. Drop down on top of them,
    since there are two more to be gained directly below the two visible ones and 
    it's worth the lost life).
    You can also grab the 1-Up as you swing to the right if your Rope's long 
    enough (which it should be if you've been following this guide). At the bottom
    of the far right wall is another 1-Up. When you've got enough lives, head
    up from the right wall through the destructable ceiling.
    Destroy the next bustable block in the upper-right corner and head up the steps
    here, smashing Lock 3 and grabbing the Large Spirit refill. If you're up for
    some more swinging action, you can head back underneath the area to Gate 3 to
    get an ultra-cool Power Module and Energy Aid refill. Either way, from where
    the steps and Lock 3 are go out the screen to the right.
    (Phantom rides shuttle to Orbital Platform)
    Phantom: Maximum, Inc. programmed this ship to surprise Sean One's Orbital
    Platform with the Triads. I'll arrive unexpected as well.
    Orbital Platform > Docks
    Sean One's Orbital Platform is full of Buzz Biots and Orbital Troopers (who
    are tall, thin and weak, but wield flamethrowers or blasters). They shouldn't
    pose much of a threat as you explore the station.
    There are two big secrets to be found here on the Orbital Platform, so make
    sure you get both, along with the other goodies to be found. First of all,
    jump over the shaft to the left and look for a ceiling block with no lines in
    it. No, it isn't destructable, but you can jump through it. Do so and then
    sprint all the way to the left into a large room with a whopping eight 1-Ups,
    arranged in a smiley face for your pleasure (this also indicates it's a bit of
    a bonus). Grab them all using your Rope and jumps and then head back right and
    down through the unlined block.
    Once you're back at the start, head to the left through the destructable door,
    keep going and drop down the first elevator shaft you come to. Head into the
    first opening on the right and run across to the right to grab a First Aid. Now
    drop down the nearby shaft and head left until you pass another shaft. Above
    you on the left side of the shaft is a Large Spirit, and above that is a 
    destructable block which you can destroy if you want. Drop back down and 
    destroy the block in the next alcove to the left to get an Energy Aid, and grab
    another Energy Aid in the furthest left alcove.
    Head up the shaft or up above where the Large Spirit was and go left through
    the bustable door, all the way to the other side of the Orbital.
    Orbital Platform > Control Centre
    Grab the Large Spirit and head up the shaft here all the way to the top. Now
    sprint left, grabbing the Large Energy refills in the air as you go, and smash
    the door at the end. Drop down the shaft and go left.
    Jump up and blast the doors to grab First Aid and Energy Aid kits, then drop
    back out and head underneath to the left, smashing the door at the end. You've
    reached the far left side of the Orbital (which is the starting point if you
    come here from the Spaceport) and another hidden secret. Run to the far left
    and look nearby for a small floor panel with a background line running straight
    down into the middle of it. You can drop down through this floor panel. Do so
    and prepare for more anti-gravity fun, but first a little sacrifice: quickly
    grab the platform with your Rope as you drop down, then swing to the left and
    grab the big red block. Now let go and drop down, in line with the centre of 
    the underside of the big red block. As you fall you should grab the extremely
    hidden and useful 1/4 Spirit Upgrade, with reduces non-lethal damage dealt to
    you to a quarter of what is originally was (if you missed the Upgrade, you
    should have at least seen it, so sacrifice another life to get it).
    Once you've got it, swing underneath the platform to the right instead until
    you reach the wall. Carefully climb down the wall, swing into the 1-Up and jump
    down when you see the platform beneath.
    Phantom: Sean One's main computer! If I destroy it he won't be able to make
    another weapon like the one on the Prometheus.
    Grab the First Aid and Energy Aid kits around the Computer, then blast it
    into oblivion.
    Phantom: Sean One's as good as finished!
    Now, the hard part: getting back up to the platform. But first, another little
    trek for the hard-hearted. You can swing underneath the Computer's platform,
    grabbing a 1-Up beneath the platform, then swing under the whole station to the
    far right where an additional five 1-Ups wait to be collected.
    After sacrificing yourself for this noble cause, you'll spawn back on the
    Computer platform. Begin your climb up the wall and to the right, then hang
    directly beneath the platform you dropped through. Now jump straight up and
    you should return to solid ground.
    Head back to the very far right of this area, drop down the long shaft, and
    break through the door on the left near the bottom. Sprint to the far left,
    break through another small door, grab the Full Spirit refill, then head left
    under the overhang to face Sean One.
    Sean One: Since the Political Summit will not grant me my wish of a free
    Orbital nation...you'll be witness as I turn your precious world into 
    interstellar crumbs!
    Techniques: Single Energy Blast, Forked Energy Blast, Triple Energy Blast,
    Health: A.150
    Weak Points: Head
    Rewards: None
    *No Cycle*
    - Fires Single, Forked, and Triple Energy Blasts in that order, repeating
    - Moves left and right along ceiling towards Phantom
    - Swoops to opposite side when hovercraft comes into contact with wall
    Once you figure out how to fight Sean One, he's extremely easy. He's only
    vulnerable when he swoops, so you have to get him to touch one of the walls.
    How to do that? Stand near one. When he runs into it and begins climbing down
    the wall, quickly hang from the middle of the ceiling with your Homing Missiles
    and fire at his head as he passes under. If you're a high enough Power Level
    and/or you have the 2x Damage Upgrade, you should be able to down him with just
    one swoop. Otherwise, repeat. All you have to do in the meanwhile is dodge his
    predictable and slow (though powerful) Energy Blasts.
    Sean One: Analytical! Prepare the Damocles Cannon for firing.
    Head to the right and drop down through the shaft.
    Orbital Platform > Cannon Shaft
    Drop down, destroy the crumbling block beneath you, and destroy another one
    straight down to arrive at a third and final block. Make sure you're at 
    respectable Spirit and Energy levels with your Breakers equipped, then drop
    down into the room.
    Sean One: Good of you to join me. It's such a satisfying feeling when thousands
    of Earth dwellers cry out in terror all at once!
    Techniques: Charge, Homing Blast (Sean One)
    Health: Total A.500 (Five energy packs to destroy)
    Weak Points: Energy Packs
    *No Cycle*
    - Charges
    - Sean One attacks Phantom with Homing Blast
    - Fires Cannon after about 30 seconds
    Your first and only timed battle! You've got slightly less than 30 seconds to
    destroy all five Energy Packs of the Cannon, while Sean One bombards you with
    Homing Blasts. Your Breakers should eat through the Packs quickly, so as soon
    as the battle starts jump to the left and blast the one on the wall (they're
    red with energy signs on them). Then drop down through the platform and blast
    the next one. Now jump back up and across to the other side of the room where
    two more wait. Once you've hit both, drop down though the bottom-right platform
    and quickly grab the wall with your Rope just below the fifth and final Energy
    Pack, before destroying it and finishing the fight. Sometimes Sean One may get
    in your way; if this happens, you can do one of two things: quickly move around
    a bit to get him to move, or lure him away and use your Homing Missiles to 
    finish off that Pack. Breakers are still the best bet though because you only
    get one shot at this battle. If you don't destroy the Cannon, you won't be able
    to get the Golden Ending since Sean One will fire on the Earth again and again.
    [CUTSCENE] (if Cannon destroyed)
    Sean One: Do you know what you've done?
    (Phantom punches Sean One)
    Phantom: I've saved the world.
    (Phantom contacts Guran)
    Phantom: Guran, I've destroyed Sean One's laser cannon. The Orbital Platform is
    going to blow!
    Guran: The SOFT Jet's been flown to your location as requested. Sparks is 
    standing by for you to board.
    Phantom: Where's Sean One?
    Sparks: Phantom, ready to pick you up outside Dockiny Bay 94.
    Phantom: I'll be there shortly...Sean One's disappeared.
    (SOFT Jet and Sean One flee as Orbital explodes)
    (Phantom talks to Sparks in Skull Lair)
    Sparks: I've found a tube train tunnel on the east side of the city that leads
    into Maximum's inner core.
    Phantom: I bet Maxwell's brainwaves and the Panther are kept somewhere inside
    that inner core. I'll stop Rebecca and save the Panther.
    [CUTSCENE] (if Cannon not destroyed)
    Phantom: Where's Sean One?
    Sparks: Phantom, ready to pick you up outside Dockiny Bay 94.
    Phantom: I'll be there shortly...Sean One's disappeared.
    (SOFT Jet and Sean One flee as Orbital explodes)
    (Phantom talks to Sparks in Skull Lair)
    Sparks: I've found a tube train tunnel on the east side of the city that leads
    into Maximum's inner core.
    Phantom: I bet Maxwell's brainwaves and the Panther are kept somewhere inside
    that inner core. I'll stop Rebecca and save the Panther.
    	|	 				         |
    	|          CHAPTER 7: MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE          |
    	|	 				         |
    [CUTSCENE] (if Cannon destroyed)
    (Dr. Jak reports on Orbital Platform's destruction)
    Jak: An Orbital Platform blew up in space today, raining debris upon the city.
    No word on casualties but hundreds of Orbitals are homeless. An investigation
    is under way. If I don't hear it, you don't hear it!
    (Report moves to Maximum Building)
    Jak: The Phantom was seen creeping into maximum...is he in league with Rebecca
    Madison? Stay plugged in!
    Metropian Map
    Here we are: the final Chapter. Our mission is to ride the tube train into
    Maximum's Inner Core, then destroy Maxwell, Sr. before Rebecca can use the
    Black Panther's blood to transfer his brainwaves into a human body.
    This is also your last chance to do any more exploring you want to do, but only
    a few locations are available for any real exploration, notably the Ghost 
    Jungle, Ruins, Industrial Area, and Ruined Warehouse. All other locations are 
    locked down as per usual, their purposes already served.
    One new location has become available though: the Tube Train station on the 
    east side of the map. Head in when you're ready for the final fight, because 
    there's no coming back once you're in.
    (Dr. Jak reports on Tube Train)
    Jak: Wake up, Metropia! The Phantom is now attacking a tube train on the upper
    east side. I take you there live! This time the purple nut has really cracked
    his shell!
    (Phantom boards Tube Train)
    The tube train stretches across this whole area, and it's our goal to reach the
    front to the far right. Red Jetbiots will assault you the whole time, but their
    armour is weak enough to be penetrated by a single shot. Make sure to avoid 
    falling onto the tracks, which will cause instant death (both upper and lower 
    platforms on the train can be fallen through, so avoid ducking on the lower 
    platform). Once you reach the destroyed front of the train, you're up for your
    first of multiple boss fights in this Chapter.
    Techniques: Double Massive Energy Blast, Ram, Buzz Biot Summon
    Health: A.500
    Weak Points: Open Maw
    Rewards: None
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Starts in middle of screen, maw open
    - Moves down to bottom of screen, maw open
    - Moves up to top of screen, maw open
    - Closes maw, Ram attack
    - Moves down to bottom of screen, maw open
    - Closes maw, Ram attack
    - Moves up to middle of screen, maw open
    - Closes maw, Ram attack
    - Moves up to top of screen, maw open
    - Moves down to bottom of screen, maw open
    - Closes maw, Ram attack
    - Moves up to top of screen, maw open
    - Moves down to middle of screen, maw open
    - Closes maw, Ram attack
    - Moves down to bottom of screen, maw closed
    - Moves up to middle of screen, maw closed
    *Cycle Ends*
    If you've fought these Spider Biots before in Chapter Four, you'll have an idea
    what you're up against. The Spider Biot strafes back and forth across the right
    edge of the screen (some invisible platform I assume), firing powerful Energy
    Blasts at you and summoning tiresome Buzz Biots, while you're forced to fight
    it from a tiny platform (in this case the front of the train). Another problem
    is that the Spider can only be damaged when its maw is open and Energy Blasts
    are being fired at you. The battle is practically impossible without the use of
    Homing Missiles to target the moving mouth but the Buzz Biots will attract a
    lot of the shots you fire. Every now and then the Spider will also dash across
    to where you are in an attempt to ram you with its closed mouth, and as soon
    as it begins moving again it will summon a few Buzz Biots to pester you.
    Basically, all you have to do is move between the two levels of the train's
    front (by falling through the top platform and jumping up again) to dodge the
    Energy Blasts as best you can, all the time firing your Homing Missiles. 
    Depending on how many Power Upgrades you've collected, the Red Spider Biot can
    sometimes take a very long time to kill, but even with just three or four
    Power Upgrades it shouldn't take longer than five minutes or so of nonstop
    firing. The Buzz Biots will usually give you all the ammo you need and a fair
    bit of health, but if you're running out of either use a Kit (if you're 
    running out of both and you have plenty of lives it's probably a better idea to
    just die to preserve your precious Kits). On a final note, beware ducking on
    the lower platform because if you try and jump while ducking you'll fall 
    straight down to your death on the train tracks.
    (Train crashes through several barriers)
    That's one boss down; only three to go. Heal as needed, then head a little bit
    to the right to fight bogey number two.
    (Graft appears in Urban Combat Biot (Mark II - Green))
    Phantom: Why do you torture yourself?
    Graft: Rebecca owns me. She can destroy me with the touch of a button. I must
    Phantom: And I must destroy her.
    Graft: Then you will have to go through me.
    Techniques: Fire Explosives, Claw Lunge, Large Energy Blast
    Health: A.200 (Claw), A.250 (Legs), A.150 (Head)
    Weak Points: Claw, Legs (after Claw is destroyed), Head (after Legs gone)
    Rewards: None
    [With Claw]
    - Enters room from left
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Pauses at left and fires two volleys of Fire Explosives, first one low and
    second one high
    - Walks across room, pausing three times to lunge with claw
    - Pauses at right of room and bends over before lunging with claw
    - Walks backwards, pausing twice to shoot with Large Energy Blast at mid-level
    *Cycle Ends*
    [With Legs, Without Claw]
    - Same as With Claw, but fires Large Energy Blast instead of using Claw
    [Without Legs]
    - Head rolls back and forth across room, firing volleys of Fire Explosives
    about every two seconds
    This battle is a horrendously easier version of the first Urban Combat Biot,
    despite the increased health stats. Graft's battle pattern hasn't changed one
    bit and this time we've got the Homing Missiles. Simply hang from the ceiling
    to dodge his first low wave of Fire Explosives, drop down to avoid the second
    wave, then stand wherever you want and let loose with the Homing Missiles. You
    should be able to do this battle without even getting hurt. Once the legs are
    destroyed, grab the Energy Refill he drops then stand at the left side of the
    room firing more Missiles at the detached rolling head, jumping to dodge the 
    wheels when he gets too close. You probably won't need an Energy Kit unless you
    started the battle with less than near-full.
    (Graft is lying in flames)
    Graft: Finish it! Put me out of my misery!
    Phantom: I will not kill you Graft.
    Graft: Set me free! Coward!
    (Phantom walks away)
    Two down, two to go. Halfway there! Well, in numbers anyway. The next two 
    battles are going to be much more difficult than this.
    Head out of here to the right and grab the 1-Up above your head in the shaft.
    Drop down to the bottom, destroy the block to your left and grab the Kits and
    Refills to prepare for the next boss, one of the deadliest in the game. When
    you're ready with Homing Missiles, sprint through the two gates to the right.
    Maxwell Jr: Never send a tin man to do a genius's job.
    Techniques: Massive Energy Blast (Legs), Buzz Biot Summon, Homing Blast (Head)
    Health: A.200 (Leg Joints), A.300 (Head)
    Weak Points: Leg Joints, Head (after Legs gone)
    Rewards: None
    [With Legs]
    - Remains motionless for several seconds
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Walks back and forth across room rapidly, firing Massive Energy Blast at
    Phantom from intact leg joints
    *Cycle Ends*
    [Without Legs]
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Flies across area and out of sight
    - Flies across, pauses, deploys Homing Blast, flies out of sight
    - Flies across, deploys Homing Blast if one isn't chasing Phantom already
    *Cycle Ends*
    Like the battle we just fought, this is pretty much an exact repeat of your
    first Legion battle - just more health and power. And although we do have the
    infinitely useful Homing Missiles, the battle is only marginally less difficult
    than the Green Legion was back at that time due to the Red Legion's staggering
    power. Like before, Buzz Biots will hinder you throughout the entire battle but 
    the refills they drop is probably worth the single shot it takes to kill them.
    As the battle begins, the Legion will fire enormous Energy Blasts from all 
    three leg joints and stomp back and forth with its enormous angular feet. The
    feet make it difficult to get close to the leg joints to target them with your
    Misiles, but moving behind the Legion is a bad idea because you'll probably be
    annihilated by the Energy Blasts in such a tight space. The traditional way to
    fight this battle would be to stay on the left side, jumping to dodge the
    Energy Blasts and firing constantly to hit whatever you can. This way is fairly
    safe, but it will take a while. The second more desirable option is to use
    the Armor ability you should have obtained in the Ghost Jungle. If you haven't
    already discovered the Armor's usefulness, it grants you complete invincibility
    for about ten seconds at the cost of a large amount of energy. Equip it, run
    below the Legion's lower knee joint, and blast it with your Homing Missiles or
    even Breakers if you're a good shot. When you start to flash slower, get out of
    the legs' way and use the Armor again. Make sure you kill plenty of Buzz Biots
    to get back energy so you keep Kit usage to a minimum. Using this tactic, all
    three leg joints should be gone in no time at all.
    With only the head left, the Legion will act like it did in the Green Legion
    battle, zooming in and out of the screen and sending dangerous Homing Blasts
    after the Phantom which won't stop until they've hit you. Also like before, you
    can either use Armor or get hit by a Buzz Biot to absorb the Blast without 
    taking heavy damage. Or you could just continue dodging the Blast, but this 
    means the Legion won't stop which will extend the length of the battle. You can
    take your time getting health and energy back from the numerous Buzz Biots and
    finish the head off in your own time.
    (Phantom stands over Maxwell Jr, who is lying on the ground in front of his VR
    Phantom: Where's your mother?
    Maxwell Jr: Talking to father about a raise in my allowance.
    Phantom: Your father is dead!
    Maxwell Jr: Perhaps, but the transfusion with the Panther has already begun. 
    Soon we'll be the model family again.
    Here we go: the final battle. Of course, which battle you fight depends on what
    you did in Chapter 6. If you went straight to the Spaceport to fight Sean One,
    then you'll fight the Triads here. However, if you went to Maximum Building
    and defeated the Triads there (regardless of whether you subsequently went to
    Sean One's Orbital) then you're up for the REAL last boss. Either way, destroy
    the block above Maxwell's VR chair and head across to the far right.
    !!! Professor Archer rescued
    Phantom: I'll lower the Panther and free it from this hideous trap.
    (Frees Panther)
    Rebecca: That animal's blood was going to bring my husband back into my arms!
    Phantom: Your reign of terror in Metropia is over.
    Rebecca: Not yet. Even though the transfusion was not enough to bring Maxwell
    back in human form, he's not dead. Protect me my love! Protect me!
    (Maxwell Senior's head lowers down)
    Techniques: Shardclaw Lightning Strike, Superspread (with Shardclaws); 
    Lightning (with Broken Shardclaws); Lightning Orbs (without Shardclaws)
    Health: A.100 (Head), A.400 (each Shardclaw), A.10 (each Shardclaw Node), 
    A.100 (each Neck Plate)
    Weak Points: Jaw, Shardclaws, Shardclaw Nodes, Neck Plates
    Rewards: None
    [With Shardclaws]
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Shardclaw closest to Phantom uses Lightning Strike and rises back up
    - Head lowers down, fires Superspread, and rises back up
    *Cycle Ends*
    [With Broken Shardclaws]
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Lightning rises from floor between broken Shardclaws
    - Lightning falls back down below floor
    *Cycle Ends*
    [Without Shardclaws]
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Head lowers from roof to reveal skeletal neck
    - Three Lightning Orbs travel along sections of ceiling on the left and right
    - Head raises back up
    *Cycle Ends*
    Welcome to the final battle...well, the first part anyway. This first part is
    split into a further three sections, and in the first section our mission is to
    deal with the insanely powerful Shardclaws on the left and right of Maxwell's
    head. The Shardclaws are the biggest threat by far: between each volley of the
    head's Superspread, the Shardclaw closest to you will smash straight downwards
    and release two Lightning Orbs outwards from the impact point. If you touch the
    blades of the Shardclaw at any time, you will be instantly killed, and the Orbs
    to a fair bit of damage as well. Moral of the story: don't go underneath the
    Shardclaws except when the head is lowered down.
    So, for the first section. The very first thing you should do is focus your 
    fire on Maxwell's head to get rid of the four sections of plating. This should
    only take ten seconds or so. Now, pick either of the Shardclaws to target 
    first. Your Homing Missiles will only target the claws when they're lowered
    down, meaning you only get a few seconds of hit time. However, there is a trick
    to destroy them much more quickly: while they're safely raised and are moving
    back and forth up the top, stand underneath them and bombard them with Energy
    Blasts or Breakers or any non-homing projectile weapon you want. If explosions
    break out on the claws, you're dealing damage to them. Either way, when the
    Shardclaw stops moving, get out of the way back towards the centre of the room
    because it's about to fall down and rip out the section of the floor, leaving
    you with less room to fight. Deal with the other Shardclaw in the same way,
    dodging the head's Superspread by standing underneath it just a little to the
    side. Once both Shardclaws have fallen through the floor, they'll rise back up
    to stick out of the floor, marking the start of the second section.
    You'll notice three red bulbs on each Shardclaw: these are the weak points in
    this section of the battle, and you have to take them out with just your fists
    and feet. They only take about three hits each (or even less if you want to use
    the Wave Attack), but the problem is the rising length of electricity between
    the two claws where four of the six nodes are located. Start by getting to one
    side of the claws as soon as they come out of the floor because the electricity
    is about the rise. Kick out the node you're next to on the outside, wait for
    the electricity to drop back below the floor, then jump in and smash as many
    nodes as you can (you should be able to safely smash two). Now, jump back out
    on the opposite side and destroy the node there, and repeat the attack on the
    central nodes once the electricity drops. As soon as the last node is destroyed
    the Shardclaws will fall away (with the outer sections of floor) leaving you
    just a tiny patch of floor to fight the last section of this battle.
    Maxwell's head will rejoin the fight, and now that both Shardclaws are finally
    gone his head is our target - or more specifically the skeletal neck that has
    appeared since we last encounted the head. You'll see the neck when the head
    lowers down, and that's when the three neck plates are vulnerable. When the 
    head lowers down it will smash into our little platform, meaning we need to get
    to a safer location - namely the sections of ceiling in the top corners. Grab
    one with your Inductance Rope and from there let loose on the neck plates with
    your Homing Missiles. As the head rises back up out of view, Maxwell will send
    three Lightning Orbs along these parts of the ceiling that will severe your 
    Rope and send you falling, so drop down before the Orbs hit and grab back onto
    the platform (the best way to do this is to just press your Rope button again
    to let go of the ceiling without jumping, then fire your Rope at the platform
    as you pass it). Once the three Orbs have passed, grab the ceiling again and
    send a barrage of Missiles at the neck. As soon as all three neck plates are
    gone, the head will drop down to the platform. Jump on top of it and stand on 
    it as it rises up out of the screen.
    Phantom: Is Maxwell Sr. destroyed?
    Techniques: Double Massive Energy Blast, Superspread
    Health: A.1000
    Weak Points: Head
    Rewards: None
    *Cycle Begins*
    - Moves left and right on top of sludge
    - Rises from sludge and fires Superspread
    *Cycle Ends*
    Welcome to the absolute last fight. You'll find yourself "riding" Maxwell 
    Senior's biomechanical head on top of the sludge rapidly rising through
    Maximum Building. While the premise of the battle is simple (let loose on the
    head with all you've got), Maxwell's enormous amount of health and the other
    threats that face you make it quite an annoying fight. The first frustrating
    factor is that if you die during the fight, you'll have to start again from
    the beginning: full health and all. Secondly, while the head makes a fine 
    platform to ride the sludge on, Maxwell will occasionally rise from the acid
    and let loose with a Superspread and you'll need to jump onto one of the other
    platforms to dodge it. Thirdly, the platforms become less and less frequent and
    you'll likely find yourself falling to your death in the sludge quite often.
    And finally, once you actually destroy the head it loses its solidity, meaning
    you may fall to your death in the sludge right through the head and have to
    start all over again. So, how to win? The best option is your Super Explosives,
    or if you don't have them just Explosives. Stand on the head and drop as many
    Super Explosives as you can until he dies, refilling Energy and Health from
    Kits when necessary. The main problem with this is the loss of solidity at the
    end. So, a fine strategy is to hit the head with a lot of Explosives but finish
    the job with Homing Missiles from the other platforms once you think he's near
    death. To preserve ammo with the Explosives, make sure you don't drop them
    while Maxwell is passing through a platform because usually the Explosive will
    just detonate on the platform uselessly. Once you see the head fly out of the
    sludge with explosions abundant before plunging into the sludge once and for
    all, congratulate yourself: you've just beaten Phantom 2040, best side-scroller
    ever made. Now the only thing left to do is wait and see just how good an 
    ending you've earned.
    ::-::-:: Path Tree ::-::-::
    Note: This Path Tree applies only for choices that directly affect which
    ending you receive (that is, what cutscene you receive), which includes only
    choices made in Chapters 5 and 6. Choices made in the other chapters do not
    affect the cutscene you receive at the end (see Variables for information on
    these excluded choices).
    1A: Give Mr. Cairo location of Political Summit
    1B: Do not give Mr. Cairo location of Political Summit
    2A: Attack Sean One's Orbital Platform via Spaceport
    3A: Do not destroy Computer or Damocles Cannon
    3B: Destroy Computer without destroying Damocles Cannon
    3C: Destroy Damocles Cannon without destroying Computer
    3D: Destroy Computer and Damocles Cannon
    2B: Attack Triads via Maximum Building
    4A: Do not take secret shuttle to Orbital Platform
    4B: Do not destroy Computer or Damocles Cannon
    4C: Destroy Computer without destroying Damocles Cannon
    4D: Destroy Damocles Cannon without destroying Computer
    4E: Destroy Computer and Damocles Cannon
    E#: Ending #
                                     _/         \_
                                   _/             \_
                                 _/                 \_
                               _/                     \_
                             _/                         \_
                            / 			      \
                          [1A]                           [1B]
                       _/      \_                     _/      \_
                     _/          \_                 _/          \_
                    /              \_             _/              \
                  [2A]               \_         _/               [2A]
              __/ _/\_ \__             \       /             __/ _/\_ \__
           __/  _/    \_  \__          ||     ||          __/  _/    \_  \__        
        __/   _/        \_   \__       ||     ||       __/   _/        \_   \__   
       /     /            \     \      ||     ||      /     /            \     \
     [3A]  [3B]          [3C]  [3D]    ||     ||    [3A]  [3B]          [3C]  [3D]
      ||    ||            ||    ||     ||     ||     ||    ||            ||    ||
                                       ||     ||     E18   E17
                                       ||     ||
                                    __/         \__
                                 __/               \__                            
                              __/                     \__                         
                           __/                           \__                      
                        __/                                 \__                   
                     __/                                       \__                
                    /                                             \           
                  [2B]                                           [2B]             
              __/ _/\_ \__                                   __/ _/\_ \__
           __/  _/ || \_  \__                             __/  _/ || \_  \__        
        __/   _/   ||   \_   \__                       __/   _/   ||   \_   \__   
       /     /     ||     \     \                     /     /     ||     \     \
     [4A]  [4B]   [4C]   [4D]  [4E]                 [4A]  [4B]   [4C]   [4D]  [4E]
      ||    ||     ||     ||    ||                   ||    ||     ||     ||    ||
                                E1                                             E2
    ::-::-:: Variables ::-::-::
    ::-::-:: Endings ::-::-::
    E1: ENDING 1
    - Maxwell Senior destroyed 
    - Madison family arrested
    - Sean One's Computer and Damocles Cannon destroyed
    - Black Panther saved from extinction
    - Combat biots and biot factories outlawed
    (Phantom flees crumbling Maximum Building on Hypercycle)
    (Dr. Jak reports on arrest of Rebecca Madison at ruins of Maximum, Inc.)
    Jak: Live and photonic. The Enforcers arrested Rebecca Madison and her son in
    connection with the attack on the Political Summit.
    (Report moves to fate of Rebecca Madison)
    Jak: After her arrest Rebecca was declared insane and put into an institution.
    (Report moves to fate of Maxwell Madison Jr.)
    Jak: Maxwell Jr. was sentenced to life imprisonment. No one knows the
    whereabouts of Graft and the Phantom, but I believe they're involved.
    (Report moves to Black Panther)
    Jak: Members of the Political Summit made new laws protecting endangered 
    animals after the Black Panther almost became extinct.
    (Report moves to Biot Factories)
    Jak: They also decided to stop all production of combat biots and make them
    illegal. Biot factories are now banned from Metropia.
    (Phantom watches Maximum Building crumble)
    Phantom: You're finally free Graft.
    (Sean One's wanted poster seen in street)
    Jak: The Phantom was seen today taking candy from babies and pushing old women
    into the street. This goofball has lost all his screws and I for one...
    (Phantom punches Dr. Jak)
     :\/ CHARACTERS /\:
    ::-::-:: The Phantom (Kit Walker) ::-::-::
    ::-::-:: Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) ::-::-::
    [Professor Archer]
    [Rebecca Madison]
    [Maxwell Madison Jr.]
    [Maxwell Madison Sr.]
    [Sean One]
    [Mr. Cairo]
    [Dr. Jak]
    [Enforcer Cruz]
    ::-::-:: Enemies ::-::-::
    In his struggle to stop Maximum, Inc. and save Metropia, the Phantom will
    encounter heavy resistance. While most Metropian enemies are Maximum's
    murderous robotic Combat Biots, there are also a handful of living enemies that
    seek to stop the masked hero, including terrorists, mutants and mercenaries. 
    The main difference between biotic and abiotic enemies is that abiotic enemies
    explode when defeated, leaving valuable Spirit and Energy refills. Living 
    enemies simply collapse away from the screen with a cry of defeat.
    ---===COMBAT BIOTS===---
    [Biot (Blue)]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Small Energy Blast/Flamethrower
    LOCATIONS: University > Exterior, University > Interior, Warehouse > Dock, 
    Warehouse > Interior, Industrial Area > East, Industrial Area > West
    As the first-seen, weakest and most basic enemy, Maximum's Blue Biots wield
    the standard Small Energy Blast cannons or Flamethrowers. They take minimum
    firepower to destroy, and first appear with Hoverjets in the Industrial Area.
    [Mounted Biot (Blue)]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Spikerbike
    LOCATIONS: C1 -- Industrial Area > East (Upper), Metropian Skies > Tracker's
    Tracker's army of blue Mounted Biots ride deadly Spikerbikes and will attempt
    to ram the Phantom and impale him on their sharp vehicles. Like Hoverjet Biots,
    they appear on screen for one attack and leave immediately after. They also
    freeze in the instant before they attempt to ram the Phantom.
    [Jungle Biot (Green)]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Medium Energy Blast/Flamethrower
    LOCATIONS: C3-C7 -- Skull Lair > Ghost Jungle East, Skull Lair > Ghost Jungle
    Maximum's upgraded Jungle Biots appear only in the Ghost Jungle and are 
    noticeably stronger than their blue counterparts. They wield larger Energy
    Blast cannons and can take more firepower.
    [Guardian Biot (Emerald)]
    STRENGTH: High
    WEAPONS: Medium Energy Blast
    LOCATIONS: Maximum Building > Lower Levels
    As the primary defenders of Maximum Building, these green biots have more and
    take more firepower than Jungle Biots and also have the added ability to 
    liquefy. Green puddles on the floor of Maximum Building will reform into 
    Guardian Biots as you draw near.
    [Mounted Biot (Gold)]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Spikerbike
    LOCATIONS: Metropian Skies > Prometheus Convoy
    There isn't actually much difference between these Mounted Biots and their
    blue forms: they still attempt to ram you and take minimal firepower to defeat.
    They appear only on the convoy of ships following the Prometheus.
    [Elite Biot (Gold)]
    STRENGTH: Very High
    WEAPONS: Triple Large Energy Blast/Flamethrower
    LOCATIONS: Biot Factory > Internal, Metropian Skies > Missile,
    Maximum Building > Upper Levels, Maximum Building > Shuttle Zone, 
    Spaceport > Entryway, Spaceport > Shipyard, Spaceport > Loading Zone, 
    Prometheus > Outside Cannon
    From Chapter 4 onwards these biots are going to be your main abiotic enemies,
    and populate the Spaceport, Biot Factory and Maximum Building's upper floors.
    They wield much more firepower than their previous biot versions, and in the
    Biot Factory the Hoverjet Biots also wield Flamethrowers. Also note that the
    Elite Biots found within Maximum Building have the same ability as Guardian
    Biots: they can sometimes be found liquefied on the floor and will reform as
    you approach them.
    [Assault Hoverjet Biot (Red)]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Small Energy Blast/Flamethrower
    LOCATIONS: Train Station > Tube Train
    Similar to Blue Hoverjet Biots in every single way except colour.
    [Assault Mounted Biot (Red)]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Spikerbike
    LOCATIONS: Train Station > Tube Train
    Similar to Blue Mounted Biots in every single way except colour.
    ---===OTHER BIOTS===---
    [Buzz Biot]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Tiny Energy Blast
    LOCATIONS: Warehouse > Dock, Metropian Skies > Gunship, during many boss fights
    These tiny pests are the most annoying and consistent enemy in Metropia. They
    fly around the Phantom's head firing tiny Energy Blasts, and their small size
    makes them very difficult to hit prior to getting the Homing Missiles. Once you
    have the Missiles, however, you'll find they're much easier to take out. They
    can most commonly be found hanging around during boss fights to provide Spirit
    and Energy refills.
    [Crab Biot]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Tiny Laser
    LOCATIONS: Warehouse > Interior, all Sewers, Maximum Building > Hellevator
    Like the Buzz Biots, the Crab Biots appear frequently and can be difficult to
    hit. They make the same beeping noise as Buzz Biots and crawl around on floors,
    walls and ceilings. Their shots are weak however, as is their endurance to your
    weapons. They come in brown and green varieties, and the green ones can take
    slightly more firepower.
    [Turret Biot]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Medium Laser
    LOCATIONS: Maximum Building > Upper Levels, Maximum Building > Shuttle Zone
    These ceiling-mounted turrets are rarer than Buzz or Crab Biots, but they can
    be just as annoying if you're standing still, moving along the ceiling until
    they're right over your head and firing a downward laser. You'll already have 
    the Homing Missiles when you first encounter them so they won't be a problem.
    [Blue/Green Mercenary]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Triple Medium Energy Blast/Flamethrower/Large Energy Blast
    LOCATIONS: Metropian Skies > Gunship, Industrial Area > West (Lower), Metropian
    Skies > Tracker's Convoy, Wildlife Memorial > Memorial
    These armed and armoured Mercenaries are considerably more difficult than 
    Biots, but thankfully they're also much rarer. The Blue/Green Mercenaries 
    you'll encounter early on in the game wield Triple Medium Energy Blasts and 
    Flamethrowers while the ones later on in the Wildlife Memorial wield only Large
    Energy Blasts, and are actually more similar to Gold/Green Mercenaries.
    [Gold/Green Mercenary]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Large Energy Blast
    LOCATIONS: Biot Factory > Missile Silo
    [Gold/Red Mercenary]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Large Energy Blast
    LOCATIONS: Prometheus > Outside Cannon
    [Blue/Red Mercenary]
    STRENGTH: Very High
    WEAPONS: Double Massive Energy Blast
    LOCATIONS: Prometheus > Control Centre
    The Blue/Red Mercenary is probably the most dangerous enemy in the game, taking
    as much firepower as an Elite Biot but packing a Double Massive Energy Blast
    cannon that will take a serious chunk from your health. As usual, though, 
    ducking and firing will protect you from every shot.
    [Blue Swordsman Terrorist]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Sword
    LOCATIONS: Ruins > West, Ruins > Jeep Run, some Sewers
    These weak terrorist grunts don't actually have a gun or even use the swords in
    their hand - they simply run into you to cause damage.
    [Blue Bomber Terrorist]
    STRENGTH: Weak
    WEAPONS: Explosives Launcher
    LOCATIONS: Ruins > West, Ruins > Jeep Run, some Sewers
    While they don't run like the Swordsman Terrorists, these cool-looking guys
    wield dangerous Explosives Launchers that they won't hesitate to fire at the
    [Yellow Swordsman Terrorist]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Sword
    LOCATIONS: Ruins > East, some Sewers
    Stronger version of the Blue Swordsman Terrorist.
    [Yellow Bomber Terrorist]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Explosives Launcher
    LOCATIONS: Ruins > East, some Sewers
    Stronger version of the Blue Bomber Terrorist.
    [Orange/Green Swordsman Terrorist]
    STRENGTH: High
    WEAPONS: Sword
    LOCATIONS: Main Sewer
    As the strongest Terrorist you'll find around the Ruins and Sewers, these
    vibrantly-coloured enemies have only a sword-wielding form and take more 
    firepower to down than their former yellow versions.
    [Cloaked Terrorist]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Explosives Launcher
    LOCATIONS: Wildlife Memorial > Memorial (Upper)
    These enemies are very similar to Yellow Bomber Terrorists and appear only for
    a short time, and only if you tell Cairo the location of the Summit in Chapter
    [Orbital Terrorist]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Medium Energy Blast/Flamethrower
    LOCATIONS: Orbital Platform (all areas)
    The elongated Orbital Terrorists aren't too powerful or difficult to defeat, 
    but they appear very commonly on Sean One's Orbital Platform and can wield
    Medium Energy Blast cannons or Flamethrowers.
    [Claw Mutant]
    STRENGTH: Moderate
    WEAPONS: Claws
    LOCATIONS: University > Labs, University > Claw Run
    Like Swordsman Terrorists, the Claw Mutants will attempt to touch you to deal
    damage, and don't take much firepower to kill. They do appear commonly, but 
    only in the University's laboratories.
    [Flame Jets]
    LOCATIONS: Industrial Area
    In the Industrial Area there are a number of pipes that spit out dangerous
    flames every few seconds - make sure to avoid them or wait for them to stop.
    [Small Energy Blast Cannons]
    LOCATIONS: Ship Convoys
    Found in extreme numbers on ship convoys and appearing in a few bosses, these
    little round cannons will fire small Energy Blasts at the Phantom and can be
    hard to hit.
    LOCATIONS: Ship Factory, Main Sewers, Biot Factory, University Labs
    Another common hazard to the Phantom is the toxic sludge that seems to appear 
    in Maximum's factories across Metropia and also in the sewers and labs. It can
    usually be avoided by conveyor belts along the ceiling or by using a nearby
    Claw Biot (or in the labs, by escaping as quickly as possible).
    ::-::-:: Bosses ::-::-::

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