Review by Nick Wafer

"Snooze-fest '92"

Rival turf is a side-scroller/ beat-'em-up fighting game released in 1992 by ''Jelaco''.

Gameplay- This game is as fun as watching your aunt's vacation slides of Carlsbad Caverns. The 1st couple of stages are palatable, providing all entertainment from the their fairly interesting urban landscapes, but anything beyond that is so very very extremely repetitive. There is an enemy cast of about 4 basic (and bizarre) characters, each of which has a twin to make it seem like there's more. The cast includes such dweebs as ''Skinny'' (he scares me), ''Dingo & Louie. The repetitiveness and lame cast make this game near impossible to beat. As for the games control, you couldn't say it's that difficult considering each fighter has about 4 moves, although sometimes it seems though the enemies are at an unfair advantage, i.e. Skinny's stupid side-kick like move that seems unbreakable.

Story- You fight as ''Jack Flak'' or Oozy Nelson'' defeating a series of bosses on the streets of L.A. then venture on to what seems to be South America. The game does not present a plot until you defeat the final boss, Big Al (don't ask). Then he raves how even though he got his booty whipped he will return again, then Nelson makes a corny remark. Sounds like a set up for a sequel (although I don't think Jelaco had enough $ to spit out another dull game.

Graphics/Sound- The background graphics throughout the game are ok and sorta interesting at times, they have certainly been outdone by later side-scrollers (but never-the-less pretty good). The characters however are extremely simple, dull and gritty. The music is surprisingly decent (although nothing to write home about). The sound-effects (grunts and groans) are extremely stupid and annoying. If you are looking for true side-scroller quality for SNES, stick with Final Fight.

Playability- once you complete this game you may feel your brain throbbing a tad. Don't play it again, Surgeon General warns brain ''rupturing'' may occur.

Summary- I downloaded this game for free as a ROM off the internet (just because it was free), but don't shell out real cash for it. It's kinda like a Toho film good for a few laughs and snickers. (and cool in its day) but corny in today's society. It's not near the game I remember playing when I was a little kid back in '92. Play Final Fight instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/23/01, Updated 07/23/01

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