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"Not as good as the later installments, but one of the better early SNES/SFC beat 'em ups."

Although many gamers only know about the three Final Fight titles on the SNES/SFC, there is actually a second trilogy of beat 'em up games. Rushing Beat, released relatively butchered as "Rival Turf" in America, is the first one of the franchise.

Graphics 8/10

Although a little fuzzy, the visuals in Rushing Beat are relatively good for their time. The enemies all have distinct faces, and though there are a lot of palette swaps - most of them have altered bodies and accessories. The background environments have moderately high detail, some of them even moving depending on what the current battleground is. The second and third games of the Rushing Beat series look better, but a series has to start somewhere and it was only 1992.

Sound 7/10

The music is above average for a beat 'em up, and the sound effects decent enough. There is only one death cry for enemies, but it has been tweaked in pitch to seem different. I'm assuming this was a budget title to emulate the success of Final Fight, so I'll let some of these kind of things slide. It could be better in this department but there was never a time I wanted to mute all the noises.

Control 9/10

Everything activated fast enough and there was never any detectable response lag. I did find that often enemies hid outside of the screen and you had to lure them into view before they could be attacked. Although this is a common problem in beat 'em ups, it stalls the progression of the game nevertheless. Aside from that flaw, everything is A-OK.

Game-play 8/10

This game is basically a Final Fight wannabe, but that's not a necessarily a bad thing since Final Fight is a classic beat 'em up. A lot of the elements seem to be borrowed from Final Fight, like sleeping / inactive enemies and tall skinny bad guys dropping usable projectile weapons. It is capable of allowing two players, though, something the SNES port of Final Fight was too slack to include. Unique to Rushing Beat, however, is the inclusion of the Rage Mode and an off-beat method of powering your character up. Rage Mode entails your character occasionally becoming invincible for about 10 seconds and able to pummel enemies without risk of being deflected. The powering up system is activated by beating up regular enemies until you have enough "medals" to unleash a spin attack or super-sweep. Unlike most beat 'em ups, you do not have to sacrifice life to order to initialize this move, and you can carry over your "medals" until you have to use a continue. A nice touch to a game that seems very liberal with its influences from Final Fight.

Replay value 5/10

With only two selectable characters, you may grow bored of them by the end of the first time you play the game. There is, however a versus mode that allows you to pit these two very characters against one another. Not much, but an appreciated bonus to extend the replay value.

Overall 8/10

Playing from 2007, there are many other beat 'em ups on the Super Nintendo / Super Famicom that are more sophisticated than this one. However, being that it was released in 1992 and is still charming in most regards, I can't hold it against the standards of the entire beat 'em up library. Definitely check out the other Rushing Beat games, but you might want to play this one eventually just to see what modest roots the series has.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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