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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ballman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Robotrek Walkthrough
    Version 1.0
    By: Ballman
    E-mail: Ballman13@usa.net
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Stuff you should know (Robots 101)
    3.	Game Information and the Basics (Story and other Important Info)
    4.	Walkthrough (what you probably need)
    5.	Secrets (yes there are some)
    6.	GameGenie Codes (for all my fellow cheaters)
    7.	Appendices (yes I have more than you do!)
    8.	Credits
    1.	Introduction
    Let me start off with saying that I love this game. It has a unique 
    game style that I haven't seen anywhere. Albeit I believe that the 
    story was probably hacked before being sent to America, it is still 
    interesting. I have just recently beaten this game myself and know how 
    frustrating it can be with some of the games twisted logic. (Wait I'm 
    supposed to turn into a mouse or use the infrared glasses?) but that's 
    what I'm here for. I've been there I've done that. And so I've taken it 
    upon myself to write this Walkthrough. To help all you beguiled 
    players. I used to be one of you so I probably know what you're 
    feeling. (Namely- Where am I supposed to GO!!!) Yes its frustrating but 
    let's get into it.
    2.	Stuff you need to know (Robots 101)
    First without a Robot you are dead. When you first create a Robot you 
    must put into account its health, power, guard, speed, and charge 
    ratings. The Basic breakdown follows.
    Health- your H.P. for your Robot in this game. The more he has the more 
    damage he can take.
    Power- Your attack rating. The higher the more you hit for.
    Guard- Your defense rating. The higher the less damage you take.
    Speed- I'm guessing that this is agility. You'll dodge attacks more and 
    hit more often if this is high.
    Charge- This determines how fast you get to fight. It's like the ATB 
    from the Final Fantasy series. The higher this is the faster your turn 
    comes around.
    How you spread out the programming points is up to you. I prefer a high 
    charge and power, but hey whatever suits you best. Hp should always be 
    raised by 4 per level. That is a good rule of thumb in my opinion. 
    Other people will argue against me but hey once you pass level 50 
    something Hp is all that your gonna be raising, this way you will have 
    higher stats. (and that's always better, isn't it? ;) moving along. A 
    robot is also equipped with various weapons, shields, bombs, packs, and 
    boots. These all add to your Robots functionality. Even better you get 
    to Program your Robot with special moves you design using his weapon in 
    the right and left hands and his back. (Whatever these may be). 
    Basically each weapon uses a certain amount of energy. You can just 
    keep making a combo until you run out of energy. (Up to three commands 
    or buttons). Well that's it about Robots for now. Onto…
    3.	Game Information and The Basics
    Ok. Robotrek is about this kid who just moved with his dad to the 
    Rococo. Now in this universe exists machines that help people invent. 
    Your dad is a well-known inventor who has just granted you access to 
    learning how to use this machine. Now you must leave your home and 
    figure out what the latest disturbances by a rogue group of vandals, 
    called Hackers, is up to. But the story is just getting started. By the 
    end of the game you'll have time traveled, flown about in a jet 
    propelled blimp (no joke), Gone into space, You'll meet the great 
    Napoleon (no the robot not that short guy), and best of all meet a cute 
    space princess (ok ok maybe not the best part), and finally you get to 
    Save the world and all of time. Good luck, its gonna be a bumpy ride, 
    unless of course you heed my wise advice. (No ego problem, I suffered 
    once through the game). And onto the basics otherwise known as The 
    Important Stuff. Well now that you've got a robot what next? Well for 
    one you'll need Items. Items? Items you ask. Well, Items consist of 
    everything imaginable that your character can use in his quest. It 
    ranges from the Items he uses (Transceiver, Blimp, and Vanish to name a 
    few), Robot Items (such as Cure, Clean, and Repair), to the scrap you 
    find around the world. Which when combined creates some of the greatest 
    stuff known to man!!!! (OOOO I can make Axe level 2! WHOOPEE!) Heavy 
    sarcasm. But once in a while the scrap does help. Or as Obi-Wan would 
    say, "The Scrap will be with you, always." Oh yeah when I beat the game 
    I had a whole lot of scrap left. So don't panic if you can't or don't 
    want to make anything from it. I have made a comprehensive list of all 
    the scraps along with where they are and if they are unique or rare. 
    (Yes, it can be very annoying to realize you just wasted a scrap that 
    you only get a few of in the game).  Then you also carry around your 
    Robots Equipment. (Let me say this once) Never ever throw away a Robot 
    Item unless you have more than 2 of it! Sometimes combining Items 
    (covered later) can be VERY useful so always keep a few handy. Trust me 
    you will have a lot of room for later. Oh the only exceptions are the 
    Bombs and Boots unless otherwise stated in the walkthrough, only keep 
    what you need to equip. These don't combine, (again) unless stated in 
    the walkthrough. Also you may be wandering how you learn to make these 
    wondrous Items. It's easy. BOOKS! You read books and learn how to build 
    Items. Oh but wait the 'level' of the book states the level you must be 
    at to read it. Thought you'd just read the best books didn't ya! You 
    can also buy common items at shops around the world. Then there is the 
    matter of Experience. You gain memory or Megs in this game. (Laughable 
    now a days when we consider 18 gigs as standard computer size) to put 
    it in perspective about 1,000 Megs are in a gig. (I know the exact 
    number but not off the top of my head) anyway. When you win battles you 
    gain Memory and Money, Memory going to your next level and Money going 
    to Items that you buy at Shops. When you Level up you get access to 
    Portable, which means a portable invention machine. You can perform 
    maintenance, upgrade your guys, (hope they don't have it equipped 
    because, guess what, you cant take off items when using the invention 
    machine!), and most importantly create Items. This comes in handy in 
    MANY places. Sometimes an Invention machine isn't always handy, but you 
    are about to level up so level up and use the almighty portable. 
    Another note on Items keep a bunch of Cure, Clean, and Repairs. I 
    suggest a ratio of 3:2:1 for each Robot. (3 Cure, 2 Clean, 1 Repair). 
    Meaning when you have 3 robots (the max) you should have on hand, 
    hopefully, 9 cures, 6 cleans, and 3 repairs. OK. Now that you've gotten 
    the Basics and some helpful hints Let's move on to the great part…
    4.	The Walkthrough (What you Probably Need)
    A. Beginning- Build that Robot!
     OK lets get down to it. When you start off after naming your hero, you 
    are in your house. After the wonderful awakening provided by your dad 
    you get out of your bed and go greet your new assistant, Nagisa. She 
    then tells you to "pay your respects to the Mayor" so go to the mayor's 
    house. It is to the north of your house. It's that big, white stone 
    building. Enter it. Talk to the Receptionist if you wish it's not 
    necessary. Then enter and go into the doorway after the stairs. You 
    need to talk to the Mayor himself but if you want talk to his 
    secretary, Rose, or to the famous Dr. Einst (doesn't he look like a 
    deranged Einstein?)  After talking to the mayor run back on home. Upon 
    arriving your dad says that he is going back to their suburban home. He 
    leaves behind a Robot Book. You read it and, guess what, you learn how 
    to make ROBOTS! Follow Nagisa into the Invention Machine Room. Now go 
    to what looks like a robot head. That's where you make robots! MAKE 
    ONE! Ta-dah! I love this scene personally. The dwarves are the coolest! 
    Anyway. Now you can assign point values to all the stuff mentioned 
    earlier. Try to make a nice balance. Don't worry quite yet the first 
    battle is a cinch. Leave to go visit your dad. Imagine if you will…
    Hero: Hey daddy, look at my new robot. 
    Arikawa: HOLY!!!
    B. The house that Arikawa built.
    You arrive at the Arikawa house. Inside you see a Hacker taking to your 
    dad. He is offering him a job. He doesn't take it. The hacker leaves. 
    There are a few books in here along with an Invention Machine in the 
    back, Your dad will also answer any questions you have, if you want to 
    go ahead but I think I have covered it well enough. When you leave the 
    house the Hacker tries to take you hostage. Laugh at his pathetic 
    attempt to take you hostage and blow him away. I would use the gun, 
    personally, it has farther range. If you have some really good combo 
    moves RUN them. Way too easy. Afterward you go back in and your dad 
    says you should return to Nagisa. After all she might be worried about 
    you. So scoot on back to Rococo.
    C. Forests, Rivers, and Caves! (Oh MY!)
    You go back to Rococo and see a bunch of police and guys leaving town 
    (ok ok maybe just 3 dudes one being a cop…) the cop say some kids went 
    to the caves and their gonna go on a rescue mission. Being the kind-
    hearted citizen you are (or the intelligent player who wishes to 
    continue the game) you decide to help out. Talk to Nagisa and save. 
    Then leave the city. On the world map a path should open up to the 
    forest, just like it did when you went to your dad's house. Go to the 
    Forest. I suggest leveling up here. Get to about level 3 and move onto 
    the River. Level up a little here as well. Don't go to the caves just 
    yet. Go back to town and stock up on Items, maybe if you're the lucky 
    sort, you can build another robot. (If so you have a LOT of cash on 
    your hands) Read some of the books in town and at your House. Upgrade 
    if you want to.
    C. The Cave (It is a cave of wonders…)
    OK so maybe it isn't a cave of wonders. So you arrive at the caves to 
    find it overrun with monster like the forest and the river. You enter 
    the caves to find the people of the town and Dr. Einst. Dr. Einst is 
    attempting to blow a hole in the wall, when he succeeds the wall 
    suddenly crumbles and covers up the hole. He then leaves in a fury and 
    the people leave to plan on how to get to the kids. Now you could go 
    back to town or listen very closely. To the left of where you entered 
    this place is some stairs, CLIMB THEM! Upon climbing them you will see 
    a hole and an item box. Get the box and fall in. Keep moving up until 
    you reach the underground river. Open up the Item box to get the Rusty 
    drill. Either level up or go back to town so as to combine it with a 
    Clean. (You mean you don't have a clean?!) This will net you the Drill, 
    now get into the river (if you're still there). Get to the entrance and 
    drill through the wall. Nice huh? Well continue on up drill the wall to 
    your left to claim an item now head on up and to the right. Enter the 
    door. Continue up and collect the various items in this part. Upon 
    entering the next section go to the left most one that you have access 
    to. Then go across the river and to the left. Grad the item and enter 
    the door. There you see the three boys and Carl. The boys are wining 
    and Carl complains about there incompetence. Open the back entry way 
    with your Drill to free them. Leave and a new entrance is made. Reenter 
    and you'll see that Carl has disappeared! Hmm. Maybe he went looking 
    for the Hacker's headquarter. Maybe you should look too! (That was 
    sarcasm people) So get back to where we were before crossing the river. 
    Now go across and go to the right this time. You'll hear the bomb sound 
    and find a cavern with a rope (jump or climb down) and continue into 
    the next area. The door is locked for now so continue on. Now you meet 
    Meta Crab. The Hackers Leader… or is he? Who is Blackmore and what is 
    the Tetron? Continue on. Soon you'll reach a point where the guy won't 
    move out of your way. Hmm remember the Surprise Horn your dad gave you 
    way back… sneak around the corner and use it. Then dash when you have 
    well enough lead don't worry keep doing this until you get through. You 
    are then asked if you are a new worker. No matter what you'll just 
    continue on anyway. So pick whatever you wish. Continue and find some 
    guy with a ball and chain on him. His name is Kotetsu and he will help 
    you out if you can free him. Apparently Meta Crab has the key to the 
    chain. Go find him and help out Kotetsu. Continue and grab the Item 
    fight your way through the passages until you meet another guy who 
    won't get out of your way. This time your going to have to fight him. 
    But he is easy. So beat him up and continue on. You'll see a computer 
    thingy and if you go further Meta Crab instructs you to turn up the 
    heat So Turn it UP!!! Keep going until he doesn't say anything. The 
    door will open. Go in and laugh up a storm. Meta Crab has fainted. Grab 
    the stuff and run. On your way out the Computer lights up and you 
    answer it. Ask as much as you can. Even if you say yes you'll still get 
    the basic info. Now lets head out. After the exhilarating cart ride you 
    can help free Kotetsu. Just equip the key and talk to him. He jets out 
    of there after freeing himself. He seems to know more but leaves before 
    you can ask. Oh and now he tells you his name but I already did. Don't 
    we feel superior? Remember that door, way back at the beginning, which 
    I said to forget about. Well a guard is blocking it now and apparently 
    he has a death wish and says that you must be punished. Beat him and go 
    in. Go in the door with the nice skull design. Ohh this is where you 
    fight Meta Crab by the way. I hope your ready. You should be with all 
    the battles. I hope you have shot2 by now if not make it before this 
    fight. Its scrap 2 and shot1. Equip it on your main robot. Get ready to 
    rumble! Enter the room and see Carl throwing Bombs at Meta Crab 
    (continue after your laughter subsides). He then battles you. He has 
    around 250-350 hp. After you beat him he shrinks to a normal crab size. 
    He then refers to you as master and comments on how he had became the 
    way he was, then more on this Tetron thingy. He then pays you 1000Gp. 
    OK a boss paying you is odd. Oh you beat the stuffing out of me here 
    take this 1000Gp<smile>. Weird. Carl then says he'll graciously split 
    the treasure in the cave with you. The treasure he refers to is the 
    door just to the left of the room you're in right now. There are only 
    two boxes left. No matter what you pick you'll get Scrap1. Carl gets a 
    Litho. Jeez what a bust oh well go home. The mayor will reward you with 
    1000 Gp as well. If you havent done so yet make a robot. (You should 
    have two by the end of the caves episode.) That's it.
    D. Rococo revisited and a trip under a grave
    Aka- the part that stumped me
    Upon going back to your house, Nagisa informs you that you have a 
    visitor. Why it's good old Carl. He gives you Stone 1. (Hint: this is a 
    Tetron piece but pretend you don't know that!)  Then Nagisa, upon your 
    departure, informs you that Kurogane, your cat, has left and might be 
    at your father's house. Go there. Story Time- when I played this let me 
    tell you something. I did not know what the programmers were thinking 
    but having a cat try and communicate with the players about a certain 
    object they should look in is not a good idea. I could not find any way 
    to get to the forest of illusion I leveled up instead so by the time I 
    did find out. I was a level 21. The rest of the game was a breeze right 
    up until a certain point. Yes that's my story. Anyway. End of story 
    time. You find Kurogane outside your house he then pushes you to the 
    side and out pop a bunch of hackers! Well enter the house afterwards 
    and search the drawer next to Kurogane to find a letter (I hope this 
    helps someone this was why I wrote this so someone wouldn't get stuck 
    here like I did!). The letter is vague. But remember before you left 
    your dad after first making your robot he said to go to the tombstone 
    to the right of the house. Go there now. It opens up. Explore it and 
    you'll happen upon a room where you meet Rask, your ancestor. He tells 
    you that the tetron is made of 3 pieces, and that you must get them 
    before "bad men" do. He has given one to Count Pricky. He then says 
    that Prick's house is to the east through the Forest of Illusion. This 
    place isnt too bad a place to level up I either. The enemies aren't too 
    hard and you can easily run away to rococo if need be. I suggest 
    leveling a few more times because Pricky's Palace (castle, mansion, 
    whatever) Isn't easy.
    E. Forest Of Illusion
    Upon entering the Forest of Illusion you'll notice a considerable cloud 
    cover. Keep going through fighting the moles and other various enemies. 
    I suggest fighting LOTS of moles. They usually drop some cash. Keep 
    going, soon you'll run into Mint, the reporter. She'll then follow you 
    around. Soon you'll be informed that you're going in circles. As soon 
    as this happens go back one screen and then go up again. Then Mint 
    informs us of a nearby house. I suggest leveling up a bit because the 
    next section can be REALLY long. If you really want to kick butt get to 
    level 15 so you can get Shield Pack, this will raise your defense.(You 
    might even want to make your 3rd robot for all you who are just dying to 
    kick some butt.) You're kicked back to the main map. Go back to Rococo 
    and do some reading if you haven't yet. Get some new equipment. And 
    when you're ready, go to…
    F. Count Prinky's Castle (of DOOM!!! Not really)
    Wow nice house. Well if you want you can look at the marvelous exterior 
    and at the locked up clock tower in the back. But honestly an open 
    doorway never looked so…suspicious. Go in. You then meet Igor, a nice 
    guy he invites you in and tells you of his master, Prinky. Odd name. 
    Well get to your room, you cant go anywhere else, and go to bed. Notice 
    the doll on the book case. Try to talk to it. WOOAH, it disappears. 
    Scared yet? Well read the book on the bookcase and pilfer the dresser 
    then head to bed. Your then treated to a series of flashbacks. Pay 
    attention. These are important to your understanding of your situation. 
    Notice the doll in the dream. Well, leave your room. Now follow Igor 
    but make sure not to get caught or its back to bed with you and you 
    have to start all over again. Get the shot two through the secret 
    passageway. Read the books before you leave. When you try to leave you 
    hear voices through the door. When you enter Mint comes in…oh boy! She 
    say's you're interfering with her job. How? I don't know. Leave and 
    then go back a little ways to hear a switch or something and something 
    fall down a hole. Go back in the door. Read the left book first, then 
    the right one. (by books. I mean the White ones.). You're treated to 
    another flashback. Actually I think your hero is just visualizing 
    what's in the book. PAY ATTENTION! This stuff will help you later. 
    Trust me. After you finish. A pit opens. JUMP IN!!! woo hoo! The doll 
    then greets you! CREEPY! It says it has a shiny stone like yours! A 
    Tetron piece. Unfortunately before the trade talks can begin the doll 
    jets, leaving behind four flame enemies. Beat them. Hmm that item looks 
    tempting but no good, for now at least. Continue on. A locked door? Now 
    what. But wait approach the door anyway. Apparently the doll thought 
    you were a weakling. It opens the door for you. HUH? Mint and some old 
    guy are in the next area. Actually the old guys name is Flavon. The old 
    man needs his medicine (is that true with all old people though?), his 
    dog has it. Find that dog. Talk to them both and hit that brown switch. 
    WOAH don't go through that door yet. Go back and get the once barred-
    off CLEAN! Ok so it's a little disappointing but, hey if worse comes to 
    worse just recycle it. The next area is filled with goodies and 
    baddies. (goodies being items, baddies being bad guys, jeez.) oh you 
    can see the switch too! Oh well save this for later and go up. Climb 
    the chain and look! We're outside! Go in the door. When you climb the 
    stairs Count Prinky tells you of a white pest in the room behind him. 
    Yet he wants you to bring it into the room? I think this is a messup. 
    Just say yes and continue into the northern room. Equip Stone1 and talk 
    to the dog. Leave and go back to Flavon. Mint shortly departs leaving 
    you and Flavon to converse. He tells you about the Tetron stones and 
    gives you Light. (yeah yeah laugh all you want.) He then says hes going 
    to the room in the west hall to take a break. Equip the Light. Dang can 
    you see now. Go back to that mysterious wall near the switch in the 
    back. Now go get that item, its Scrap 3! You've also opened the way to 
    the breaker room entrance. Don't go there quite yet. Go back to where 
    you met parsley and where Count Pricky was. There he is again. This 
    time he tells you about the dolls and that a friend of yours needs 
    help…Mint? Well go into the once locked door in the back and look an 
    R&D! sweet! After combining or making anything. (cough third robot) 
    continue to the west wing. (no not the white house, in the game you 
    fool!) Read the white book. It tells you more about the dolls and that 
    they are named mamurana. Hmm. Go in the southerly exit and welcome to 
    the library. What? Can't get to it yet I'm afraid. Head south and then 
    go to the west. There you can enter a room to the west or head north. 
    Go north to the library. In here there are a lot of Inventor's Friends 
    books. READ THEM ALL! You need to be level 11 to read them all. Ok 
    continue out. And this time go to the west at the intersection. Grab 
    the money from the dresser and continue out of the room. Head a little 
    south but instead of going down the stair enter the room to the west. 
    Nothing in here…yet. Across the walkway on the upper level of this area 
    is the way to the entrance. Instead go down the stairs. Go in the door 
    all the way to the north. Here a robot guards a coffin, investigate it 
    to find sword2, equip it now. Keep talking to the droid to find out 
    more about this place. Not much else leave the room. Now it's time to 
    go to the breaker room. Upgrade as best you can. Then go back to where 
    we flipped that switch. See the doorway. Go in. you then overhear a 
    conversation between the hackers. HACKERS! I mean oh joy more of these 
    guys. Hmm. A breaker ehh.  Go back to where Flavon was the first time. 
    HUH? He's gone. Back to the breaker room entrance. Remember that 
    surprise horn we got a while ago. Whip that sucker out and use the bad 
    boy in the back corner of the place. Go in the door. Hey look where we 
    are. Keep going. Go towards the switch to see a funny scene between the 
    hacker and Mint. Flick the switch a few times. Go talk to Mint. She 
    tells you Parsley has the key and she needs to find Flavon. Well guess 
    what we gotta find Flavon. Go to the west wing. Remember the room to 
    the right of the library. Go there. Hey look its Flavon and a HACKER! 
    The hacker then attacks you. Beat him. He then lets you question him. 
    Do so, he then bolts after you forgive him and you can freely talk to 
    'gramps' a.k.a. Flavon. You now learn Relay. This lets you talk to 
    animals. Make it in the R&D nearby and go find Parsley. He's near the 
    well by the way. Talk to him to find where to get the Key. It is on the 
    south side of the well. YES, now it's time to get to the entrance. ( 
    look earlier in here if you forgot where). Now get outside of the 
    mansion and save before entering the clock tower. Upgrade if you want 
    in Rococo, but you should have already so lets move on.
    G. The Clock Tower (Tick Tock- Doll of Death!)
    Equip the Key you got back in the castle, geez that took forever didn't 
    it? Well open the door, by using the item key. These are how most keys 
    work by the way. Enter. Flip the switch to open the locked door. Go in. 
    the stupid plaque and it reads "the future is not decided, it is to be 
    made." Go past it and in the doorway. Go to the right and go down keep 
    going until you reach another plaque and another switch. The plaque 
    reads "He who gains time wins he who wastes it fails" or something like 
    that. Leave and this time go up through the right doorway, keep going 
    see the gap in the railing fall down. Hit the switch. Go up and 
    see…MINT! And a mouse, talk to them both and use relay for the mouse. 
    Flip the switch after you finish releasing the mouse. Leave and go back 
    in, talk to the little mouse to find out where a secret passage is, go 
    in to get Scrap6. Go back to where the paths split and go to the west 
    this time, the door is now open, go in. get the scrap and run. Go back 
    to the central pathway and go up this time. Grab the cure and run. Go 
    to the west and down now go beyond the lowered barrier and go west, 
    into the opened passageway. Another plaque and switch pair. This plaque 
    says "Time is hard to find but easy to lose" Confucius say man who 
    write on time have to much of it. That's a joke. Anyway, flip the 
    switch as usual and leave the room. Lo and behold the once locked door 
    is open go in it. Go down, the sign says "Clock Tick Doll's room" go 
    in, after flipping the switch, of course. That's a whole lotta dolls. 
    Enjoy the conversation. You get promptly kicked out, go back in. The 
    mouse you saved then comes in. The Mamurana runs away and you can 
    continue through the back door. Go off the railing to the side in the 
    back and climb down until you reach the bottom. Go in the door. The 
    next door however is locked, go to down the narrow passageway to the 
    side and hit the switch. Make sure you are ready for a boss fight, bee 
    sure you can hit multiple targets and can take some damage too. Go in 
    and watch the scene get ugly. She takes about 400 damage, the clone 
    moths are weak do a multi-attack combo to kill them and still damage 
    the main baddy. You'll win easily. Afterward investigate the doll to 
    get Stone2. The hacker leaves and you find Mint right outside the door, 
    literally. She says she's going to write on her newfound discovery. 
    When you leave, Igor and the Count thanks you. Outside the door is 
    Flavon, dang everybody is showing up. Flavon takes you back to Rococo. 
    (for a surprise go back to the old house). Flavon then gives you some 
    bad news about dad. That's it for this.
    H. To South Isle
    Head Home. Nagisa tells you that you have received a letter, it talks 
    about a getaway to South Isle. Well head on to the newly opened up 
    harbor. There go to the pier and talk to the native looking tour guide. 
    He then tells you how to get to South Isle. Take the boat. The island 
    guide greets you and opens a path to the village for you. Go there. In 
    the village is an Inn and a shop for convenience. Go and talk to 
    everybody outside. You'll meet Mint and here of some suspicious 
    activity. Go to the Elder's house when you're done. You then see a 
    minor confrontation between the Shaman and the Elder. Talk to the 
    Elder. Now go to the Inn and sleep. You then see a vision of some sort 
    of robot (cough NAPOLEON!! Cough). He seems disoriented. He then speaks 
    of a spaceship, Tetron, and YOU! A villager shows up and is frightened 
    away. The vision ends. Go inspect the Shamans house before anything 
    else. Seems suspicious. Go talk to the dude at the entrance after you 
    talk to every one else. Save now! Now go to the Volcano.
    I. The Volcano (or… She's gonna BLOW!!)
    Grab the Celtis1 and the money before talking to the dude. Go down the 
    rope. After you walk a ways away, the rope is pulled up! What gives? 
    Well guess what? YOU"RE A SACRIFICE! Have fun. No actually I'll still 
    help you. From where you climbed down go all the way down and grab the 
    cash. I hope you have a lot of cure and repair cause you might need it. 
    With no way to escape (yet…) you will have to work out a lot of 
    puzzles. Now head left. Now head up and through the door. Get the 
    repair in the upper right corner, unless you don't want it. Now head to 
    your upper left. Go in the door, and get ready. You get sent into a 
    workshop. AH HA! So that's the Hacker's plan. Put innocent townspeople 
    to work. Well we shall free the people. Right after we figure out how 
    to escape…hmm. See that white button next to the 2nd Moving walkway. 
    Push it. Now you see. Push the button and it changes the direction of 
    the lane. Get on it. Now another concept is the Igor concept. Remember 
    if Igor saw you back in the count's mansion you were sent to bed, well 
    same concept, except you're sent back to the workshop so avoid these 
    guards, they wont fight. Ok sneak past the first and second guard. No 
    flipping of switches yet. Go down the stairs and grab the Cure on the 
    other side. Go back and flip the first switch. Get on the lane. Go 
    left. Left again. Now go down on the lane when the guy is turning right 
    so as to just miss the guy down there. Flip the switch and go up. This 
    time go up when this guy is going to the left and is halfway to miss 
    the guy above you. Now go up on the lane and flip the switch. Talk to 
    the guy there. Now you find out that you must go to the toilet. (This 
    exercise was to get you acquainted with the lane system and the timing 
    of the guards otherwise go ahead and skip it to here) now head back to 
    the beginning and go past the first two guards go down the stairs and 
    into the room. You'll walk in on two guys taking a leak. One turns 
    around and asks if you'll squeal on what they were talking about. Say 
    no and you get a Stamp! Woopee! This lets you get past that guard we 
    discussed earlier though so get to it. Get past him and enter. OK these 
    hackers do fight! Grab the cash in this room and continue on. You get 
    to a locked door and overhear a conversation. Pay attention. Why it's 
    our good old friend Dr. Einst. And he's planning to kidnap the mayor 
    with some Hacker help! Some poor Hacker lackey gets sent out for 100 
    years of Toilet Cleaning. Ouch. Why not go say hi to the poor guy. To 
    the Bathroom! Talk to the wandering Hacker, hey it's not a real Hacker 
    it's…Kotetsu! All right score one for the good guys! He then leads you 
    to the Garbage chute. Use it. You're now dropped back into the caves. 
    Head west from the fall point. Grab the cure after heading south all 
    the way. Now head east. Then head south and then (lots of thens but 
    this area is like a snake) head west. Take the left branch. And 
    continue further. Head down and then up the door at the East End. Then 
    keep going through the doors. The SHAMANS HOUSE!!! What a surprise. You 
    scare off a villager, go talk to the Elder. You and Mint are then 
    shipped back into the Volcano. Yeah! You'll then face the Evil 
    Deity…It's Dr. Einst! Grab the Key in the Item box. And read the book 
    on the shelf. Talk to the skull to get a quick laugh. (Mint and 
    Einst…shiver…). Okay go to the bathroom. Yes the bathroom. Apparently 
    Mint is just fine standing where the toilets are but doesn't dare go 
    further, well it's a Man's job anyway. So go in. talk to the poor guy 
    cleaning for a 100 years to find out where to go. Go in the door 
    directly next to the toilet. Go to the toilet and voila you've 
    transported. (actually you flushed the toiled and turned the room 
    around to face a secret area) Okay this is where the fun begins. Go to 
    the right. DO NOT HEAD DOWN!!! You will be mugged by dudes if you do. 
    This seems to be a dead end. Hmm. Earthquake machine room. But your key 
    won't work. Go back out of the bathroom. Talk to Mint, she leaves now 
    go to the locked door. Use the key, go in. go look at the paper for a 
    laugh. MMM- giblet stew. (hack gag cough splat) ok go in the top 
    entrance. The middle hacker is Kotetsu. Talk to him. Talk to everyone, 
    then go to the chef. Say you'll help him. Good now go back and this 
    time go right. Go forward and into the door. Grab the money and go up. 
    Run fast and fight one guy. Then while invincible run up into the door. 
    Continue and grab the money up north then go west. (young man go west! 
    Oh wait no that's not it…).  Go all the way to the west in this area as 
    well. The locked door is actually R&D so knock on the door and hand 
    them their food to get in. Talk to them all and then read the books on 
    the shelf and on the table (must be level 13 to read them all. The one 
    in Dr Einst room was 16 so you should be fine) Now you can make the 
    Chameleon Glasses. Go in the back to discover a R&D Invention 
    Machine!!!  Now build the glasses and upgrade. Go down the stairs. Go 
    left to get some cash. Go up after going in the door to get a scrap4. 
    Now go east and into the doorway. Grab the money and the Scrap7, then 
    leave. Now go down the only door you haven't been to yet. You can't get 
    past the dudes guarding the money room but you can grab the clean down 
    from them. Now when you get to a part with two white nodes attached to 
    the railing equip your new glasses. Neat huh? Get the timing right and 
    head to the lunchroom. Kotetsu's gone. Head to the bathroom. Hmm. Not 
    there either. But wait didn't the bathroom lead to the place where 
    there were those white nodes where attached to the railing as well? 
    (the answer: YES!) GO there. This time pass the barriers, with glasses 
    on and go to the door, look you can see a hidden door now, go in. Read 
    the books first…not the one on the table. Then read the one on the 
    table to proceed. Dr. Einst shows up, oh joy! He then proceeds to turn 
    you into a mouse. Use the mouse hole next to his room to escape. Talk 
    to another mouse-human to discover the manager of the earthquake 
    machine is a mouse too. Go to the earthquake machine room to find MINT! 
    (Use the mouse hole to get in there its next to the room). Since you're 
    a mouse she's petrified. Leave out the door to open it permanently. Go 
    back to the bathroom and go to the door right before the one leading to 
    the lunchroom. Go in the mouse hole. Go out the lunchroom and go 
    towards R&D. head into the mouse hole to your right and talk to the 
    mice to discover that you aren't alone. You are then told to leave. Hmm 
    what to do now? Wait let's go visit Mint! Talk to her a few times and 
    voila! It's Kotetsu to the rescue. Do as he says and talk to Mint a few 
    more times. She runs off. Kotetsu tells you if you get him the money 
    from the treasure room guarded by the three immovable dudes, that he'll 
    change you back. (Good old mercenaries!) so go to the kitchen.. The 
    mice situation has gotten bad. Hmm go consult with the two mice 
    blocking your passage in the pathway to R&D. Talk to them, earlier they 
    told you that you weren't the only new mouse. Now they tell you that 
    you must let the mice get food. How? Scare off the guard in the 
    lunchroom by talking to him, he fights you but he's weak. Do that, then 
    get back here.  Talk to all the mice and memorize the sequence the 
    mouse soldier gives you, right 3 times, left twice. Now the mice let 
    you through, continue. You get the cash 5000gp and Scrap9 and SWORD4!!! 
    Equip the sword now! Good, now get back to Kotetsu. Now go back to 
    where you turned into a mouse. Put on the infrared glasses, and go to 
    the red door room where Einst turned you into a mouse talk to Kotetsu. 
    Kotetsu then tells you about the mouse, which we already talked to, 
    head to the machine and follow the direction above. Now Mint appears. 
    You escape. Unfortunately, so does Mint. Remember how to get back to 
    the entrance? Well go down then go through the doorway, and to the east 
    is the rope. Go up and leave. Go to the village.
    J. The Village and aftermath of Volcano.
    Upon arrival you see that all the villagers are mice. Go talk to 
    everyone and for a laugh go to the shamans hut and talk to the skull. 
    Now go to the elder's house. Watch as the Shaman gets turned into a 
    mouse. Ah, beauty… Talk to the old man. You then must talk to either of 
    the dudes to the side to get teleported to where the treasure is. Watch 
    in amazement while the dance is performed. (quick question, where are 
    the chicks in this village?). Dr. Einst! That creep! He's gonna steel 
    your prize, follow him! Hit the switch take the left branch. Get the 
    Item and go to the west. Hmm blocked. Go to the item we got earlier, 
    and inspect the doorway above it, it opens up. Go in. and flick the 
    switch on the ground. Read the plaque. Hmm. Something alive is down 
    here. Get ready for a battle. Go to the west. And go in the door. HEY! 
    NAPOLEON! But what is Dr. Einst doing? Get ready to fight Big Eye. I 
    suggest using your sword4 on it. Make a special combo using 3 slashes 
    from that sucker and hammer away. Good luck it has a good amount of hp. 
    Well when you win, go inspect Napoleon. Follow Napoleon. You get 
    ScrapA. Now you are back in the place where you can get to the Shaman's 
    House, so read that to progress. Now you're free. The villagers are 
    back to normal. (They turned back to normal after the Shaman became a 
    mouse). So speak to the Elder. Then leave the house, and then talk to 
    the green-haired dude near the entrance. Now go to the opened up area. 
    At the Inlet you find Mint, She informs you that Dr. Einst has flown 
    the coop but he left something behind. Grab the capsule. YOU GOT 
    CHANGE! It lets you turn from mouse to human and back. Handy, pretty 
    soon that is. Listen to Nagisa. Mint runs home and so should you. Save 
    first though. Then go home.
    K. The Scam in Rococo.
    Go to your house. You then get arrested. Huh you are arrested for 
    stealing the three stones? You found them. Oh well. Enjoy your time in 
    jail. Game over. JUST KIDDING!! Remember that change we just found. 
    Hmm. First use your surprise horn then, quickly, change (literally use 
    the CHANGE ITEM) you're a mouse, now you run out of the police station 
    and can change back out. (Un-equip it). Now go read all the books you 
    can! Build your third robot now! (You should have already but 
    definitely do it now).  Upgrade and such. Then talk to Carl. He tells 
    you of the secret passage. Go there. Carl then proceeds to tell you to 
    help him push the door with him. Do so. The door opens, go in. Go up 
    and don't worry about the crab-like enemies. Keep going up and in the 
    doorway. The mouse will sell you Scrap1,4,5,7 and cure. Buy what you 
    want and then leave. Then leave by exit to the north-west. Then go up 
    to the north-west (again!) go up and then go east. Now go down at the 
    first chance and west all the way when available as well. Now go south 
    and grab the scrap5. Then go up and east a little then down and to the 
    east until you can go up and grab the CURE! (whoopee!).  finally go all 
    the way up and out through the exit. Grab the cash. CHANGE and go in 
    the small hole. Navigate the mice tunnels. Now go up and go to the 
    upper left door. (you may change to human but you cant go on the short 
    lanes).  Go up through the only doorway on this way. Then go to the 
    exit on the other side. Grab the Key in the Item box here and go back 
    to where the 3 doorways were. Go up! Now switch to where you are using 
    the key. Use it go in. equip the drill go to the right. And use the 
    drill. Grab the scrap2 from the box. Then go to the left branch snake 
    around then go in the door. Go to the right of the door in the next 
    area and drill until you open up the secret entrance. This leads to 
    another key and drill above it. Go in and turn into mouse. Then take 
    the left branch. Grab the empty pack. go out and take the other door 
    before we started drilling. Go in and get to the exit in this area.. Go 
    to the left. (Dur!). go all the way to the upper left and grab the 
    axe3. Then go to the locked door. Use the key. Go up and use the mouse 
    to get over the small gaps. Go up through the door, climb the rope. 
    You're in the Mayor's house! Ok go up and go to the left. Turn into a 
    mouse. Go in the hole. Navigate and talk to the people as human. Then 
    go talk to the guard as a human, twice. He fights you. Beat him and the 
    door behind him opens. Enter. Go up. Go back to where we entered the 
    mayor's house. Now go to the west and talk to the guard as a human. He 
    fights you. Beat him. The people in the office are now gone. Go to the 
    reception and talk to Carl's mom and Mint. Now go to the locked door. 
    Look to the left around the bushes for a mouse hole. Go in. and talk to 
    the real mayor as a human. Before leaving grab the Scrap6 in the 
    dresser. Leave and talk to Mint at the Reception desk. You need to 
    expose the Fake Mayor somehow… Go outside and grab the dog next to 
    Flavon's House. Go into the Mayor's house and talk to Mint. Now go to 
    the Fake Mayor. Talk to Mint. Talk to the Fake Mayor. Get ready for a 
    fight against the Fake Mayor. He has about 700 hp. (Laugh and laugh 
    some more), Rose's biggest fan? Oh well, the loser comes clean and now 
    you can free the Real Mayor. Look in the Mayor's desk to get the Key! 
    Use it on the locked door. The Mayor then tells you about the fireplace 
    next door. Go to the fireplace next door and search it. Amazingly the 
    grate falls off. Go in. grab STONE1! You then lose Stone1! Leave and 
    look its Mint! She tells you to go to the left. Go to the Roof. Rose is 
    on the roof, she apparently has lost all sense of taste. Check out the 
    spandex get-up. She then disappears, go to the office and talk to the 
    dudes there to find out some more stuff. Grab the cash in the fireplace 
    area in the drawer. Leave after you're done. Go to your house to watch 
    a scene clueing you as to what you should do next.
    L.	The Crab and Snow Island.
    Go to the Harbor after upgrading. Now talk to the crab. Talk to the 
    Children. Equip the Surprise horn. (Say you're last words to it.) Talk 
    to the kids again. You give away the horn and they leave. Now talk to 
    the crab. Then go to the fisherman hut above you and talk to the 
    fisherman. He tells you to take the boat to the mountains. Now go to 
    Snow Mountains. Go north and climb the right rope. Then climb the left 
    rope. Grab the Cure. Then go right. Keep going up to get to the Snow 
    base. However go back into the Snow mountains. This time go left, and 
    up then left again (all in this area). Now in this area go left and 
    into the cave entrance. Use your drill to explore and talk to the Ex-
    Hacker. A 'laser'? (Think Austin Powers) Grab the bomb3 in the item 
    behind the ex-hacker. Go to the left some more and grab the boots3. A 
    cure is all the way to the south and left, Then head up a passage. Now 
    you've looted the place. Go to the Air base.
    M.	Air Base.
    Go in the door at the air base. (oh my favorite hacker. The snowman 
    maker is here). Go to the upper left entrance. Talk to all the people. 
    Go up and grab the key. (man that was too easy) Go in the door after 
    using the key. Go around and then down out the door. Change into a 
    mouse. Pass the guard, then change out into human. Then talk to 
    everyone, then sit down somewhere. Watch the madness. Fight a few guys 
    and free Ex-Meta Crab. You get Leader's Badge. Put it on and go in the 
    right entrance. Talk to the guy. Go to the upper right and go in. Talk 
    to Carl's dad. Then get his letter to Carl. Go and give it to Carl. 
    Then try to leave. He gives you the Litho from way back. Go and give it 
    to Carl's dad. It's actually the plans for an engine. He then makes the 
    blimp and he gives it to you (told you it was jet propelled). Use it 
    and go save your game. Now you can do a few side quests.
    N.	Side Quests with the Blimp.
    -	The chicken coop.
    Go to the house above the dot after the forest, to the left of the old 
    house. It's a chicken coop. Go and talk to the owner. Look in the back 
    of the house. Get the Chicken and go in the house. Talk to the guy to 
    get a blade2.
    - The eloping couple.
    Go to the island in the lower left corner. Talk to the couple in the 
    house. Then go to the lower right corner island. Then talk to Dr. 
    Einst. Then give him a scrap7. Get the fever flower in the tree. Then 
    go to the couple equip the flower, and talk to the husband. He then 
    gives you 3000Gp. Nice heh? That's it.
    ~  A thirsty village
    Go back to the village and use weather. Make it if you didn't yet. Now 
    go talk to the elder. Get the Celtis3 and the Laser1 from the crates in 
    the house now. That's it.
    Now level up quite a bit. Then use your blimp and go to the only island 
    we haven't explored. Go in the door.
    O.	The Hacker Base.
    Keep going up through the corridor. Go through the door. Go left. And 
    talk to the guy who's moving. Go up and grab the Celtis2 to the right. 
    Equip the leader badge and talk to the guy above the dude you just 
    moved. Now go in that door below you. Grab the Scrap3. Talk to your dad 
    twice. Then stand in the "open" spot. Listen. Then go to the lower left 
    door. Go up the door and around to the cure. Then go back and go in the 
    lower right door. Maneuver around the upper level and go in the door. 
    Change into a mouse and go in the mouse hole. Navigate the mouse 
    tunnels and get out into your father's lab. Listen in. Grab the key and 
    read the books. (Level 10,11, 16).  Go out the front door. Go to the 
    locked door near the beginning of the stage. Open it. Grab the cash and 
    go downstairs. Go around the sentry droids. Then we grab the money. Go 
    in the door to your right. Then go in the yellow doorway. Welcome to 
    Dr. G's Lab. Talk to them all then turn into a mouse. Talk to G. You 
    then get teleported into the mainframe. Look around. (You can go 
    nowhere) then go back into the yellow dot. Turn back into a human. Read 
    the Red Book. Make the Cyber Jack in the R&D in the back. Leave we'll 
    be back here later. Go all the way to the right and read the books in 
    the area then go in this computer. (level 25 is highest book.) To 
    navigate inspect the crystals, they teleport you around. Wander around 
    and get the Blade2. Then find Dr. G and his assistant. Then request 
    information in return and get them home. You get the Key. Grab the cash 
    to the left of Dr. G's Lab. Then go to the lower left door and open the 
    locked door there. Then use the Cyber Jack to get in. and hunt the 
    protector bug down. This is a tough fight. BugBug has about 800-1100 
    life. After you beat him the computer system becomes completely 
    unlocked and you can explore around a little. Go downstairs and keep 
    heading down. You'll then meet a guy guarding a door and some stairs 
    leading to another door. Keep talking to the guard. He gets all teary-
    eyed at your story and runs. Go in. Read the books (level 27 highest). 
    Then talk to dad. Go to the other door. And follow your dad. Get all 
    the goodies here on your way to talking to your dad. (skip your dad and 
    grab another 2000gp on the other side.) Talk to dad. Keep going until 
    you see your dad again. Talk to dad. Then go all the way down. Grab the 
    scrap9. Then go in the right door. Keep going until you hit the 
    waterworks. Flip the brown switch. The water has drained. Grab the 1500 
    in the bottom level and go back up. Get back to where it became double-
    decker earlier. Now go down and look around to your left and get the 
    scrap5. (you go through a doorway or two to get it). Now go to your 
    right. Go up the stairway and in the door. Go through the mazelike area 
    and on through that door. Keep going down and beware of the invisible 
    enemies. They are quite strong unless you know how to beat them. Go in 
    the next door to see a scene between Rose and Blackmore. Go up and get 
    ready. Blackmore attacks! He is quite strong and has 1050-1400 hp. Beat 
    him and go in the door. Keep navigating around until you get to the 
    skull door. Save and go in. Talk to Rose and prepare.
    P. The Past (and more on your history…)
    First off, talk to everyone outside. Then go to the shop. Give the guy 
    the cash trust me. Then go to Carl's house. Huh? It's still Carl's 
    house. How? Don't ask me. Now go to the house all the way to the left. 
    Talk to Young Stella. Go to the house above it. Talk to the people 
    inside. Then go to the house above the crying boy. Talk to the people 
    in there as well. Then donate generously to the mayor's house. Leave 
    and go to the Forest. Then grab the scrap10. Continue. Go to the River. 
    Grab the various items here and go to the Cave. Go in the entrance to 
    see a scene between a Thief and a Polon. You get taken back to Polon's 
    house. You then meet Rask! Remember from the Forest of Illusion thing. 
    Read the books in the bookshelf (Level 29 highest). Go to the Tool 
    Shop. You're then told that you're Rask. Oh boy. You meet Cookie and 
    are told to go to the Forest of Illusion. Talk to everyone in town. Get 
    some seeds from the forest if you haven't already to give to the girl. 
    Find out about the theft and talk to the animals and look around to 
    solve it. Talk and donate some more. Then go out of town. Maneuver 
    through the Forest of Illusion. Go to the newly opened Forest part. 
    Talk to Igor and the Count. Then put on the glasses. Go into the 
    Spaceship and go to the only open door. Listen. Talk to all three and 
    then leave. Igor and Pricky leave then you should go back to Rococo. Go 
    to your house/Polon's house and go to Rask. Polon meets Napoleon. Then 
    she runs out. Go to the Cave. Go in and drill your way through any 
    obstacle. Then go in the only door. Then go to the lower right corner 
    and get the Repair. Go to the area with two blocked doors. Use the 
    drill and grab the clean and repair. Then Leave the cave and go back to 
    the spaceship. Talk to everyone. Then use the right door. R&D time. 
    Upgrade and go to town. Donate and go to the Cave. Go back to the only 
    locked door. Talk to the hacker-looking dude. Turn into a rat. Watch as 
    he opens the door. Touch one of the two pillars to open the red door. 
    Go in keep going and Rose will tell you what's happened. Be prepared 
    for some fun now! You lose the drill and the light. Get ready. Go to 
    the right branch doorway and go around to reach a Scrap8. Go around 
    again, But this time go on the left branch. Fall in the hole. Go to the 
    watery area and go across to the repair. Now go to the very top of this 
    place. You'll find Napoleon. You get in a battle but it's easy. Equip a 
    repair and help fix Napoleon. Then go to the lower right of this area 
    and look at the doorway. Napoleon will break through for you. Grab the 
    scrap5. Now go to the lower left and go to the wall there. Do the same 
    as before. Grab the light. Go in the door further onward. Go through 
    the next area. Napoleon finds the remains of Rask's ship. Grab the 
    Drill. Go up the stairs.. Go down when you hit the intersection (Go up 
    to use an R&D). Hang next to the wall while moving to the left. Now 
    enter each door on the way, using the drill when need be. Go in the 
    skull door. Follow into the next room. Watch the scene between Rose and 
    Gateau that follows. Rose fights you while Gateau and Napoleon move 
    into the next room. Rose is another boss fight that you need to be 
    prepared for! She has 1850-2000 hp! This is a hard fight unless you 
    utilize all your weapons. Good luck. Grab the chests for a blow2 and 
    3000gp. Rose screamed while going in so lets see what's it all about. 
    She fell! Well lets get going. Leave the cave. Go o Rococo. Talk to 
    Polon. Then go in the back. Watch Cookie try and persuade Rask. Then 
    talk to Rask. Now go to the mayor's house and talk to everyone there. 
    Then talk to the older dude. Go to the spot where someone should look 
    like they would stand. Watch the ceremony. Then stand between the two 
    adults. (I suggest that when donating to donate about 1000-3000gp each 
    time) Then you'll have a statue made of you. Watch the picture in the 
    making. Go to the spaceship afterwards. Go talk to Gateau in the main 
    room. Welcome back home.
    Q.	Welcome back. (And a spaceship to boot!)
    You wake up in your house. Apparently you were dreaming. (Or were you 
    go look in the mayors drawer in the back. Look at the picture 
    carefully). Suddenly you leave your house and BAM an Earthquake. Ok to 
    leave the house. Yeah Nagisa really cares about you. Well go look 
    around town. Then go to the cave. Turn into a mouse and enter. Use the 
    old drill-a-roo. Go further in. See here's where the princess chick 
    comes in. You meet Tira, Princess Tira, and Valet,  her Consul. Oh yeah 
    a spaceship! The princess hits on you while requesting some help on her 
    way out. Talk to dad to get your Tetron back. So level up a bit and use 
    your spaceship. Now there is a secret library world look for it in the 
    upper middle. It's one of the yellow ones, it is a small star next to a 
    larger yellow one. Good luck. Ok for the leveling up go back into the 
    sewers of rococo the first room with the crab guys. Use a sword3 or an 
    axe3 on these guys. (I don't know what else hurts them.) Make whatever 
    weapon you use level9. Now go and slaughter a few of these guys. Each 
    one gives you 30 megs! Yes you can level up REALLY FAST doing this! 
    About an hour for every 10-15 levels after level 50. (This combined 
    with Kirara Library World makes the game A LOT EASIER, BEWARE ALL YOU 
    R.	Choco (The place with all the cool stuff!)
    Go in and then go to the right most room. Talk to everyone there. The 
    door in the upper right leads (in the living quarters) to the Tool Shop 
    here. Scrap9 and 10 are sold here. Now go to the labs to the right. 
    Keep going to get a scrap7 it's behind Gateau. GATEAU!!! What? They 
    erased his memory so just hope its ok. (Note: there are books here. But 
    Kirara is easier to do. BUT the books here are level 30,40,50 ok?) Now 
    go in the middle door at the main hallway. Go see the Princess. (She 
    just can't live without our hero…). Go talk to the blue suited guy and 
    give him whatever he asks for. Then talk to Valet. Go to the lab. Now 
    talk to everyone in the lab. Go to Valet. Guess they didn't wipe all 
    Gateau's Memory. He's got the Tetron and Tira. Go kick his booty. Well 
    first go talk to the first guard in the city. Valet then rushes in. A 
    meeting is made and all figure out who Gateau really is. Pick any straw 
    when asked to, it doesn't change either way. Talk to Valet and get some 
    tips and Cash. Go get the junk in the Lab warehouse. You get a Scrap10, 
    Bomb4 and 5000gp. Not bad. Well upgrade and buy whatever. When you're 
    ready board the ship by talking to the guard at the entrance.
    S.	The Fortress (1st Time)
    Talk to everyone on the spaceship. The captain being last. Then prepare 
    to get blown away. OWCH! KOTETSU saves your buttocks again. (again?) 
    Well apparently he's a space-savvy guy so he picked you out of the 
    ship. Go talk to the guy. Mint shows up and gets him to take you to the 
    fortress. Well go with it. Talk to them both then take a seat. Then 
    follow Kotetsu out. Protégé? Who does he think he is? Oh well he's 
    occupying the Hacker so let's get to saving the Princess. That orange 
    block. That's a switch. Ok good. Ride on the little moving conveyor 
    lane. (Hereby referred to as lane). Flip the second switch and go left. 
    Grab the Scrap4 and flip the switch to return to the main lane. (hahaha 
    ok dumb joke). Ok flip switch2 and maneuver around to grab the Repair, 
    above the hacker with Kotetsu. Then go up into the Rental room and 
    change into a mouse. Listen in on the hacker and leave the room going 
    down. Grab the Scrap5. You can't go back because of the Red door. But 
    don't worry just keep going. The hacker that used to be here is now 
    gone. Go to the Rental room and when you get to where those hacker guys 
    were talking take the stairway. Beat the wheel robots and move into the 
    next room. You can't go in the red door, so go left. Go in the upper 
    left door and grab the Shield3. Then go to the upper left door way. You 
    get caught by…Kotetsu? Anyway. He tells you Mint is on the ship! (oh 
    joy) and that the princess is on the next-floor's prison level. Well he 
    also handily figured out the red password so Red doors are no problem 
    anymore. Go to your right and go into the red door after entering the 
    password. Keep moving along defeating the challenging monsters on the 
    way. Keep going until you see a hacker in a chair. Talk to him and beat 
    him up. It wasn't a chair but a switch. Step on it. Opening the doors, 
    you should go visit the prison's inmates, The Princess. Follow her. 
    It's really Gateau! Oh no! You get dropped down. (Sucky huh?). Go out. 
    You're in the trash chute. To the left of you are the elevators but 
    this does you no good right now. Go down. Grab the cure to the right in 
    the second branching. Keep going until you see a door to your left. Go 
    in it. The door above you is the R&D lab. To the left all the way are a 
    yellow door and a scrap6 right below it. Ok head back out to the trash 
    chute. This time go down. (don't miss the Shield4 on the lower left 
    side). Go into the only door here. It's Mint with some mice. Use Relay 
    to talk to both parties and solve your problem. Now turn into a mouse a 
    go in the open hole. Go into the Elevator and push the button. (change 
    into a human if you wish.) Now the elevators work! Go to the one next 
    to our drop off point, thanks to Gateau. Go in the elevator after Mint. 
    Go to the 3rd floor. Go right. Then go to the upper left exit in the 
    next area. Grab the Scrap7 and the 3000gp. Now go in the upper right 
    exit. Inside the Warehouse turn into a mouse and go in the hole. Listen 
    in on the conversation the head back. Ok head down now. In this new 
    area go west at first to grab the 2000gp in the item box. Then head 
    west in this area go up. It's Blackmore! Talk to the guy. Listen to his 
    sad (???) tale to earn about his Key and the Yellow Password! Let's see 
    about these yellow doors now, eh? Go to the right and go to the outside 
    if you want to leave real quickly and save and what not. Now go back. 
    You get dropped right in front of the locked door. (cruel fate!) well 
    lets head back on in. go past the place where we got the 2000gp and 
    open the yellow door. It's Cyber Jack time! Go around until you meet 
    BugBug again. This time he has around 2480 to 2714hp. It's a hard 
    battle he really likes to stun your guy and he can be pretty deadly. 
    Just get the right equipment and be high enough level. Good luck. After 
    his death He disappears go to Blackmore and tell him the good news. He 
    gives you the key. Go and use it on the locked door outside. Go in. 
    Talk to Princess Tira and guess what? Gateau pays a visit. Tira pushes 
    him aside and you are instructed to return her highness to Choco. Do 
    T. The Return to Choco and the Final Battle. (Prepare for WAR!)
    Upon your return Valet and the science Chief talk to you for a bit. Go 
    see the Chief after you're done. You get three colored Jar's. Remember 
    the sequence: Red-Yellow-Blue. Upon Leaving Tira tells you the password 
    to the computer. Good Work. Now you can either level up on Quintenix or 
    on the Fortress. The last book is level 80 on Kirara. Now return to the 
    fortress and enter the room where Tira was and talk to the computer. 
    Use the computer to teleport. Then when you're back to a place where 
    you can go up or down, go up. Then in the area that looks like the 
    garbage chute from earlier go to the lower right corner. Push the 
    button to open the cages. You'll learn the blue password. Before going 
    to the blue door at the top of the area go to the right and grab the 
    Scrap8. The blue door leads to invisible lanes which are controlled by 
    the switches. Set up the jars. Watch out for the lasers. Use your 
    infared glasses at all times in this phase unless you are setting up 
    the jars. Put them in order: Red. Yellow. Lastly, Blue. The reactor 
    will go off. Run to the Elevator. Choice time: 3rd floor to run out and 
    save, or 4th floor to beat Gateau? When you reach the fourth floor go to 
    where it first branches off. Take the right door. Then turn right at 
    the next intersection. Follow that to its logical conclusion to net you 
    a CURE! (Ok lame but hey it's a cure ok?) This time go to the left at 
    the intersection. You run into Gateau, oh joy! Napoleon! And he can 
    disobey Gateau now, Let's get 'em! Talk to Napoleon. Accept, unless you 
    wish to leave. Then keep going. Entering the skull door you see Gateau, 
    with an odd machine behind him. Listen to his banter and prepare to 
    FIGHT! Use multi-enemy attacks to blow up the soldiers then go and nail 
    Gateau, the freak himself. The freak has about 2500-3000 hp. Good luck! 
    Save and go on in! You'll see a few touching scenes and then Gateau 
    drops in. It's time to save the world, and time from this maniacal 
    freak. (Yes he's a freak look at that atrocious cape yuck!)  Gateau is 
    tough if you aren't ready. He changes the background and this changes 
    his attacks he has about 5000-5500 hp. That's the end of the game. 
    Enjoy the credits. Thanks for using my walkthrough it's been fun. I 
    hope you enjoyed this zany game as much as I did.
    5.	Secrets
    The secrets are:
    1.	Look at the computers at your house and your dad's and see what they 
    say. Advertising at its best.
    2.	Go look at your dad's bed at his house. Read the journal.
    3.	Go look at anything suspicious you're likely to find something!
    4.	You can grab two seeds. One in the present forest and one in the 
    past. It's not really important but hey why not?
    5.	Talk to everyone wherever you go whatever you have done. Some times 
    you get some funny responses.
    6.	Look in the mayor's house after your visit to the past and if you 
    donated enough your picture is hanging on the left wall. Neat huh?
    7.	Look in the mayor's gold chest behind his desk before and after your 
    trip to the past.
    8.	Look at the bird house in the back of your dad's house every now and 
    9.	Kirara was mentioned earlier but this time I'll really give it away. 
    Go above Choco but under the Fortress (if you haven't opened the 
    fortress up yet don't worry you can still get there) then go to 
    where there are two yellow stars they each look different the 
    smaller looking of the two is Kirara. Apparently it's Cookie behind 
    the Desk and she doesn't remember who she is or who you are. This is 
    like a book depository with every book in the game including some 
    hidden ones.
    10.	 That's it. At the end of the game keep watching even if it says 
    The End. You'll miss the party if you don't. When it just says "End" 
    on the bottom right its over.
    6.	Game Genie Codes (for all the code users out there.)
    Note: These are printed just about anywhere you look. I once again 
    refer to Gamesages.com, so go there and look them up.
    7.	Appendices
    Note: I would make appendices for this however at great sites like 
    Gamesages.com, they have Faq's and walkthroughs that provide 
    information on combinations and such. I would suggest getting these.
    8.	Credits
    I would like to thank all the people who helped me: My friends and 
    family, My computer for letting me run the emulator necessary for 
    writing this walkthrough. I'd like to thank Enix, Quintet, and Ancient 
    for making this awesome game. I'd also like to thank Nintendo for 
    actually bringing this game over to the US. If only they could have 
    brought more. Also I'd like to thank you the reader for living with me 
    thus far and utilizing this to the best of your abilities. Email me any 
    questions regarding this game. Email: Ballman13@usa.net. I will try to 
    be as prompt as possible. Go to www.Starend.com  to see the company I 
    work for. Thank you for your time.
    Version 1.0 The Robotrek Walkthrough- Completed 5/19/01
    2001© Starend Software.
    All © and trademarks are to their respective company's. I do not take 
    credit for anything besides my strategies presented here in and do not 
    accept responsibility in any way shape or form that they work 100% of 
    the time. Please do not sue me for any thing that goes wrong!

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