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"Driving on the Highway..."

What do you look for in an off-road racing game?
If you said fast cars, tough tracks, kicking music, and Larry, then you should play ROCK'N ROLL RACING!

I remember the days of RC Pro AM and Off-Road, when you had a 3/4 view of the track and had to nitro down the straightaway, knocking around the competition, and collecting cash and upgrades. Even though Rock'N Roll Racing brings more of the same, (with annoying ''Random Launches of Death'') it's still a fun game for the SNES.

Graphics: 6/10 The Dark & Post-Apocalyptic world of of RC Pro AM.

(+) The track and cars are pretty detailed, there's variation in the weaponry, the explosions are nice, and things are usually clear, even with a split-screen.
(-) However, your car doesn't change when you get different upgrades and depending on your car color, you can blend into certain tracks. Once you pick your car color, you're stuck with it until you buy a new car. My advice: don't pick Black.

Animation: 7/10 May you rest in pieces!

(+) Gotta love the explosions. They even show bits of car fly into the air.
(-) Whenever my car takes a leap, I have to pray. Half the time, I can't tell if it's lined up properly with the slope or not, or if I'm going to land a few pixels outside the guard-rail and die. Maybe it's because I'm not used to the 3/4-style view anymore.

Sound: 9/10 LARRY LARRY LARRY! Welcome to Larry-land!

(+) You get a play-by-play announcer! You can turn him off if he gets annoying. You hear sounds every time your car skids, shoots, or gets blown up.
(-) No engine roars, no insults from other drivers. Some things sound like *paff*, *boom*, and *zing*, but that may be my small speakers.

Music: 9/10 Born to be Wiii-i-i-ild!

(+) Very recognizable rock-n-roll music.
(-) It's still synth, and there's only 5 tracks.

Control: 7/10 It's midnight, we've got a full tank of gas, we're 108 miles from Chicago, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

(+) How hard can it be? Left & Right turns your car, as do the triggers. You can face 8 different directions. A button to each weapon, and a button for the gas pedal.
(-) No hand-brake. Awkward to use drive & use middle weapon.

Mechanics: 7/10 Jane! How do I stop this crazy thing?!

(+) Good amount of options, like turning off sound, music, or LARRY! A password-save system, three difficulty levels, and a decent controller layout.
(-) No breaks, no custom controls, no ending! Why am I flying over the guardrail again?

Challenge: 7/10 Sit down, strap in, shut up!

(+) A dozens track hazards, four cars competing, and three difficulty levels. The computer is no push-over on higher levels.
(-) There's no change in AI between circuits. Not enough track variation. I need to pray half the time my car's wheels lift off the track. (frustration doesn't equal challenge)

Innovation: 6/10 The Dark & Post-Apocalyptic world of of RC Pro AM.

(+) It's like RC Pro AM, but in 16-bits with an Ice Track!
(-) It's like RC Pro AM, but in 16-bits with an Ice Track!

Fun: 8/10 Let the GAMES begin!

(+) Carnage, rock-n-roll, and LARRY!
(-) Some of the minor gameplay issues (jumping) can get annoying.

Replay: 6/10 It's a Racing Game with a limited number of tracks

(+) You get to listen to rock classics while blowing stuff up!
(-) Not a lot you can drag out of this game. Lack of variety, be it tracks or music, kills the game after a few weeks.

How My Ratings Work
1.0 (Ow! My Eyes!)
6.0 (Rent it)
8.0 (Keep it around)
9.0 (Still Playing It)
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Average Score: 7.2/10.0
Reviewer's Tilt: +0.5 (it was fun while it lasted)
Final Score: 7.7/10.0

Even if you don't like racing games, try this game out. It may not have the replay of Super Mario Kart, but you'll still be glad you played.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/27/03, Updated 07/27/03

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