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"The most repetitive game ever."

Introduction: Rival Turf was made around 1992 by a company called Jaleco. These guys are the best at making bad Final Fight clones. This game is really boring, and it's not that different from all the other games of its type.

I can't believe this is actually considered a game. All you do is walk around poorly drawn cities and punch the same people for two hours. Even if you do make it to the last boss, you'll probably be so bored that you'll fall asleep while fighting him. On top of that, the enemies are all basically the same. There are two strong guys that have the same moves, and then there are fat guys that also have the same moves. Oh, the variety. 1/10.

Yes, there are graphics. No, they aren't good. That Flak guy looks like he's got a black eye. The cities are all very boring. There should be interaction with the backround or something. The only good part was when that guy jumped out the window of the cafe in the first level. The enemies all look weird, and that Skinny guy's smile is disturbing. Once you get to level four all the enemies wear strange colored clothing. And just what is that thing in the barrel in level three? It runs when you touch it. I think it's a toupee, but it could be a rat. All in all, I'd say these graphics suck. 2/10

The sound is decent. The music isn't memorable, but the boss music isn't bad and I like the level four music. I also like how that fat guy claps before the end of the game. Then you get to beat him up. The punching sound effects are basic. 5/10

The control is good. That's because there are only three things you can do: Punch, grab, and jump. Oh well what can you expect from this type of game. 7/10

Difficulty: Medium
I say medium because it's mostly very easy, but the bosses can be really hard after level three. Also, the karate guys are also tough if there are a few of them.

This ''game'' really sucks. It's fun for the first few levels, but it's all the same with a different backround in each level. I wouldn't recommend buying this game, but if you can get it for free then play it. Then see how far you can throw it. 3/10 (Not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/02/01, Updated 02/02/01

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