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"Medio to the Core (No Punches Pulled Here!)"

SUMMARY: I'm surprised that anybody remembers this game...or why it seems to be so controversial here! Rival Turf was obviously overshadowed by Streets of Rage and Final Fight, both of which were released the same year. The truth is, Rival Turf is utterly, inherantly and undeniably underendowed in all departments. That's not to say it's a terrible game! Let's examine the facts.

STORY: I'll admit, there is no creativity going on here. Saving Jack Flak's girlfriend with the help of a cop ( in a fruity red outfit) named Oozie (why not Uzi? Oh yeah, *Nintendo*...) It seems like something could have been lost in the translation, but I'm not cutting the developers any slack. This is cookie cutter, no more, no less. At least their names are funny. (5/10)

GRAPHICS: Lots of bright colors here, and that is never a bad thing. The characters stand out well from the drab backgrounds. Design-wise, they are rather unengaging to look at. A lot of bad guys seem like the inbred cousins of the brawlers in Final Fight (the scrawny Rasta guy, the pudgy wrestler, Vega cameo etc. etc.). This is not a good thing. Also, the main characters as I mentioned look pretty spry. Flak really needs to take his Flintstones. Meh.

SOUND: Nothing special here...generic grunts, squeals and such. (5/10)

MUSIC: This I like somewhat. Especially the theme from Stage 1. It's a little repetitive, but doesn't bother me and it's even hummable. (7/10)

CONTROL: Now we're shimmying into sucksville. The hit detection is screwed up, especially when fighting the skinny guys. Theres no way to block attacks, so of course you're going to get a lot of unfair hits on your guy. Oozie is almost unplayable, it's like controlling someone tanked on Valium. The scheme is unintuitive and a rehash of Final Fight's with virtually no interesting moves or variations. (3/10)

GIMMICKS: Angry Mode and a Duel (that has a neat background), but thats really nothing special now and it wasn't much back then either. There's also a warp zone in level 4 that adds (very slightly) to the fun. And the name-changing thingy too. Ah, it's something... (6/10)

REPLAY: You'll play through it once and either throw it away after 5 minutes or beat it in a few hours (depends on your character choice). (5/10)

OVERALL: Sorry if this review was kind of drab, but it's only a reflection of the game itself. This game is, apart from the music, a no-brainer. Play it once, if you're hard pressed or nostalgic. Otherwise, get Brawl Brothers instead; it is the best game out of all of the "Rushing Beat" series. (5/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/10/04

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