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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MStr

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                            RANMA 1/2 RPG FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
    Written by Mstr, 7. September, 2000 - anime@email.si
    Copyright 2000 by Mstr                                                   
    You may not change the contents of this FAQ. You must ask permission 
    before using this FAQ on your web page. This FAQ or parts of it may not 
    be sold or otherwise used for profit.
    1. Walkthrough
    2. Characters
    3. Gameplay
    1. Walkthrough
     You start the game with a rude awakening from Akane. Go to the dojo to
    see how combat works in this game. After the fight, Akane joins. At
    breakfast, Soun will give you a kettle and a bucket. With these items,
    you can switch between normal and cursed forms for some characters. Then,
    some cats come bursting in and kidnap your father. Ranma follows, but
    just then, Ryoga shows up and starts a fight. Afterwards, Akane rejoins
    and Ryoga gets lost again. Now go see Cologne. Right then, two cats
    burst in, looking for Moose. Ranma, Akane and Shampoo will fight them.
    Now just build your levels around town and buy some equipment. Also, if
    you talk to Ukyo, you get a healing item. By the time you buy equipment
    for everyone, you should be on level 5. Now, go to those pipes next to
    the school and go inside.
     In the maze, just walk around and empty those chests, you'll meet those
    two cats soon. Defeat them and get the key to the school. Go back and
    talk to Cologne. She'll give you the password to the school as well as
    tell you a bit about your real task. Now go to the school. Once inside,
    you realise the principal has kidnaped all the students. Go to the last
    clasroom and fight some cats. Afterwards, the principal shows up and bombs
    you away.
     You wake up in a cell. Bust out through the cracked wall in the back. You
    emerge under a waterfall. Talk to the people in town, buy stuff if you
    need to, then leave. Go southwest to the next village. Ryoga joins once
    you enter, so get him some equipment. I suggest you go outside and get him
    to level 5. When you feel ready, go inside the spa. Go upstairs and fight
    those cats. Then use the bucket on Ranma and Ryoga, so you can follow them
    in the women's bath. Go through the wall in the back and change back to
     The enemies in this maze are quite tough, so be careful. Hope you have a
    few healing items. Collect the chests and gain some levels in the maze,
    eventually you'll reach the basement and find Akane in a cell. It's a trap
    though, and you have to fight you first boss. Just pound him with specials
    and normal moves, and he shouldn't last long. Just be careful when he uses
    his strength moves. After the fight, Akane rejoins. Go through the hidden
    passage and outside.
     You emerge on the other side of the mountains. Go to the village and just
    watch what happens. Afterwards, get equipment, then leave the village. Go
    southwest to the village with a pier. Go inside and talk to the people.
    After talking to the elder of the village, some gangsters come by and try
    to boss the people around. They run away once they realise who Ranma is,
    but a woman comes by and kidnaps the daughter of the elder. Afterwards,
    check the chests for goodies, then leave for the tower.
     Go south and east from the village to find the tower. Go up, untill you
    come to three stairways. The middle one leads to the boss of the tower.
    It's not that hard a fight, just watch Akane, since she has low HP. Don't
    forget to loot the chests in the tower if you missed any going up. Return
    to the village. After everyone thanks you, go west over the now fixed
    bridge. Follow the path north and west to the village.
     Once at the village, the cat won't let you enter the shrine, so look
    around the village for a bit. Get better equipment (and bring a spare set
    for Shampoo), then go see the two people near a pool. They'll dig a tunnel
    for you, so you can get inside the shrine. Take it. Once inside, go down
    the stairs.
     This maze is a little bigger. First go down, take the stairs and go east
    over some stairs for a strength ring. Then go west down the stairs. Next
    you face another boss. Just use your specials and have Akane heal, and he
    is defeated in no time. Now go back outside and go back to the village
    next to the pier. Talk to the elder there, then get anything you might
    want to get and talk to the guy next to the ship outside the village to
    go to the southern continent.
     Once there, talk to the people for a bit, then go outside and west to a
    cave. Inside is another maze, but it's not to difficult. The monsters on
    this continent have high hp though, so you'll be taking a few punches if
    you aren't leveled up enough. Go down until you meet Mousse and Shampoo.
    Mousse attacks. Be careful, he's tough. After you beat him, he runs away
    and Shampoo rejoins. She's at a low level though, so walk around a bit so
    she gains a few levels. Then go south from the cave and cross the bridge.
     Walk around a bit, until you find a village with cherry trees. Build some
    levels here for Shampoo. You should be at level 16 or higher for Ranma and
    Ryoga. Then enter the village. You'll see Genma being led away. Ryoga will
    follow and promptly get lost again. Get some equipment if you need it. The
    cat will only let cute girls past, so change Ranma with the bucket and go
    past him. Once inside, loot the chests for some nice equipment and keep
    going up. You'll find Genma there, but it turns out he doesn't want to be
    saved, so you have to fight him. He's not very tough, just be sure Shampoo
    has around 110 hp or higher so she won't go down after one punch. After
    the fight, Genma joins the party.
     Now go out of the village and to the south and east (there is a narrow
    path of sand between mountains and forest to the south, go that way). Keep
    heading east and eventually you'll reach a cave. (Note: you cannot explore
    this cave until you have Genma in your party). It's a bit confusing inside
    but just explore everywhere and keep going down. Once you get to the sword
    unequip Genma, as he joins Mousse and tries to stop you from getting the
    sword. This is a tough fight. First thing to do is have Shampoo raise the
    defence of all three characters. Akane should heal and Ranma attack. Once
    everyone is defended, concentrate on Genma, since he can't heal. Once he
    is defeated, hit Mousse with everything you got. If you're lucky, none of
    your characters will be defeated. After the fight, Genma leaves and Mousse
    joins. Time to head over the sea, so go to the dock near the cave.
     This time the voyage isn't as peaceful though, as your ship will be sunk
    and you end up in your cursed forms. Don't bother changing back for now,
    and go to the nearby village. Only women are allowed in, so you'll have no
    problem while in your cursed form. However, you are changed back to normal
    right after entering the village, and Ranma and Mousse end up in jail.
    Ryoga breaks in though, and rejoins the party. Now change forms and go
    through the tunnel. Talk to the girl and she'll let you pass (if you are
    in your normal forms you get thrown back in the jail). Now just explore
    the town and talk to everyone.
     Once you leave the village, go south and west to another village. It's
    west of the path in the middle of some woods, so it may be a bit hard to
    find. When you enter, Mousse is bombed away by the principal. He gets
    distracted though, so you can save the girls. Afterwards you fight him.
    Once defeated, talk to the people, a man will tell you how to get to the
    forrest village. Before that you should go back to the village of the
    women and equip everyone with new stuff.
     Now head on south and west until you reach the large boulder blocking the
    path. Follow the instructions you got (3 steps back from the boulder, then
    go south) to find a hidden path around it. When you decide you are strong
    enough (level 20 or higher for everyone is a good idea), enter the town.
    Inside your classmates are building the hideout for the cats, as well as
    searching for the mirror. Talk to everyone and Kuno and Kodachi will take
    the mirror inside, so follow them.
     Climb the tower to the top and fight the bunch. It can be a hard fight,
    so have Shampoo strenghten Ranma and Ryoga and have them use their best
    specials on them. You're not done yet, since after the fight, another
    boss shows up. He's easy though, and should be no problem. Leave the
    hideout and talk to the principal. He'll give you a lift to the next
     Once there, go to the village. Talk to everyone, then follow the path to
    the cave northeast. Go inside and explore. When you get to an intersection
    Shampoo and Ryoga will start fighting with Ranma and leave. Just go on
    straight ahead, and eventualy, two bosses will stop you. You fight them
    one at a time, but they are both very tough, so keep healed all the time.
    After the fight, Akane gets kidnapped, but Shampoo rejoins. Go on ahead
    and take the stairs.
     You emerge on a path between the mountains. Follow the path to a house.
    Enter and Ryoga will join. Rest and stock up on items, then go on to the
    castle. After a scene with Akane, explore the castle.
     Now that's a real maze! I suggest you find your way around yourself,
    since you'll need to level a bit. If you are in a hurry, just go left and
    up as far as you can (you will go through a twisty path), then cross over
    to the right side and do it all over again in the opposite direction. Now
    just follow the stairs until you find a room in the center with a stair
    and two chests. This leads to the top. After a conversation, Ranma will
    give up the treasures for Akane, who rejoins. Afterwards comes an easy
    boss battle.
     Go use the teleport and go to the upper left. Eventualy you'll meet
    another easy boss, then go on to the ceremony. Turns out Happosai is the
    cats' leader (don't tell me you haven't seen THAT comming). After a hard
    fight, you face the cat ghost. Ranma gets scared, and becomes a cat. Now
    you will be glad you took the time to level up, since this fight is very
    hard. First defend everyone with Shampoo or defense tokens, then up the
    attack of Ranma and the others. Don't worry about Ranma, you can't
    control him in this fight, but he attacks very hard each round. You
    should win, but bring lots of items to revive fallen characters.
     After you win, the cat gets angry and blasts you. You'll wake up in a
    village. Speak to Cologne, and go find your friends on the top floor.
    Don't forget to speak to Genma in a house outside. Then speak to Cologne
    again and choose your party. Go inside the cave in the back and level a
    bit. Go to the 3rd level and fight the warrior spirits, namely yourselves
    This is another tough fight, as they hit just as strong as you can but
    they are faster and have more hp. They give huge exp, so try not to have
    anyone die in the fight.
     Now go outside the village and keep moving south until you come to a
    cave. Inside are 3 teleporters and a barrier blocking the stairs. Each
    teleporter leads to a boss fight, when you beat all of them, you can take
    the stairs. Walk around a bit to level up, then go to the top right and
    go down. Find the stairs and go down again. Now step on the teleporter,
    and you will be transported to the huge castle in the mountains.
     The centre path in the castle leads to a stair, then go down to another
    stair. Fight the boss blocking the stair and go to the final encounter.
    The cat ghost king can't be beaten, but his normal form can. Use the star
    willow you got from the warrior spirits to change him to normal, then hit
    him with everything you got. When he changes back defend and use the star
    willow again. Now just relax and watch the ending.
    2. Characters
     There are a total of 6 playable characters in the game. You can control
    a maximum of 4 characters at a time. Also, Ranma is always in the party.
    Character overwiev:
    Ranma is the main hero, and also the most balanced character. He is very
    strong, fast, has high hp and good attacking specials. He will also be
    the character with the highest level, since he is always in your party.
    Specials: (note - the level noted means the character gains the special
    at that level. If no level is noted that means that the character already
    knows the special when they join the party)
    Tekizen Digyakusou - the party runs away (not possible in boss fights)
    Ryuusekyaku - Ranma attacks one enemy for 1,5 normal damage (level 2)
    Amaguriken - Ranma attacks one enemy for 2-2,5 normal damage (level 5)
    Hiryuu Shoten Ha - Ranma attacks all enemies for 2x the normal damage
                       (level 8)
    Hishou Kyaku - Ranma attacks one enemy for 3,5x normal damage (l. 12)
    Hiryuu Kourindan - Ranma attacks all enemies for 3x damage (l. 16)
    Akane is the main healer character. She has poor stats but she is the
    only one who can heal more than one character at a time. She will be in
    your party a lot.
    Teate - heal 100 hp for one party member
    Jigoku Guruma - Akane attacks one enemy for 1,5x damage (l.2)
    Mina Teate - heal party for 100 hp (l.5)
    Yama Arashi - Akane attacks all enemies for 1,5x damage (l.8)
    Mina Chiryou - heal party for 200 hp (l.16)
    Zenkai Teate - full heal for one member (l.18)
    Ryoga is the classic strong-but-slow characters. He is very useful in
    normal battles since he has powerful specials that attack all enemies. He
    also has some moves that affect enemy status. He has the highest hp and
    defense stats of all characters, and is often the strongest even if he is
    several levels behind Ranma. He is slow though, so a speed boost wouldn't
    Sekiteki Karingasa - paralyse one enemy
    Bakusai Tenketsu - attack all for 1,5x damage
    Chiri Metsuretsu - confuse all enemies (l. 5)
    Shishi Houkoudan - attack all for 2-2,5x damage (l.8)
    Shinteki Kairin Gasa - paralyse all enemies (l.12)
    Hishou Kouryuu Ha - attack all for 3,5x damage (l.16)
    Shampoo is the character with the best all-round specials. She can do it
    all, be it raise stats, attack enemies or cause status effects. However,
    she has the lowest hp and poor stats.
    Chiryou - heal 200 hp for one member
    Hengou Shiatsuken - confuse one enemy (l.2)
    Gourikki Nanka - paralyse one enemy (l.5)
    Fukkatsu - heal one member (very cost effective!) (l.8)
    Reppu Kikouheki - raise defense for one member - 1/2 damage (l.12)
    Gouwanriki - raise attack for one member - 2x damage (l.16)
    Koteki Seiryuuken - attack all for 3x damage (l.20)
    Mousse is a lot like Shampoo, only better. His specials generaly affect
    all enemies/members, and he has mich better stats than Shampoo. He is a
    bit slow, so give him some speed up items.
    Haku Shouken - attack one enemy for 2x damage
    Moku Metsudama - paralyse all
    Gyakukou Mashouken - confuse all
    Shippou Kikouheki - raise defense for party - 1/2 damage
    Ryuuou Gouwanriki - raise attack for party - 2x damage
    Not much info on Genma, since I didn't play him much (the others are much
    better in my oppinion). He has some weird specials, is slow, but has high
    hp and attack. He might work as a replacement for Ryoga, but Ryoga is
    Kaeru Reki Shitai - status effect on all enemies? (NEVER seen it have any
    effect though)
    Jigoku No Yurikago - another weird special, I could never even use this,
    since it was always marked as not usable.
    Shanmao Kikoudan - attack all enemies
    Mouko Rakuchizei - run away (not when fighting bosses)
    Mouko Takabisha - status effect on all enemies? (again, never seen it do
    Mouko Ichigekitai - attack all enemies for 3x damage (l.16)
    3. Gameplay
     The game is very easy to figure out, but there are some things that you
    may miss if you are not careful.
    KI - you can only use specials only if you have enough KI. You gain KI
    by using items which restore it, walking around and during battle. If you
    defend during battle, you will gain a lot more KI, so if you are planing
    to have Ryoga use an attack all move that will finish off all enemies,
    have the characters who move before him defend. Not only wil it drasticaly
    lower damage done to them by enemies, they will also regain more KI.
    When fighting groups of 3 or 4 enemies, it is best to use an attack all
    move, as it takes them out quickly. If there are less enemies, use normal
    Boss fights can be tough in the later part of the game. If you are still
    low on hp, use a defense up move or item to protect weaker members, then
    up strength of the stronger characters and have them use their specials
    for a quick victory. In the first part of the game the bosses usually go
    down after one or two rounds, this changes however as later the bosses
    are really tough. Also try not to loose any characters in a boss fight as
    they will not get any exp. for the battle, not to mention the battle will
    be much harder if say your only healer is dropped out of battle before
    any of you can even move.
    The best party for the last part of the game is up to you. I prefer to
    use Ranma, Akane, Ryoga and Mousse. If you feel you need another healer
    take Shampoo instead of Mousse, but Mousse can raise your stats faster
    and you will need that more than healing in the final fights. Also, if
    you take Mousse or Genma in the party, raise their levels before going
    on to fight bosses, since they are at a low level compared to the rest
    and tend to get defeated quickly. Level 20 is a good idea for them
    before you face the warrior spirits.
    When you gain a level, the hp and KI of a character are completely 
    refilled, so if you see a boss waiting and are low on KI, walk around a
    bit near him until you gain a level, then go and face him.
    You will be walking around with a full inventory most of the time, so
    sell as much as you can. Try not to sell any KI or hp restoring items,
    unless you can already get more powerfull items. You can sell the items
    that cause damage or status change on enemies, since your specials are
    better, keep items that lower stats for bosses though.
    The specials that cause status effects all have a very low rate of
    success, so unless you are desperate use specials that cause damage.
    Every time you enter a new area, walk around and explore to gain some
    levels. It pays off, as the monsters and bosses in the next area are
    always a notch tougher. To avoid tedious walking aroud only to gain
    levels, try to explore each dungeon and maze fully before tackling the
    boss. Once the boss is defeated, no more monsters appear in that maze.
    The most important stat for a character is speed - if you can take
    enemies out before they can move, you don't have to waste KI or items to
    heal. So always try to have as much speed as possible. Try to keep your
    characters balanced though - Shampoo and Ranma will have much higher
    speed than the rest, so you can give them items that increase other 
    stats but lower speed. For characters that do the attacking - Ranma,
    Ryoga and Genma - raise their attack, for healers and stat changers -
    Akane, Shampoo and Mousse - raise defense, since they will not attack so
    often and also have lower hp.

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