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    Hints and Tips by CHU

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    Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 21:44:13 -0500
    From: CHU <wmchuu@erols.com>
    For Romance of the Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny
    Need a general of exceptional quality?
    Best Players In the game
    1) Guan Yu- War Ability:  98,  Intelligence:  +80, Charm +90.
    2) Zhang Fei- War Ability: 99
    3) Lu Bu- War Ability: 100, (Dies around 200 A.D)
    4) Zhuge Liang- Intelligence:  100,  Politics:  92
    5) Sima Yi- Inteligence: +95
    6) Zhao Yun- War Ability: 98, Charm- +90
    7) Ma Chao- War Ability: 98 or 99.
    Players with +90 war ability:  (Rulers they tend to work for)
    1) Zhang Liao				Cao Cao
    2) Zhang He				Yuan Shao
    3) Xiahou Dun (I think)			Cao Cao
    4) Wen Chou (I think)			Yuan Shao
    5) Huang Zhong				
    6) Wei Yan	
    7) Pang De (I think)			Ma Teng
    8) Shamoke
    9) Zhang Bao				Lui Bei
    10)Zaishi Ci				 
    How to obtain these players:
    1/2) Pick Lui Bei in senarios 1,2,3,4 and you'll automatically start out 
    with them.
    3) Pick Dong Zhou in scenario 1.
    4) Pick Lui Bei in scenario 4.  The only time I found him in the game 
    was in 17. Xiapi around 200A.D.
    5) I believe he works for Cao Cao, but I'm not sure.  If you pick him in 
    scenarios 3 or 4 he might be there.
    6) Pick Yuan Shao, Gongsun Zan, or Liu Bei in scenario 1.  I would 
    recommend Liu Bei, ally with Yuan Shao, build your army up to 50,000 
    soldiers or so and then take over cities 5.Nanpi, 2, and 3.Daixian.  
    Kepp on searching in these cities and Zhao Yun will turn up around 
    195A.D.  Or start with Liu Bei in scenarios 3 or 4.
    7) Pick Ma Teng in scenario one, Ma Chao will join you in 3-5 years.  
    Favorite Player: Liu Bei.
    	Liu Bei starts out with only two other generals in scenario one. 
     But his charm and his two generals of outstanding abilities will prove 
    advantageous in the long run.  First Ally with Yuan Shao. Because he's 
    the only neighboring ruler who really threats you.  Then build up your 
    army and your economy.  Guan Yu's three sons, Guan Ping, Guan Xing, Guan 
    Sou, will all join you around 200, 205, 207 (I'm not sure about the 
    years).  And Zhang Fei's son Zhang Bao around 200 A.D.  (All four of 
    these have abilities to be generals and Zhang Bao has a high war ability 
    of 92, Guan Xing 88).  If Cao Cao or Dong Zhou takes over a city near 
    you, ally with them too.  
    Items that will help you:
    1) Grey Lightning- Mobility +1
    2) Stallion of the storm- Mobility +2 (found in one of the northeastern 
    cities) Just keep on searching around Ping Yuan, Nanpi, Beh Hai, and 
    cities 1 and 2.
    3) Red Hare- Mobility +2 (I believe Lu Bu starts out with it in scenario 
    4) Luminous Sword- War +10
    5) Sword of Trust- War +8
    6) Sword of Seven Stars- War +7
    7) Black Dragon- War +5 (This is Guan Yu's weapon in all scenarios)
    8) War Manual of Sun Szu- Intellect +10.  Politics +5.
    Other scrolls, New Treaties of Meng De, Might Book of Magic, Way of 
    9) Hereditary Seal- Charm 100.  Politics +15
    	(In scenario 1, try to take over 11.Luoyang and just keep on 
    searching the city)  In the other scenarios, I believe Cao Cao has it.
    Warring Techniques-
    If the enemy's troop size is about the same as you ruler.  Place your 
    ruler inside a castle and attack the enemy's units, you'll inflict more 
    damage on your enemy and take less more damage.  (For example, the enemy 
    attacks you with a unit of 8,000 soldiers, you place your ruler (8000 
    soldiers) inside a castle and attack the enemy, you'll kill off 400 
    soldiers from your enemy's units per attack and your enemy will kill off 
    200 soldiers from your unit per attack.  Also, if you have a lot more 
    troop than the enemy invading your city.  Have them standby so you don't 
    use up too much food.  You can always have them join the battle by 
    placing your ruler in a castle and clicking on the join command.

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