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"Please for the love of god...SHUT UP!"

First of all, I need all you people who say it's repetitive to take a closer look at any final fight game or any streets of rage game and tell me it's truly repetitive as well. Maybe if you all would give the crap a rest maybe we could see something else for once.

Intro to the game:
Rival Turf was released in America in 1992 by Jaleco, with only 2 main characters but hey, the SNES version of Final Fight did the same darned thing. Jack Flak (Rick Norton in the Japanese version) and Oozie Nelson (Douglas Bild-Japan) are the cops of some city in California or somewhere and they go on a hunt to beat up Big Al who fled to, um Brazil or somewhere with Jack's G/F. Well now it's time for Jack to get help from Mr. Nelson and beat these goons up.

Game Play- 5/10
Well let's see it's ah let me see here...A SIDE SCROLL! WOW! MEANING I GO AROUND AND BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE WHO COME TOWARDS ME! Simple enough! Ikari (or rage mode) makes it a little more interesting since you can attack people more ferocity. Personally I think that the enemies could have been better, but personally every time I see Skinny or Reggie they give me the creeps: Reggie looks a heck of a lot like Bob Marley!

Graphics- 5/10
Five because the characters are much flawed, as it appears that Jaleco could have done better with them, but some of the backgrounds were well done I think and some of the items did look realistic (for it's time)

Sound- 6/10
Music isn't too bad, like the one guy did say the boss music is good but I don't really dig level 4 music. The sound effects are like any other game except they make the guys dying sound like there...never mind!

Controls- 8/10
Easy: 3 functions how the freak can you screw that up?

Playability- 7/10
First time through yeah it can be tough and then you keep at it until you have beaten it but even if you go back through again IT'S NOT SO REPETITIVE!

Final thoughts:
This game was overshadowed much by the following ones, and much more improved, in Brawl Brothers and The Peacekeepers. What people like to think is the game was a rushed piece of crap from a rushed piece of Crap Company. While I will admit Jaleco did not make many other games that really flew, this series could hold its own, maybe not in the face of FF or SOR, but it really was not a bad start with RT. But out of the series, this one pales to the other two.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/08/04

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