"I'm about to rage on some developers"

One thing I've noticed after the release of Mortal Kombat was more fighters involving killing moves to finish off your opponent. In the outpoor came one game in particular that was pretty well overhyped by gaming magazines: Primal Rage. I never played the arcade version, although I've heard it was the best version available. I had to settle for the Super Nintendo Super Suck version. Yep... it does suck, in my opinion.

Rage in the Cage... or Something...
In Primal Rage, you play as one of many characters, most of which are dinosaurs. You must attack the homes of others and defeat them until you've angered them all, challenging them all to a big brawl and conquering the world. Okay, where's Ed Wood when you really need him? This is just as bad as any tournament idea, which they try to mask up the fact that this is a tournament fighter.

Usual Fighting
The game is filled with the usual 2D fighting. The only thing different is that in this one, you play with dinosaurs. Wow... Wake me up when it's over. You do the same basic attacks and such and then you have the opportunity to finish off your opponent with a killing move. Dino killing moves? No way! Still sucks. Most of the killing moves are lame. Hell, the game as a whole is lame.

The graphics are a far cry from good. Sure, they have a realistic tone to them... seen it all before and didn't even like it that much then. Honestly, they looked like they were trying too hard to make another Mortal Kombat. As I see it, there's only so much you can do with ''realistic'' graphics before it really starts to get one one's nerves. This game also lacked color and the tones of the graphics were way to darkly set. Sure, it was supposed to set a dark mood, but I think they could've been just a hair lighter than that.

The sounds... well... They tried to portray dinosaur roaring. It came out more like a moan of pain. Perhaps being in this game has caused great sorrow within many of the combatants. If I were trapped in a bad video game, I would probably moan a bit, too. Either that or just cry and wet my pants in disgust. The music is also substandard. It doesn't give that stone age fighting feel that we're supposed to have. The only fighting feel it really gives me is fighting the urge to break the damn game. Luckily for the game, it belonged to the video store.

Final Word
What a pathetic excuse for a fighting game we have here. But can you really blame the creators? I'm sure you can, but they were only doing what every other developer out there was with a fighting game: Giving the gamers of the world a new gimmick to tinker with. It seems to me that ever since the birth of one-on-one fighting games, developers have had to find something new to tag on to each game. A new gimmick, a new feature, a new technological advancement... Something to that effect. From there, it was either sink or swim. Guess which one the SNES version of Primal Rage fills out? Let's just say concrete can't swim. What gimmick did they try to sell us? Dinosaurs! Why not a dinosaur fighting game? Well, there are reasons certain gimmicks aren't fulfilled and it's usually to avoid the problems that they can cause in gameplay and design. Such was the problem here. What can you do with dinosaurs that is going to want to make people use them as a fighting character beyond just biting, scratching, and kicking? Not much. Sure, they can breathe fire and do all this other wack stuff with their bodies, but it still doesn't add enough to the gameplay. Look at every fighting game. Most of them are generated either with a new gimmick or a ''modified'' version of an old gimmick. Mortal Kombat gave rise to killing moves at the end of the fight. Virtua Fighter gave us more 3D fighters. Eventually, we got to form our own fighting teams. There were even games that gave you some of the strangest, most off the wall things to fight with as combatants. Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen allowed you to play as your favorite kaiju (out of the few they had) and whoop some other kaiju tail. The cool thing was that they actually pulled the gimmick of very well and possibly generated the best Godzilla game that unfortunately never saw US shores. Primal Rage needed much refinement, not a major gimmick. It needed some better gameplay, some better moves... The dinosaurs are nice, the caveman eating is nice (in the arcade version), but they are not a suitable lull to detract attention from the downsides that the game tries ever so hard to hide. No matter how you wrap it, it's going to come out the same way when you open it.

Graphics: Well, not the best 6/10
Sounds: Ugh... 4/10
Controls: Good enough. A bit stiff at times 7/10
Plot/Storyline: I need not grill this one any longer 1/10
Gameplay: Slow and repetitive 2/10
All Together: 2/10

*Different gimmick

*Bad sounds
*Crap characters and moves
*Tried too hard to mask the crappiness

Only for major fighting fans, and even then, you still may not enjoy this. Bottom line: stick to the arcade version or just go play Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct. If you're looking for a good dinosaur fighting game, the closest you'll get is Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen, which really isn't a dinosaur fighting game, but it is the closest you'll get to one (that or King of the Monsters).

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 04/30/01, Updated 10/23/01

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