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    Move List by Glenn

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                                 RANMA 1/2: HARD BATTLE
                         Ranma Nibunnoichi: Bakuretsu Rantouhen
                          (Chapter of Explosive Crazed Battle)
                        Moves/Codes List v1.1 (January 26, 1996)
    I'm not calling this a FAQ, since it doesn't answer all of the most frequently
    asked questions.
    Everything in here are either from the Instructions Manual, fellow Ranma fans
    (or is that "fen"?) on the net, and from the game itself.  Being not able to
    understand any Japanese, there's no way I could've figured most of this stuff
    out by myself (I didn't get the US version).
    Please send all comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. to me, Glenn, at
    Also, if you have the US version, please send me a list of the name of the
    moves listed in English.... I'd like to see what they were translated to..
    "Ranma 1/2" is the popular manga series created by Rumiko Takahashi, who has
    also created many other popular series in her still continuing career.  The
    manga series has already been adapted into anime in the form of TV series,
    OVAs, and movies.  Currently, Viz has the rights of the English translation.
    The story of "Ranma 1/2" evolves around the main character, Ranma Saotome, who
    has the "unfortunate" curse of turning into a girl when dowsed with cold water
    and turning back into a guy with hot water.  There are other characters in the
    series who also have similar conditions.
    The Options
    After you start up the game, press <start> to choose one of the four options,
    which are [Story Mode], [Vs. Mode], [Group Battle], and [Options].
    In Story Mode, you find out what each character's motives are for getting
    involved with this crazy fiasco, and how they become involved.  You fight the
    computer, which randomly selects your opponents, and finish by defeating
    Pansuto Tarou in his beast form.
    In Vs. Mode, you get to fight another human player, or the computer with a
    character you select.  You also get to choose the stage.
    In Group Battle, you and an opponent choose 5 characters, where the characters
    have only one-round battles, and whoever wins 3 or more rounds wins.  You can
    also select the characters for if you want to play against the computer.
    In Options, you get to set the difficulty level (from Easy to Red, Red being
    the most difficult), the time limit for each round, the sound mode (Stereo or
    Mono), your preference of controls, and test of BGM and sound FX.
    Basic Controls
    The basic controls of the game are, well, pretty basic, and can be modified.
    Left or right on the control pad moves the character forward and back (back
    also blocks attacks), down to crouch, and up does nothing.
    Below is the default settings of the controls:
     Button      Action                   Button      Action
       A         Nothing                    A         Nothing
       B         Strong Attack              B         Strong Attack
       X         Jump                       X         Nothing
       Y         Light Attack               Y         Light Attack
       L         Block                      L         Block
       R         Block                      R         Block
       Up        Nothing                    Up        Jump
    Personally, I would suggest that you use the one of the following settings:
     Button      Action                   Button      Action
       A         Strong Attack              A         Nothing
       B         Strong Attack              B         Strong Attack
       X         Light Attack               X         Jump
       Y         Light Attack               Y         Light Attack
       L         Block                      L         Strong Attack
       R         Strong Attack              R         Block
       Up        Jump                       Up        Jump
    Basically, the idea is that you should have at least two "Strong Attack"
    buttons, where you can hold one of them down at all times.
    To toss an opponent, just walk up to him/her, and press either attack button
    while holding left or right (for which direction you wish to toss him/her to,
    and the strength of the attack button determines how far).
    If you are being tossed, hit both attack buttons repeatedly before hitting the
    ground will enable you to have a smoother landing.  (On your feet instead of
    on your back)
    A few characters have the ability to "jump in mid-air," that is, while in the
    middle of a jump, press jump again, and you will jump higher.  The characters
    who can do this are:  Ranma (both male and female), Shampoo, and Happosai.
    Shampoo can even change direction while in mid-air.
    After you power up the game and while you are in the menu where you can choose
    between [Story Mode] [Vs. Mode] [Group Battle] [Options], press
      Up-Right-Down-Left-Up-X-Select   You will hear Ranma's voice to let you know
                                       that you've done the code correctly.  This
                                       allows you to play as Pansuto Taro without
                                       having to beat the game first (Story Mode).
      Select-X-Up-Left-Down-Right-Up   You will see the words "RANMA M OP" right
                                       above the options, and a cursor next to it.
                                       this allows you to play the "animation"
                                       sequences of the game, for each character,
                                       choosing from the Opening (OP), Losing
                                       (MK), Middle (MD), and Ending (ED).
    In between any rounds/battles, press and hold the buttons X, A, and R, and a
    debug screen will show up, where you get to select the difficulty level, the
    stage, and most importantly, the characters you and your opponent are playing!
    This is the only way you can play as Happosai (Old, very short -- I mean, uh,
    vertically challenged, man).  You can also change the player from computer to
    human and vice versa.  The numbers don't seem to mean anything.
    (Note:  Playing as Happosai in Story Mode may yield some strange results)
    To make things a bit easier for me, I will explain here what some of the
    terminology I am using for this list.
      SA = Strong Attack.        Charge = Press and hold a for 2 seconds or more
      LA = Light Attack.         (air) = Perform while in mid-air
    Ranma Saotome (Male) ["RANMA M" in debug screen]
      Guy with braided tail and red shirt.  (Cursed form is a girl.  Deathly
      afraid of cats.)
    Ranma Saotome (Female) ["RANMA F" in debug screen]
      Girl with braided tail and orange shirt.  (Ranma's cursed form)
    Head Stomp                  (air) Down + SA
    Hiryuu Shouten Ha           SA + LA
    Elbow Roll (Fumitsute)      Charge SA.  Hold Down & release SA
    Mauko Takabisha             Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    Kachyuu Tenshin Amaguriken  Tap SA and/or LA repeatedly
    Ryouga Hibiki ["RYOUGA" in debug screen]
      Guy with bandanna/headband, in yellow shirt.  (Cursed form is a black
      piglet, pet of Akane.  Has lousy sense of direction)
    Umbrella Attack (Kasatsuki) Forward + SA
    Umbrella Head Stomp         (air) Down + SA
     (Tobi Kasatsuki)
    Shishi Houkou Dan           SA + LA
    Bakusai Tenketsu            Charge SA.  Hold Down & release SA
    Bandanna Throw              Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    Shampoo ["SYANPOO" in debug screen]
      Girl with purple hair and a rather traditional Chinese outfit.  (Cursed
      form is a cat.  In love with Ranma)
    Head Stomp               (air) Down + SA
    Ryouga Retsushou Kyaku   SA + LA
    Maugeki Totsushinha      Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    Akane Tendou ["AKANE" in debug mode]
      Girl in Taikwondo (whatever) uniform.  (Ranma's fiancee.  Both in love with
      each other, and both have trouble expressing their true feelings)
    Two Round Kick           Forward + SA
    Shoumakuuha Ken          SA + LA
    Shitsupuu Bakuretsu Ken  Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    Genma Saotome ["PANDA" in debug mode]
      A panda.  'nuff said.  (Cursed form is a panda (duh).  Ranma's father.  In
      human form, is bald and wears glasses)
    Father's Rage 1          SA + LA (when close to opponent)
     (Chichi no ikari - Oshiokihen)
    Father's Rage 2          Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
     (Chichi no ikari - Taibatsuhen)
    Panda Hundred Fist       Tap SA and/or LA repeatedly
     (Panda Hyaku Retsu Ken)
    Hikaru Gosunkugi ["5SUN" in debug mode]
      Guy with bag under eyes, candles strapped on head, stakes in hand, and in
      blue school uniform.  (Weak voodoo dude.  Loves taking photos, and is in
      love with Akane)
    Jumping Mallet           Jump Up or Forward + SA or LA
     (Onnenki Zuchi)
    Jumping Kick             Jump Back + SA or LA
     (Dai Nekurabari)
    Twirling Voodoo Doll     SA + LA
     (Dai Kaiten Wara Ningyou)
    Voodoo Doll Throw        Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
     (Wara Ningyou Nage)
    Ukyou Kuonji ["UKYOU" in debugmode]
      Girl with giant spatula on back.  ("Ranma's cute fiancee."  A great
      okonomiyaki cook, okonomiyaki is a Japanese delicacy.  "Ukyo" is a guy's
      name, and she dresses like a guy most of the time)
    Giant Spatula Cut        Forward + SA
    Ten Kasu Kansha Kudama   Charge SA.  Hold Down & release SA
    Ko Hera Nage (Kansaifuu) Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    Mousse ["MOOSE" in debugmode]
      Guy with glasses & white overcoat.  (Cursed form is a duck.  In love with
    Long Sword               Forward + SA
    Taka-Tsume Ken           (air) Down + SA
    Keiran Ken               Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    Hundred Hidden Weapons   Tap SA and/or LA repeatedly
     (Hyaku Retsu Anki)
    Gekuchiou Kingu (Gambling King) ["KING" in debugmode]
      Looks like a king from a playing card.  (His gambling skills are about as
      good as a grade schooler, but he cheats)
    Ten Bow                  Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    Joker Shower             Jump Back (air) Down + SA
    Pansuto Tarou (Human) ["PANST A" in debug mode]
      Guy in blue vest and white pants, with pantyhose as belt.  (Cursed form is
      a combination of a bull, a crane, an eel, and a yeti; basically, a monster.
      Named by Happosai, and can't be renamed by anyone else.  His name means
      pantyhose, BTW)
    Head Stomp                   (air) Down + SA
    Sanpo Raku                   Forward + SA
    Itsubatsu Gyakuten Otoigeri  SA + LA
    Pansuto Tarou (Beast) ["PANST B" in debug mode]
      A beast with a yeti's body, the head of a bull, the wings of a crane, and
      the tail of an eel.
    Jet Attack               (air) Down + SA
    Maugyuu Totsushin        Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    Happosai ["HAPPOSAI" in debug mode]
      Vertically challenged, yet too tall for his hair old man.  (The most "evil"
      character in the Ranma 1/2 series.  The martial arts master of "Anything
      Goes Martial Arts," and a perverted old man)
    Rushing Attack           Forward + SA
    Ki Shield                SA + LA
    Happo-Bomb(s)            Charge SA.  Hold Down & release SA
    Ki Blast                 Charge SA.  Hold Left or Right & release SA
    That's all.  Once again, please send any comments, suggestions, corrections,
    and/or additions to <brief@ix.netcom.com>.  Enjoy the game!

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