Review by khachik

Reviewed: 02/03/00 | Updated: 02/03/00

Too repetitive

This game is too repetitive to get anything higher than a 1. This is probably one of the worst games ever. It's a game where you and your buddy (or just yourself) go through several levels of killing the same bad guy over and over and over again. There are two sets of the same person except with a differet name and look. For example: there's this guy named skinney, which is very skinney. He only has a kicking move. Then there's Reggie, which is also very skinney, and has only a kicking move. The only difference is they way they look. Everybody is like that. Everybody would have another guy with the same moves and physical textures. Very poor. You also have a limited amount of moves. Kick, punch, throw, backbreaker, or jumpkick. There are two different people to choose but both suck equally. This game is WAY too repetitive.

graphics-2/10 Nothing impressive. Plain and boring backrounds. Lame character designs. Could have been much better.

sound-1/10 Same moans and groans go throughout the whole game. They sound stupid though. Everybody sounds the same when they die. It sounds like they're in the bathroom or something. The music is the same throughout the whole game.

control-5/10 Fairly good. It's a side-scrolling game and it's easy to control.

fun-0/10 BOOOOOORING! WAY too repetitive. After playing it once, you would never want to touch it again.

This game is terrible. It deserves a 0.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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