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Reviewed: 04/02/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Was this game supposed to be fun? if so, I missed that boat.

Enix has always been one of my favorite video game companies, mainly because of the outstanding video games that they usually profuce. Ranging from the outstanding yet underrated ActRaiser series to the incredibly popular (and incredibly good) Dragon Quest series, Enix has done it all, and then some. However, not all video game companies are perfect. Just like SquareSoft (SaGa Frontier, Chocobo's Dungeon 2) and Acclaim (NFL QB Club 2000, almost any movie game) have made terrible games, Enix has produced a few. And this is to be expected. Enix tried something new and did not do a great job, in my opinion. Robotrek is a different kind of role playing game, because you're not in control it seems. Also the game is too complex for my feeble mind. Enix tried to make a mech/robot type RPG for the super Nintendo with Robotrek, but the game is just not that good in my opinion.

Graphics (6.4/10): Okay, so the graphics were decent, but they were also a little bit too colorful for me. While most game feature bright colors, Robotrek did as well. The thing is, Robotrek's graphics are too chilidish for me. The charcater designs are good but some strike me as odd. The robots look different but they all look mostly the same! The backgrounds are cleverly designed as well, and some of them are very good, but again, the color factor comes into play. The graphics are good but they could have been much, much better.

Music/Sound (4.3/10): Music is one of the most important things needed to make a successful role playing game, but unfortunately Robotrek does not feature this very important ingredient. Some of the music is good and seems right, but most of the music in the game is, in my opinion, just mindless banter. It is like some composer is jsut stringing some guitar notes together and calling it music. The battle theme is also pretty terrible. Adding to my frustration are the lack of sound effects, and the fact that the few sound effects featured are pretty terrible. Bad music and bad sound effects.

Gameplay/Control (5.1/10): Well, Enix decided to do a different kind of role playing game, and failed as a result. I am sure that many people out there would like this game, but the type of gameplay featured in the game just does not cut it for me. The game is a robot type role playing game. Basically, you directly are not in the battles. Instead, you control robots who do all the dirty work for you. See, you're just a nerdy kid who has to make robots to battle for you. But the thing is, the whoile robot building process is too complicated for my 16 year old mind. So, while others may enjoy this game, I certainly did not.

Replay Value: Low
Challenge: Very High

Overall (5.2/10): Give this game a shot. I did not like it but the game is so different that maybe you will like it.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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