Additional ProgrammerIan Moran
Appearance byTom Hamilton
Appearance byJoey Kramer
Appearance byJoe Perry
Appearance bySteven Tyler
Appearance byBrad Whitford
ArtistPablo Broadbent
ArtistChas Davies
ArtistKaren Davies Downey
ArtistSimon Street
Associate ProducerJay Luss
Design and GraphicsSteve Beran
Design and GraphicsJack Haeger
Design and GraphicsEric Kinkead
Design and GraphicsMartin Martinez
Design and GraphicsJohn Newcomer
Design and GraphicsJohn Vogel
Design and SoftwareBill Dabelstein
Design and SoftwareWarren Davis
Design and SoftwareMike Lynch
Design and SoftwareGeorge N. Petro
Design and SoftwareJake Simpson
Directed and Produced byJack E. Heager
Directed and Produced byGeorge N. Petro
Executive ProducerKen Fedesna
Executive ProducerNeil Nicastro
Guitar SolosVince Pontarelli
ManagementTim Collins
ManagementWendy Laister
Music and Sound EffectsKev Bruce
Music and SoundsChris Granner
ProducerBilly Pidgeon
Production AssistantMartin De Riso
Production AssistantEric Weiner
ProgrammerKent Murray
Project CoordinationRob Falk
Utility ProgrammerJimmy Bagley


Data and credits for this game contributed by Not Dave, odino, chrono trigger fan, Guard Master, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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