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    Hints and Tips by Anonymous

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    Level Codes:
         Level 2  - 985206
         Level 3  - 394391
         Level 4  - 520771
         Level 5  - (Heli): 108048
         Level 6  - 400718
         Level 7  - 773224
         Level 8  - 165411
         Level 9  - 760357
         Level 10 - 882943 (night-time Heli)
    Bonus Stages
    Get to bonus stages by accomplishing special maneuvers on the
    Rocketbelt and Parachute rounds.  Ignore the rings and other
    objectives in these rounds and maneuver over the moving platform in
    each level.  If you can land on this portion of the target area, you
    will be taken to the bonus stage with a rating of 100 points.
    When using the rocketbelt, you will be transformed into a winged man.
    While winged, try to jump onto the trampolines and hit the power P's
    before landing in the middle of the target.  When using the
    parachute, you will be transformed into a penguin who must high dive
    into a multi-point pool.  The waters are separated by ropes which
    each designate different extra point values.
    HINTS on landing on moving platforms:
    Land on moving platform with the parachute (level one): immediately
    rotate 90 degrees right when released (ignore rings). hold position
    until 630-40 feet, at which time pull rip-cord and then pull a quick
    u-turn (180 degrees).  at 225 feet, rotate 90 degrees right and line
    up with the moving platform track.  when you reach the track the
    platform should pass underneath you and then return underneath you
    (traveling the same direction as you) -- as soon as you see it flare
    and hold.
    Land in the water target with the hang-glider:
    hit thermal and wait till the glider levels out.  push up (dive) and
    right, drop to 150 feet, pull up and line up with the target. obtain
    level flight and flare repeatedly just before the shadow hits the
    bottom edge of the target (not much, you should be no higher than 25
    Land on the moving platform with the rocket-pack:
    practice using the low burner and holding at 10 feet.  then practice
    stabilizing your position after moving forward (tricky). complete the
    course and stabilize yourself over the platform's path in a place
    where you can see it approaching (at a corner or end of the 'track').
    drop like a rock the moment the edge of the platform hits your

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